Eastshield Great Forest

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The Great Forest
Westshield map.png
A map of West Eastshield
Key details
Location Northwest Eastshield
Inhabitants Unknown

The Eastshield Great Forest, also known as the Eastshield National Forest, is a forest in northwest Eastshield with a very rich history. It is one of the largest and one of the most popular forests on the continent, ranking with the likes of the "Great Forest" of Club Penguin.


The Forest was once very large four thousand years ago; it spanned from the area what is now Archet to the Polar District. When penguins and Puffles arrived on the mainland, the forest slowly began to diminish as more settlements arose and more farmland was created. As other forests grew smaller, great empires such as the Snowpriots, the Babbelonian Empire, the Penguin Empire, and the early High Penguin Confederacy logged the forest into its modern size. In the year 1056, the King of the High Penguin Confederacy forbade any more logging in the forest as he declared the Forest to be Royal Hunting Grounds. Centuries later, the Forest became the getaway vacation spot for the King and City dwellers that suffered from the smog of the Industrial Revolution. Thus, small villages appeared, mainly consisting of immigrants from Alemania. The forest stayed peaceful during the Khanzem and luckily undisturbed, though The Good Guys and Rusca built a secret base in its interior. The Forest became a National Park in 1957 during Olde Antarctica, which stayed until it was changed to a National Forest of the USA.

Places of Interest[edit]

  • Meela National Park- Home to many Meela Trees (some of the tallest trees in Antarctica), as well as Lake Mahoe.
  • Ninja Château- Centuries old home of the Senseis. Currently the home of Fuut-Ga Hochstadt who purchased it from Sensei.

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