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The Government of the Culldrome Isles run the country of the Culldrome Isles and its territories. The government is a federal representative democratic republic, which is divided into two houses, the Culldrome Isles Cabinet, the upper house, and the House of Culldrome, the lower house.


During Culldrome's early establishment, the small newly founded country needed a form of government. For several years, Culldrome was a monarchy, with Mark the Warrior leading the country with no restrictions. In the 1860s, the Skulldrome Isles overthrew this government and placed Culldrome under its rule and effectively became a puppet state with no leader. After its liberation, Culldrome returned to a monarchy structure, but was split into several kingdoms. These ruled themselves independently and often fought wars with each other.

A democratic government was created in 1922, after the Treaty of the Isles ended the monarchies and unified Culldrome. A democracy was founded consisting of a single house with politicians elected by the citizens. Political parties were established and could be voted into government by voting citizens every four years. The leader of the country was termed as the Supreme Leader. The government remained this way until it expanded in the 1950s. To account for this, the government was split into two larger houses, the House of Culldrome and the Culldrome Isles Cabinet.

The government was then restructured after the Culldrome Civil War. The two houses, especially the House of Culldrome, were expanded to make up for Culldrome's increased population. Culldrome's national divisions were also redrawn to better reflect modern population groups. Today, the Government of the Culldrome Isles continues to lead Culldrome into a future for the good of all.


The government of Culldrome is a federal representative democratic republic. This means that the government is elected by the citizens. The government is also governed by a constitution to make sure that it does not overuse its power. The government of Culldrome is bicameral, meaning it is divided into two houses, the Upper House and the Lower House, named the Culldrome Isles Cabinet and the House of Culldrome, respectively.

Elections occur every 4 years. When an election happens, citizens are recommended to vote, although voting is not compulsory, due to the remoteness of many countryside towns. To vote, the voter must be at least 18 years old and a citizen of the country. The citizens vote for politicians to represent the county divisions in which they live. Using an instant-runoff voting system, where candidates are preferentially numbered, a single representative wins the seat for that division. The winner of the election is the political party who has the most seats (and politicians representing them) and they become the government.

However, the actual jobs of the politicians (eg. leader, speaker, ministers) are voted upon internally. The politicians vote their fellow politicians to be promoted into higher rankings. The whole internal voting process can take up to a month to be finalised.

House of Culldrome[edit]

House of Culldrome
Headquarters Capitol of Culldrome
Languages English
Membership Culldrome Isles
- leader George Pallete, Speaker of the House
- members Representatives, Administrators, Bureaucrats
Establishment 1954
- early times 1950s
- official start 1954

The House of Culldrome is the Lower House in Culldrome's government. It is also the largest house, having 105 seats. All of he members of the house are elected by the citizens. The duty of the Lower House is to bring up laws and bills and to debate and vote on them. If the proposed law wins the vote, it is brought up to the Culldrome Isles Cabinet (upper house) to be debated on again.

Out of the 105 politicians in the House, there are 70 Representatives, representing the citizens of their county. The citizens also indirectly vote for 10 Bureaucrats, who represent the states, territories and cities of Culldrome. Depending on the majority party occupier of a state the Bureaucrat elected for that state would also be from the same party (ie. 80% of a state vote for party A; the bureaucrat for that state would be from party A). In addition, the citizens also vote for 23 Administrators, who supplement the duties of the Representatives and act as an extra voting power during house sessions. Two of the 23 Administrators are further elevated to become the Speaker and Vice-Speaker of the house, moderating debates.



  • Large Circle: Speaker and Vice Speaker
  • Circle: Representatives
  • Square: Administrator
  • Triangle: Bureaucrat

  Federal Party of Culldrome
- 56 seats
  Democratic Party of Culldrome
- 35 seats
  Culldrome National Party
- 1 seat
  Sword Party of Culldrome
- 3 seats
  Imperial Party of the Culldrome Empire
- 2 seats
  Culldrome Pacifist Party
- 1 seat
- 7 seats

Culldrome Isles Cabinet[edit]

Culldrome Isles Cabinet
Headquarters Capitol of Culldrome
Languages English
Membership Culldrome Isles
- leader Steven Snowen, Supreme Leader
- members Ministers, Secretaries, Councilors, Citizens
Establishment 1922
- early times 1920s
- official start 1922

The Culldrome Isles Cabinet is the Upper House in Culldrome's government. It is very different to the House of Culldrome. For starters, most of the politicians in the Cabinet are elected internally by those of the Lower House. These elections take place alongside the normal public elections. The Culldrome Isles Cabinet has 60 seats, which are occupied by a mix of the parties of the Lower House.

Out of the 60 politicians in the Cabinet, 16 are Ministers, who are in charge of various ministries running the country. Alongside them are 16 Secretaries, who act as assistants to the Ministers. There are also 15 Councilors, which are elected by the citizens. They act as support and extra voting and debating power. There are also 3 Special Ministers, compromised of the Abbottess of Bluetower Castle, the Great Guardian of Mt. Charlamander and the Ninja Master of the Skulldrome Isles.

