Great Snowzerland War VI

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Great Snowzerland War VI
Part of Great Snowzerland War Series
Date July 2013 - October 2013
Location All Around Antarctica
Result The Snoss are defeated in the Battle of the Asiapelago Sea. A peace treaty is signed to end all hostilities and to restore all international borders to their pre-war state.
Casus belli Snowzerland invades Região Lisboaguesa and Lisboagal declares war.
Black Octopus Alliance -
Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland
Asaina flag.png Zhou
Flag of North Joseon.png North Joseon
Darktan's Army
Nightmare's Army
Str00del Force
Imperial Forces
Imperial Empire
Liguria Flag.png Liguria (Snoss controlled)
The Allies -
Flag of Castilla.png Castillan Empire
FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Freezelandflag.jpg Freezeland
Bandera de Lisboagal.png Lisboagal
Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Rusca
Flag of the Seal Islands.svg Seal Islands
BestROS.png Snowiny
Liguria Flag.png Ligurian Resistance
Sato.png South Antarctic Treaty Organization (weaponry aid)
MAI.png Margate
Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles
Lone Wolf -
Pengvaria Flag.png Batavia
Snowzerland Flag.png Swiss Ninja
Flag of North Joseon.png Kim Il Sunguin
Darktan II
Captain Str00del
Imperial Emperor
Darth Herbert
USA flag.PNG Spike Hike
Flag of Castilla.png King Carlos Goberna
Flag of Castilla.png Jock Hochstadt
FrancterreFlag.png François Batavia
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Lavender
BestROS.png Robert Smith
Ruscoe Federation Flag.png President Dmitri Smirnoff
Liguria Flag.png Flywish
Pengvaria Flag.png King Alex-Willem I
Large numbers of soldiers; advanced technology Large numbers of soldiers; strong alliance Element of Surprise
Castilla was neutral until the Snoss attack the Castillan side of the Falkland Islands.

The Great Snowzerland War VI, nicknamed The War to End All Great Snowzerland Wars, is the last and most chaotic Great Snowzerland War that took place in 2013. In it, Kaiser Swiss Ninja of Snowzerland tries again to conquer the Antarctic, this time with a lot more help. The war was massive and occured all around the Antarctic. The war was a shocker for Castilla, but it benefitted Frankterre as the war strengthened its forces and regained recognition for their bravery against the Snoss.


It was a cloudy day in West Pengolia. At the Ulaansnowtar airport, Servant #3355 was sitting at his desk in the air tower looking at the radar. He was sleepy as usual as he lifelessly stared at the green line circling around the black screen constantly. Suddenly, a large dot appeared on the radar, and it woke him up out of his trance. He stood up and looked closer at the dot.

Servant #3355:"Hey, Servant number 4455! Come over here!"

Servant #4455:"WHAT? I was taking a nap you numbskull!"

Servant #4455 slapped Servant #3355 with a fish several times.

Servant #3355:"STOP!!! I see something strange on the radar!"

Servant #4455:"It's a plane! Don't you know that?"

Servant #3355:"Yes, but it's a BIG PLANE!!!"

Servant #4455:"By the looks of it, the plane is a Snowing 747. It's probably going to land here, so don't just sit there- GET ON THE RADIO!"

Servant #3355 got on the radio, tuned it, and spoke to the aircracft's pilot:"Unidentified aircraft, you are entering the Ulaansnowtaar Airspace. Please identify yourself and state your business."

Pilot:"Entschuldigung.. Er, I mean, I apologise. This is Snowing 747 Sierra-November-Romeo-Oscar-X ray going southbound requesting a flyby."

Servant #3355:"State your points of arrival and destination."

Pilot:"We are coming from Zurich, Snowzerland. We have circled around the Trans-Antarctic Coast and we are going to land in Eastshield near the border with Pengolia."

Servant #3355:"Fine. Request granted."

Servant #3355 turned off the radio.

Servant #4455:"Great Khan! That plane is Snoss! We need to contact Penghis Khan immediately and see if we need to shoot it down!"

Servant #3355:"Will do!"

Servant #3355 ran to a red telephone on the side of the wall and picked it up. The line went straight to Penghis Khan, who was in the middle of eating a giant fish when the phone rang.


Servant:"Sir, I have bad news! A large Snoss Snowing 747 is flying over our country! Should we shoot them down?"

Penghis Khan:"No. Penghis Khan already knows. That is Swiss Ninja's personal jet. He gave Penghis Khan a personal letter to explain."

Servant:"But why is he flying over our country, sir?"

Penghis Khan:"Penghis Khan does not care. Now get back to work or I will come and slap you with a fish!!!"

In the airplane, Swiss Ninja waddled out of his luxurious leather seat and went to the cockpit.

Swiss Ninja:"Hey, Pilot! What is the meaning of that conversation with that West Pengolian traffic controller?"

Pilot:"How did you find out about that?"

Swiss Ninja:"I have an extra speaker at my seat so I can listen to all conversations and transmissions on this plane."

Pilot:"Oh...that's new. He just wanted to know where we were going."

Swiss Ninja:"Penghis Khan did not inform that peasant that I was coming. Disregard his suspicion. Anyways, how much longer to the Darktonian Realm?"

Pilot:"Thirty minutes."

Swiss Ninja:"I want to be there in fifteen. We're running late."


Swiss Ninja:"MAKE IT WORK...OR ELSE!!!"

The pilot became frightened as he realized that his life was on the line.

"Yes, my Kaiser."


Swiss Ninja left the cockpit and went back to his chair.

As the sky grew darker and more eerie, the Darktonian Realm could finally be in sight. The Snowing 747 landed on a crude snow runway, and they parked among a few other aircraft off to the side. Swiss Ninja got out of the aircraft and led his bounty hunters, Austin8310, Java Ghent, and Django Ghent to Darktan's mansion.

Darktan Realm image.PNG

Austin8310:"Swiss, I really doubt you can persuade everyone here. This conference you called for is a waste of time."

Swiss Ninja:"Silence, Austin. You've been bickering the whole trip. It's not my fault you couldn't sleep on the plane. Besides, I'm a professional at persuation..."

Swiss Ninja waved at the guard at the mansion's gates, who immediately let him in. Swiss Ninja entered the mansion and was escorted by one of Darktan's minions to a large room in the basement. Unlike the rest of Darktan's mansion, the room did not seem psychedelic. Instead, it appeared to be a dank stone cellar lit with lanterns and was filled with a large table and many chairs. It was the conference room that Darktan II usually used for guests.

Everyone Swiss Ninja had invited was there. Kim Il Sunguin, Captain Str00del, the president of Zhou, and the Imperial Emperor were all sitting at their chairs. WishFlyX was sitting at the edge of the tabe on Darktan II's alternate throne, and Lizlord was representing Nightmare. Other seats were reserved for some of Darktan's and Nightmare's higher ranking minions.

WishFlyX:"Greetings, Swiss Ninja. Welcome to the Darktonian Estate. Darktan II is currently busy and cannot attend the meeting. He regrets doing so but he has some errands to do,, so I was chosen to be his representative. Please, take the seat of honor at the edge of the table over there, across from me."

Swiss Ninja:"Thank you, WishFlyX. Thank you all for being here."

WishflyX:"So, Kaiser Swiss Ninja. Please tell us here why you've called us all here today."

Swiss Ninja stood up eloquently and in a pompous manner.

Swiss Ninja:"I shall! After years of observation, we have a common goal. Can anyone tell us what that is?"

Lizlord:"Conquer Antarctica."

Kim Il Sunguin:"Let me guess, you want us to team up with you to destroy the USA and its allies?"

Swiss Ninja:"DAG NAB IT, DON'T INTERRU- Uh... I mean, yes. That's exactly it."

WishFlyX:"Well sure then. It's about time that we go with that plan. Let's just make sure we don't fail like last time. All in favor of an alliance, say 'I'! No abstaining!"

Kim Il Sunguin:"I!"


Captain Str00del:"1!"

President of Zhou:"I!"

Imperial Emperor:"I!"

WishFlyX:"Good, then it's unanimous!"

Swiss Ninja:"Excellent, team! I will be the leader."

WishFlyX:"Woooah there. You just can't do that. DARKTAN WILL BE THE LEADER. He is more feared than anybody else."

Lizlord:"No, surely NIGHTMARE is the baddest creatures in the Antarctic..."

Swiss Ninja:"Be quiet! Both of you! WishFlyX, you are nothing but an ugly butterfly, so bug off! Lizlord, Nightmare is a woman, therefore I am superior to her! I am the best option to be leader because I am perfect, because I have no flaws!"

WishFlyX:"We'll see about that!"

WishFlyX and Nightmare suddenly became wild and charged towards Swiss Ninja, planning to kill him on the spot. However, at the last minute, Swiss Ninja unleashed a torrent of lightning from his bare flippers. WishFlyX and Lizlord were thrown to the other side of the room and were still being blasted by Swiss Ninja's lightning. Everyone else took cover under the table.

Suddenly, one of Darktan's minions charged at Swiss Ninja with his sword. Swiss Ninja quickly took out his red lightsaber and sliced off the sword blade. He blasted the minion with the force.


Swiss Ninja:"MUAHAHAHA. You finally found that out?"

Swiss Ninja then began to force choke WishFlyX. WishFlyX dropped his knicicle.


Swiss Ninja dropped him. WishFlyX gasped for breath and appeared defeated and humiliated. Lizlord already gave up with the lightning strikes, since he felt that it was not worth it to fight. Now, everyone was kneeling down to Swiss Ninja.

