Gottfried's Tale

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Gottfried's Tale
A romance story that turns into a crisis, and a mystery...
Start February 2013
Prerequisites Welcome to Asgard
Location Alemania
Rewards Gottfried receives an apprentice, Gottfried and Gerwin get rescued.
Welcome to Asgard EPF Agents 2:The Rogue State

Gottfried's Tale is a story of the time when Gottfried Hochstadt receives an apprentice named Gerwin von Ritter and go on a series of adventures. When they plan to leave their home island of Alemania to reunite with the Hochstadt Gang, Swiss Ninja decides to stop them by isolating him from leaving Alemania island with military force. Now, Gottfried and Gerwin must work together to fight Swiss Ninja's evil plan.


It was a beautiful day in Hohenterngau Village, Alemania. As usual, tourists from all over were arriving in large numbers to visit the Neuternstein castle nearby. Meanwhile, nobody seemed to notice the limousine that arrived at the town. A orange colored adelie penguin that dressed like a 16th century aristocrat. His clothing, from his hat to his pants, were all red, with an exception to his panache and his sleeves. The awkward stranger walked out of the limo, thanked the driver, and walked into town timidly. He appeared to be a youth of great wealth. He made his way to the quiet Hohenterngau Castle in the distance.

At the front door of the castle, the penguin took a deep breath, reassured himself, and knocked on the door. Gottfried Hochstadt answered the door to his own home. He cracked the door open slightly.


Before the penguin could speak, Gottfried recognized him and opened the door.

Hohenterngau Entrance.png

Gottfried said in German:"Well if it isn't Gerwin von Ritter! My you have grown."

Gerwin rose his hat in respect and smiled confidently, remembering the good times he had with him.

Gottfried:"What brings you to my castle on such unexpected notice?"

Gerwin:"Gottfried, my good friend, I would like to become a musketeer. May I be an apprentice so that I may succeed my father in the art of fighting?"

Gottfried:"Well, your father was a knight, not a musketeer."

Gerwin:"It is under his wishes that I become a musketeer. That way I may also learn to perfect the gun as well."

Gottfried:"Very well then. I am not good with guns, but I know a Viking penguin who does. Even his puffle is an ace shooter!"

Gerwin chuckled and Gottfried beckoned him inside.

Gerwin:"So it is a yes?"

Gottfried:"Of course you may be my apprentice. Your father has trained me, so I must return that favor by training you."

Gerwin:"Where do we begin Gottfried....I mean...master?"

Gottfried:"Ah, today, I suppose. We'll start some sword fighting today and go into depth about the code of chivalry."

That night, Gottfried prepared a room for his apprentice, and he prepared to go to bed when the telephone rang. It was Clovis.


Clovis:"Hey Gottfried, it's Clovis."

Gottfried:"Ah, Clovis. It is good to see you. What's the matter?"

Clovis:"We have decided to organize a meeting tomorrow afternoon in Metido. We request that you will be there."

Gottfried:"What are we going to be discussing?"

Clovis:"Oh, the usual. Stuff about Snowzerland and Swiss Ninja and plans to thwart him if he ever tries to strike again..."

Gottfried:"Ok. I will catch a flight tomorrow and be there as soon as I can. Also, I want to tell you that I have a new apprentice. His name is Gerwin von Ritter. Can he come with me?"

Clovis:"Sure! We should make him an honorary member."

Suddenly, a long static sound could be heard on the telephone.

Clovis:"Hey Gottfried, I think we're losing connection..."


Clovis:"OK, then. Let's end the conversation here. Good bye!"


Gottfried placed his telephone back on its hook. He went back to the restroom and put his pajamas on and he went to bed. As he slept, he cradled his shotgun in his flippers.

Chapter 1:Trapped[edit]

Gottfried burst into Gerwin's room the next morning at 7:30 AM. Gerwin was still asleep.

Gottfried:"Arouse, Gerwin! Our departure is nigh!"

Gerwin yawned and asked:"What? Are we going somewhere, master?"

Gottfried:"Yes. We're going to Munchen. You're going to meet my relatives since we're having a meeting in Metido."

Gerwin:"You mean the famous Hochstadt Gang?"

Gottfried:"Yes, of course. What other group am I affiliated with the most! Now get dressed! They're considering to make you an honorary member!"

Gerwin jumped out of his bed with excitement and ran to get ready.

Gottfried:"Also, one thing..."

Gerwin:"Yes, master?"

Gottfried:"Do you pledge your allegiance to Swiss Ninja?"

Gerwin looked around.

Gerwin:"No...I do not, and neither do my parents."

Gottfried:"As I thought. I had a conversation with my relative yesterday and I found out that I was being wiretapped."

Gerwin's eyes grew wide, showing fear.

Gottfried:"Don't be afraid. Courage is what makes a warrior strong. Without it, we are nothing but cowards!"

Gottfried and Gerwin had a light breakfast, packed their suitcases, and rode in Gottfried's car to the city of Munchen. They parked their car at the airport parking garage and made their way to the terminal. Gottfried and Gerwin walked confidently towards the customs area when they were immediately stopped by Snoss soldiers. Gerwin gulped.

Gottfried asked in German:"Excuse me gentlemen, we have tickets. May we pass so that we will not be late?"

Soldier 1:"I'm sorry Mr. Hochstadt, but Mr. Von Ritter and you are officially on a No Fly list. You are barred from leaving the island."

Gottfried:"Well how inconvenient! I will just have to find some other way to travel."

Soldier 2:"Dummkopf! Pesky Hochstadt Gang member, did you not hear him? He said that YOU ARE BARRED FROM LEAVING THE ISLAND. The Snoss Government has prevented you from leaving Alemania on accounts for being enemies of the state! If you try to escape or fight with us further, you will be executed!"

Gerwin began to step forward, about to tell the soldier off not to insult his teacher, but Gottfried stopped him.

Gottfried:"Control, Gerwin. Control. It is what separates a sophisticated fighter from a barbarian. Sirs, we apologize for aggravating you. Have a nice day."

Soldier 1:"Get lost! Both of you! And don't return!"

Gottfried and Gerwin went back to their car.

Gerwin:"What now, Master Gottfried?"

Gottfried:"Let's go into town. We must tell the Hochstadt Gang that we will not be able to make it to the meeting, sadly."

Gottfried and Gerwin had made their way to downtown Munchen, where they arrived at a small internet cafe. Gottfried kindly greeted the owner.

Gottfried:"Guten tag!"

Owner:"Guten tag, sir. May I help you?"

Gottfried:"We need a computer, please."

Owner:"All right. You'll need to pay first. How long?"

Gottfried:"Maybe 15 minutes at most."

