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United Kingdom of Puffle'and
Puffle'and / Grand Permatan
Flag of Grand Permatan
Motto"For duty, for honor, for courtesy"
AnthemSwiss Ninja save the King
Coat of arms.
Puffle'and coat.png
Location of Puffle'and
The country. Red dot indicates the capital - Snowdon.
(and largest city)
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Cornish
Species  Puffles, Penguins, Rare Puffles, High Penguins
Demonym Puffish, Pertish
Membership Flag of Ninja Archipelago Union.png Ninja Archipelago Union
UAN flag.PNG United Antarctic Nations
Government Consitutional monarchy with Parliamentary democracy
 -  King Swiss Ninja
Colonized Colonized by the Briton Puffles and who originally came from The Peninsulan Slav'ens area. 
 -  Colonization Circa 500 B.C. 
 -  Coronation of King Manley II 1950 
 -  Swiss Ninja takes control of Puffle'and. Makes first contact with the USA since Colonial Antarctica. May 2009 
 -  2009 estimate 28,000,000 (excl. colonies) 
 -  2018 census 30,400,000 (excl. colonies) 
Currency Ounces (Oz)
Drives on the Left
Footnotes The country was founded when the countries of Angleland, Orcas, and Scotzeh united as one country in the May of 1707.

Puffle'and, also called Grand Permatan by some penguins, is a large country in the Ninja Archipelago that is run by Puffles. They are known for being a powerful country in the Archipelago, being the most powerful country in Antarctica in the 1990s, and for their historical colonial empire which still exists today in the form of many overseas colonies. The capital and biggest city in Puffle'and is Snowdon, which is one of the most famous and popular cities in the Ninja Archipelago due to its rich culture and history, similar to Parie and Dellaroma. Puffle'and has been ruled by King Swiss Ninja, a penguin, since May 2009, after he threatened to invade the nation and was given the throne.

The country was formed by the union of two countries in the 1700s, Angleland and Scotzeh. Today, the ratio of puffles to penguins in the mainland is getting closer, and though puffles still hold a majority in the nation's parliament, penguins and puffles have equal rights in the country. Most puffles in the country are proud of Puffle'and being the oldest and strongest puffle-run nation in Antarctica, and some are upset that so many penguins are immigrating to the country.


The flag of Angleland.
The flag of Angleland.
The flag of Scotzeh.
The flag of Scotzeh.

Puffle'and was inhabited around 500 B.C. by Briton Puffles, a tribe of puffles from The Peninsulan Slav'ens (who fought the giants). Many of them started other little tribes on the island, which one of them built the mystical stone structure known as Rocklenge. Around 300 BC, explorers from the Penguin Empire discovered the island, and called it Pufftanica because of the multiple puffles and living there. By now, the tribes had been split into three major groups: the Brifftons (Present Day Angleland), the Scotzesh, and the Zelts (what would now be present day Orcas). The Penguin Empire claimed the island for its own and started the city of Puffdoninium there, but they did not really affect the island in culture very much except for their language. The Penguin Empire was successful at annexing the areas of O'ngland and Orcas, but they failed to conquer Scotzeh. Thus, Emperor Haydrian of the Penguin Empire built a wall to separate the border between Scotzeh and Pufftanica.

After the fall of the Penguin Empire, King Arthur and the Knights of the Oval Table rose to power before the island of Puffle'and was occupied by the Hanglo-Saxophony Penguins and puffles, who were from Alemania. They set up many numerous kingdoms and tribes that make up the country's modern day provinces. However, many of the original natives of Puffle'and did not like these new penguin invaders, and tensions grew between them. Constant Viking raids seemed to occur, and feudalism developed. Then, a penguin named King Alfe of Westex was able to take over other nearby kingdoms and tribes to unite them under one nation- Angleland, which was named after the O-Berry and the Hanglo-Saxophonans. However, many of the puffle natives did not like this, whom became serfs under a Penguin noble.

All this changed in 1066, when the King of Norsemandy, Frankterre, named Williem, invaded Saxophony Angleland and killed off half the penguin population of the island. His grandson was King Riccard the Noblehearted, Puffle'and's most famous warrior king who fought wars that occured in Antarctica. Because the Norsemans were Frankterran, Frankterre and Puffle'and had many land disputes that led to the Hundred Months' War. However, after the war, the King fell ill, and the country started a civil war, known as the War of the Daisies, which determined who would become the heir to the throne. The war ended with the Tutor family ascending to the throne. The Tudor Family ruled Angleland until 1603.

