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Downtown Gourdzoid.
Country USA
Area Trans-Antarctica
Monuments GourdZoid Council Hall
Headquarters GourdZoid Council Hall
Population 1,000
Inhabited species Penguins, Jackos
General information
Demonym Gourdzoidite
Founded 2003

GourdZoid is a small mountaintop village, isolated from the rest of Trans-Antarctica and the USA. The town is "famous" for its pumpkins. GourdZoid is a peaceful village, though travelers such as Winston, as well as the two permenant residents, insisted that the pumpkins were alive. The Snell-Libros later travelled for miles to prove it, and in the end, they were indeed alive. The pumpkins were dubbed "Jackos". Gourdzoid is also popular because it is the location of the GourdZoid Council Hall.


GourdZoid is said to be founded by two penguins who loved to explore. While climbing a mountain in the middle of nowhere, they found a small group of pumpkins at the summit. Naturally, these penguins knew that pumpkins couldn't grow at such an altitude, and they didn't see any vines; just snow, rocks, and some brown soil. Being the daring adventurers they were, they decided to settle here, and thus the village of GourdZoid was formed in October 23rd, 2008. Soon after, the city council hall was renovated and transformed into the Supreme Court of Antarctica, much to the delight of the Jackos. GourdZoid's hospitality is said to rival Snellville.


Gourdzoid, being a mountain town, is only accessible by a small, two lane road up the mountain. The road is closed during the winter months, as it is too dangerous. During those months, tourists must reach the town using a train line from South Pole City, which is open year round, and is the most common way to get to the town. Recently, the Land Transport Ministry of Antarctica has started a project to build a four lane divided highway, that will travel under the mountain in a series of tunnels. This route is expected to be much safer and will drive more tourists to the town.


The houses of GourdZoid are built on a mountain cliff. To reach the village, one must drive up the mountain. There are no rest stops, although one is being built. You will reach Gourdzoid when you see five orange houses and a large building that says "Council Hall."


One can visit the two the Council Hall, a building which the Jackos insist should replace the South Pole Council as the seat of government. The most intriguing part of GourdZoid, however, is by far getting the chance to talk to a Jacko. It's not every day you can have a conversation with a pumpkin!


Jackos and two orange penguins were the only inhabitants. However, because the Council Hall is here, many adventurers or normal penguins heard about Gourdzoid and moved there. There are now 20 inhabitants, although there are 100 times the number of tourists that come every year.


  • Knowledge
  • Hospitality
  • Talking Pumpkins!
  • USA's judiciary


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