Owner:"We don't go by minutes, we go by hour."

Gottfried:"Ok. One hour, then. How much?"

Owner:"25 Gold Coins."

Gottfried:"That's expensive! Nevermind, then..."

The Owner lied:"We're the cheapest internet cafe in the area."

Gottfried:"Oh, really?"

Owner:"You're paying for the location, sir. This is a touristy area of town."

Gottfried:"Fine. Here you go."

Gottfried gave the owner 25 gold coins and sat down at the desired computer. Gottfried was given a code and logged on. A minute later, the screen completely blacked out. Gottfried jumped up.

Gottfried:"Sir, my computer malfunctioned!"

Owner:"Well, I'm sorry, I am not sure what happened."

Gottfried:"It's ok, I'll use another computer...."

Then, all the computers blacked out.

Owner:"This isn't a coincidence. This is a government intervention. I'm sorry, but I reserve the right not to serve you anymore."

Gottfried:"Can I at least have a refund?"


The owner shoved Gottfried and Gerwin out of the Internet cafe and locked the doors. They were closed.

Gottfried:"Let's go home. I'm sick of this."

Gottfried and Gerwin returned to the Hohenterngau Castle. Gottfried walked to his telephone.

Gottfried:"Well, I guess I'll have to try the telephone."

Gottfried picked up his telephone and dialed Clovis's cell phone number. Immediately, the phone began to beep and said, "The number you have dialed is no longer in service..."

Gottfried:"Good grief! Did I dial that wrong?"

Gottfried redialed the phone. The results were the same. Gottfried attempted to call Fisch, Jock, and Leonardo before giving up. Then, the telephone rang. The phone information said it was Clovis.

Gottfried eagerly picked up the phone and said:"Hello? Clovis, is it you?"

"Guess again."

Gottfried's eyes grew wide. His heart rate increased and he began to sweat under the thick coat of his armor.

Gottfried:"Swiss, what's the big deal?"

Swiss Ninja:"I figured it is time that you should stop being part of the Hochstadt Gang."

Gottfried:"That is preposterous, you can't force me to change my beliefs!"

Swiss Ninja:"I may not, but you are in my country. Weak knight. Now you are trapped in Snoss Alemania for the rest of your life, and you're never allowed to leave or send any messages to the outside world!"

Gottfried:"Not even to my family?"

Swiss Ninja:"Well, you can speak to your brother, Bernard. I also placed a restriction on him."

Gottfried:"Swiss Ninja, you can't do this! Please, let me go, and I'll give you anything you desire."

Swiss Ninja:"Ha! You can't convince me. I will only release you if the rest of the Hochstadt Gang is DEAD. Ha ha ha!"

Gottfried:"You fiend! You shall be stopped!"

Swiss Ninja:"I swear, Gottfried. I will warn you now. If you try ANYTHING to escape the island or to harm me in any way, I WILL HAVE YOU EXECUTED!!!!"

Gottfried muttered:"Fine...Let it be."

Swiss Ninja:"Now, since you and your new apprentice are nobility of Alemania, I highly recommend that you start getting more involved with your fellow aristocrats. I hear the other nobles in your area always complain that you almost never show up to political meetings!"

Gottfried:"For good reason too, they're stuck up, and none of them are formidable soldiers of honorable status."

Swiss Ninja:"Then would you like me to strip you from your home and cast you into the streets so that you may go hungry and die a dusty death?"

Gottfried:"Why, no! No no no no no! I..."

Swiss Ninja:"Fine then. Then you will do as I say. I am your Kaiser. You must bow down to me and pledge to my allegiance. Now, you are invited to a Cotillion at the palace of the Duke of Havaria. You are expected to be there."

Gottfried:"And what if I don't?"

Swiss Ninja:"Look out your window."

Gottfried looked out of his window.

Gottfried:"What am I supposed to see?"

Swiss Ninja:"Look at the tree on your lower left."

Gottfried saw a soldier with a sniper rifle in the tree, pointing it at him. Gottfried gasped and closed the curtain.

Swiss Ninja:"There are more snipers around the house. You will be watched at all times when you are at home. If you go to the ball, we won't stalk you."

Gottfried:"Fine! We'll go to this Cotillion. I need to brush up on my dancing skills, anyways. I hope this isn't a trap."

Swiss Ninja:"A trap? Why would I trap you if you are already trapped?"

Chapter 2:The Cotillion[edit]

There were a crowd of Limousines that lined in front of the Duke of Havaria's elegant palace home. The myriad of Limousines appeared as if the Duke's driveway was a major freeway. As guests were dropped off directly in front of the palace doors, no one except the limousine drivers seemed to notice the yellow taxi cab that tried to weave through the traffic. The cab stopped in front of the palace, and Gottfried and Gerwin stepped out. Gottfried tossed a small tip to the taxi driver, who sped away.

Gottfried's armor had been polished, and Gerwin's outfit was freshly washed. The two penguins displayed their invitation to the two soldiers at the front entrance and entered the palace. They were taken to the elegant ballroom that was filled with many guests dressed in lavish silk dresses, tuxedos, tunics, and a few in military uniforms. Under the chandelier, Gottfried's armor sparkled and gained the attention of the guests.

Gerwin:"Someone is gaining the attention of the crowd!"

Gottfried:"Quit teasing me, boy. Let's try to be modest, despite my appearance."

Gerwin:"So...what must we do here? My parents never took me to formal gatherings such as these."

Gottfried:"Chat with other people, but only for a little while. When the music starts playing, we must find a woman to dance with. You don't want to be an outcast at a ball dance!"

Gerwin:"Oh la la!"

Gottfried:"Don't get all dreamy eyed. All these girls are all Snoss supporters. Marry one of these and you're head will be on Swiss Ninja's fireplace."

Gerwin:"I thought you said that Swiss doesn't want to trap us since we are already trapped?"

Gottfried:"Yes, but we still have opinions. And you can't keep secrets from someone you love now, can't you?"


Gottfried and Gerwin approached a penguin.

Gottfried:"Hello! Nice to meet you!"

Penguin:"Nice to meet you as well....sir..."

Gottfried:"Allow me to introduce myself, I am Gottfried Hochstadt..."

Penguin:"Yes, I know. You are the talk of the party."

Gottfried felt embarrassed.

Gottfried:"Yes, I know, my armor...."

Penguin:"No, it is because you are actually attending one our parties for a change."

Gottfried:"Oh yes. What is your name?"

Penguin:"My name is Ludwig. Ludwig von Hasselbach"

Gottfried:"Nice to meet you, Mr. von Hasselbach."

Ludwig:"Yes. I am the Duke's financial adviser. I traditionally hold the title of 'Count'."

