Great Ninja Schism

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The Great Ninja Schism
Great Ninja Schism Poster.png
Date 2041-2045
Location The Dojo; All of Antarctica
Result Fuut-Ga becomes the new Sensei
Casus belli Emperor Pengvintine killed Sensei Spider880, claiming the title for himself
Emperor Pengvintine and his followers
Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland
The "Ninja Resistance"
Emperor Pengvintine
Fuut-Ga Hochstadt
Hat Pop
Falco Hochstadt
10% of Ninjas
Royal Army of Snowzerland
90% of Ninjas
Aided by the USA
The Schism co-existed with the The Last Stand which was the main war.

The Great Ninja Schism, also known as the Ninja Civil War, is an event that will happen in the 2040s after Swiss Ninja (then known as Emperor Pengvintine) kills the Sensei of Ninjas, Spider880 and claims the title for himself. This led to a majority of ninjas fleeing the Dojo to join Fuut-Ga Hochstadt in the "Ninja Resistance". It ended in 2045 after Pengvintine died on the Darth Cube, and Fuut-Ga became the Sensei. Ninjas that were loyal to Pengvintine were called the "Swiss Ninjas".


Dojo Takeover[edit]

In 2041, Snowzerland was one of the most powerful and feared countries in Antarctica. However, their leader, Emperor Pengvintine wasn't satisfied- he wanted more power. So, he decided to do something that he had failed at before, becoming a Sensei. Unlike his failed attempt in 2010, he didn't have to capture a Sensei heir, since the new Sensei Spider880 hadn't named an heir yet. So, Pengvintine invaded the Dojo with RDA forces and War Bots. They were blocked by Spider's ninjas and students who refused to let them in and battled until the ninjas were defeated and captured. When given the option to resign as Sensei or die, Spider chose to face Pengvintine in Card-Jitsu. Unfortunately, Pengvintine had better cards (a lot of power cards), and caused an avalanche that launched Spider off a mountain. Barely surviving due to the fact he was very weak, he was finished off by Pengvintine who stabbed him. Pengvintine then claimed the title of Sensei for himself, saying that "being a Hochstadt" was reason enough. However, many Ninjas of all fields were outraged by Pengvintine's actions, and 90% of normal ninjas as well as a lot of elemental ninjas (Fire, Water, Snow) fled the Dojo. Shortly after, Pengvintine started silencing opposition by sending ninjas who stayed at the Dojo and disagreed with him to Snoss Yow, Pen Chi Island and the Darth Cube. Wraith Sensei Xel'Naga and his Wraith Ninjas pledged allegiance to Pengvintine.

Meanwhile, at the Fire Dojo, while most ninjas had escaped with the help of Falco Hochstadt (who recently heard of the news), some of them had sided with Aelios who had liked Pengvintine's idea and announced that everyone was to side with him or battle to death. Just as the last ninjas were trying to escape, they were caught and decided to "battle to death". The result was a large battle that nearly sent the entire Dojo into the lava below it with the newly joined Swiss Ninjas fighting the remaining escaping ninjas using power cards of many different levels. Many ninjas were injured, some probably killed. After one ninja used a very dangerous high powered fire card that blew a hole in one of the walls, many ninjas escaped with Falco who was engaged in a deadly battle with Aelios after weakening him with a snow card, he leapt out of the dojo with the other escaping ninjas. Aelios was furious but nevertheless, they had halted around half of the escaping ninjas from escaping and they were forced to obey the Snoss Rule. Ninjas were forced to practice their skills on the ninjas who protested against Pengvintine's rule.

As these events were happening, Fuut-Ga Hochstadt, who had heard of Pengvintine's rule the moment he conquered the dojo was building a resistance to take on his nephew. The many ninjas who had successfully managed to escape were joining the newly formed "Anti-Pengvintine Resistance" and were recruiting more penguins across Club Penguin and Antarctica who disapproved of Pengvintine's rule and wanted to overthrow him. Sensei, who had already retreated to a safe location, had found Fuut-Ga and was helping him build a resistance against Pengvintine.


