Mt. Charlamander

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Mt. Charlamander
The towering mountain
Great Guardian Lunarslash
Key details
Type Extinct volcano
Level 3563 metres
Location Eastern Culldrome Island
Inhabitants Terns, Penguins

Archipelago of the Culldrome Isles
Outline of the Culldrome Isles
Ninja Occupation
Porcyal War
Nightmare of Culldrome
Battle of Culldrome
Shadow of Culldrome
States, Islands and Territories
Skulldrome Isles
Treshurr Islands
Menap Island
Snelten Island
Culldrome Yow
Toxic Island
Daire Isle
Civ Island
Notable Locations
Culldrome City
Golden City
Bluetower Castle
Mt. Charlamander
See Also
Culldrome Military
The Axle Powers
Confederacy of Independent Culldrome

Mt. Charlamander, also just known as Charlamander, is a extinct volcano located on the eastern coast of the Culldrome Isles mainland. With a height of 3563 metres above sea level, the mountain is famously known for housing a small army of terns and penguins within its vast protective structure. The army has seen action historically, but it still continues to play a role by defending Culldrome Island. Today, the army mainly acts as a ceremonial guard to important officials and the capital.


Volcanic History[edit]

Mt. Charlamander is located on a vast, empty plain and towers up above it. Geologists have puzzled on the origins of the mountain, considering its location. The most widely accepted theory is that millions of years ago, an asteroid carrying Porcyal fragments crashes into what is now the Culldrome Isles. As the land transformed after the impact event, the Porcyals, containing strange powers, began to manipulate the land by itself. Rain poured down and earthquakes cracked the crust. One of these cracks opened up a fissure down to a deep hotspot in the Earth resulting in large amounts of lava spewing out. Over time, the fissures developed into a small mound and eventually created the massive volcano.

As time wore on, the lava continued to expand the volcano. The volcano grew taller until the underground magma chambers were blocked off as a result of earthquakes and rockfalls. The lava eventually ran out or just cooled by water which found its way into the chambers. This water soon cleared away, resulting in the creation of many large caverns. These caverns would be utilized as makeshift rooms in the future. The water flows were reduced to a trickle, which would later be used as a source of fresh water within the mountain.

Ninja Occupation[edit]

The Culldrome Isles were founded in 1854. Colonies were being set up and civilization was getting bigger. No one had discovered the mountain since it was far away from the existing colonies. In 1860, the ninjas from the nearby Skulldrome Isles invaded the Culldrome Isles. As troops scanned the coast for a place to build a fortress, they discovered the mountain and named it Mt. Charlamander after the regiment's leader.

The mountain was summited and after some thorough exploring, they decided that a fortress inside the volcano would offer more protection than a fortress elsewhere. Penguins then came in to outfit the inside of the volcano with amenities for basic living. Soon troops consisting of penguins and some terns began to settle in. The leader of this small army became known as the "Great Guardian of Mt. Charlamander" or just the "Great Guardian". The title was originally bestowed as a joke, but it soon became official.

The troops fended off the approaching ninjas from the mainland. Unfortunately, the colonies were eventually overrun. But, since the fortress was very well defended, it was not taken. For the years that the ninjas had occupied, the mountain was under siege. Running low on supplies, they still continued to fight the ninjas in a desperate attempt to hold out. Eventually, the occupation ended and the Culldrome Isles were free. The mountain was safe again.

Kings and Pirates[edit]

As the final ninjas retreated back to the Skulldrome Isles the army of Charlamander began to focus on small patrols around the Culldrome Isles. With a vast amount of disarray in the years after occupation, many small independent kingdoms were formed around the island. Charlamander was no exception, and formed the Kingdom of Charlamander. Run by a belevolent Great Guardian, the small kingdom expanded, occupying large areas of the Mossroam Forest and surrounding kingdoms ruthlessly. In 1922, the Treaty of the Isles was signed, collapsing all of the kingdoms into a single nation.

With the fall of the Kingdom, pirates, who were attracted by the large trade route nearby, began to sail close to the Culldrome mainland. The Charlamander army stood their ground until the pirates attacked. The army fended off the pirates from the large volcano fortress. The position of the fortress made it ideal to fend off the pirates from.

Eventually the pirates invaded the Culldrom colony on Treshurr Isles. After several small battles, the islands eventually became a pirate colony after agreeing not to plunder Culldrom ships. Mt. Charlamander then began to protect the pirates from other unfriendly and enemy forces.

Porcyal War[edit]

For the next few decades everything was fine and quiet with the Charlamander army still continuing their patrols. In 1960, the Military of the Culldrome Isles was reformed. The Charlamander army was categorised as a special-forces unit and now received direct government funding. This helped to improve the amenities of the mountain and resulted in a slight growth and expansion of the army.

Everything was fine up until the Porcyal War broke out. The army was constantly mobilized and ready for a battle at a second's notice. In 1994, the Charlamander army encountered ninjas to the south of Culldrome City and helped to stop them from attacking the capital. Later on in the war the small patrols encountered some enemy troops. There were a few skirmishes but no large battles that needed the whole army to be put into action.