Gottfried:"How nice. This penguin here is my apprentice, Gerwin von Ritter."

Ludwig shook flippers with Gerwin.

Gerwin:"Nice to meet you."

Ludwig:"Now Gottfried, there is one thing everyone is wondering..."

Gottfried:"About me?"

Ludwig:"Yes.....When are you going to be married? Nobles your age already have children!"

Gerwin chuckled. Gottfried frowned at him.

Gottfried muttered:"Let's not discuss this..."

Ludwig:"Oh, Gottfried! You can't run away from this situation!"

Gottfried:"I don't have to if I don't want to..."

"That isn't what your father promised to me years ago."

Gottfried turned around to see an older penguin. It was his father's distant friend, Augustus von Volkmar.

Gottfried:"Mr. von Volkmar. We meet again."

Augustus von Volkmar:"Gottfried, didn't you promise that you would marry my daughter Gerda?"

Inside, Gottfried's heart fluttered.

Gottfried:"I agreed to nothing! It was an arranged marriage, and it was only planned!"

Augustus:"Oh, but surely Mr. Hochstadt, you would not want to die a lonely death?"

Gottfried:"I won't."

Gerwin could sense the tenseness in the air, and asked to speak to Gottfried alone.

Gerwin:"Master, what is wrong? Why do you not want to marry Augustus's daughter, if it is all right for me to ask?"

Gottfried:"Augustus is a greedy hound. He was good friends with my father, but was better friends with my corrupt uncle. Augustus wants me to marry his daughter so that he can lay claims to the Hohenterngau Castle and the village."

Gerwin:"What is terribly wrong about that?"

Gottfried:"He'll commercialize the area and strip off all the profits made there for himself through heavy taxes."


Gottfried:"Also...I don't quite like his daughter because she is a Swiss Ninja supporter, like most of the nobility here in Alemania. All because Swiss gave them their power back."

Gerwin:"Did you like her before?"

Gottfried:"Well, I'll be honest. I did. We used to visit each other when we were very young. We used to play in the trees outside the castle..."

Gerwin:"Did your friendship with her ever turn...romantic?"

Gottfried:"Well...It kind of did...not long before my father died. We kissed, and that was the last time we saw each other for many years."

Gerwin:"Can't you at least talk to her?"

Gottfried:"I guess. The innocent young teenager I once knew is now the sophisticated adult penguin who has been indoctrinated to support Swiss Ninja's regime..."

Gerwin:"Hey, I bet this is part of Swiss Ninja's plan!"

Gottfried:"Heh. 'No duh' would be the phrase that they would say in English for what you just said. I will speak to her, but I will assert my decision to stay single."

Gottfried and Gerwin returned to Count Ludwig and Lord Augustus.

Gottfried:"I apologize. My apprentice here wanted to ask me some questions. He is new to attending a cotillion."

Augustus:"Oh, good."

Augustus waved behind to the crowd, and a young, beautiful blond penguin of Gottfried's age arrived. She wore an elegant renaissance style dress made of light blue silk. Gerwin took of his hat and smiled at her. Gottfried lightly slapped him on his shoulder. Gerwin put his hat back on and pretended not to notice her.

Gottfried:"Hallo, Gerda. It has been a while."

Gerda:"Yes, Gottfried. It has. The last time I saw you was at one of those regional political meetings, but I didn't have a chance to speak to you at all! I haven't practically seen you since we were teenagers."

Gottfried:"Oh, how time flies, my lady."

Gerda rushed to Gottfried and threw her flippers around him. He reluctantly hugged her back. She kissed the part of his beak that was not covered by his helmet.

Gerda:"It is so good to see you; you've only grown handsomer."

Gottfried:"Surely you've grown more feminine and more beautiful than the last time I have seen you."

Suddenly, fine ballroom music began to play from a live orchestra of violins, trumpets, and tubas. Gerda embraced Gottfried and began to waltz with him.

Gottfried:"Gerwin, go find yourself a partner and dance!"

Gerwin nodded, and he grabbed the closest pretty and single female penguin he could find. Meanwhile, Gerda continued to look straight at Gottfried, much to his discomfort despite that she was not doing so in a strange way.

Gerda:"So Gottfried...tell have you been? Travelling the world much?"

Gottfried:"Oh yes. All over. I've been all over Antarctica."

Gerda:"So....I heard the news of your isolation..."

Gottfried stuttered.

Gottfried:" did you know?"

Gerda:"Everyone knows. Swiss Ninja and his wife often like to gossip to others in the nobility!"

Gottfried muttered:"Swiss Ninja...."


Gottfried:"Oh, nothing."

Gerda:"No, you muttered something."

Gottfried:"Oh. I just repeated Swiss Ninja's name. Swiss Ninja."

Gerda:"Oh yes. Such a charming name, is it not?"

Gerda paused to look around at the other dancers.


Gerda:"Come on Gottfried, aren't you dying to kiss me?"

Gottfried couldn't help to refuse. She was beautiful, but her opinions conflicted with his. If she were to find out that he was Anti-Swiss Ninja, how would she feel about him?

Then, the music began to draw to a close, and Gerda pulled Gottfried's beak towards hers and kissed romantically. Gottfried was having conflicting feelings inside. He wasn't sure what to do, but he eventually gave in with the kiss. Gerda and Gottfried then looked at each other lovingly.

Gerda:"I must go. I wish to speak with my friends!"

Gottfried:"As you wish. I am not holding you back."

Gerda walked away and blew her love a kiss.

Gottfried kept glaring at her as she left. Gerwin arrived.

Gerwin:" was the dance, Master Gottfried?"

Gottfried gained consciousness and slapped himself.

Gottfried:"Oh! It was enchanting! And spellbinding! I say, women have their charm!"

The ballroom noise began to rise as everyone returned to their social circles and began chatting and laughing. Augustus and Ludwig came to Gottfried and Gerwin.

Augustus:"I saw you two dancing. You would make the perfect couple..."

Gottfried:"Hmm. Perhaps..."

Suddenly, one the front doors slammed open. Only the few penguins nearby seemed to notice it, and the room did not cease from chattering.

Augustus:"I say, doesn't the penguin know not to slam doors when entering a room?"

Gottfried stood on the tips of his penguin feet to see who was entering. He gasped.

Gerwin:"What is it, Master."

Gerwin stood on the tips of his penguin feet to see a blue viking penguin wearing a tunic and a red helmet appear. He was already flirting with the women.

Gerwin:"Who is that, Gottfried?"

Gottfried:"Why, it's my cousin, Jock Hochstadt! How was he able to get here???"