In 1707, Scotzeh and Angleland joined together and became Puffle'and. Nevertheless, the penguin population still was able to survive and began to settle in separate provinces and regions. For many centuries, Puffle'and and Castilla shared major rivalries when it came to island colonization. The two nations competed a lot, and eventually, Castilla ended up conquering most of Latin Antarctica while Puffle'and began invading and heavily influencing areas of the High Penguin Confederacy with the Puffish culture and the language of English. Eventually, Puffle'and joined the HPC in 1799 as a separate state.

The rise of Khanzem became very unexpected to the Puffish, and they were hesitant to join Good Guys and the Ruscoe Federation until they were attacked. The war was very brutal, and the capital city of Puffle'and was bombed badly with various pies in a heavy blitz made by the Khanz. Eventually, the Puffish allowed the penguin population to join their army, and they were able to help defeat Khanzem. After the war, the Puffish fell into a famine and a lack of food because of the war caused major Puffle O and Fish rationing. However, the nation began to heal during Olde Antarctica. Meanwhile, the relationship between penguin and puffle began to improve greatly within the nation, and the two groups began to respect each other more rather than having the Puffles always the superior groups.

A penguin of noble birth, named Lord Greg, also gained fame and power in Puffle'and, and was well liked by everyone in the nation's Parliament. When Olde Antarctica fell to communist control, the STINC War began, and Lord Greg convinced Calada, Frankterre and Batavia to join them and the Bridgestadt Pact. "The Allies" were successful at destroying STINC and defeating it's allies of Rusca and Zhou. Lord Greg established Colonial Antarctica and was crowned King of Puffle'and by King Manley, who gave up his throne for the time being. King Greg only reigned for a short while, for rebellion soon began, and the Epic Revolutions began, forcing Puffle'and to fight for control of many of their colonial possessions. Eventually, Colonial Antarctica and many other territories broke free from Puffle'and and become independent, including Freezeland, the United States of Antarctica, Acadia and others. King Greg was gave the throne back to King Manley II in 2000. Other new nations also sprouted up around this time, including Snowzerland, a small prospering German nation. After Manley II died childless in 2009, Swiss Ninja threatened to invade the nation if he was not chosen to be their new King. The Puffish parliament was afraid of losing another war, so they agreed, making Swiss Ninja their King.


Swiss Ninja will rule the country until his supposed assassination in 2030. Instead of crowning one of Swiss' chicks as the new ruler, the Parliament voted to recognize a relative of the late Manley II as King, a member of the former royal family. The new King is a red puffle who chooses to go by the name of Henry, and was raised hidden from Swiss Ninja in Calada. After becoming King, and while the Snoss Civil War was raging, Henry disbanded the Telenacleship of Puffle'and and hired the Governance to once again power the country, along with making many other reforms. After the Snoss Civil War ended and Swiss Ninja was revealed to be Emperor Pengvintine, Pengvintine didn't bother to attack Puffle'and to reclaim his throne, instead focusing on other matters. The country would go on to ally the Hochstadt Gang and other nations like the USA in an attempt to protect themselves from the Snoss. Penquino also met with King Henry in the late 1930s, and received permission to build a Jedi Temple in the nation.

In the mid-2040s, Puffle'and began to build and train a space fleet of their own, which took part in a battle against Snowzerland to aid the Hochstadt Gang. Not too long after, Puffle'and would lose control of its colonies in the Yowien Sea to rebellion, and would later recognize their independence after deliberations in the UAN and with Jedi peacekeepers.

Cities and provinces[edit]

Similar to the USA's states, Puffle'and is separated into provinces. The capital, Snowdon, is also its own province.


