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Suisho "Gravity" Karu

Official Confederate Portrait, c. 2014
Born 水晶 狩る
c. 1840s
Ninjiana Isles
Died May 17, 2014
Shadow City, Skulldrome Isles
Gender Male
Nationality Skulldrom
Other names Gravity
Occupation Soldier
Ninja Master
Known for Leader of the Porcyal Order, the Skulldrome Isles and the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome
Children None
Parents Unknown

Suisho "Gravity" Karu (水晶 狩る) was an evil and mysterious ninja from the Skulldrome Isles. A master at Card-Jitsu, sword-fighting and Porcyal usage, Gravity possessed massive power, capable of near-immortality and immense feats of strength. Gravity was a ruthless and feared leader who was against the Culldrome Isles and its founder, Mark the Warrior. As one of the most influential creatures in Culldrom history, he has played an important role in several significant events, including the Porcyal War and The Epic Adelie Story.


Early Days[edit]

Suisho Karu was born some time in the 1840s in the Ninjiana Isles, now known as the Skulldrome Isles. Not much is known about Suisho's past, as he had either kept it secret and removed any trace of his past. It is known that Suisho became a highly skilled Ninja and was deployed to the Culldrome mainland in 1862 to help invade the newly founded country. In 1863, he was deployed to Fort Knashram in the Treshurr Isles. Here, he served as a high guard to the Fort's leader and was present when Mark the Warrior staged a prisoner breakout and subsequent raid. Gravity escaped to Culldrome City where he underwent training on Porcyal usage. There he honed his skills and began to rise above the ranks.

Having proven himself worthy, Suisho was entrusted the use of his very own Porcyal and offered a high ranking position as the leader of Coretier, a fortress west of the city. However, with this power, he went rouge destroying a portion of the city in the process. Leaving the military behind to pursue his own interests, Suisho erased his past and took upon the alias Gravity as he preferred to temporarily shift Gravity with Porcyals to cause destruction. Gravity absorbed the Porcyal, giving him immortality and ultimate power.

Porcyal Order[edit]

In 1870, Gravity founded the Porcyal Order, a military order separate from the conventional Skulldrom military, which aimed at overthrowing the Culldrom regime.

In 1890, when Mark the Warrior liberated the capital from Ninja rule, Gravity found himself battling in the city before fleeing as Culldrome slowly took over Skulldrome.


Porcyal War Era[edit]

Insignia of the Rocket Squad

As he underwent training, Gravity and a hand full of other trainees were picked out from their squadrons and were put together into a new squadron, named Rocket Squadron. Rocket Squadron was a secret group of penguin spies that would spy on the military movements of Culldrome's Army. In April 1991, the Rocket Squadron was assigned their first task. The task was to infiltrate an enemy patrol ship and to steal vital information about Porcyals.

The squadron, consisting of 7 penguins, posed as penguins who were lost at sea. They were then rescued by the Culldrome Navy. Soon after, the naval morse code (radio was not in wide use then, even in the navy) communication room intercepted an enemy transmission stating that the penguins on board were enemy ninjas. The officers on board rushed towards their room to find 6 penguins inside. They were all captured, but Gravity was lurking about the ship. Penguins were dispatched to search for Gravity, but to no avail.

Gravity soon found out about his situation and sneaked into the air vents. Gravity then proceeded to release a Ditto Gas bomb, stunning the guards outside the locked room with the Rocket Squad in it. Gravity rushed to free his fellow allies and rushed out onto the deck. It was night and foggy, so sailors were outside patrolling the area and looking out for ice-bergs.

The Rocket Squadron made their way to a boat when the alarm suddenly went off. Chaos was abound the ship and in the confusion, Gravity and his fellow allies managed to reach a boat and set off. Gravity, having saved them, was commended and received a medal to commemorate his service. Gravity was also promoted to the leader of the Rocket Squad and the secret intelligence agency in Skulldrome.

When war broke out, Gravity was responsible for directing and commanding spies to go around Culldrome. It was a hard job, and due to his status, Gravity was placed on the "Top Ten Wanted List" of the Culldrome Army. Gravity was often hidden in the shadows, but after an assassination attempt, he trained to become a ninja, like the majority of citizens in the Skulldrome Isles.

Gravity's successes in leading spies earned him many medals. He became famous everywhere and was known as a "hero". However, things turned towards the end of the war.

Second Exile[edit]

Gravity after the Porcyal War.