Swiss Ninja:"Good! GOOOD! HAHAHA! Now, my friends, we will be known as the Alliance of the Black Octopus. We are to be ruthless to our foes. We will not forgive. We will not give up. WE WILL SUCCEED!!!"

Imperial Emperor:"Where do we begin?"

Swiss Ninja:"We start with an invasion in each region. I'll assign everything later. But to make ourselves a guarantee to success, we will need one more ally..."


Swiss Ninja:"Liguria."

Papa Flywish, leader of Liguria, was standing in front of the main entrance to his palace in the capital city of Dellaroma. A large limousine arrived through the front gates and into the driveway circle. It parked, and a penguin wearing a crisp black butler suit came out.

Butler:"Ciao, Papa Flywish! We have your gourmet pizza ready!"

Flywish:"About time! You're an hour late."

Butler:"Yes, we apologize. We had....traffic.... But the pizza is nice and warm. Here, I'll bring it out."

The butler took out a large pizza box and brought it to Flywish.

Flywish:"Well, it would be nice if you could open it for me so I can smell its deliciousness."

Suddenly, Swiss Ninja, Austin8310, and Darktan II popped out of the pizza. Swiss Ninja and Austin open fired on everyone with their snowball guns. Flywish jumped out of the way as ditto charged snowballs flew everywhere.


Swiss Ninja:"TROOPS! OPEN FIRE!"

Suddenly, tons of Snoss soldiers and Stormtroopers ran out of the limousine as if it was a clown car. They circled around Flywish and the remaining Ligurian soldiers still standing.

Flywish:"Swiss, you fiend! What did I do to you?"

Swiss Ninja:"Nothing. I just want your country. Men, send him inside. He's going into house arrest."

Flywish:"You'll pay for this!"

Flywish was taken away into the palace before he could scream any more.


Swiss Ninja:"Meanwhile we'll establish a puppet governor and directly take control of the government."

Darktan:"Cool. Now what?"

Swiss Ninja:"I brokered a deal with Herbert and I came up with a plan for him to invade Club Penguin. I'm sending him Stormtrooper troops, TIE Fighters, and metal for a new space station..."

Darktan:"Excellent! Now we have everything we need?"

Swiss Ninja:"Yes. Now all we need to do is attack."

Chapter 1:Guns are Firing

As the sun rose to welcome another day, its light danced onto the small coastal towns of Regiao Lisboaguesa on the Antarctic mainland. The townspeople were almost all sleeping, with little traffic anywhere.

But then, out of the darkness of the ocean, huge submarines submerged from the water and immediately fired torpedoes at ships docked in the harbors. Immediately, citizens were alarmed and in panic. By then, several large battle ships were in sight from the coast, and tons of amphibious tanks were making their way to shore. As soon as the tanks made their way to shore, they opened up to release tons of RDA Clone Troopers that were charging inland. Meanwhile, several Lisboaguese soldiers were already getting on the scene, and the two sides began to exchange fire with each other.

However, the Lisboaguese army was quickly outnumbered as more and more RDA Clone Troopers, and now Snoss soldiers and Stormtroopers were landing on the beaches. The sheer amount of soldiers and arms was too much for the Lisboaguese, and they had no choice but to retreat inland. The battles were raging on.

An hour later, the President of Lisboagal called for a press meeting. He quickly walked up to the podium and took the microphone without haste.

President:"CITIZENS OF LISBOAGAL: Exactly an hour ago, the coast of the Regiao Lisboaguesa was attacked and occupied by Snoss forces. They arrived by surprise and in large numbers, and our forces are currently being pushed back inland mercilessly. As of right now, the whole coast has been taken and is under Snoss control. It is also reported that several Ligurian soldiers have helped in the raids near the Frostize enclave as well. As the president of Lisboagal, I declare war on the Imperial Empire of Snowzerland for their acts of aggression and their threat to our nation's sovereignty."

The questions rolled in immediately as the media became ballistic.

Reporter 1:"MR. PRESIDENT, MR. PRESIDENT! Who is allying with you at the moment?"

President:"Currently, I have only contacted Frankterre, and they are the only country so far that is willing to aid us."

Reporter 2:"Mr. President, how has Castilla responded to this crisis? Has the Hochstadt Gang released any statement or planes?"

President:"I don't know any of these things at this time."


Jock Hochstadt was screaming orders at Freezelandian soldiers at the border near the Regiao Lisboaguesa. Jock was supposed to be on a diplomatic mission to Freezeland for Castilla, but instead he volunteered to help defend the country from an impending Snoss attack. Even from a distant, he and his pet red puffle Piper could see the explosions of grenades and cannons from the Lisboaguese and Snoss clearly in the distance. Eventually, the fight was nearing the Freezelandian border.

Jock:"Soldiers! Get into position! The enemy is approaching!"

Freezelandian soldiers were jumping behind piles of sandbags and trenches as the sounds of firing machine guns became louder. Suddenly, tons of Lisboaguese soldiers were running away across the Freezelandian border, surrendering.

Jock:"Hold your fire, hold you fire!"

Piper:"Let them defect! Be ready to fire!"

Suddenly, the Snoss soldiers ran up to the scene, but they immediately stopped at the Freezelandian border and just stared at the hundreds of guns pointing at them all across.

Jock:"That's right! Stand back and don't cross that border if you want to live!"

The Snoss soldiers timidly obeyed them and stepped back, though their presence did not fade. Several Snoss soldiers were stationed to watch them in the distance.

Piper:"They're not ready to invade."

Jock:"They're cowards. They don't want to take on a bigger load than they can handle. Always go to the weak first, then the strong....such a Snoss strategy."

Piper:"I think we're looking at a seventh Great Snowzerland War."

Jock:"You think? Now, let's get back behind the sandbags so that we aren't thrown into the middle of combat..."

Jock and Piper hopped over a bunch of sandbags and into a small trench. Jock took out his AK-47 Snowball Rifle and began loading it. Piper did the same with his rifle.

Piper:"Does King Carlos know about this yet?"

Jock:"I don't know. This happened so recently and so quickly."

Piper:"I know. I couldn't believe they just alerted us while we were still sleeping in our hotel room to help aid the army in battle."

Jock:"Most diplomats don't go into this kind of mess, but since I have military credentials they always choose me to get involved."

Piper:"How long will it take before Castilla joins this war?"

Jock:"That I don't know. The bad economy and rising unemployment rates have depressed the King, so I don't think he's in the mood to start another costly war. Especially now..."

Suddenly, the sound of gunfire could be heard again, and a large explosion occurred. The Snoss had shelled one of the sandbag defenses.


The Freezelandian infantry immediately exchanged fire behind their defenses and boldly struck down and deleted several of the Snoss soldiers running towards them.


Soldiers began to assemble and prepare the cannons, and within moments they were firing shells back at the Snoss.

Jock and Piper exchanged fire against the Snoss and threw a few grenades. The whole area became a loud and dirty scene; snow, dirt, tattered clothing, wood splinters, sand, and smoke were being blasted into the air by shells, and the sounds of soldiers yelling were drowned out by the never ending sounds of explosions and gun shots. Piper had to hop on Jock's shoulder just to tell him something.

Piper:"I can't see the enemy anymore! Are we winning??"

Jock:"I cannot see anything either! Just keep firing into the haze and hope we hit something..."


Jock and Piper looked back to see several Freezelandian soldiers arriving with seveeral more artillary cannons. Tanks were also arriving.

Freezelandian Soldier:"Jock Hochstadt?"

Jock:"Yes, that's me."

Freezelandian Soldier:"You and your puffle need to leave. The Castillans are demanding your safe return immediately."

Jock:"I refuse to abandon thos battle. We can't let the Snoss advance."

Freezelandian Soldier:"No, we can take it from here. We're cutting down on infantry right now anyways. Come, follow me..."


Jock and Piper followed the soldier out of the battlefield and looked back to see a large rapid-fire cannon in place where they had been fighting. Even as they drove off back to Frostborough, Jock and Piper could hear the echoes of the shelling, the impressive pulses of explosions that almost sounded like an advanced form of a fireworks spectacular.

Jock and Piper made their way back to Castilla safely. Once they arrived in the capital city of Metido, they were happy to learn that the Freezelandians had repelled the Snoss and they had gone into a temporary retreat. However, more news broke out that Darktan and Nightmare's minions had already started havok in rural Eastshield, the Snoss had completely siezed the Região Lisboaguesa, and the Zhouese had launched an offensive against Japaland.

Jock and Piper wasted no time and made their way to King Carlos's palace. The guards let them in, and the servants quickly tidied them up before they entered the throne room. King Carlos was not expecting them.

King Carlos:"Oh, Jock y Piper. Hola. Yo no sabía que ustedes venían. (Oh, Jock and Piper. Hello. I didnt know you were coming.)

Jock:"Perdóname, señor. Hemos venido a preguntarle algo..." (Pardon me, sir. We have come to ask you something.)

King Carlos:"Pues claro que sí, mis amigos confiados. Diganme sus deseos. ¿Dinero? ¿Un castillo? ¿Armas? ¿Amor? Ustedes viven tan raro para gente de la clase alta para vivir con el resto de la población en casas normales..." (Well of course, my trusted friends. Tell me your desires. Money? A castle? Weapons? Love? You guys live so's strange for high class people to live with the rest of the population in normal homes...)