Eventually, the war ended, restoring the peace and tranquility to the Culldrome Isles.


Today, the large mountain still towers up into the eastern Culldrome coast. Small patrols are still dispatched into the surrounding countryside, keeping the peace and tranquility. The army has never been put into full action for nearly a hundred years. The army and the Great Guardian form the basis of a (now) largely unknown army, sitting inside Mt. Charlamander, waiting to serve and protect Culldrome. In more modern times, the army acts as a ceremonial and traditional guard, usually at parades.


Simplified map of the mountain. Click to enlarge.

There are many chambers and antechambers scattered around the insides of the volcano. Linking the many areas together are staircases that have been carved into the walls of the volcano. There are also countless hallways and corridors inside, causing a new visitor to easily get lost inside the maze of tunnels, stairs and chambers.

At the bottom of the volcano, there are chambers that are used for storage of food, weapons and supplies. A small lake is also present deep in the mountain with a trickle of water feeding into it. The lake provides the mountain with a source of fresh water. The large stocks of food and water allow Mt. Charlamander to remain under siege for long periods of time, and has proven useful many times. There are also some secret entrances and exit to the outside world from here, so that soldiers can slip in and out undetected.

Above the storage areas are the barracks. This is the main area where the soldiers sleep, relax and rest. There are many dormitories for the soldier to sleep in. There is also a large common room outside the dormitories where soldiers gather. In addition, there are several larger rooms used by visitors to the mountain.

A floor above the barracks is the Great Hall. There are many tables here where the soldiers eat their meals. At the front is a large table where high ranking soldiers and important visitors eat. On one side of the hall is a large fire place, which connects to the main vent of the volcano. To the other side of the hall is the kitchen where meals are prepared and cooked. The Great Hall is often considered to be similar to the identically named Great Hall in Bluetower Castle.

Out the exit to the Great Hall is a large hallway that leads to the armoury, where troops suit up and prepare for battle. The armoury is conveniently located near the main entrance to the volcano, which consists of several boulders. Past a few more tunnels and corridors lie many more smaller rooms. These rooms include meeting rooms, an infirmary and many lookout points. These lookout points allow soldiers to see outside the volcano a vast distance and to snipe encroaching enemies. In battle, these can be used as vantage points for firing down at the enemy below.

As you progress higher and higher into the volcano, the staircases start to lead up to a large chamber. The chamber leads to two places, the Great Guardian's private quarters and the grand forge. The entrance to the forge takes you high to the summit of the mountain. The forge room is filled with many smithing tools and an anvil in the middle. A lava river flows from deep underground to the forge, where it flows back down. Only Great Guardians can enter the forge room as it is considered ceremonially important.

Inside the Great Guardian's private quarters, there is a secret entrance to a room that is filled with untold riches and treasure. On the walls of this hidden room are carvings of the future destiny of the Great Guardians. These are carved in when the current Guardian has a fit of extreme rage, causing them to carve destinies on the walls. Like the forge room, only the Great Guardians can enter.


Inside the volcano, lies a small army. The army, consisting of a combination of arctic terns and penguins, is tasked with defending the shore line of Culldrome Island and the surrounding Mossroam Forest region; their area of responsibility stretches far away to the Mossy River. Since the mountain is located on the eastern shore of the island, it provides a natural lookout point towards the sea.

Small scout groups are sent throughout the Culldrome Isles for small peacekeeping missions. The whole army is seldom mobilized for battles and hasn't been for nearly a hundred years. As a result of its lack of use, it receives very little funding and infantry/weapons support. The army usually acts as a ceremonial guard in modern times.


A ranking system is used; the higher up you go, the better weapons, armour (and respect) you get.

Number (Rank) Rank Name
1 Cadet
2 Scout
3 Soldier
4 Lieutenant
5 Captain
6 Major
7 Colonel
8 Brigadier
9 Major
10 General
11 Great Guardian


Weapons used by the army are primitive compared to the modern Culldrome Army. The soldiers utilize bows and crossbows with Deletion Arrows. These, although old fashioned, get the job done more reliably than normal guns. Melee weapons, such as deletion Swords, are also used in large quantities. Deletion Pikes and Spears are also used commonly used in close-combat; their uniqueness to Culldrome has resulted in the weapons being the signature weapons of the Mt. Charlamander Army.

Great Guardians[edit]

A Great Guardian is the ruler of Mt. Charlamander and the Charlamander army. They run the mountain and flight large battles alongside their troops. The Guardians are usually penguins, although there have been some polar bears occasionally. In addition to ruling the mountain and the army, they also rule the Culldrome Isles itself to an extent. They are third in line of command of the country, after the Supreme Leader and Abottess. They also represent the Culldrome Isles in the United Antarctic Nations.

The current Great Guardian, Lunarslash.


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