Jock walked into the party with confidence. However, he looked like an elephant in the room due to his casual "peasant" appearance and his large viking helmet. All the noble men and women stared at him and gossiped as he walked passed them. Jock pointed his flippers at some of the women.

Jock:"Hey, ladies! I'm available!"

The female penguins scoffed at him and gave him dirty looks. Jock approached another penguin and asked her in English:"Hey, babe! You're pretty hot compared to all of these ugly statues!"

The penguin seemed to know what he said and slapped him. Jock walked away and ignored her. He saw Gottfried.

Jock:"Gottfried! I found you!"

Gerwin snickered as Jock approached. Gottfried face-palmed. Augustus and Ludwig walked away.

Gottfried:"Jock, have you been drinking too much Cream Soda lately?"

Jock:"No, I'm just in a good mood. It is good to see that you're alive! You don't know what I had to do to get here."

Gottfried:"Hop on a boat and sail here?"

Jock:"Yeah, how did you know?"

Gottfried:"Oh. Lucky guess."

Jock:"Hey, is that kid your apprentice that Clovis told me about?"

Gottfried:"Yes. Jock, please meet Gerwin von Ritter. Gerwin, meet Jock Hochstadt."

Gerwin:"Nice to...."

Suddenly, before Gerwin would shake Jock's flipper, a red puffle popped out of Jock's helmet.

Piper:"Nice to meet you, Gerwin! I'm Piper J. Cub, Jock's pet puffle."

Gerwin:"Oh...nice to meet you both..."

Piper:"Sorry if I scared you. I wanted to surprise you."

Jock:"Ok, Piper. Please get off my head. You can sit on my shoulder."

Piper hopped onto Jock's shoulder.

Jock:"I heard you were forced to attend this apparently lame party, am I right?"

Gottfried:"Well, it's not that lame."

Piper:"Uh, penguins dressed in 16th century clothing, white wigs, and classical music does seem a bit retro for this time period, Gottfried. VERY retro. Only Swiss Ninja's lands would do something like this. King Carlos is way more modern on the other hand. Sure, classical music is played, but at least everyone dresses in a modern formal way."

Gottfried and Gerwin looked at each other.

Jock:"We're here to set both of you free!"

Gottfried:"What? I can't leave."

Jock:"Why not?"

Gottfried:"I'll get tracked down. And this is my homeland. We must FIGHT to earn respect from Swiss Ninja and for the right to travel wherever we want!"


Piper:"Fine then. Do it the hard way."

Gottfried:"The hard way can sometimes be the best way."

Gottfried looked at the entrance of the building. The doors were still open.

Gottfried:"How did you get in to begin with?"

Jock:"Oh, I shot the guards with a snowbullet pistol. Err....Piper shot the guards with a snowbullet pistol...."

Chapter 3:Escape Prevention[edit]

It was the next day at the Hohenterngau Castle. Jock and Piper stayed overnight. Gottfried told him how the party went before they arrived. He especially told them about Gerda.

Jock:"WHAT??? You're in LOVE?"

Gottfried:"I must say that Gerda has always been a pretty woman in my opinion. I know she's a Swiss Ninja supporter, but I can still sense that her care is genuine!"

Jock:"That is what she WANTS you to think! You're becoming soft, Gottfried!"

Gottfried:"I refuse to believe it. I am now caught up between her and my own beliefs in political freedom. Would I sacrifice it all for her?"

Jock:"No! If you lose your political freedom, and you also lose her, what will happen?"

Gottfried pondered for a moment.

Gottfried:"Nothing. I would have nothing."

Jock:"Exactly. You can't choose her, even if she really does love you."

Gottfried:"No. I think I know what I must do...."

Before Gottfried could finish his sentence, the phone rang. It was an unknown caller, but Gottfried picked the phone up anyways.


Swiss Ninja:"Hello again, Gottfried. Listen, we know what you're thinking. You want to persuade Gerda to join the 'good' side and turn your back on me! If you dare try to do it, I'll make sure she is DEAD!"

Swiss Ninja hung up. Gottfried dropped the phone. He wasn't aware that the phone was on speakerphone, and Jock, Piper, and Gerwin heard the whole thing.

At dinner, Gottfried was silent and did not speak. He had made the dinner of several fish bratwurst with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. He seemed dismal, and no one, not even Jock, said a word. The dining room was dimly lit by a few candles, for Gottfried did not want to use the chandeliers.


Gottfried looked up.

Jock:"...what would you like us to do for you? To make you feel better?"

Gottfried:"What can I be helped with if I can not even tell the truth to the girl I love?"

Jock:"We'll help her know...."

Gottfried:"Shh! They're listening..."

Jock:"Oh....Nevermind then..."

Jock looked around and saw a piece of paper in an adjacent room. He had an idea. Jock stood up and beckoned Gottfried to follow him with his flipper.

Gottfried:"Jock, it is rude to leave the table without excusing..."

Jock grabbed the paper and walked into the bathroom, which had no windows. Gottfried followed him. Jock beckoned him to stay silent. Jock began writing on the piece of paper.

We will help you convince her, but we must do this in secrecy. I write my plans so that the Snoss can not hear or see what I say. Because the Snoss monitor our speech, we will secretly plan on paper here to visit your love so that the Snoss will not know.

Gottfried looked up and nodded. He took the pen.

Very well. We all must go together. I know where she lives, and there's a way to leave the castle unnoticed.

Jock took the pen.

Good. Afterwards, we must go to the city of Flaussen. There is a PFLS group there, and we will finally organize a fight to try to liberate Alemania from Snoss control, or at least to fight for your freedom. They will help us escape the island from my boat.

Gottfried took the pen.

But I do not want to leave without her! I do not want to leave my homeland!

Jock snatched the pen.

You have no choice, Gottfried, if you want her to live and have a chance to convince her in the future, you MUST leave now. We'll give you a place to live in Castilla during your temporary exile."

Gottfried said:"Ok..."

The next day, a wall secretly opened at the back of the castle. Gottfried, Jock, Piper, and Gerwin walked out. Gottfried clicked a button and the wall closed.

Jock whispered:"So...the Snoss don't know about this exit?"

Gottfried:"It is the most secretive exit in the castle. It was built long ago in case any foreign invasions or peasant uprisings would go out of hand. The Snoss don't know about it, so I always thought I would use it in case the Snoss tried to ambush my home."

Gerwin:"So where are we going, sir?"

Gottfried:"Into the thickness of the woods. There's a small dirt path that goes down to an old abandoned barn. It is where I keep my escape car."

The group approached the barn made of wooden planks. It appeared to be abandoned, though when they entered they saw Gottfried's escape car covered in a weatherproof tarp. Gottfried took off the tarp to reveal the shiny vehicle. Everyone hopped inside.