Jock:"No pedimos cosas materiales. Pedimos una guerra contra Snowzerland. Han vuelto a sus maneras malos otra vez...y yo no he oido nada de usted y su opinión." (We do not ask for material things. We're asking for a war with Snowzerland. They have returned to their evil ways again...and I have not heard nothing from you and your opinion.)

King Carlos:"¡No! ¡Estoy harto de luchar guerras caras con Snowzerland! Nuestra economía esta fallando, y mis ciudadantes no pueden encontrar trabajos. ¡La Guerra Snoss-Castellana costó mucho dinero...casi estabamos en deudo! Quiero neutralidad." (No! I'm sick of fighting expensive wars with the Snoss. Out economy is failing, and my citizens can't find jobs. The Snoss-Castillan War costed a lot of money...we were almost in debt! I want neutrality.)

Piper:"Pero...¡nuestra reputación está en riesgo si no hacemos nada! " But your reputation is in risk if we don't do anything!)

King Carlos:"No me importa. No quiero gastar más dinero del gobierno. Quiero prevenir rebeliones en las calles." (I don't care. I want to prevent rebellions in the streets.)

Jock:"Mi rey, por favor, ¡escuchame!" (My king, please, listen to me!)

King Carlos:"¡No! ¡No más de esto! Si no quieren hablar sobre algo diferente, ustedes pueden salir." (No! No more of this! If you don't want to talk about something else, you can leave.)

Jock:"Vale...Adiós, mi rey. Si no podemos convencerle, iremos a luchar con los Francterranos." (Ok...Good bye, my king. If we can not convince you, we will fight for the Frankterrans.)

King Carlos:"Muy bien, haganlo. No me importa. Buena suerte a ustedes, y hasta luego." (Very well. I don't care. Good luck to you and see you later.)

Jock and Piper bowed and left the palace.

Jock and Piper returned to their hometown of Toledo to relax before they made their way to Frankterre. When they arrived, they went to Clovis's house to chat, but they were surprised to find out he was not home. They eventually asked the neighbors where he was, and they replied that he had left with Leonardo di Tremezzo a few days ago and had not returned since.

Piper:"Call him on his cell phone. He couldn't have gone too far. If he doesn't answer, then we know he's in trouble."

Jock:"I guess so."

Jock reached his phone's contacts and dialed Clovis's number. After a few moments, Clovis was on the other line.


Jock:"Hello Clovis. It's Jock."

Clovis:"Hey Jock. What's up?"

Jock:"Piper and I went to the King today to persuade him to join the war against Snowzerland, but he has outright refused. We're going to go to Frankterre and help them."

Clovis:"How coincidental. I'm in Frankterre right now with Leonardo; we're eating dinner right now splurging on bread and the finest Cream Soda one could ever have."

Jock:"Well, that is a coincidence. Maybe we can meet up somewhere?"

Clovis:"It wasn't. I was invited here by the Frankterran EPF Branch. They want me to help them intercept Snoss military transmissions."

Jock:"Oh. I see."

Clovis:"About meeting, that's exactly what we would like. Some other agents and I will meet you at the airport when you arrive and we'll take you to see Frankterre's top ranking generals so you can start planning battle strategies."

Jock:"Sounds good. I will leave the airport tomorrow at noon."

Clovis:"Sounds good. A plus tard!"

Jock:"A plus tard."

Jock and Piper woke up the next day, took the train to Metido, and flew to Charles de Gol International Airport in Parie, Frankterre in due time. Clovis Hochstadt, Leonardo di Tremezzo, and EPF Agent Jean Claude were waiting for them.

Clovis:"Bonjour mes amis!" (Hello, my friends!)



Clovis:"How was your flight?"

Jock:"Good. Can't complain."

Clovis:"Excellent. Follow me. We're going directly to the base."

Clovis led Jock and Piper to a large black van. Everyone jumped inside and drove off into the countryside. After half an hour, they arrived at the gates of a large military base that was crowded with barracks busy with new recruits. The van drove down the road that divided the camp to the Generals' Headquarters. Several Frankterran soldiers were there to greet the new arrivals and they opened the doors for them.

Clovis:"Jock, Piper, you are doing the fighting, so only you two are going. We don't need to speak to the generals."

Jock:"Ok. See you later then."

Jock and Piper jumped out of the black van and were led inside the large metal building. In a few moments, they found themselves in a large conference room filled with electronic equipment and radars. Two generals and the President of Frankterre, François Batavia, were there to greet them.

Batavia:"Bonjour. Enchanté." (Hello, nice to meet you.)

Jock:"Enchanté." (Nice to meet you.)


The president shook Jock's flipper.

Batavia:"Merci beaucoup pour votre temps. Êtes-vous prêts pour cette guerre? " (Thank you for your time. Are you ready for this war?)

Jock:"Oui." (Yes.)

Piper:"Toujours! " (Always!)

Batavia:"Bien. Vous allez être des Générals dans notre armée. Je crois que vous avez assez expérience pour l'emploi. Vous êtes les héros de la Guerre Snosse-Castillen, donc vous devriez être les héros de cette guerre aussi. Vive la Frankterre! " (Good. You are going to be some Generals in our army. I believe you have enough experience for the job. You are the heroes of the Snoss-Castillan War, so you must be the heroes of this war also. Long live Frankterre!"

The president saluted Jock and immediately left. Jock and Piper were left to be in the company of the other Generals.

There was no time to lose.

Chapter 2:Stiff Resistance

In the Weddell Sea, a large Snoss Freight Ship carrying loads of food aid and ammunition was being escorted by a convoy of Snoss Destroyers to the Snoss controlled city of Frostize. Java Ghent, one of Swiss Ninja's bounty Hunters, was commanding the cargo vessel to ensure it's safety.

The voyage had been smooth and without incident, until they were only fifty miles away from their destination.


The back end of the freighter ship had exploded into pieces. The ship catch on fire and sink. Java Ghent ran to the ship control room.


Captain:"Mr. Ghent, we've been hit by a torpedo!"

Java:"HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!? We have a group of Naval destroyers with advanced radar technology and you're telling me that a torpedo made it through?"

Captain:"It has, and we're sinking!"

Java:"Darn it! ABANDON SHIP!"

Java ran outside and used his jetpack to fly over to the Naval destroyer behind the sinking ship. He could hear them firing their guns into the water. Java barged in to talk with the first mate, since the captain was not in the Command Room.

Java:"HEY! Why are you idiots firing into the water?"

First Mate:"Sir! We've detected a cordon of submarines approaching us unexpectantly."

Java:"Argh! Bullets wont do any good if the submarines are underwater. Use your torpedos and the larger shells!"

First Mate:"Ja, Herr Ghent!"

The First Mate ran to the intercom and started screaming in German. The sailors quickly ran to the larger cannons and under deck to fire the torpedoes.

Java:"I swear. Newbies shouldn't be on a ship designated to protect important cargo. I swear, if the Kaiser finds out about this, he will have you demoted! UNDERSTAND?"

First Mate:"YES SIR."

Java said nothing more and left the room.


Java:"STOP IT!"

The Snoss quickly launched a torpedo. A moment later, a huge explosion occured 400 meters in front of them. The enemy torpedo collided with the Snoss torpedo.

Java:"I know..."

Java turned on his jet pack, grabbed his blaster, and flew into the sky. Java was flying quickly high above the water, looking for the submarines. He knew they had to be close.

Suddenly, several of the submarines began to surface. The Frankterran flag and the submarines' serial numbers could be seen printed on the metal.

Java:"Frankerrans! Piece of cake!"

Java began firing his blaster at them. Then, Jock Hochstadt jumped out of one of them. Java, who was surprised, began firing at him. Quickly, Jock took out his blue lightsaber and began to deflect the blasts, causing them to scatter. Java neared Jock and increased the amount of blasts he was firing. Several Frankterran soldiers came out of the other Submarines to help Jock, but Java was able to quickly knock them into the water. Thankfully, nobody got hit.

As Java increased his firepower, Jock made more of an effort in attempt to deflect Java's blasts back at him, but Java was not stupid. Java was constantly moving.

Jock:"Piper! Get out here!"

Piper jumped out of the submarine with a giant machine gun and started firing at Java.

Java:"Forget this!"

Java took out a cluster of grenades and threw them at Jock's submarine. He flew away back to the ships.


Piper and Jock jumped into the water moments before the grenades exploded the submarine. Smoke, metal debris, and shouting soldiers could be heard all around. Jock, Piper, and several Frankterran soldiers in the water were picked up by nearby submarines and they continued forward towards the enemy ships. Jock went up to the captain of the submarine.

Jock:"Plus torpilles, maintenant! On ne doit pas eux donner l'avantage!" (More torpedoes, now! We should not give them the advantage!)

Captain:"Oui, monsieur!" (Yes, sir!)

The captain screamed orders at several of the other sailors. Jock went on the radio to relay his battle strategy to the other remaining submarines. In a matter of moments, the submarines were shooting torpedoes full blast at the Snoss destroyers. The ships were sinking, and several cowardly Snoss soldiers were jumping into the water in fear. Jock ordered his submarine to go towards the nearest sinking Snoss destroyer ship. The submarine emerged from the water and Jock hopped out of the submarine and onto the sinking Snoss ship.

Java was waiting for him, with a green lightsaber.

Jock:"You don't even know how to use that thing! But I take your hate for me and the rest of the Hochstadt Gang makes you powerful."

Java:"I learned a few trick up my sleeve from my dad and my RDA Clone Trooper relatives."

