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Gottfried Jugendel Hochstadt
Gottfried Drawing.png
That's Him.
Title Sir Gottfried Jugendel Hochstadt of Schloss Hohenterngau
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction he is helpful and loyal.
Health Good.
Level Knight, Guard, Pilot
Status Active.
Location Travels, but calls the Hohenterngau Castle his home.
Birth date Hohenterngau Village, Deuchland
Occupation Knight
Interests Chivalry, Warfare, Weaponry, Swordsmanship, Manners.
Friends Hochstadt Gang
Enemies The Black Knight, Baron Versachi, Swiss Ninja, Rex, Austin8310.
Archetype Good.

Gottfried Hochstadt is a Knight from the Hochstadt Family who lives in the Hohenterngau Castle in Alemania. He is a very distant cousin of Jock Hochstadt and Fuut-Ga, but he knows them very well. Gottfried is an active member of the Hochstadt Gang and is known for being very wise and level headed.


Gottfried hatched in 1989 in the small village of Hohenterngau, to Friedrich and Jeanette Hochstadt, where his home, the Hohenterngau Castle, was. He was the heir to the castle, the little village, and his parent's fortune. He never wanted all these things, but he knew he had to recieve them when he was older. However, He was more facinated about becoming a knight and helping others like his Fathers before him. His parents agreed with his wishes, and became the page of his Father's Household. Sadly, his father died when he was 15, and his evil Uncle, Baron Versachi, had to take his place. Baron Versachi hated Gottfried and his mother...and was very cruel to him. Thus, Gottfried went off to another Noble named Albrecht von Ritter and became his squire. Since he was gone, Baron Versachi locked his mother in a tower, treating her poorly, and poor Gottfried didn't know about it. Luckily, his Mother's friends, who where villagers, helped her to escape to Frankterre, where she today rests peacefully in a relative's Chateau. Eventually, word got out to him and Gottfried had assumed his mother dead, and told on the Southern Deuslandian Authority.

Baron Versachi was arrested for abusing Gottfried's Mother and his attempt to destroy her. Months after the arrest, Gottfried was knighted by his master at the age of 19 after three intense years of training with his master and Sensei, who helped to train Gottfried to repay Li for teaching him Martial Arts and Card Jitsu. Once he was knighted, he was finally given the rights to be the sole owner of Hohenterngau Castle. It was then that as a fully aware adult, Gottfried had noticed that Nobility didn't have any power anymore with the South Deuslandian Republic around, and it worried him that he would lose his powers because of Democracy. To alleviate his worries, Gottfried took many excursions and trips all around the Ninja Archipelago, acting as a freelance employee for any job he could find. Meanwhile, he made many friends along the way and attended many parties, both fancy and informal, which improved his social and dance skills. Then, Swiss Ninja came to the island, unified the island, and put a so called "Democracy" in place....withouth the Southern Deushlandians (and Gottfried) knowing it was SN under control. Gottfried knew that he should leave, so he exiled to the Vezio Castle along the Lago di Lario in Liguria, which was another property his father owned. There in Liguria, a local Ligurian priest from the village's telenacle came to Gottfried and told him about SN's total control of the Island. Gottfried was shocked at the news he had heard, and has hated SN for this ever since. Thus, under this Puppet Government acting as a Republic, Gottfried returned home to Hohenterngau confident that he would still have his Nobility Rights. Gottfried has joined the Hochstadt Gang and hopes that his homeland will be liberated.


Gottfried first comes into action in the Great Snowzerland War V, when he joined the Hochstadt Gang and helped Dave and Jock Hochstadt by tracking down a Snoss war machine. He later became a crew member on the PASA Capital Ship on The Race to Mars. Admiral Jock hires him as a Pilot for an X-Wing, and he took the job seriously and proudly. He later served as Clovis' cooking helper in Gold for Thanksgiving, and finally got the limelight in Traveling all of Antarctica. Gottfried led the group until he was captured in Torona, Calada. Unlike some of his friends, Gottfried did not participate in the Snoss-Castillan War since Alemania was fighting Castilla with Snowzerland.


Gottfried's Personality is much like Serious business Fuut-Ga's. However, he isn't completely serious business. He tries to have fun when not on missions, and likes to hang around Clovis during these times. He has a great respect for Telenacles and the POPE like Jock as well. He sometimes can be doubtful at times. Gottfried strictly follows all codes of chivalry and manners. In fact, Gottfried dislikes those who do not have manners, which is why he hated Waffleland, where farting and burping, to Gottfried's horror, is widely accepted as a compliment. However, as shown when he gets angry, he will sometimes turn violent against the person who was offending him as shown more than once in Traveling All of Antarctica.


Gottfried has a small amount of weapons that he owns and uses, some more than the others. Here is a list.

  • Sword (most used)
  • Knicicle
  • Mace
  • Halberd
  • Icebullet Pistol
  • Icebullet Rifle (rarely used; it's kept under his bed at home)


  • If Gottfried Jugendel Hochstadt's Full name would be translated into English, it would be God Peace (Gottfried, his first name), and Youth as his middle name (Jugend is German for Youth. I added the -el suffix) and Hochstadt translates into High Town, so altogether, it would be God Friend Youth High Town.
  • His mother's sister is Alicia Hochstadt, who is the wife of Yilk.
  • Gottfried prefers to wear his armor at all times, even when going to formal places.
  • His armor protects him from snowballs, waterballoons, hot sauce, and ice bullets, 25% better than Castillan soldier armor.
  • Although the sword and mace are his primary weapons, Gottfried has used guns sparingly in the past.
  • He has learned how to fly a plane and even a space ship. He adores the ability to fly....the complete opposite from his hatred of Cars.
  • His Metal Armor is very heavy, which makes him run slower.
  • The Heavy Armor also prevents him from jumping high as well.


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