During the events of The Last Stand, Emperor Pengvintine's tyrannical rule came to an end, both in Snowzerland and in the Dojo. Once Litz Hochstadt became the Queen of Snowzerland, she ordered all Snoss forces to leave Club Penguin, and issued an apology to all ninjas and residents of CP. Shortly after, the Hochstadt Gang and the EPF captured or deleted the remaining resistance at the Dojos across all of the Servers. The Ninjas finally had peace under the new Sensei, Fuut-Ga. He would remain a Sensei until his death in the year 3000. However, at some point in his reign, he took on a higher role as the only Ultimate Sensei, a job he took upon himself to keep the elements in balance, and to serve as a boss or adviser to the five normal Senseis. He continued to train ninjas in all of the elements, as well as Senseis.

Aelios was captured at the end of the conflict, and was exiled from the Dojo by a 3-1 vote among the Senseis (Sensei Xel'Naga was allowed to stay due to naturally being evil, and voted against exiling Aelios).


Specific participants in the schism, if your character's any kind of ninja (normal, fire, water, snow, wraith) you can put which side they were on.

Pengvintine loyalists[edit]

  • Xel'Naga - With the Wraith Ninjas being the "evil" ninjas, their Sensei Xel'Naga agreed with Pengvintine's evil actions and pledged loyalty to him.
  • Austin8310 - Though not a full time ninja, Austin still pledged his loyalty to Pengvintine.
  • Aelios - Though most fire ninjas were very reluctant with his decision, Aelios sides with Pengvintine thinking of the takeover as a great opportunity to bring Antarctica to flames. At the final battle, he is weakened by Snow Ninjas and was finished off by being stabbed.
  • XTUX Hun - One of the most feared penguins and bounty hunters throughout Antarctica and Illustrator Keith's worst nightmare. Though not a ninja, he uses his weapons and skills to take on the Anti-Pengvintine resistance.
  • Patchy99
  • Wrath Ninja

Anti-Pengvintine resistance[edit]

  • Fuut-Ga Hochstadt - An older and more experienced ninja that has been training for decades, a well known and great member of the Hochstadt Gang and also Pengvintine's uncle. Fuut-Ga started the "Ninja Resistance" soon after word spread that Pengvintine had taken over the Dojo. Most members of the resistance believe that Fuut-Ga should become the next Sensei after Pengvintine is defeated.
  • Hat Pop - Another experienced and very kind Ninja, who was the last Sensei before Spider. However, she was the first Sensei to resign from the position, wishing to give other ninjas like Spider a chance to lead. A few members of the resistance believed she was the rightful Sensei since she was Sensei before Spider, and he had died without naming an heir. However, she agreed that Fuut-Ga should become the Sensei.
  • Falco Hochstadt - A well-trained and learned ninja who is experienced in all types of Card-Jitsu (mainly fire) as well as a member of the Hochstadt Gang, he fought alongside his father's cousin, Fuut-Ga. He joined the resistance after he heard that Pengvintine had conquered the dojo. He was one of the very first to find out and took action as soon as possible. He helped most of the fire ninjas escape Aelios's few but loyal ninjas who were fighting on his and Swiss Ninja's behalf and fought against the Snoss Rule. He truly believed that Fuut-Ga should be the next Sensei after Pengvintine was defeated.
  • Falco Hochstadt II - Another experienced ninja who is determined and great at Card-Jitsu but not yet a master. He inherits his father's fire powers and many traits and uses his powers to try and prove himself. He joins the resistance around a week after his father did and used his powers for good. Though not as strong as his father, he managed to escape with the other ninjas after being injured during the fight between Pengvintine and Spider880.
  • Toshi Kojima - One of the most famous Senseis of all time who was simply known by his alias, "Sensei". A good friend of Speeddasher and a well trained ninja who reigned throughout the dojo for many years. Toshi greatly agreed that his friend Fuut-Ga should become the next Sensei.
  • Green Ninja - A good friend of Sensei and a very well trained ninja who used his training and skills for good and to protect others. He joined the resistance after Fuut-Ga and the others came recruiting and was one of the many ninjas to spread the news.
  • Ninja O'Dark - An incredibly well-trained fire ninja and the once rival of Falco, Kevin joined the resistance after the overthrowing of Spider880 and gathered with the other ninjas to form a resistance.
  • Kenny Lagois -
  • Bonny1 Pie
  • Dev66
  • Frozen Ninja
  • Psyche

Neutral participants[edit]

  • Master Noodles
  • Pen Chi- After the emergence of the Anti-Pengvintine Alliance, Pen Chi declared neutrality for himself and his ninja army. This was because both sides wanted a Hochstadt as Sensei, which made Pen Chi happy.
  • Pop Cat
  • Storm

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