In addition, there are 12 Trusted Citizens. Modeled off the Shops Island Council, the Trusted Citizens are randomly selected inhabitants of Culldrome City. The Trusted Citizens must have no criminal record, must not be affiliated with any political party and must be at least 18 years of age. The Trusted Citizens act as voters in the Cabinet and are only present for one meeting. The entire cabinet is under the control of the Supreme Leader, Vice Supreme Leader and a Speaker.



  • Large Circle: Speaker
  • Star: Supreme Leader and Vice Supreme Leader
  • Small Square: Special Ministers
  • Large Square: Ministers
  • Small Circles: Secretaries
  • Triangles: Councilors
  • Pentagons: Trusted Citizens

  Federal Party of Culldrome
- 43 seats
  Democratic Party of Culldrome
- 7 seats
  Culldrome National Party
- 1 seat
  Imperial Party of the Culldrome Empire
- 1 seats
- 5 seats
  Trusted Citizens
- 12 seats

The Cabinent has Ministers, which are in charge of the following Ministries and Departments.

  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Commerce
  • Department of Communications
  • Department of Defence
  • Department of Education
  • Department of the Environment
  • Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of the Government
  • Department of Health
  • Ministry of Immigration and Living
  • Department of Industry and Labour
  • Department of Infrastructure
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Department of Science and Technology
  • Department of Transportation
  • Ministry of the Treasury


The Culldrome Isles are divided into several divisions smaller than states, called counties. The counties, unlike those of the USA, are only used as a division in voting, census taking and location services. Culldrome is divided into a total of 70 counties; 53 local counties, 13 territorial counties and 4 capital counties.

Capital Country

1 Mark
2 Marty
3 Twin County
4 High County
5 Eastern Mossy River (EMR)
6 Western Mossy River (WMR)
7 Bluetower
8 Terraquil

9 Ocea Heads
10 Rowans
11 Louneen
12 Gateway
13 Northern Metropolia
14 Southern Metropolia
15 Seaston Cove
16 Seacast
17 Shadehaven
18 Padings
19 Wedgerton
20 Charlamander

Mossroam Country

21 Mont
22 Outer Clarkson
23 Northern Clarkson
24 Southern Clarkson
25 Basewick
26 Hedgewall
27 Geoffshire
28 Collwall
29 Greenerton
30 Mossroam

31 Netherwart
32 Pirate
33 Danger's Point
34 Chester Beach
35 Northfort
36 Snowball Straights
37 Pearlya
38 Knashram
39 Southsland
40 Soda Dune
41 Bandjor
42 Icefrost
43 Monhest

44 Northern Menap
45 Southern Menap

46 Shadow's County
47 Ninjiana
48 Diamond Hills
49 Son's Rise
50 Ninja Island
51 Northern Reach
52 Elementia
53 Southern Reach

Territorial Administration Counties (TAC)

54 Snelten
55 Toxic Island
56 Meier
57 Newnia
58 Daire
59 Moguchiy
60 Gorod-sad

61 Gold Coast
62 Iberion
63 Kings
64 Golden
65 Clanin
66 Perta

A Nanin County
B Bay County
C River County
D Moss County

Political Parties[edit]

There are several political parties in Culldrome, with some of them more bigger and prominent than others.


  • Federal Party - The most prominent party of Culdrome; currently the one in power. Lead by Steven Snowen, the party has been known for several innovative improvements to Culldrome, both in the past and the future. The party mainly focuses on all round improvement of the Culldrome Isles.
  • Democratic Party - The second most prominent party. Lead by Michelle Kim, the party focuses on free-speech and the continual democratic development of Culldrome. They are known for their foreign work as well as wanting everyone to be democratic.
  • National Party - The third most prominent party. Formerly known for their encouragement of national pride and growth, the party was under heavy controversy under the tyrannical rule of Chairman Dux, his creation of the CIC and his role in the Culldrome Civil War. Today, the party still holds some popularity, but is despised by many.


  • Green Party - The Green Party is, as the name suggests, is dedicated to developing a greener future. They support many environmentally friendly laws and strongly disapprove of laws that damage the environment. Currently, they have no members in the House of Culldrome.
  • Gold Coin Party - The Gold Coin Party is known for its support of capitalistic ideals and economic growth. The party believes that having a strong industry and economy is key to a better future and an economically powerful Culldrome. The party is mostly supported and consisted of wealthy business penguins. Currently, there are no members of the party in the House of Culldrome.
  • Sword Party - The Sword Party supports military funding and expansion. They also support anything pro-military and want Culldrome to become a powerful and militaristic nation. Currently, they have three members in the House of Culldrome, two Representatives from Daire Isle and one Bureaucrat. They are the main rivals of the Pacifist Party.
  • Pacifist Party - The Pacifist Party believes that Culldrome should reduce its military size and its funding. It also believes that Culldrome should become a peaceful nation and act as an example to others. The party is heavily funded and supported by Bluetower Castle. Currently, it has one member in the House of Culldrome. It is also a main rival to the Sword Party.
  • Imperial Party - The Imperialist Party believe that Culldrome should become an imperialist nation, taking over smaller countries. They believe that imperialism will be the only way to ensure a bright future for Culldrome. Currently, they have two members in the House of Culldrome, both Administrators.

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