Java and Jock charged at each other and engaged in a lightsaber battle. Java kept jumping around Jock with the aid of his jetpack, which made it more difficult for Jock to defend himself. Java was fast and furious with rage, and Jock was having a difficulty blocking his strikes. It was even harder for him to find an opening to get at him. Java seemed to have acquired an air of youthfulness, for his quick attacks were packed with energy. Jock was unexpectedly moving back. The ship was sinking, and he was losing turf. Suddenly, Java jumped back, and with his jetpack, he charged at Jock at full speed.

Jock quickly jumped into the air over him and slashed at his jetpack. Suddenly, Java's jetpack began to malfunction, and he uncontrollably flew into the sky and out of sight.

Jock:"Darn! He got away!"

Piper hopped onto the sinking ship with Jock.

Piper:"Be thankful you weren't killed."

Jock:"I guess so. How are we progressing?"

Piper:"All enemy ships have been struck and are sinking. The Snoss sailors are retreating."

Jock:"All right, let's get back into the sub. It's time to get to land and start our liberation campaign. The other Frankterran submarines should be arriving soon."

Jock and Piper went back into their submarine and submerged back into the water. Some minutes later, there was a beeping noise from the radar.

Jock:"Capitaine! Qu'était ça?" (Captain! What was that?)

The captain looked at the radar, and his face became alarmed. He slowed down the submarine.

Captain:"Monsieur, il dit qu'il y a beaucoup de bateaux. Beaucoup de bateaux." (Sir, it says that there's a lot of botes. A lot of boats.)

Jock:"Quoi?" (What?)

The submarine had some to a halt and had emerged from the water. Jock and Piper climbed up the ladder to peek outside.

There was a huge group of Snoss Destroyers approaching them, and they all lined up along the horizon. Jock and Piper's eyes grew big.


Two penguins were sitting outside at a cafe in Pengu Town. The city life was bustling as usual with several cars and busses passing by them. One of the penguins was reading a newspaper.

Penguin 1:"Well, what do you know. The Frankterrans attempted to liberate Snoss controlled Regiao Lisboaguesa with a submarine attack. They were warded off by a large Snoss naval fleet. It says they were able to at least destroy a Snoss freighter ship."

Penguin 2:"Wow. At least they tried. Unlike Castilla. I can't believe they're not doing anything."

Penguin 1:"Well, General Jock Hochstadt was leading the attack, it says."

Penguin 2:"Ah. He probably sought service with Frankterre since the Castillans declared neutrality."

Penguin 1:"Yeah. Looks like Batavia won't be helping either. It says here that they've launched an invasion on the Seal Islands. They're apparently not allying with anyone."

Penguin 2:"No kidding?"

Penguin 1:"Geez, it looks like we're hopeless. The USA is going to be attacked by the Snoss and it looks like we're going to have to fend for ourselves, since Frankterre already seems busy."

Suddenly, a loud explosion could be heard. There were screams.

Penguin 1:"WHAT THE-"

Penguin 2:"Come on!"

The two penguins left their table and ran towards the city harbor, where the smoke was coming. When they arrived, they saw that an empty oil transport vessel had been torpedoed.

Penguin 1:"Oh no, look at the sea!"

Penguin 2 looked at the ocean to see several Snoss and Zhouese ships and black clouds of aircraft approaching the city.

War had reached the USA.

In his presidential office, Spike Hike was jamming on his guitar when his butler came into the room. Spike Hike turned off the amp and put his instrument down.

Butler:"An urgent message, Mr. President."

Spike Hike:"Yeah. It had to be on my free time too."

Butler:"It's dire."

The Butler gave Spike Hike the telegram. Spike Hike took it, read it for a few brief moments, and gasped.

Spike Hike Office 2.png

Spike Hike:"We're under attack?"

Butler:"Yes sir. They've already taken Pengu town. We have already mobilized our forces near Hackzon Valley, where we will try to fend them off."

Spike Hike sighed and sat down at his chair.

Spike Hike:"Is it too late to press the red button and get this all over with?"

Butler:"That would not be good. You would receive immediate backfire. And they won't be Triple XXX missiles."

Spike Hike:"Darn. Then in that case, we must declare war. Take this to the Council. Another Great Snowzerland War has begun."

Back on the island of Maverick at a large brick manor on a banana plantation, King-in-exile Feey1 Pie was sitting at the dining table reading a newspaper. He was alone, for his wife, Kaylin Pie went for a walk in the garden with their son, Feey3 Pie. Gill sat down next to Feey quietly. He lowered the newspaper he was reading.

Feey1:"The darned Swiss Ninja has waged another war with the USA! That cretin. He turned on me, he turns on everyone else. He's as despicable second to none other than the stupid Hochstadt Gang and their Castillan supporters."

Gill:"Why don't you make this an opportunity to strike your revenge?"

Feey1 laughed for a moment.

Feey1:"Yes. I would like that. No. Scratch that. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. AHAHAHAHAHA! I MUST! Revenge so I can defend my honor! I will muster my strength and KILL him! Hahahaha!"

Gill:"That would be nice."

Feey1:"With my Jedi skills, I will kill him on the spot! Haha. Yeeesss. I better get ready. I better fix up that Super Suit in the basement. Hahaha! SOON HE WILL REGRET RUINING MY LIFE."

Feey1 was about to dash into the basement when his wife came in and called out to him.

Kaylin:"Honey! Go change the baby's diaper!"


Jock and Piper were sitting in a small conference room with several other Frankterran naval officers on a Frankterran aircraft carrier. The admiral of the fleet had attended the meeting, and he paced back and forth nervously while taking an occasional sip of Cream Soda from a glass bottle.

Admiral:"Jock, avez-vous un plan?" (Jock, do you have a plan.)

Jock:"Oui. C'est le temps à reconquérir la ville de Shiverpool." (Yes. It is time to reconquer the city of Shiverpool.)

Admiral:"Et comment allons-nous faire ça, exactement?" (And how are we going to do this, exactly?)

Jock:"C'est facile. Ensemble avec nos alliés, les Lisboagais et les Frizelandiens, nous allons attaquer la ville sans avertissement." (It's easy. Together with our allies, the Lisboaguese and the Freezelandians, we are going to attack the city without warning.)

Admiral:"Très bien. Incluez les Ruscens. Ce sont nos nouveaux alliés, J'entendais." (Very well. Include the Ruscans. They are our new allies, I heard.)

Jock:"Bien. Ce sont dans la fête aussi, maintenant. Nous commençons ce coir à 22:00 heures." (Good. They are in the party too, now. We start tonight at 22:00 Hours.)

Several hours later, Piper sat at the main cannon of a Frankterran ship sailing towards the Antarctic Peninsula. The sun was setting, and the darkness was soon about to settle. He was patiently waiting for the orders to sound so that he could fire the colossal weapon. He had already figured out the trajectory, and every minute made him more patient. Piper was alone, since Jock was with the captain of the ship. Suddenly, a voice was heard.


Piper pressed the button, and the cannon fired loudly and proudly. The siege of Shiverpool had begun. As he continued to fire the large cannon, Snoss ships exploded violently in the far distance. Suddenly, Piper's radio began to beep.


Jock:"Piper! We need you down starboard near the boat launching area now! We need you as a boarding party."

Piper:"Can do."

Piper dashed across the deck to the launch area to receive his weapons and orders. Another sailor took his place at the cannon.

Piper sat at the very front of a large metal barge since it was filled with fully armed Frankterran soldiers. As the barge made it's way to shore, Piper used his assault rifle to knock down nearby Snoss enemies on land and sea. When the barge crashed on the shore, Piper jumped out with the rest of the soldiers and began raining ice bullets and deletion blasts at incoming Snoss soldiers hiding in buildings.

Frankterran Soldier:"Les chars de combat vient!" (The tanks are coming!)


Suddenly, Piper's assault rifle had gone dry.

Piper:"I don't need this anymore anyways."

Piper put his rifle back in hyperspace and took out his bazooka.

Piper:"Come at me, Snoss tanks!"

Piper blasted his bazooka at a Snoss tank, and it exploded loudly.



Piper found himself trapped in a cage.

"Not so fast, Piper!"

Piper turned around to see Austin8310.

Austin8310:"Ain't you so happy to see me? I'm still around!"

Piper:"Let me go or I'll cream you alive!

Austin:"I don't think you can do anything. If you use your bazooka, you'll just blow up yourself."

Piper:"True. Hey look, it's Jock!"

Austin:"Don't try to fool me, you..."

Snoss Soldier:"Herr Devecher, es ist wirklich Jock!" (Mr. Devecher, it is really Jock!)

Austin turned around and started firing at Jock, who was with his AK-47 deletion rifle. Jock jumped behind an overturned trash can. Suddenly, Piper jumped on Austin and whacked him on the head with his bazooka.

Austin:"DANGIT! How did you escape?!"

Austin looked at the cage and saw that Piper had dug a burrow into the sand. After all, they still were on the beach.

Austin:"Drat you, puffle!"

Java ran up and threw smoke bombs at Piper and Jock. The two Hochstadt Gang members immediately took cover behind the trash can. When the smoke had cleared, Austin, Java, and the group of Snoss soldiers they were with had disappeared.

In some matter of time, the Allies had eventually captured all of Shiverpool and its port, and the Snoss were pushed back. The Frankterrans were left to patrol the city while the Lisboaguese and the Ruscans pushed the front deeper inland to liberate the Antarctic Peninsula. It was then that the citizens of Shiverpool finally emerged from hiding to welcome their new liberators with cheering crowds. Meanwhile, the Frankterrans brought in cauldrons of soup and boxes of baguettes as food aid for the city.