  • Devin - Located on a large, beach island not to far off the mainland shore, it is a popular holiday resort. The island's economy heavily relies on tourism.
  • Eastex - Eastex is north of the River Times.
  • Fantem
  • Grenoukon - It was the first province created in the UK. It consists of very old, small villages and towns as well as several wheat farms.
  • Kant - Kant has some of the biggest sunshine, and it's located south of the River Times. It is also province with an extremely low penguin population.
  • Maizewalle - This is a province, where there are Puffles that speaks the ancient language of Cornish and the major navy bases reside. Maizewalle is well known for being the province on the island's peninsula, and it also consists of a small High Penguin minority that also speaks Cornish as their official language, which they learned from the puffles.
  • Middleaka - It is a small province, in the middle part of the country where there a lot of farms that grow a lot of grain and fruits.
  • Orcas - An ancient province once it's own country, Orcas is famous for speaking Welsh and home to many Orcas, which is one good reason why Penguins don't live there. Orcas is the only province with population of zero penguins. Orcas originally consisted of several principalities, or countries ruled by princes. In the early 1200's a prince named Leewhalen the Epic got the other principalities to become one country. However they didn't always cooperate, and in the 1280's Orcas lost it's independence. This happened because they got into a war with Angleland, in which Leewhalen's grandson was killed, and then his brother Tafyrdd ap Gruvwydd became prince. He was only prince for 10 months, and then he got killed too. Some people in this province want independence, in fact, there's a political party called Plaid Cyrmrau (Cyrmrau is Orca's Welsh name) that wants that.
  • Noterbury - Noterbury is one of the most famous provinces. Not only home to the Saint Tommy Bucket Telenance, but also the Noterbury Tales took place here! Penguins and other creatures often visit the Telenance as pilgrims. The capital is Noterbury. Noterbury has an equal amount of penguins and puffles living in the province.
The Scotzeh Union Flag
  • Scotzeh - Home of the so called "Scotzies", the puffles who lived in this region wore funny green hats and checkered skirts, but it is now only used for traditional ceremonies. Small penguin populations live here, but most of them live in the highlands in clans. Most of these penguins who live here were High Penguins from modern day Freezeland that escaped to the island during Khanzem. They easily blend in with the culture though, and also have learned to speak Scottish as their official language.
  • Snowdon - The Capital is itself a province. It is directly governed by His Highness and his appointed ministers.
  • Snowerset - A very rural county that is home to a lot of Agriculture. It is known for it's cheeses, and it is also the homeland where Cheddar Cheese was invented, which is the most common and Popular type of Cheese in Antarctica today. There are also Apple Cider and Cream Soda Root farms as well. The county is home to both Penguins and Puffles, with a slightly larger Puffle majority.
  • Westex - Westex is a region in the south of the nation. Westex is the only province in the nation with an all penguin population. Although no puffles do not live here, many puffles continue to visit the area and come to trade and work in the province.

Overseas Territories[edit]

Most of Puffle'and's overseas territories are called colonies. Some of the larger colonies are semi-autonomous and are called "Crown Colonies" signifying their size and importance. The largest colonies that have autonomy and some independence are called "Commonwealths", and have been since the fall of Colonial Antarctica.

Name Title Gained/Founded Capital Location Map Notes
Austiceia Austiceiaflag.png Commonwealth 1788 Canborough Asiapelago
Founded as a penal colony, Austiceia later became one of Puffle'and's most powerful colonies. It is considered on the same level as Calada in terms of independence.
Bakunyumoria Flag of Bakunyumoria.png Crown Colony 1987 Cantershire NE of Polaris
Map of Bakunyumoria1.png
Taken from Frankterre in the late 1600s, and under Puffish control until it declared independence during the Khanzem War.
Calada Flag of Calada.png Commonwealth 1700s Odeawa NE of the Freezelandian Ocean Territories
Map of Calada.png
Unified through wars in the 1800s, Calada had other names in the past such as Province of Calada. Given more independence in 1982, it is considered to be the most independent colony.
Puffica Puffica flag.png Colonies Late 1600s Georgetown
Puffica Map.png
Actually 12 separate colonies, but often referred to as a single entity, such as the unofficial "Crown Colony of Puffica". Though each colony has its own capital, the city of Georgetown was built by the Puffish as a neutral capital to easily govern all of them.
Puffish Guina Flag of Puffish Guyana.png Colony Latin Antarctica
Puffish Yow Colony 2013 Palm Town Yowien Sea
Puffish Quarter shown in green.
Puffish Yow consists of the Puffish Quarter of Yow Island and F Island.
Puffle Island Dependency 2008 Puffle Town Off the coast of Trans-Antarctica Founded by the Anglish in the 1670s, and ceded to the USA in 2000 after the Epic Revolution.
South Shetland Islands Colony 2011 Off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula

Former Territories[edit]

Organized by the date they were lost by the Anglish/Scotzies/Puffish.