Piper:"Nice car!"

Gottfried:"Thank you. The good thing is that I don't have to fill it up with gas. It is an electric car; perfect for any escape."

Jock:"Wait...where do you charge it?"

Gottfried:"It has a large battery, and it gains electricity through the kinetic energy produced by the rotation of the car's wheels!"

Piper:"Cool! Let's hit the road!"

Gottfried turned on the engine, and slammed on the accelerator. The car dashed through a meadow, around some trees, and onto a road.

Gottfried parked the car with Gerda's parents' castle in view. Their property was large; the castle was located on top of a hill, and it was surrounded by a garden. The garden was gated off by an iron fence that ran along a local road. Gottfried had parked where he could see Gerda's bedroom window and balcony. He knew the time was right, for she was standing alone, learning on the balcony. She had noticed him even from afar, and waved to him. He waved triumphantly back.

Gottfried:"Quickly comrades, let's jump the fence!"

Jock:"What happened to politeness, Gottfried? I thought you were all about..."

Gottfried:"We can't. Gerda's parents don't like unexpected visitors. And she still lives with them, thus she must comply with their rules."

Gottfried jumped over the iron fence, and the rest of the group did the same. They ran into the garden, which was filled with a multitude of technicolor flowers, lush green grass, and fruit bearing trees and bushes. As Gottfried approached Gerda's balcony, Jock, Gerwin, and Piper stayed behind so they would not get into the way. Meanwhile, Jock picked an apple from a tree and ate it. Piper wandered off and frolicked into the O-Berry Bushes, where he served himself for a snack.

Gottfried's armor glimmered in the sunlight as he stood in front of Gerda's balcony. His lover stared down at him in awe.

Gerda:"Gottfried, how nice of you to visit!"

Gottfried:"It is an honor to come and see you. Gerda, my feelings for you have grown stronger! I hope one day we will be together until the end of time!"

Gerda:"Oh Gottfried, you don't need to profess your love to me below the balcony. Come and climb up to the balcony with me."

Gottfried nodded and climbed up the tough vines that grew on the side of the castle walls. He jumped onto the balcony beside Gerda. They embraced and kissed. Then, they looked at each other affectionately, though Gerda could tell that there was something not right about Gottfried's facial expression. She could see his eyes seemed desperately sad.

Gerda:" something wrong?"

Gottfried:"Yes....I am afraid that we may not see each other again for a long time."

Gerda:"Why??? Surely we can make arrangements..."

Gottfried:"Gerda. What you don't know about me is that I....don't agree with Swiss Ninja."

Gerda stepped back in shock.

Gerda:"What do you mean?"

Gottfried:"I don't agree with his politics. I never did. I am his enemy. He is holding me captive in Alemania against my will so that he can keep control of Alemania. I want to free out island of his rule. His dictatorship."

Gerda:"But...what about all the great things he has done, like building more weaponry for the military? And why doesn't anyone else in Alemania or Snowzerland speak against him! I can't fathom such actions!"

Gottfried:"Swiss Ninja's successes are at the expense of the commoners. Weaponry construction is relied on forced labor of political prisoners. Political prisoners who were once regular citizens who only spoke out against their government."

Gerda looked down. She couldn't believe it. Gottfried felt tense. He looked around nervously to see if there were any Snoss spying on him. Gottfried grabbed his girlfriend's flipper and kissed it.

Gottfried:"I must fight for the resistance. For our country."

All Gerda could say was:"Stay safe, Gottfried."

Gottfried:"I will."

Gottfried climbed down from the balcony and disappeared into the wilderness. Gerda went back into her room and wept. Her view of Swiss Ninja was being shrouded by a curtain of hate. She grabbed his photo in her bedroom and tossed it out her window. It silently shattered in the distance.

The group of penguins and Piper walked into the nearby city of Flaussen. They posed as tourists.

Gottfried:"So Jock, where is it?"

Jock:"It's a restaurant. It has a carved wooden figure of a Swiss Ninja holding a mug of cream soda on its wall. You can't miss it."

They entered a relatively busy square full of tourists and natives. Gottfried saw the building in the corner.

Gottfried:"It see it."

They walked in to see the restaurant with a few customers inside. It was a medieval themed restaurants, which images and paintings of medieval scenes and knights' armor and weapons on the wall. There was an old penguin playing the piano in the corner of the dining room. The old penguin seemed to be playing a somber, pro-Swiss Ninja song. He seemed to be singing with emptiness, for his words had no passion, no true emotion. To Gottfried, the music seemed grieving.

O, Swiss Ninja, my Kaiser!

With you around, the grass looks greener,

With your sword, kill Castillan democracy,

And send them all to Hackzon Valley!

USA, USA, what good are they?

When we have nukes to blow them away!!

They don't know who they mess

With, 'cause they're fighting with the beeeeeeest...!!!

Jock walked up to the penguin and patted his back.

Jock:"There is a kite stuck in the washing line."

The old penguin looked at Jock, and his eyes grew wide. He mumbled: "Follow me, sir."

The Penguin led the group to the kitchen and to the Freezer room. The old penguin removed a crate of frozen food to reveal a lever. The old Penguin pulled the trigger, which made a wall rise to reveal the entrance to an underground room.

Old Penguin:"Quickly, Mr. Hochstadt. Get inside."

Jock:"Good work, comrade. We'll take it from here. Continue with your piano music. You remind me of Joseph Maximilian from Snowzerland."

Old Penguin:"I have met him. He's a good soldier."

Jock nodded and the whole group walked down the stairs into the dark. The Old Penguin pulled the lever and the entrance disappeared.

Jock led the group with a torch in his flipper, one that he had grabbed on his way down the stairs. They found themselves in a dark hallway made of stone.

Gottfried:"Am I correct when I guess that this is some sort of old passageway?"

Jock:"Yes. This is part of a complex Medieval catacomb chamber. However, in recent years, we have converted it into a new PFLS base. Some spots don't even look like catacombs anymore. We've done a good job cleaning things up."

Gottfried:"'ve been here before?"

Jock:"Yes, of course. I am the PFLS's leader, therefore I am obligated to visit every new branch that is opened."

Gottfried:"Wow. Hey, what's the room coming up ahead?"

Jock:"The training room."

The group arrived to see a large group of soldiers being drilled by an angry drill sergeant in German. Jock walked into the room. The sergeant immediately noticed him and saluted.

Jock:"No, no. Carry on. I'm only here to tell you that we're planning to finally go into battle. Get your men ready."

Sergeant:"SIR, YES SIR!!"

Jock:"Carry on."

Jock left the room.