The day after the liberation, Piper and Jock partied with several of the other Frankterran generals and captains with an innumerable amount of Cream Soda. Nevertheless, despite the victory, the war still raged on.

Chapter 3:It's Time to Join the War

Kaiser Swiss Ninja was on a large Snoss battleship when Java Ghent arrived with his green helicopter. Java was escorted by a bunch of Stormtroopers inside the ship into Swiss Ninja's office. The Kaiser was organizing faxes and telegrams he had just received.

Java bowed before his Emperor. Swiss Ninja looked away from what he was doing and at Java.

Swiss Ninja:"Rise, Java. No need for that right now."

Java:"My liege, I have failed you. The Frankterrans have destroyed one of our cargo ships and its entourage bound for Frostize."

Swiss Ninja:"Doesn't matter. They have invaded Shiverpool with the help of the Ruscans and the Lisboaguese. The USA is now beginning to fight back as well. Luckily, Darktan and Nightmare have that taken care of since they are support."

Java:"Don't forget the Zhouese."

Austin8310 entered the office. He had been sleeping in a room nearby. Swiss Ninja acknowledged his presence by briefly looking at him. Swiss Ninja was writing something while he was talking to Java.

Swiss Ninja:"Yes."

Java:"Where are we going, my master?"

Swiss Ninja:"The Falkland Islands. Known to the Castillans as the Malvinas. We are going to invade."

Austin8310:"Swiss, that is stupid! We've kept the Castillans out of the war so far, and we can keep it that way! We don't need any more opponents!"

Swiss Ninja:"DAG NAB IT AUSTIN! QUIT QUESTIONING MY BRILLIANT PLANS! If you were given the rare gift of excellent military strategy, you would be the Kaiser. But you're not, SO SHUT UP!"

Austin:"Hmmph. Not that yours always works."

Swiss Ninja:"Shut up, I said. My plans are never bad. They are just ruined by the Castillans and the Hochstadt Gang."

Austin:"Yeah, um, great excuse."


Austin:"Fine. Kaiser with gifted military strategies."

Swiss Ninja seemed irked for a moment but he let it brush off.

Swiss Ninja:"As I was is time to attack Castilla's Malvina Islands colony NOW, because we need to keep them off guard. We can't wait too long, or else. The Castillans will join the war anyways once they see that we are winning. Here's my two cents. We will brutally attack and invade the colony. There's a fifty fifty chance that Castilla may or may not join afterwards, right? If they don't, great. Then we know they're vulernable. We'll use the islands as a base to launch nuclear missiles at them, and we'll launch a direct attack on their mainland. If they do join the war, we will give them a surprise."


Swiss Ninja stood up and walked to several large objects covered by a tarp. Swiss Ninja ripped the tarp off the reveal several large Nuclear weapons.

Austin and Java were silent.

Swiss:"Genius. They will want to liberate their islands. So they're going to send their fleet there first. Once they do, it's good bye Castillan army."

Java:"This could not be a safe idea."

Swiss:"Oh, please. It's not like Castilla has any nukes of their own. Everyone else is too busy to help them."

Austin:" may just work. But it's a sacrifice too."

Swiss:"A sacrifice I'm willing to pay. I will win this war, if it's the last thing I do."

Austin rolled his eyes.

Austin:"That's what you said the other seven or so times you went to war."

Swiss Ninja turned red.

Swiss Ninja:"Austin, get out of my sight!"

Jock and Piper had returned to Castilla briefly to visit Clovis and Leonardo as well as to contact the United Front for the Liberation of Snowzerland, of which Jock commands. Jock contacted one of the soldiers of the front, Joseph Maximilian, via radio.

Jock:"Maximilian. Es ist Jock. Bist du da?" (Maximilian. It is Jock. Are you there?)

After a brief moment of static, Maximilian picked up the transmission.

Maximilian:"Jock, Ich höre dich gut. Was geht es mit dir?" (Jock, I hear you well. How are you?)

Jock:"Mehr oder weniger, gut. Hören Sie. Wir brauchen ihre neuen Pläne wissen." (More or less good. Listen. We need to know their plans.)

Maximilian:"Die Pläne?" (The plans?)

Jock:"Ja! Vom Militär! Wir sind jetzt in einem Krieg." (Yes! From the military! We are now in a war."

Maximilian:"Ich weiß. Ich werde dich zum militärischen Sender verbinden." (I know. I'll connect you to the military transmitter.)

Jock:"Danke schön." (Thank you very much.)

Maximilian:"Nichts zu danken! Auf Wiedersehen!" (You're welcome, good bye!)

Suddenly, the radio went static again. Then, faint transmissions could be heard.

Jock:"Let's turn up the volume..."

Jock and Piper listened in anticipation for any signs of plans. Suddenly, a familiar voice came on the radio.

"Kapitän, bist du bereit?" (Captain, are you ready?)

Piper:"It's Swiss!"


Captain:"Ja. Jeder ist bereit. Alles anderes ist auch bereit." (Yes. Everyone is ready. Everything else is also ready.)

Swiss Ninja:"Gut. Starten Sie den Bertreib!" (Good. Start the Operation!)

Captain:"Ja, mein Kaiser!" (Yes, my Kaiser!)

Suddenly, the radio became static.

Piper:"Betreib? What's that mean?"

Jock:"It means Operation...the Snoss just started an attack."


Jock:"I don't know how to detect the location of the broadcasts. If only Clovis was here, he could possibly figure it out."

Piper:"Doesn't matter. We're too late."

The incessant and sudden sounds of a million shells had woken the Castillan Governor of the Falkland Islands from his siesta. He jumped up in his chair and looked around his office. The shades were closed as they normally would, but he felt something was wrong. He heard screaming.

Governor:"¿Qué es este ruido?" (What is that sound?)

Suddenly, the secretary ran into the room, panicked.

Governor:"María, ¿Qué pasa?" (Maria, what's happening?)

Maria:"Gobernador, ¡Es terrible! ¡Hay una invasión afuera tu ventana!" (Governor, it's terrible! There's an invasion outside your window!)

Gobernador:"¿De qué? ¿Moscas enojadas?" (Of what? Flies?)

Maria:"No. Abre esta ventana, y verás." (No. Open this window, and you'll see.)

The Governor briskly walked to the window and briskly forced open the shades.

Governor:"Dios mio..."

With the view of the whole capital city, the Governor could see tons of buildings in flames and a multitude of explosions. Snoss aircraft were zooming across the sky. Suddenly, a Snoss jet flew towards them and launched a deletion missile....which flew straight through the window and exploded instantly.

Swiss Ninja's battleship docked in the destroyed harbor of the destroyed Castillan city. Nothing was left but the ruins of tons of homes that had been exploded by the shellings. Cheering Snoss soldiers came to meet him. As Swiss Ninja stepped off the gangplank, he was smiling and clapping along with his soldiers.

Swiss Ninja:"Excellent! Excellent! Any prisoners?"

A Commander arrived with several Castillan Prisoners of war. They were all soldiers.

Swiss Ninja:"Commander, where is the Governor?"

Commander:"Dead. He was deleted from one of our aircraft missiles. His estate had been partially deleted, the rest of it was burned from the explosion."

Swiss Ninja:"Drats. Men, clear all this rubble and start construction for a large military fort. Establish posts around the islands, and have these new prisoners of war and the refugees as slaves. I don't care what you do with them. Just make sure they don't rebel."

Commander:"Ja, mein Kaiser!" (Yes, my Kaiser!)

Jock, Piper, Leonardo, and Clovis were immediately summoned to the Royal Palace in Metido. They all congregated at the throne room to see King Carlos in great distress.

Jock:"Your Majesty, we have arrived."

King Carlos:"Terrible news, Boys. The Snoss have attacked, invaded, and obliterated our colony on the Malvina Islands. And all of our citizens and soldiers there are now enslaved. This is now a moral crisis..."

Everyone was silent.

King Carlos:"Jock, Piper, I must severely apologize. Now I see that war is the only discourse we must persue, for our Empire is in danger, and the face of Democracy shall fall into the Snoss if we do not do anything."

Piper:"Well, you should have..."

Jock kicked Piper in annoyance to shut him up.

Jock:"We accept your apology, and don't take it too hard. We will recapture the islands and finish this war. It's about time we do, since our allies really need some help."

King Carlos:"Good. Then we'll need to split our forces. One half will go to recover our colony, the other will help push the Snoss out of Antarctica."

Jock:"As you wish, your majesty."

King Carlos:"General Hermosa will will assist you. Vaya con Dios, amigos queridos."

Everyone left the room silently.

Jock and Piper met General Hermosa in front of the palace at the front doors. General Hermosa was holding several dossier folders filled with a bunch of papers.

Piper:"Hello, General."

Hermosa:"Hola, Piper and Jock. Do you have news from the king?"

Jock:"Yes. He has declared war. He asked us to team up with you in order to aid our allies and to liberate the conquered colony."

Hermosa:"Very well. Let me deliver these documents to the king, and I will come back with you guys. We are going to deploy our ships immediately."

Several large Castillan destroyer ships had already set sail. The armada of fifty ships and two aircraft carriers may have seemed too much, but by the description of the Snoss attack on the Malvinas Islands, they needed all the help they could get. Jock was at the bow of one of the destroyers, looking into the distance with a large telescope. Piper sat on his shoulder.