Name Title Capital Location Gained Lost Reasons of Loss/Notes
Puffish Tropicalis Colony Newcast Tropicalis 1540 1709 Purchased by Sphenisdean Empire.
Furshire Crown Colony 1578 1712 Anglish Crown Colony that was overthrown in the Furshirian War of Independence.
Willow Island Colony New Eastex Between the Yowien Sea and Ninja Archipelago 1847 1880 Third most short-lived colony; was close to becoming Crown Colony due to its good farming soil, abundance of timber and minerals, just before a civil resistance led by a turncoat succeeded.
TerraMount Crown Colony Mount Terra UnitedTerra 1644 1906 Purchased by the High Penguin Confederacy.
Vailand VailandPuffish.png Colony Komo West of the Yowien Sea 1901 1915 Overthrown by natives.
Malé States Crown Colony Asiapelago 1786 1963
Razorbeak Island Colony Razorbeak City Off the coast of the Terra Federation 1930 1970
Buhu Isle Colony North of the Ninja Archipelago 1783 1990 Abandoned to shift focus to Colonial Antarctica.
Honk Gong Honk Gong colonial flag.png Colony Honk Gong Zhou 1841 1997
Westion Colony New Westion Sub-Antarctic Sea 1920 2000
Colonial Antarctica ColonialAntarcticaFlag.png Crown Colony N/A Entire Antarctic continent 1990 2000 Largest and strongest Puffish colony. Consisted of many smaller colonies inside it, split among penguin species. The name was also occasionally used to refer to other nearby colonies such as Ross Island and Acadia. A portion split off to become Freezeland before the Antarctic Revolution ended.
Province of Acadia ProvinceofAcadiaFlag.png Colony Acadia Mostly Acadia island 1610 2000 Declared independence during the Acadian Revolution.
Peachia Colony Arctica On Puffica island 1654 2000 Became a territory of the USA.
Life Island Oldlifeislandflag.png Colony Hudson Sub-Antarctic Sea 1888 2000 Claimed by the USA.
Ross Island DependencyofRossIslandFlag.png Dependency AdelVille Sub-Antarctic Sea 1993 2000 Joined the Antarctic Revolution.


The puffles have chosen Consitutional monarchy as their government. The king has the biggest power in the country. He's the Head of State. There is a parliament, divided into the House of Commons, which has elected members and the House of Lords, which contains puffles pointed by the King, which rule under him. The parliament is the Legislature. They don't rule Puffle'and but they deal with things like relations with other nations, monitor the tax rate and other things. They also create the law. Of course, if they want to do something, like assign governorship to Puffles. The Puffle in charge of Parliament is the Prime Minister, who's voted for by the citizens. The parties name, are the same, as their province. Currently, Madena Party is leading the country. The current Prime Minister is Gorlen Blue. The government is very stable, with the main power held by the King. Currently, King Swiss Ninja is the most important penguin in this country. The Parliament consists of 350 puffles and 250 penguins, 400 in the House of Commons and 200 in the House of Lords, each from different province. The amount of Members of Parliament (MP for short) from these provinces depends on this, about how many puffles live in the province.


King Manley II, the former King of Puffle'and
Swiss Ninja Hochstadt, the current King of Puffle'and

The Monarchy is the main power in Puffle'and, who's in charge. They are separated from the Parliment. The Monarchy is the Head of State. Puffle'and, dealing who make the decisions. The King is able to appoint Puffles to the House of Lords, a branch in the Parliament which is the Upper House compared to the House of Commons, who are elected, and are the Lower House If the King dies, the eldest son becomes the new King. However, because Puffle'and's previous ruler, King Manley II passed away without children, the parliament voted to give Swiss Ninja the crown after receiving several threats of invasion. Despite being called a Kaiser in the German States, Swiss Ninja is known as the King of Puffle'and or Grand Permatan, depending if you are a puffle or penguin, and King or Emperor of "many other places". So, Swiss Ninja is viewed as the King of Puffle'and/Permatan, King or Emperor of Many Other Places and Kaiser of Snowzerland.


Unlike the Monarchy, the Parliament does not rule the country but does deal with things like governing, land rights, making the law, debates and pretty much the same things that the South Pole Council does. It's divided into the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The Parliament is the Legislature.

The most powerful is the House of Commons, since the House of Lords mainly provides advise to the King and works more closer then the House of Commons. To join the House of Commons, on must be voted in. Once you've been voted in, if you were ever, you'll become a MP (Member of Parliament.) Later, you can become a governor or a mayor if you stay in the House of Commons for a amount of time. Another thing you want know that the PM (Prime Minister) is always from the House of Commons. The House of Commons is the Lower House.

The House of Lords is the least powerful but important to the King. Unlike the House of Commons, they provide advise to the King, helping him with his choices, and they're also the Upper House. They follow the Kings orders, along with the Prime Minister's. To join, one must be appointed by the King.