Jock:"Guys, don't be shocked with the next room."


Jock:"You'll see."

The group came across another room full of young boys wearing faded green uniforms. They were standing at attention in several rows. Their drill instructor, a scraggly man who appeared to have been a former military officer for many years, was drilling them in physical training. He saluted Jock as he arrived.

Gottfried:"Children? Jock, are you mad? Why would you hire children?"

Jock:"We won't make them fight, though we train them to. It does seem bad, but you must remember that Swiss Ninja tries to recruit all Alemanian children to follow him, so we are his counters. They will be trained to fight for democracy and for the good of the people, not Swiss Ninja."

Gottfried:"Aren't you afraid that they'll give locations away?"

Jock:"No. We've drilled them enough for that. These children have pulled out of their former public school and attend our private schools that operate in another location."

Gottfried was saddened at what he had seen. O Youth! He thought, how little they know of what they fight for, democracy, yet their destiny is the grave or the Cybervoid. They will only become heroes in the distant future.

Jock finally led the group to the communications room. There was only one penguin in there, also a soldier. He noticed Jock and the group and saluted.

Jock:"Soldier, prepare the telegraph machine."

Gerwin:"Wow. You guys still use telegraphs? Couldn't you update your system to a computer?"

Jock turned around to the apprentice.

Jock:"That's something we exactly DO NOT want to do."

Gerwin:"Why is that?"

Jock:"Computers get hacked. We use telegraphs, both wired and wireless in all our branches to make sure the Snoss have no clue how we communicate."


Jock:"All right soldier, get this message down:"

Soldier:"Yes sir."

The soldier prepared the machine and waited for orders.

Jock:"Forward to All branches in Alemania: Prepare for the planned rebellion. Chief Leader and friends are trapped and need to be freed. All branches are to commence the takeover of their local government buildings at 1100 Hours."

The soldier began tapping the message rapidly.

Soldier:"Your message is complete, sir."

Jock:"You are dismissed. Go and tell all soldiers in the station to get their arms. Have the boys assemble their first aid kits."

Gottfried:"So we're just going to fight our way out?"

Jock:"Yes. Our victory will allow us to fight our way to freedom."

Gottfried:"You mean the PFLS soldiers fight for freedom, right?"

Jock:"No. Us too. Piper brought my rifle with him in his hyperspace. That's the good thing about having pet puffles."


Gottfried turned to Gerwin.

Gottfried:"Looks like it is time to put your short amount of training to the test, my apprentice..."

Chapter 4:The Rebellion[edit]

The bells of Flaussen's telenacle were drowned out by the sounds of shouting soldiers, gunshots, and screaming citizens when the big hand had struck the twelve, and the little hand was on eleven. PFLS liberation soldiers had stormed the streets; tourists and locals alike fled into their homes across the whole island of Alemania. Rebel groups everywhere were storming nearby town halls, police stations, and other government buildings. SSS Agents and Snoss government officials were caught off guard and were arrested.

Jock, with his rifle in hand, walked ahead of his group with Piper to Flaussen's town hall to see that it had already been taken. Two soldiers greeted him.

Jock:"What's the situation?"

Soldier 1:"Sir, all Snoss officials and SSS Agents have been arrested and detained."

Jock:"Have you gotten word from any successes in other areas?"

Soldier 1:"Yes, sir. Munchen's provincial capitol building has been seized."

Jock:"How about Boorlin?"

Soldier 2:"We have no information on them, sir. The Boorlin branch has confirmed that they received your orders, but they have not shown any signs of a successful takeover."

Jock:"I have a bad feeling that the Snoss decided to heavily guard the Boorlin capitol building. You two, go and contact all branches and prepare for a Snoss counter strike. They should be arriving any minute now, since the Snoss have plenty of bases here..."

A few minutes later, several soldiers congregated with Jock in the open square near the PFLS secret headquarters. They could see several dark green colored aircraft approaching the area. They were flying relatively low.

Gottfried:"Are they going to bomb us?"

Jock:"No. They're going to send paratroopers. The Snoss wouldn't dare bomb their own land. Boys, load your guns. Things aren't going to get pretty."

Then, several clumps of Snoss soldiers jumped out of the several aircraft flying in the sky. Jock loaded his rifle and started firing at the Snoss soldiers as soon as their parachutes deployed. Piper, Gerwin, and the PFLS soldiers did the same. Immediately, several holes were punctured into many Snoss soldiers' parachutes, and they fell out of the sky.

Suddenly, one of the boys approached Jock with a message.

Jock:"Where did you get this?"

Boy:"The fax machine, sir!"

Jock read the paper to find out it was a desperate message from a PFLS soldier located near the Alemanian coast. Jock's eyes grew wide.

Jock:"We need to leave town. We need to take the battles to the forest."


Jock:"I just got word that the Snoss have landed more troops on the coast. They're going to close in on us."

Jock was now running with his rifle with Piper on his shoulder in the woods. He was leading a large group of PFLS soldiers as well as Gottfried and Gerwin. The sounds of gunshots and shellings could be heard without every minute everywhere. Suddenly, the group reached a clearing in the forest. There was a huge group of Snoss soldiers on the other side. Before they could charge, huge grenade and cannon explosions occurred right in front of them, and they ran back to take cover. The Snoss charged and jumped into the trenches they had just made.

Jock:"Don't turn back! Chaaarge!!!"

Gottfried and Gerwin rose their rifles and fired mercilessly at the Snoss while charging at them, dodging bullets and the explosions from the shellings and grenades. Suddenly, a giant green cloud was approaching them.

Jock:"GAS! Quick, put on these..."

Jock tossed Gottfried and Gerwin a pair of gas masks. They immediately put them on while Jock and Piper put on their own. In a matter of seconds, they were engulfed in the poison gas, and all they could see were the penguins next to them. Everyone stopped in their tracks. The gas began to reveal tons of Snoss soldiers wearing gas masks surrounding the three penguins and one puffle.

Gottfried:"We give up?"

Jock:"'fraid so."

Gottfried, Gerwin, and Jock rose their flippers in the air to clearly show the soldiers that they have surrendered. A helicopter immediately landed nearby. Swiss Ninja stepped out and approached the group.

Swiss Ninja:"Hahahahahaha! Good show, boys. Did you really think that you would win? I told you, Gottfried- Gerwin and you aren't leaving Alemania ever again. And I suppose Jock and Piper aren't either. I have no need for a response. I have more important things to do. Before I leave, I would like to cordially invite you to a party I am going to throw in Boorlin. I'm inviting all the nobility from both the north and south of the island. Even Jock and Piper are invited."