Piper:"See anything?"

Jock:"No. But I know we're getting close. Quickly, let's go to the command room and look at the radar."

Jock ran with Piper to the ship's control room, where several Castillan sailors were looking at radars and operating radios. General Hermosa was commanding the ship.

Jock:"General Hermosa, there are no ships visible ahead of us."

General Hermosa:"Good. We will soon reach the Malvinas Islands in a matter of minutes, and then we will be ready to fight. Is there anything you have planned?"

Jock:"Yes. Get our cannons ready. They are long range, so we can fire them once we have sight of the coast."

General Hermosa:"But the citizens?"

Jock:"The city is already destroyed, Hermosa. They probably are expecting us so they're hiding inland."

Piper:"How about we sent aircraft ahead of us to take a report?"

Jock:"Good idea. They'll communicate with us via radio."

General Hermosa:"I'm on it."

General Hermosa ran to the radio and screamed for the pilots to take to the skies immediately.

Piper:"I'll go with them."

Jock:"Are you sure?"


Piper jumped off Jock's shoulder and ran to the edge of the ship so he could board the aircraft carrier, which had moved closer to the main control ship. Jock followed him. Once they crossed onto the aircraft carrier, Piper ran to his aircraft jumped inside.


Piper:"Yeah, Jock?"

Jock:"Be careful out there."

Piper:"I will."

Piper closed his hatch and turned on the aircraft's engines. Jock stepped back as Piper taxied onto the runway. Piper would be the leader of the air crew, and thus he was the first to leave. As the engines began to flame orange and blue, Piper's jet dashed across the runway and jumped into the sky, towards the Malvinas Islands. Moments later, other aircraft were following him.

Piper (SQUADCOM):"Jock, we have the island's coast in sight. We await your orders."

Jock (SQUADCOM):"Piper, ascend 2,000 feet. You're too low, and the Snoss may spot you. Keep us posted and tell us what you can see in the distance."

Piper (SQUADCOM):"Roger."

As Piper glided quickly towards the land, he frequently scanned the aircraft's radar for any approaching enemies. There were none to be found. He looked ahead, the grey rocky shores of the island becoming clearer....and that was when he saw the newly built guard towers and several barbed wire fences lining the coast. He thought he even saw mines installed.

Piper (SQUADCOM):"Jock, come in, Jock. I've spotted a chain of guard towers across the coast. There seems to be a lot of barbed wire and rubble everywhere....I think I see mines, too."

Jock (SQUADCOM):"Piper, aren't you detecting any aircraft on your radar? This seems awfully suspicious..."

Piper (SQUADCOM):"No....oh wait...I think one of the guard towers just shot a red emergency flare in the sky.... I think they just....OH CR-'"

Suddenly Piper's radio became static.


An array of missiles had been blasted into the sky, and Piper and the other Castillan soldiers had to dodge for their lives as the Snoss missiles blasted through the sky.


The radio went static again. Jock turned to General Hermosa.

Jock:"They're under attack! Are the long range cannons ready to fire?"

General Hermosa:"Yes."


General Hermosa:"But wait, what about our targets?"

Jock:"Just do it and hope we get lucky! Aim for the coast or something!"

General Hermosa screamed in the radio again, and moments later, a deafening sound of heavy gunfire occurred. Large Castillan shells had been fired into the air, and they created huge explosions once they hit the island. In seconds, the Snoss guardposts had been blown to shreds, and the barbed wire had been torn up. A few of the shells managed to hit the large missile launching trucks, others hit Snoss battleships.

Piper (SQUADCOM):"Good work! You've stunned them! Keep going and send out land forces soon!"

Jock (SQUADCOM):"We will! Piper, get you and your men to drop bombs on any significant Snoss target and try your best to fend yourselves off from the enemy aircraft."

Piper (SQUADCOM):"I"m already doing that. I have new intel, too. The Snoss have built a large fortress not far inland from where you launched all the missiles. I have a feeling this is their main stronghold on the island."

Jock (SQUADCOM):"Good work. Now we've got a goal to reach..."

Chapter 4:Brutality

A Snoss soldier walked into Flywish's bedroom with a paper bag. Flywish was sitting on his bed, thinking and contemplating.

Snoss Soldier:"Hier ist dein Mittagessen, 'Papa' Flywish! Hahaha, es tut mir leid! Du bist jetzt nichts." (Here is your lunch, Papa Flywish. Hahaha, I'm sorry! You're nothing now.)

Flywish, who had no idea what he was saying, just said:"Thanks."

Flywish opened the bag. Oh boy, a sauerkraut and fish sandwich with a tub of spaghetti, again. Swiss Ninja was really trying to get at it, wasn't he?

Flywish tossed his food at the window. The food splattered and made a big mess. Suddenly, his son, Flywish II, could be heard.

Flywish II:"DAD! Psst! Dad! Over here!"

Flywish:"Son, where are you?"

Suddenly, Flywish felt something under his feet. He jumped, but quickly collected himself and removed the carpet. Flywish II had dug a hole in the celing of one of the storage rooms below Flywish's king suite. Flywish jumped down into the room to be with his son.

Flywish:"This is going to cost money."

Flywish II:"I know, but it's for the better."

Flywish:"Wait, how did you escape your room?"

Flywish II:"They don't monitor me very much. Quickly, we can escape through one of the ventilation shafts located down the hall here. From there we can make it outside into the garden. However, the area is still well guarded, so we need to keep quiet."

Flywish:"Don't worry. I have a pistol hidden under my shirt."

Flywish II:"Ok. Then let's roll!"

Flywish and his son quietly dashed into the hallway and broke into the ventilation shaft. They broke open the grate, and they ran through the garden in silence. A Snoss Soldier spotted them.

Snoss Soldier:"Sie Fliehen! SOLDATEN, ANGRIFF!" (They're running away! Soldiers, ATTACK!}

The Snoss soldiers took out their rifles and started shooting at Flywish and his son. However, they were too quick, and they were able to jump over the fence out into the city of Dellaroma. Flywish and Flywish II dashed across the street and ran inside a pharmacy.

Flywish:"Citizen! Quick, shield us!"

The Pharmacist, who was astonished, led the two into a storage room.

Pharmacist:"Papa, you are all right! It's ok, we all know of your imprisonment. We know you are not supporting the Snoss."

Flywish:"Good. But we need to get out of here. I need to find a safe haven where I can start a resistance army..."

Pharmacist:"You don't need to. We already formed one, and you are our leader."

Flywish II:"You're one of their members?"

Pharmacist:"Yes. Papa Tremezzo has been co-leading the opposition silently from his home. He'll be glad to shelter you for now."

Flywish:"Good. Arrange for my transport to Lago di Lario immediately. This violation against international law ends now."

As Piper's jet glided across the cloudy sky, the sight of the great Snoss fortress appeared in the distance and grew larger and larger with each second. What seemed like a swarm of bees dashing out of a hive turned out to be more Snoss enemy aircraft, ready to take down their enemy. Piper looked out to his sides to see his aviator comrades of the 1st Castillan Airborne Division right beside him. A warm feeling of comradery and confidence filled Piper's heart and soul, and he was ready to fight for the motherland.

Piper (SQUADCOM):"All right men. Let's close in and get ready for battle. Bomb that fortress and bring it down!"

Hundreds of the Snoss Aircraft were hurdling towards them, yet fear had escaped from Piper's mind. To him, they were nothing but a wall that could easily be jumped over. As they neared even closer, the sights and sounds of flying enemy bullets could be heard, and that was when Piper swooped the plane in a steep dive that caught his enemy off guard. Though hurtling towards the earth in only a matter of seconds, Piper jerked the joystick back and the aircraft flew back up into the sky. Piper had effectively flew past the enemy swarm and was in the clear, and could see the fortress ahead in the distance under the setting sun.

However, his victory was short sighted, for he had two Snoss aircraft on his tail. Piper made a barrel roll with the plane to avoid their bullets and to make them lose track of him, yet they still were at him. Piper searched his radar and found that he was alone, for all the other Castillan aircraft had been pushed back and were deeply focused in dogfights.

Just when the fortress was in sight, and Piper was preparing to launch his missile, one of his wings exploded.


Jock ran to the radio.

Jock (SQUADCOM):"Piper! Eject from there!"

Piper (SQUADCOM):"NO! I'm going to finish this mission!"


As Jock was speaking, Piper positioned the aircraft so that it was heading on a spinning collision course with the main tower of the fortress. Then, at the last minute, Piper smacked the eject button and was ejected out of the aircraft and into the air, where a parachute was deployed. In a matter of seconds, the flaming aircraft collided into the main tower of the fortress with massive force, and it collapsed from the heat.

Jock stopped talking when the radio went static.


Jock slammed his head on wall. Tears filled his eyes and he felt hot everywhere. A quake of anger filled his spirit.

General Hermosa:"Jock, I'm sorry..."

Jock:"No. I'm responsible for his death. I'M GOING OUT THERE. Get me on the next ship immediately. I'm going to fight on the shores."

General Hermosa:"As you wish, Jock. As you wish."

As Piper floated down towards the ground, he could see the war occurring all around the island. Black smoke billowed everywhere, airplanes zooming around in the air like flies in a swamp. Suddenly, another Snoss aircraft flew by and started firing bullets at Piper, who was luckily spared, but not his parachute. Piper began to drop , though he quickly took out his handy handkerchief to break the fall. He floated down gently onto the grassy landscape of the Malvina Island.