The Prime Minister is always from the House of Commons. He controls both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, though the House of Lords mainly follows the Kings orders. Pretty much, the Prime Minister is in charge of the Parliament, and he must attend all Parliament meetings and I mean all of them, even the ones in the House of Lords. If one House thinks that there should be a now law or something, they will discuss it. If it passes, and it was submitted by the House of Lords, it goes to the King, who decides whether it should pass or not. If it was submitted by the House of Commons, then it goes up to the House of Lords, who debate about it, and decide whether it should go up to the King. If idea fails, it won't be laid down as law.


Politics in Puffle'and started to make sense, when contact with the USA was established. A representative had to be chosen to travel frequently to the USA. There was a very big conflict, who should it be? Finally, it was decided, the current King should do the work. He meets with the President of the USA to talk about problems in their countries, and helping itself solving them. This closed up both countries. But even after all that, not many penguins are allowed to legally live in Puffle'and. Puffles have free access to the country, and Puffle'and inhabitants have free access to the USA, and its' Free republics, too. But some puffles, like Mabel aren't allowed to live legally in some of Puffle'and's provinces.


In Puffle'and, the laws are similar to the USA law. Most laws are the same. But for example, there is a new decision, left to vote in every province. Each one can use this law differently. The law is, can Mabel be allowed to travel to this country? This time, all provinces answered "No", but if some of them did vote "Yes", then Mabel would be allowed to enter this province freely, and travel there without problems with law. Most votings are done like that. And this is the major difference between law in the USA, and law in Puffle'and.

Foreign relations[edit]

Italics indicates a territory or colony.

  • AcadiaFlag.png Acadia - Great. Acadia adopted some of Puffle'and's culture from being a colony for so long, and the two have been trading partners since becoming friendly after they fought together in the War of 2002. Puffish citizens think Acadia is dumb for voluntarily cancelling Governance service to join the terrible Telenacleship of Snowzerland.
  • Flag of Calada.png Calada - Fair. Despite being Calada's colonial master, in recent years they have hinted at wanting more autonomy or outright independence, especially since Swiss Ninja became King. They are also known to be harboring the former royal family of Puffle'and to keep them hidden from Swiss Ninja.
  • Flag of Castilla.png Castilla - Bad. - The two nations have been rivals for centuries, since they both began colonizing. It continues to this day, as Swiss Ninja rule Puffle'and, and Castilla is a staunch Swiss opposer.
  • Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles - Good. The Culldrome Isles is one of Puffle'and's trading partners outside of the AU, with the Puffish frequently importing O-Berries.
  • East Pengolia image flag.png East Pengolia - Bad. Puffle'and doesn't like East Pengolia's socialist inspired government or their hostile attitude towards other nations in the past.
  • FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre - Poor. For centuries, Frankterre and Puffle'and have been cultural rivals, and they still are. They fought during the Epic Revolution, and while they have been allies on rare occasions, their relations still remain poor. Most Puffish penguins and puffles say that the Frankterrans are cowards that give up in every war.
  • Freezelandflag.jpg Freezeland - Fair. Though the Puffish and Freezelandians were once allies after the latter became independent, relations deteriorated in 2010 after Swiss Ninja and Snowzerland attacked Freezeland.
  • ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island - Fair. Shops keeps its distance from Puffle'and due to Swiss ruling Puffle'and, instead opting for closer relations with the Commonwealths of Calada and Austiceia.
  • Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland - Good. Though many citizens are distrustful of Snowzerland and their own King, Swiss Ninja, the two nations have very good relations.
  • USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica - Good. Through Swiss Ninja, the two nations had their first friendly diplomatic talks ever. They maintain friendly relations, though the USA is still distrustful of Swiss Ninja.



The official flag.

The Flag of Puffle'and, or, in this case, more accurately Grand Permatan, symbolizes the countries that fused together to create the island itself. The orange cross symbolizes the region of Angleland, as the capital region of the UK. The X in the flag represents the region of Scotzeh. The green places represent other provinces and colonies. Each province edited the flag in to its' own colours.


The country has officially been the "United Kingdom of Puffle'and" for hundreds of years, however, until recently, many penguins simply called it "Grand Permatan", which is actually the name of the island it's on. In recent times, penguins and puffles alike are more often referring to it as "Puffle'and", or the "UK", instead of "Permatan".