It was about a week to the end of the Porcyal War, but at the time it would have seemed that the war would end the next day. The Skulldrome Army was nearing defeat and Gravity was loosing his mind as the enemy inched towards the capital. His office had been bombed in an air raid, effectively disbanding all of the spies and the Rocket Squad.

A few days later, Gravity was caught up in a skirmish near a weapons manufacturing facility. As he went no where without security guards and a double near him, they too got involved in the fighting. The enemy was too strong and deleted some of his guards and his double. Seeing this as a new opportunity, Gravity fled the scene and went into hiding. Everyone thought that Gravity was defeated, whereas his double was.

Soon, the war was over and for the next few years, Gravity spent his days in an abandoned warehouse located on in the wilderness area of Skulldrome. There he hid in the shadows away from everyone.

Project Shadow[edit]

2012 was the 10th anniversary of the Porcyal War starting. Gravity saw an opportunity to attack again and began preparations. He gathered a group of ninjas and many weapons and attacked with force. Along with the ninjas, Swiss Ninja and Chub 667X all join forces to try and take over Culldrome City. Using a giant flying boat as their base, Gravity rains destruction onto the city below. However, Chub, Buhc and Sonic, three agents, successfully foil Gravity's plan as he is thrown out into the ocean and watches as his ship is destroyed. Now more angrier than ever, he plots to attack again.

In 2014, after lying low for over a year, he gets appointed by Chairman Dux after founding the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome. Gravity was appointed as the new country's Supreme General, in charge of the whole Confederate military. The Culldrome Isles then plunge into a civil war. After several victories and losses, the Confederacy enacted a ceasefire, after having its entire military destroyed. Gravity continued to serve as the Supreme General, and became good friends of Dux.


Gravity was a top spy during the Porcyal War. He also acted as an important figure in the military, as he co-ordinated and ordered spies around. He was in charge of gathering intelligence and sharing them with military divisions. Gravity was also a Ninja who had mastered the elements. He could fight well in combat, whether or not he was armed or unarmed.

After the Porcyal War, Gravity went into hiding, and built a small resistance army from the ground up. Soon he had formed a large army of ninjas. Their goal was simple: to attack the Culldrome Isles (again) and to take over. Gravity teamed up with Swiss Ninja and Chub 667X during the Nightmare of Culldrome, in which Gravity attempted to invade the isles. The invasion broke many treaties that were signed to stop the ninjas attacking Culldrome.

Today, Gravity is a rouge spy; he is no longer employed by the Skulldrom Military, as it was disbanded in 1996. He commands a small army of ninjas and leads them in battle.


Gravity wears the standard ninja suit, complete with a black belt and ninja mask. On his belt, is a small Porcyal, from which he can enhance his Card-Jitsu powers with. Gravity also wears a white cape, distinguishing him from any other ninja. Gravity also sometimes carries around a staff. The staff has a Porcyal in it and can be used to attack others or control others.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]


Gravity is perhaps the most experienced Porcyal user and is capable of harnessing and controlling its power. He utilises the power using two external Porcyals; one in a glass case on his belt and one built into his staff. As he does not 'absorb' the Porcyal, Gravity does not enter an unstable state of 'pure power' and is capable of using it whenever needed. With his Porcyal skills, Gravity is capable of having near-immortality and able to harness its strength.

Gravity is also an experienced fighter. He has trained in the art of the Ninja and is'very experienced at Card-Jitsu and Porcyal warfare. He is also highly skilled in conventional sword fighting. To aid him, Gravity uses power from his Porcyals to be able to move at a swift pace and avoid being hit in a fight. In a duel, he is also able to quickly detect incoming threats by expanding his vision.

Gravity has excellent co-ordination and planning skills. As a commander, he can assess a situation from a far and decide which course of action to take. This skill has driven him and the spies that he commanded out of some sticky situations. Gravity also has very good problem solving and thinking skills which also assist.


Gravity has been known to have a quick temper and can get stressed easily. When he gets angry, he releases his fury and anger on his lower ranking troops and soldiers. When he gets really angry, Gravity is known to go into a bad rage. This could potentially expose Gravity's and his troops' position. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Gravity's troops quite often make him angry. This is why Gravity does not go on high risk missions and is seldom found on the battlefield.

Gravity's old age have also impaired him. Although capable of theoretically living forever, he has still aged somewhat. In his later years, Gravity was not as swift as he was in the early era of Culldrome. In addition, his senses and overall wellbeing had been impacted by this.


  • Gravity does not have a last name.
  • He has red eyes.
    • Many have been known to fear Gravity because of this.

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