As he looked around himself and took out his rifle. By now, the sky was ashy and grey. Smoke had blocked the setting sun and the sounds of gunfire and pounding artillery refused to cease. Standing of a cliff, Piper could see more Castillan forces charging up the beaches. He knew that he needed to meet up with them and finalize that last major push inland to destroy the remainder of the Snoss troops around the demolished fortress. Piper swiftly made his way down inland, dashing hastily through the tall stalks of the island, trying his best not to be seen.

However, a couple Snoss soldiers saw him and started shooting at him. Piper quickly dodged behind a rock and began shooting back. The exchange of gunfire continued; the icebullets were flying very close to Piper, with the sturdiness of the large rock protecting him. Just after he turned back to quickly reload his rifle, he saw that the two soldiers had disappeared. Piper was suspicious, and he was not sighing with any relief.

The sound of loading a gun could be heard. Piper turned around to see the two Snoss soldiers right behind him, pointing their rifles at him, ready to shoot. Piper, who was ready to shoot back, was caught off guard when they shot the weapon out of his possession.

Piper:"I surrender!"

The soldiers seemed not to care for his plea.


Both of the two soldiers dropped to the ground. Piper opened his eyes and saw Jock approaching him, with his rifle.

Jock:"Piper! You're alive!"

Jock picked him up and hugged him warmly.

Piper:"What, you thought I was dead? I crashed the plane into the fortress, but I didn't stay in it...duh..."

Jock:"Well, you scared me. I thought we lost you for good. Nevermind that now. We have a battle to finish. We've lost a substantial amount of soldiers in this battle, and same with the Snoss. They're sending in reinforcements as we speak, so we have little time to act."

Jock and Piper GSWVI.png


A large bomb had fallen from the sky and exploded nearby Jock and Piper. They ducked behind the rock again as a bunch of earth began to splatter around everywhere. Piper and Jock looked up into the sky.


Piper:"They conquered the sky! Our aircraft have retreated!"

Jock:"No matter! We will not give this battle up! If we do not win the battle in the skies, we must win the battle on the seas. If we can not do that, then we will win the battle on land."

Piper:"And if we don't?"

At this point, several Castillan soldiers joined the two, overhearing Jock's words of inspiration.

Jock:"Then we win, even if we lose. We will become the martyrs of a cause worth fighting for. For freedom. for democracy. And for the feeling of accomplishment we had about putting up an honorable fight with the dictatorial tyranny of Swiss Ninja. We will prove to the world that we will not back down against evil. We will fight until we can no longer fight anymore, for the hopes of a better future, and for equality and peace. Sure, they say bullets are not the answer, but when you have an evil mastermind bent on world conquest, there is no compromise. We must take the risk of death in order to protect our liberties. We must take the risk of death in order to protect our country's sovereignty from the flippers of evil. ¡PARA LA PATRIA! ¡PARA CASTILLA!"

Piper and the Castillan Soldiers:"¡PARA LA PATRIA! ¡PARA CASTILLA!

Jock:"Hence, what are we waiting for? LET'S DO THIS!!!"

Jock and Piper led the group of the Castillan soldiers towards the destroyed Snoss base and began to open fire at the approaching Snoss soldier. Shell mortars from both the Castillans and the Snoss continued to explode everywhere.

Clovis and Leonardo were strolling down the liberated city of Shiverpool, taking a break from their job of spying on enemy radio conversations. As they walked the streets, they could see several Frankterran, Castillan, Antarctican, and Lisboaguese tanks and soldiers walking around from one place to another. The place had become a base for their mainland military campaigns, and hence the allied nations had set up their bases here, since by now the Snoss forces have been pushed back 200 miles away.

Leonardo:"Clovis, have you recieved any news on Piper and Jock yet?"

Clovis:"No. I'm afraid not. The last I heard was that Jock found Piper alive on the island and that they decided to participate in the fight on land."

Leonardo:"Don't you know if they're still OK?"

Clovis:"Afraid not. I heard from several sources that the battle going on in the Malvinas Islands is extremely brutal."

Leonardo:"I have hope for them!"

Suddenly, a Frankterran soldier ran towards them in urgency.

Frankterran Soldier:"Hé! Êtes-vous Clovis Hochstadt et Leonardo di Tremezzo?" (Hey! Are you Clovis Hochstadt and Leonardo di Tremezzo)


Frankterran Soldier:"J'ai un message de la base castilliane! C'est une lettre importante du général Hermosa!" (I have a message from the Castillan Base! It's an important letter from General Hermosa!)

Clovis:"Merci beaucoup."

Clovis ripped open the letter. After reading it quickly for a few seconds, he smiled.

Leonardo:"What's the result?"

Clovis:"The Snoss are retreating! Jock and Piper have been leading the assault, and now they're pushing the Snoss out of the islands!"

Leonardo:"That's great! We're making progress!"

Clovis:"For now, yes."

The adrenaline had been released in Jock and Piper. No longer were they weary soldiers intimidated by their gloomy predicament. They were now the heroes of their cause, their comrades, and their country. Jock had become the wild viking he was, and Piper was the avid soldier he always wanted to be. Left and right, they spewed ice bullets every millisecond in every direction, fending off and defeating their retreating Snoss foes. Their new found self-esteem had made them feel invincible, and their positive energy had been transferred into the hearts and minds of the other Castillan soldiers, who were inspired by their bravery.

All seemed according to plan, until Jock and Piper reached the Governor's palace, which was now in ruins. At that moment, the Snoss seemed to have retreated further and ceased firing their weapons. Jock, Piper, and several Castillan marines were hiding in the ruins as they started shooting back at where they thought the Snoss soldiers were. Suddenly, Jock flew up into the air and smashed into one of the palace's destroyed walls.

Piper:"WHAT THE?"

Piper turned around to see Swiss Ninja standing in the burnt out doorway. He was angry, and the darkness of the night emphasized the dark contours of his face, and the darkness of his heart. Piper pointed his gun and started shooting at Swiss Ninja. However, Swiss Ninja stretched out his flipper and seemed to be catching the bullets, though it was hard to tell for sure. Then, without any notice, Piper's gun flew out of his grasp and landed into Swiss Ninja's flipper.

Jock had recovered from his crash and stood up.

Jock:"So, Swiss! You've learned how to use the force!"

Swiss:"More than you think, Jock."

Jock:"We don't want trouble, Swiss. Go with your troops and this doesn't have to end badly."

Swiss:"I have no intention on retreating."

Jock took out his lightsaber and kept it in his flipper, though he did not ignite it.

Jock:"Swiss, I'm warning you!"

Swiss:"Please. Where's my brother? Didn't he come as well?"

Jock:"You know he is not here."

Swiss:"Of course. Of course. I will meet him again soon. I will promise you of that."

Piper:"Give me my gun back, Swiss! I have other weapons I can, you know!"

Swiss Ninja threw Piper's gun down the hill that the governor's palace was on. The gun broke into pieces as it crashed into rocks and debris during it's long tumble.

Piper:"WHY YOU...."

Jock:"PIPER! Control yourself! Don't let him get to you!"

Piper withheld grudgingly, but with caution. Swiss Ninja took out his keysaber and ignited it, boasting the glowing red blade. Jock refused to turn on his blue lightsaber.

Swiss Ninja:"Fight me, Jock. Or die. Either way, you will lose."

Jock stuck his flipper out towards Swiss Ninja and stood looking sideways at him.

Jock:"I do not want trouble. I may not be a Jedi, but at least I have their skills and ethics. And hence, I refuse to fight you."

Swiss Ninja:"You fool. You always have been. You have no real leadership, you're nothing but Carlos's puppet! Haha!"

Piper rebutted:"SHUT UP! That's not true!"

Swiss Ninja used to force and threw Piper against the same wall that Jock had hit. Then, Swiss Ninja instantly charged at Jock, who unleashed his blue lightsaber blade at the last minute. Hence, the two commenced a lightsaber duel that was quick and rather stalemated. Swiss Ninja made many attempts to slash at Jock, but Jock easily blocked his strikes due to his intense amount of training with Fisch. Then, they finally came into a deadlock, and it was now strength against strength. Jock and Swiss Ninja's eyes were only ten centimeters away from each other, and they were looking intensely at each other.

Jock could never remember when he had ever looked into Swiss Ninja's eyes so closely. If the saying is true about the eyes being the gateway to the soul, then Jock saw nothing but hellfire and darkness. A new kind of fear panged through Jock's self-consciousness, and he struggled to escape the lock of those devilish eyes. In wake of his consciousness, but not as a response, Jock screamed:"NO!" and suddenly made a move in that he pushed Swiss Ninja away and disarmed both him and himself of their weapons in a matter of seconds. The two lightsabers, still on, landed quite a distance away, right next to Piper, who was watching the whole time after he had recovered.

Piper:"Hey! Watch it, I'm here, you know!"

Jock nor Swiss Ninja seemed to notice him.

Swiss Ninja:"Think that disarming me will end the fight? THINK AGAIN!"

Before Jock could do anything, Swiss Ninja immediately unleashed a torrent of lightning that blasted Jock with great force.


Piper became frantic as he saw the lighting blasts fry his beloved penguin friend. He quickly took Jock's keysaber and threw it at Swiss Ninja, who immediately ducked, and hence stopped the lightning. The brief pause gave Jock enough time to jump for the lightsaber. Swiss Ninja then began blasting Piper with lighting with his left flipper, and attempted to blast Jock with his right. While Piper was also subject to the pain, Jock was able to block the lightning with his lightsaber. Jock inched his way towards Swiss Ninja while fending off the lightning, but Swiss Ninja eventually stopped and grabbed his red lightsaber again.