Swiss Ninja:"Yay, yes! Look sharp. It's going to be at the Boorlin City Palace. Well, farewell."

Swiss Ninja turned around and went back on the helicopter. The soldiers left the three penguins and one puffle. A few minutes later, they were the only ones left in the forest. The rest of the PFLS had been arrested, deleted, injured, or killed.

The Hochstadt Gang found themselves once more back at Gottfried's Castle the next day. They noticed that the Snoss had stopped wiretapping them, for Swiss Ninja felt that they had been defeated.

Jock:"Gottfried, don't give up yet. We can still go back to the headquarters. I don't think the telegram machine is down. We'll see if we can telegram the Castillan embassy in Boorlin."

Gerwin:"They have an embassy here? WE COULD JUST BARGE RIGHT IN!"

Jock:"No. It is not that simple. There are many Snoss soldiers and SSS agents that stalk the building's entrance. Everyone is questioned and asked to show identification before entering."

Piper:"Plus, our army is gone now. So we can't do anything except try this telegram message plan."

Gottfried:"Well, I suppose since there isn't much we can do."

That same day, the Hochstadt Gang drove back to Flaussen to the restaurant in the old town square. This time, the old penguin on the piano was not playing a pro-Swiss Ninja song, but a sad, depressing song.

O what mourning we give

To sons... who don't live!

Who won't see the next day

Because they're down in the grave.

Fought for a cause they did so,

At least they did not hide; no!

Their innocent lives have been paid for

For a cause that's been delayed more...

Once again, Jock put his flipper on the old penguin's back.

Jock:"There is a kite..."

Before Jock could finish, the penguin grabbed his flipper and pulled him into the kitchen. Everyone else followed.

Old Penguin:"You still live; they didn't kill you or take you away??"

Jock:"No. Quick, is the telegram soldier still around?"

Old Penguin:"Yes. He didn't go out to battle."

Jock:"Take me to him. We need to escape the island, and I believe that the telegram is the last option we have left."

Old Penguin:"As you wish, sir."

The Old Penguin led the Hochstadt Gang back into the secret headquarters, and they made their way to the communications room. The soldier who was at the telegram machine stood and saluted.

Jock:"Sit down. We have one telegraph to write. Our last one, hopefully."

Soldier:"What is it, sir?"

Jock:"Can you connect to the Castillan Embassy?"

Jock became nervous. He wasn't sure which places the telegram could connect to.

Soldier:"Yes. Their line was already installed when we opened this branch."

Jock:"Thank heavens! We should have done this sooner! Tell them this: Jock Hochstadt and Piper J. Cub are being held hostage with Gottfried Hochstadt and Gerwin von Ritter. Please send a military rescue team in two days in front of the Boorlin City Palace, 1400 Hours."

The soldier did as he was told.

Soldier:"It has been sent."

Then, a few minutes later, the printer went off, and a message had been received. The soldier read it.

Soldier:"It's from the embassy. They said that they will do as you instructed. The Castillan Government has been worried about both of you and they are relieved to know you two are still alive."


Gerwin:"They didn't mention Gottfried and I!"

Jock:"Well, that's because you aren't Castillan citizens, but you two will be soon once we get you out of here..."

Gottfried:"But...I don't want to leave my homeland."

Jock:"Gottfried, chill. It's only going to be for a little while."

Gottfried:"But I will be separated from my love! How is that fair?"

Jock:"It isn't, but you'll have your last chance of seeing her at the Ball in two days."

Gottfried:"Fine. We're taking the train to Boorlin tomorrow morning. Hopefully we can meet her before it all starts."

The next day, the group had organized their luggage and arrived at the Flaussen train station. Gottfried had ordered a first class car for the ride to Boorlin, which would take a few hours, despite protest by Jock.

Jock:"Why did you waste your money by paying for first class? I think we would be fine in Coach."

Gottfried:"Yes, but since we're going to a highly formal event, we should arrive formally. The Snoss are still watching us, you know..."

Jock:"Oh. Right..."

Gottfried:"Besides, first class serves first class food. Go ahead and splurge on anything you want. It's all on me."

Jock:"Well, if you insist...Hey waiter! I'd like to order something!"

The waiter, slightly annoyed that Jock was yelling, came over.


Jock:"I'd like some cream soda. Give me two pints."

Waiter:"We don't serve pints on this train."

Jock:"Then what DO you serve on this train?"

Waiter:"We go by liters or half liters."

Jock:"Oh. Well then, I'll take whole liter of cream soda."

Waiter:"Very well. What brand?"

Jock:"The best that you have."

The waiter looked at Jock strangely.

Waiter:"Ok then. I'll get you what I think is the best Cream Soda we have, alright?"

Jock:"Yes, sounds fine."

By the time the train arrived at Boorlin, Jock had stuffed himself with Cream Soda and a lot of fish. He was intoxicated and quite light headed. As they exited the train, Gottfried and Gerwin had to assist Jock out. When they left the train station, they saw a large limousine and a red carpet leading towards it. A Snoss soldier was holding a sign that read "Gottfried Hochstadt".

Piper:"Hey Gottfried, you paid for a limo ride?"

Gottfried:"No. Swiss Ninja wanted all of his guests to arrive with style. Luckily, we don't have to pay for anything since it's all on him."

Piper:"I don't feel safe about this."

Gottfried:"There isn't anything to fear. Swiss doesn't think we can do anything anymore."

The group approached the Snoss soldier, who escorted them into the limo.

Chapter 5:The Last Dance[edit]

After preparing at the hotel, the Hochstadt Gang returned to the limo and made their way to the Kaiser's party at the Boorlin City Palace. There were twice as many guests as before, and they were all dressed sharply. The women were all wearing fine, expensive dresses while the men were wearing fresh black tuxedos. Everyone seemed very impressed with the lavish party. As the Hochstadt Gang walked into the building, they felt alienated because they did not recognize anyone.

Then, a flipper tapped Gottfried's armor. He turned around to see his friend, Ludwig von Hasselbach, from the previous party in Havaria.

Gottfried:"Ludwig! Hello! How are you, good sir?"

Ludwig:"Good as I always am. I see you brought your cousin this time."

Gottfried:"Yes, indeed. Jock, please meet Mr. Ludwig Hasselbach."

Jock, who was now sober, smiled and shook Ludwig's flipper.

Jock:"It's a pleasure."

Ludwig:"Say, Gottfried, Gerda has been looking for you."

Gottfried:"Oh! Yes! Of course! Where is she?!?"

Ludwig:"She is chit chatting with several of her friends at the appetizer table..."

Jock:"Hey, nobody told me that there would be food here! I'm ready for some Hors d'oeuvres!"

Piper:"I don't speak French, but I guess I'll come along too!"

