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Greasy Spoon is a longstanding and adored musical group that has produced certified gold, platinum, and even diamond rated songs that have defined eras and enshrined characters both obscure and commonplace. Their first single was This Wiki's Not the Same Without You, which is still considered one of their best.


Overview and origins[edit]

Greasy Spoon was formed sometime before Februrary 2009 (the date of their first song) by a gang of ragtag penguins in the Residential Servers of Club Penguin. The group consists of ten members, though the band usually utilizes only one or two singers, inviting guests and cameos to accompany them. Their unique style and riding on the coattails of others in turn boosted their own fame.

Despite being formed by CP residents, the band never actually left their initial garage and public parks until they left the island. This was becausse, at the time, the Penguin Band held a general monopoly over the island. EBUL had long allowed them to be the only entertainment in CP parties.

The rise of Cadence and the Music Jam festivals finally broke the monopoly, but Greasy Spoon wasn't able to reap the initial benefits of one of the biggest cultural hubs of the USA.

Greasy Spoon's first actual gig was in an old diner in Tierra del Fuego. The Habbit penguins had overthrown Gaston and sought some cheap entertainment and local talent. They posted flyers in Club Penguin and across the coastal mainlands, and the band jumped on the offer.

Tierra del Fuego[edit]

They performed covers of other albums and won the approval of the Habbits.
It was on Tierra del Fuego, though, that history was made, when a little Habit, asking for an autograph, suggested that they pen their own music based on their own knowledge.

It was so simple! The band hadn't thought of that. It was fortunate, then, that several of the band members were able to break the Fourth Wall, because they had a lot more subjects to sing on that subject.
Still, their abilities were quite limited (having low levels like that of TSP or the common penguin that "hears voices").

This Wiki's Not the Same Without You[edit]

One of the band members, a versatile player of stringed instruments, was a Clubb Phengin Weekee editor at a time of crisis in the institution. Members, famous and otherwise, were quitting left and right, and TurtleShroom's own political machine and entrenched dictatorship were crumbling under popular support (though there was no culmination until July 3rd of that year).

Indeed, the CPW user among the band was a Turtlenator. He ached over the departure of so many users and Stowaways, and so, he suggested and wrote the first original song among them: This Wiki's Not the Same Without You. The song couldn't have been better timed. The song was a simple duet between the lead singer and the member who ended up being the band's recordkeeper, treasurer, and overall manager of the budget.

The cheesy simplicity, and yet touching beauty, of the song resonated the hearts of millions, and, for a short time, the one-hit-wonder topped the charts of every major musical analyst in Antartica.

Don't Go Hack CP[edit]

The advent of major hacking programs and villanious methods of subverting the Moderators, and the actual thievery of EBUL products and Membership theft, brought Greasy Spoon to a short spurt of activism.

Using the success of the unorthodox manners of their last hit, they convened and wrote the next song, this time produced by the choral singer of the group, who harmonized with the main or guest singers in most every future album.

Alongside the Dorkugese drummer, the choir boy penned Don't Go Hack CP.

The activist song was very popular for hardcore authortarianists like TurtleShroom, as well as the penguins that made it rich off of, well, not hacking CP. EBUL officially sponsored the song and paid immense endorsements to the Greasy Spoon for usage in propaganda commercials which were routinely- and still are -broadcasted on RCP and CCP Servers.

The song was only popular for three weeks, though, because a lot of its base was thwarted when an even greater celebrity dissed the entire notion:

How poetic. It makes me feel sad, but then I go and hack CP, then I'm happy again.

This simple, comedically snarky remark sparked a real debate about the power and wealth of EBUL. They had more than enough money, even with the leakage they endured (and this was before the DISNEY Act was passed). Hacking returned as a popular pasttime shortly after, its usage not even dented, thanks to Bugzy's endorsement.

Project Tern Now[edit]

Like most bands that peaked to popularity and vanished, Greasy Spoon too fell off the radar by the end of 2009, and were presumed vanished. They became the subject of "Where Are They Now" documentaries and retained a large fan base.

It was about this time that the Board and Bureau of Fiction became fed up with Holy Wikia (which had long shed its original, "Holy" moniker) and ordered a total relocation of the entire universe to an independent space that had been created from scratch in a Temporal Pocket by BOF tech wizards.

The Fourth Wall breakers of the bunch caught wind of this and invoked the popular support of the Clubb Phengin Weekee rallying against its own Wikian masters.

Project Tern Now was an enthusiastic rock song urging the full support of Project Tern and the immediate action of the process. It was a smash hit and a shocking comeback for Greasy Spoon, and like its past songs, the song hit the top of the charts, where it stayed.

The Captain Jack Penguin Rap of Glory[edit]

Greasy Spoon's next song was a tribute to the legendary, but often underrated, Captain Jack Penguin. It was released in 2011, having been composed nearly a year earlier, and was a smash hit.

Captain Jack Penguin himself heartily commended the song, but he emphasized that his hat, Jasmine, was the real critic. (She apparently loved it.)


Greasy Spoon consists of ten penguins, a few being immigrants from another country into Club Penguin, but most of them being native residents. Eight of them are Members of EBUL (and remain so).

Krustypeng (treasurer)[edit]

Krustypeng, usually addressed as "Krusty", is a tall, somewhat thin red Adelie penguin that always dresses in a brown suit and pince-nez glasses. He is a financial genuis and by far the oldest member of the teen group, old enough to be their father.

Krusty's only actual musical role in Greasy Spoon was the baritone half of the duet in the original This Wiki's Not the Same Without You.

He was hatched in Polaris, but his family departed the city because they didn't want their chick being corrupted by the brutally unethical city. (Even so, he exhibits the unmistakable thirst for cash and the stingey penny-pinching, highly questionable, very dubious actions that characterize and forever define "The Polarian Way".)

He is considered a far friendlier, humble version of Abel von Injoface, but while he is certainly wealthy and very focused and oriented to making and managing money, he is not nearly as wealthy. Yet, his refusal to let go of the Greasy Spoon wealth has resulted in the band taking a humble approach to music. They travel in a rented car and only use upkeep money to repair their equipment. Despite selling out to tens of thousands of seats in mega-stadiums and concert grounds, they still use the same instruments they owned when they played in their garage!

Timothy Little (backup singer/harmonizer)[edit]

Timothy Little, normally just called "Little Timmy", is a green Little Penguin with a big imagination and the occasional selfish streak. He is most recognized because he always wears pink, from his shirt to the baseball cap on his head. He is one of the few penguins with teeth, which are manifested by giant, goofy beaver teeth not unlike Naomi or Robert O'Vian. He is the backup singer for most every Greasy Spoon song, though he is not the "choir boy" mentioned in Don't Go Hack CP. (He is, however, said penguin's best friend.)

He is the youngest member of Greasy Spoon and provides a support role of public relations and meeting with fans. Though selfish, he is still a very kind penguin at heart and connects readily with fans of all stripes.

Jose44 (choral/harmonizer)[edit]

Jose44 is the "choir boy" and an immigrant from Maverick. He speaks with a heavy Hispanic accent, but sings beautifully. His out-of-touch style in a pop band makes him a favorite among older and more conservative fans of Greasy Spoon. be continued..........