A poll in the community was made, and the question was: "How many kilometers do you travel everyday?". 52.5% answered "1 to 5". So the puffles doesn't need lots of roads, as they usually, walk, or use their Puffle-bikes. But transport in Puffle'and consists of:

  • 1 to 5 km

By bikes, or just simply walking. Eventually, if you are lazy, you can take a bus.

  • 6 to 60 km

If on a trip, than use a bike. If on a journey, use a train, a bus, or a Car or a Puffle Car.

Puffles and Penguins from Puffle'and don't like travelling in car very much, so they don't usually travel further than 60 km. On the other hand, Puffle'and has a good train system that connects all major cities with each other.


A puffle fighting for the Puffish Armed Forces. A majority of the soldiers serving in the Puffish Armed Forces are Puffles.

Puffle'and's military has one of the top militaries in Antarctica along with the USA, Castillan, and Snoss armies. They are masters at respectively, sea, land and air and have been renowned for their discipline and diligence. Soldiers can't be lazy in this army or else they will get kicked out or get beaten up, either way, all soldiers in the military are considered by the citizens to be honorable for serving their country. The Puffish Armed Forces, which has around 576,000 active members, has served in countless wars across Antarctica, especially in the colonies.


Puffle'and contacted the Governance three years after it was founded to start getting electricity in the nation. Their provider remained the Governance until 2010, even though the bills had risen significantly in 1956. After Swiss Ninja founded the Telenacleship of Snowzerland, he forced Puffle'and to cancel their service with the Governance and use Snoss power instead by decreeing that Governance users would be taxed significantly more, and proposed the ToS as a cheaper alternative. Many were displeased with this decision, so Swiss made the Puffish providers take up different names such as the Free Telenacle of Puffle'land and the Telenacle of Scotzeh. Years later, they were all merged into the Telenacle of Puffle'and, which is still a division of of the ToS.

A majority of Puffish citizens use the Snoss-originating providers, and as a result they have very inconsistent power, with power going off at random times across the nation, often confusing tourists, and when the power is on it isn't very good. In addition, power turns off nation-wide every day when citizens are using it too much, such as at "Tea Time", when everyone gets home after work and want to make a cup of tea. To try to prevent this, some provinces and cities have issued citizens time cards telling them when they can use electricity during busy hours, split into shifts. The terrible source of power in Puffle'and has also caused many who once relied on it to abandon their old lifestyle, getting rid of common household appliances such as clothes washers and dryers (for penguins), and it is a common sight to see police officers in busy street intersections in case the traffic lights go out. Perhaps the only country with a worse power situation is Duck Island, and although Snowzerland also has bad power, their population isn't as large as Puffle'and's, so they don't have to worry about power spikes. Acadia also has unreliable and bad service, but arguments exist about who has worse service with no clear winner, though in the end they both lose.

Despite Swiss Ninja's efforts, the Governance is still a provider in Puffle'and, and can mostly be seen in hospitals and rich or necessary places for good power, since the Puffish make Governance-users pay significantly higher taxes at the King's command.



The cuisine of Puffle'and was heavily influenced by their former colonies. Tea has always been a popular drink that was imported from one of their colonies, and so was Sugar, which was also grown in another colony. Puffish traditional food usually contains fresh fish, potatoes, and sometimes bread. Famous dishes include Fish and Chips and Sunday Roast. Scotzeh is famed for it's haggis, a mullet's heart, liver, and gills minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and stock, which is ONLY eaten by the Penguin inhabitants. Haggis made by a Puffle would replace the mullet's heart, liver, and gills with O-Berries. For dessert, the Puffish enjoy eating pudding, scones, and any other kind of pastry, usually with tea. Because Puffle'and gets immigrants from around the Antarctic, many Puffish enjoy trying exotic foods from places like Japaland, Castilla, Liguria, Caltexico, and especially the USA.


A majority of Puffish citizens are sports fans of some kind. A great many are fans of Soccer, known in Puffle'and as Football or occasionally Puffball. Many small teams and leagues are set up throughout Puffle'and and its territories. The Puffish are also fans of rugby and other unique sports. The Olympics have also been hosted in Puffle'and many times, the latest being the 2012 Summer Olympics in Snowdon.

Inhabitants/Notable Citizens[edit]




  • This is a parody of the the real United Kingdom/Great Britain.
    • The name "Grand Permatan" specifically, is a play on the name "Great Britain".
  • It is rumored that before 500 BC, Puffle'and was inhabited by Giant Puffles that were eventually defeated by the new settlers. However, there has been no proof of this other than myths and legends.

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