Jock and Piper rushed to the large tables that boasted large plates of appetizers, fruits, and desserts.

Gottfried confidently walked over to where Gerda was. Gerwin was left with Ludwig, much to his distaste.

Gerwin:"I'm always left out of stuff."

Ludwig:"Don't worry. The day will come when you won't be the apprentice anymore..."

The moment Gerda had laid her eyes on Gottfried approaching her, she rushed up to him and embraced him.

Gottfried:"My rose, we have reunited again."

Gerda:"Yes, Gottfried. Come, I wish to speak to you in private."

Gerda led Gottfried to the back of the ballroom, where there was a large curtain next to a window. They hid behind the curtain, where no one could see them.

Gottfried:"Gerda, what is the matter?"

Gerda:"Is it true that you are against Swiss Ninja, and his rule?"

Gottfried:"Again I assure you, I do not support his rule."

Gerda:"I am sorry that you have failed to escape during the uprising."

Gottfried:"Failures always teaches a penguin an important value. I won't make the same mistake again. All what matters is that my friends and you are safe."

Gerda:"I am always there for you, Gottfried. Please, let us get married, so that nothing can ever separate us."

Gottfried:"It appears that your father approves, and so we shall."

Gerda:"Oh, let us dance, Gottfried, and celebrate our future!"

Gerda led Gottfried back into the crowd and began to dance romantically with everyone else. They were not aware that a hidden microphone had been placed in the scarlet red curtain that they hid behind.

Piper, who did not feel like overeating at the appetizer tables, wandered off into the crowd, where he felt awkward. The majority of the guests were penguins, who nearly stepped on Piper on several occasions because he was being completely ignored.

Suddenly, Piper thought he saw an SSS agent peeking outside one of the windows. Piper rushed towards the window to see that the officer was already gone. Piper did not notice that there were a pair of penguins, a man and a woman, dancing right next to him. The woman was wearing a large dress.

Then, when Piper wasn't looking, two flippers came out of her dress and pulled Piper under. Immediately, the dress began to bulge and make muffling sounds.

The penguin that the woman was dancing with asked:"Madam, are you all right?"

Woman:"Yeah, sure."

The woman threw off her dress to reveal that she was not a woman at all; it was actually two Little Penguins dressed in SSS uniforms. The one who had pretended to be a woman was standing on the other soldier's shoulders. The bottom soldier was holding Piper in his flippers, all duct taped and tied up.

SSS Soldier:"You didn't see anything!"

Penguin:"I didn't see anything!"

The dance was going perfect for Gottfried and Gerda. The music was very romantic, and Gottfried and Gerda were in the moment. Love filled the room as the two became part of the group of penguins that were dancing with their soul mates. Then, as the music finished as the violins were making their final notes, Gottfried made his move and kissed Gerda. Their kiss received some applause among some of the audience, especially from Gerwin.

Jock, who had eaten quite a lot of food, finally stopped when he heard the cheering. He felt as if he was in a trance, since the gourmet food seemed irresistible and addictive. He looked around at his surroundings and was not expecting to see Piper gone. Jock immediately started to walk around the ballroom, looking for him. Suddenly, a blindfold flew over Jock's face and was immediately tackled.

Jock screamed for his life.

Jock:"AAAAH! Gottfried! They got me!"

Jock's yelp was so loud that his voice could be heard around the whole room. Gottfried turned away from his love and saw that the SSS officers were taking Jock and Piper out of the ballroom. He drew his sword out and was about to chase the soldiers when he heard a female shriek.

Gottfried turned around to see Swiss Ninja himself taking Gerda away, holding her by the neck. Several regular Snoss soldiers also arrived and started carrying her away the other direction.


Gottfried frantically kept looking at both directions, one where Piper and Jock were being taken, and the other where Gerda was being taken. Gottfried's face turned red, his heart was pounding fast, and he was sweating crazily.

Swiss Ninja stood behind him, taunting:"Oh, which side are you going to choose, Gottfried? There are two ways to go but only one of you! I guess it's a lose-lose situation for you either way, isn't it! What will it be, your friends, or your girlfriend that I am going to kill, like I promised?"

Gottfried looked at Gerda as she was struggling to set herself free from the grip of the other soldiers.

Gerda:"Gottfried! Go! Save your friends! I'll be fine! Just go and do it for me!!!"

One of the soldiers slapped her and pulled her away. Gottfried was about to run to Jock and Piper's aid when, all of a sudden, Swiss Ninja stuck out his foot and tripped him.

Then, Piper managed to wrestle out of the grip of the soldiers and the rope when he was able to pull out a knife from his hammerspace. Piper ripped off the duct tape on his mouth and went to rescue Jock. Resolved that his friends were in control of the situation, Gottfried got back up to rescue Gerda until Swiss Ninja swung his sword at him.

Gottfried blocked his attack just in time, and the sword duel began. Gottfried could no longer control his anger, and he was violently swinging at Swiss Ninja with brutal force. Nevertheless, Swiss Ninja proved swift and nimble by deflecting Gottfried's intense blows, and he was able to manipulate Gottfried's attacks so that Gottfried lost grip his sword. Swiss Ninja kicked him in the chest, and Gottfried stumbled to the floor.

Gottfried, seeing that he was in a position of disadvantage, cringed when he saw Swiss Ninja come up to him, about to strike him with his sword. Gottfried closed his eyes, expecting Swiss Ninja to slice at his face, but he felt nothing. Instead, he heard a clang sound.

Gottfried opened his eyes to see Gerwin's sword, holding Swiss Ninja back.

Gerwin:"I came just in time, didn't I? Quickly Gottfried, I'll handle this! Get your girl!"

Gottfried got up, thanked Gerwin, and dashed towards the two soldiers who were holding Gerda captive.

Swiss Ninja:"Men! TAKE HER AWAY!"

The two soldiers pulled Gerda out of the building. Gottfried persued them outside. They immediately jumped into a black van, while Gerda yelled: "Gottfried!"

The van immediately drove off before Gottfried could catch it, but he still kept running. In desperation, the black van drove into a rose garden and onto the street. Gottfried, who was oblivious of where he was going, soon became caught in the rose bushes.

Gottfried:"GERDA! NO! I have failed!"

Gottfried stood where he was as he saw the black van disappear into the city of Boorlin. Inside, his heart was torn and deeply disappointed.

He was so distraught that he was too preoccupied to notice that Jock, Gerwin, and Piper had come outside. He did not notice the growing noise of an approaching helicopter. He did not pay attention to the cheers from Jock and Piper.

And Gottfried didn't notice the voices that were yelling at Jock and Piper in Spanish.

The End!