Great Darktonian Pie War: The Game

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Great Darktonian Pie War: The Game
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Inspiration(s) Who inspired this game? What did the developers think which made the game possible?
Developer Bommy Games
Publisher Ack! Entertainment
Release dates
Release in the USA
Q3 2010
Release in the UTR
Q3 2010
Release in Rest of Antarctica
Q4 2010 (MAI, Warmslates and Flystarland annouced to be Q3 2010)
Additional info
Genre What type of game is it? Action? Platform?
Platform This game could be on which game console?

Great Darktonian Pie War: The Game is an upcoming fighting game for Vii based on the Great Darktonian Pie War. It is currently in production. It was made by Bommy Games, who defected to the side of good after they realised Darktan was going to get them kicked.


In the game you choose to take sides with either Darktan, Professor Shroomsky, or Triskelle. Each side has different abilities and characters. The game follows the story's plot for the most part, but you can change it by joining the evil side or by losing. However, the game is not completely accurate because the Amulets work and Shroomsky does not wear a crown. Characters that do not actually fight in the war appear in the game, such as Mabel and Het1692.


Shroomsky's Army[edit]

Character Level Weapon or Pie Availability
Professor Shroomsky 10 Banana Cream Pie, Banana Peals Unlocked after you beat the first level
Rockhopper 5 Boisonberry Cannon Start
G 2 Pie Flinger 3000 Start
Explorer 767 5 Spade, Waffles, Apple Pie Start
Barkjon 7 Drumsticks, Cherry Pie, Pancakes Unlockable
Fred 676 3.14159 Tangent, a very sharp Hypotenuse, Pi Pie Unlockable after second level
Tails6000 8 Hot Sauce Machine Gun, Slingshot, Bannana Cream Pie Unlocked level six
Luce 10 Light Amulet, Any type of Pie Only fights in the Maledict boss level
Billy Mays 7 OxiPie, Kaboom! Unlockable
Jerk Penguins 2 Rap, dissing, Jo Momma jokes, any pie Yo Momma Made Start
Speeddasher 4 Ninja skillz, OxiPie Start
Melvin Turtleheimer 9 Any type of pie, Turtleshell defence Start
Kwiksilver 8 OxiPie, Banana Blaster, Double Throw Unlocked Level six
Flystar55555 8 Fireballs, Telekinesis, Heat Vision Unlocked level 5
Explorer Pie Tank 9 Fireballs, Strong Pie,Mega Pie Punch Only fights in Robo-Gary and Maledict boss levels
Sentinel 9 Sentinel Cannons, Sentinel Energy Beam, Speedy Pie Throw, Sentinel Finale Kick Unlocked level seven
DaiBouken 9 Adventure Drive, X-Clash, Drill, Shovel, Mixer, Crane, All Pies Only fights in Maledict boss level
DaiTanken 9 Adventure DualDrive, Adventure Drive, X-Clash, Drill, Shovel, Mixer Pie(wait, WHAT THE HECK?!) Only fights in Maledict boss level
Ultra Leon 9 Turbo Slash, Cork Screw, Leon Fire, Pie Explosion, Atomic Apples Only fights in Metal Explorer and Maledict boss levels
Tobot X 8 Green Energy Cannon, Power Shield, Smash Punch,High Pie Slam, Banana Cannon Only fights in Magma Puffle and Maledict boss levels
Tobot Y 8 Twin Laser Guns, Sonic Kick, Energy Turbo, Run n' Throw, Airbag Only fights in Magma Puffle and Maledict boss levels
Tobot Z 8 Spider Gun, Laser Net, Spider, High Jump, Banana Gun, Laser Pie(wha- WHAT?!?) Only fights in Magma Puffle and Maledict boss levels
Tobot Titan 9 Green Energy Cannon, Airbag, Banana Cannon, Twin Laser Guns, Titan Scan, Storm Spin, Smash Punch, Sonic Kick, High Pie Slam, Run n' Throw, Soul Energy Storm Only fights in Magma Puffle and Maledict boss levels
Tobot Tritan 9 Super Punch, Super Kick, Super Jump, Super Spider Gun, Super Banana Gun, Thunder Power, Super Drop, Super Dash, Super Combo, High Pie Slam, Run n' Throw, Laser Pie, Pie Jet Only fights in Magma Puffle and Maledict boss levels
Star Kirby12 7 Mike Sword, Spiral Drill, Jet Pack, Skate Dash, Spirit of Light, All Pies Start
Richperson 5 RocketEraser, Sunglass Beams Unlocked level eight
Lazor 9 Water Hose, Flamethrower, Gun, Shoulder Cannon, Roller Skates, Ice Skates, Hidden Blade, Jets, Hammer, Rocket Launcher, Peanut Butter Shooter Unlocked level eight

High Penguin Remnant[edit]

Character Level Weapon Availability
Triskelle 10 Elemental Amulets, Silver Sword Start
Ulmos 8 Silver sword. Unlockable
Vesper 7 Night's Curse, Dark Beauty, Sorrow of the Shadow Start
Finwë 9 Light burst, Fading of the firstborn, Blinding light Unlocked before Maledict fight

Main Enemies[edit]

Character Strength Weapon or Pie
Darktan High The Shadow Amulet
Metal Explorer Average Stolen Chaos Emerald, and Pie
Magma Puffle Extreme Magma
Herbert Horror High Pie
WitchyPenguin Average Broomstick
Robo-Gary Average Pie
Maledict Extremely Extreme Itself


  • The game is unknown if it will be released in the USA or Dorkugal.
  • It is one of the first Free Rep Games.
  • It is rated 7+ by the PFGI for mild violent humour.

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