Jock and Swiss Ninja went back into a lightsaber duel, but it only lasted briefly. All of a sudden, Swiss Ninja caught Jock off guard and slashed at his torso. Jock yelped in pain and fell to the ground. His lightsaber's blade had retracted. Piper had gasped, and Swiss Ninja had laughed. Jock turned away as Swiss Ninja lifted up his flippers again to blast him, but Jock looked back at him with glowing eyes.

The Sensei State had been released!

Jock suddenly blaster Swiss Ninja with fire, and he staggered back with surprise. Then, Jock blasted Swiss Ninja with lighting, but instead of electrocuting him, the blast threw Swiss Ninja far away from him, into the sea.

The Sensei State faded, and Jock fell back to the ground again. Piper came to his aid and saw that he was severely hurt.

The Castillan marines that had evacuated the scene at the sight of Swiss Ninja had returned. They were all dirty and covered with grass and leaves as they approached. They were shocked to see Jock on the ground.

Piper:"Quickly! Jock is severely injured! Somebody call in a medic!"

Castillan Marine:"¡Sí, Señor!" (Yes Sir!)

The Marine took out a radio and began to call the medic for assistance. He looked worriedly at Jock, who was stirring unconsciously and was moaning in pain. The marine turned off his radio and nodded to Piper that help would be on the way. Meanwhile, several Castillan marines decided to carry Jock by his limbs and took him down the hill towards the approaching medic. Piper followed closely behind with his pistol drawn, in case a Snoss soldier was about to ambush them.

Chapter 5:Mainland Antarctica

Clovis and Leonardo were stationed to temporarily live in a formerly abandoned apartment complex that had been converted into living quarters for Castillan and Frankterran military personnel. Clovis was resting on his bed watching television and Leonardo was in the kitchen when there was knock on the door.

Clovis:"Who is it?"

Leonardo:"I don't know..."

Clovis and Leonardo ran together to the door and opened it. It was Piper with a suitcase. Clovis saluted him.

Piper:"Hello, Clovis and Leonardo."

Leonardo:"Hey Piper! You've been stationed here?"

Piper:"Yep. We successfully won the battle at recapturing the Malvinas Islands. Yet it was a difficult fight..."

Clovis:"Wait...where's Jock?"

Piper:"He got hurt."

Leonardo:"What happened?"

Piper:"He had a lightsaber duel with Swiss Ninja, and he slashed at his torso."

Clovis:"Ouch! That's bad...."

Piper:"Yeah. So they took him back to Metido for treatment. He's in stable condition right now, but he'll be out for a while."

Clovis:"Very well. Come inside and unpack your things. I'll brief you on what we need to get done."

Piper went into the apartment building and Clovis shut the door. Clovis ran into the closet to pull out an extra puffle bed and put it in his bedroom, across from Leonardo's puffle bed. The apartment complex only came with one room, so there wasn't space for individuals. Nevertheless, being puffles, Piper and Leonardo were used to it.

Piper:"So what is our next operation, Clovis?"

Clovis:"We are planning to commence a joint military operation with Frankterre, USA forces, Lisboagal, and some Shopper Forces, since Zhou attacked them recently, they too are now in the war."

Piper:"Will we get to their front too?"

Clovis:"Let's not think about that at the moment. USA first. Then Shops. Our liberation operation will be at Pengu Town in a couple days. Jock will still be out, so I must take his place, unfortunately."

Piper:"But you were given another task!"

Clovis:"Well King Carlos wants me to replace him."

Leonardo:"Orders are orders."

Piper:"Very well. I hope you're ready for this, Clovis."


The wrecked Governor's palace on the hill in the Malvinas Islands still did not change since the lightsaber battle between Swiss Ninja and Jock. The debris was still the way it was and Jock's blood still stained the ground. It was the night, the moon was out, and it was particularly dark. The Islands had been won, but much was to be rebuilt. At this hour of the day, the Castillan soldiers were sleeping, and so were the freed islanders, for now there was peace with the threat of Snoss completely gone.

But they didn't see the monster that came out of the sea.

The metal monster walked out of the sea clumsily yet quietly, and no one paid attention. It briefly paused to look around at it's surroundings, but it began to briskly walk inland cautiously. The metal monster, the clunky, clumsy metal monster, with the flag of the old Yow Kingdom on its belly, was walking up the burnt up hill of the Governor's palace. When he arrived, the metal monster turned on a flashlight and spotted the browned blood stains. The metal monster stretched out it's clumsy fat metal arm and placed its palm over it. A small laser beam came out from it, for the beam was scanning the blood. Suddenly, the robot jerked back into an upright position and froze. The silhouette in the head of the beast, who was hidden by the darkness, was moving around inside the machine, until suddenly the glass top of the machine came off, releasing steam.

A penguin walked out, coughing and cursing under his breath.

It was none other than Feey1, whose eyes looked large and peculiar. He was not wearing his 3-D glasses because of the darkness. There was no one around except for himself, but he decided to talk to himself anyways.

Feey1:"Hahaha! Jock was here! Jock Hochstadt was here! I should have known that he would have fought. That traitor. I thought he was my friend. He deserved to die, that fool! And Swiss Ninja! That idiot! He won. I hate him too. No matter! I like when my enemies fight my other enemies. BUAHAHAHAHA!"

Feey started walking around the building to see the damage that had been done.

Feey1:"I will find you Hochstadt Gang. I will find the rest of you. And when I do. I will kill you. I will find you Swiss Ninja. I will find the rest of your gang of Bounty Hunters. And when I do. I will kill you too. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

As Feey laughed like a maniac, one of his eyes began to wander towards his eyelids. Feey was now rubbing his flippers together evilly, plotting his revenge. He was in a good mood, and was not swayed by the cold wind chill that came from the sea.

Suddenly, a sound in the bushes could be heard.


Feey pulled out a machine gun and started firing it everywhere. The ice bullets were flying all around in random places, yet none of them were concentrated in one spot. Feey was shooting his gun for nothing, for he didn't even try to shoot at the place where he had heard the noise.

Feey cackled to himself again and hopped into the super suit. He began to turn around and he started to head back into the sea.

All this time, Java Ghent had been hiding in the bushes near the Governor's palace some distance away. Java stayed on the island, hoping to gun down some Castillan soldiers in revenge and to keep them on their feet in search for remaining Snoss soldiers that had not retreated.

As he saw Feey leave, he lowered his sniper rifle and resolved not to shoot him. Too easy, he thought. Such a kill would be good, but it wasn't the right time, he thought. It had to be done in a cool way, or else such a prize would not be valued as much. He would wait. He would have Feey. And put his head on a silver platter for his Kaiser to hang on his wall over his fireplace. Java called Swiss Ninja via the radio to tell him of his find.

Java:"Hallo, mein Fuhrer. I have found him."

Swiss Ninja:"Who? Clovis?"

Java:"No. Feey1."

Swiss Ninja:"WHAT? Why is he on that island? He's not even relevant to the war!"

Java:"I know. But he wants to get involved. Listen, mein Kaiser, I spied on him. He has plans. Bad plans."

Swiss Ninja:"Well tell me then! I don't have all night!"

Java:"He has plans to murder you, the Bounty Hunters, and the Hochstadt Gang once he tracks us all down."

Swiss Ninja:"I see. We can't let that happen."

Java:"Worst of all he has become a maniac. I learned all of this because he was talking to himself. His sanity has left him."

Swiss Ninja:"Not to worry, Java. Not to worry. Follow him. And capture him. I want him ALIVE."

Java:"Yes, mein Fuhrer."

Swiss Ninja:"Do what must be done."

Java:"Yes, mein Kaiser!"


Java:"Sorry sir!"

Java turned on his jetpack and blasted into the night sky. He tried his best not to be seen by the Castillans, and soon he found himself pursuing Feey1's Penguin Super Suit in the distance. This mission would go successfully, Java thought. Feey would not get away like the Hochstadt Gang. Not this time.

Flywish and his son, Flywish II, were staying in Papa Tremezzo's villa at the shores of Lago di Lario. Many other loyal Ligurian leaders had congregated at the villa in secret so that the Snoss-controlled Ligurian army could not crash their gathering.

Flywish:"Grazie, Grazie! It's an honor for me to be here, everyone. Now, my fellow Ligurians, we are living in a time of political distress. Swiss Ninja has wrenched away all of my power, and our beloved country is under his iron flipper of terror. Surely, we must not let that happen! As long as we keep silent, the true voices of Liguria will not be heard, and forever will Liguria be under the bondage of Snoss rule..."

Papa Tremezzo:"OH HELL NO! You tell 'em that."

Everyone started clapping.

Flywish:"Hey! I'm not finished yet. As I was saying. Swiss Ninja has illegally couped me and my cabinet out of power. He has established a puppet me in my place. He has sent our men, our soldiers, out to war in a fight we did not want to get involved in. They are not fighting the fight in the name of the motherland. They are grudgingly fighting not in the name of democracy, but rather in the name of Swiss Ninja. We shall suffer no longer! It is NOW the time to rebel! We must fight back and take back what is rightfully ours! The Snoss shall be kicked from this island, and Double Sicilia. We will fight for our freedom. We will fight for our people. We will fight for our individuality. We will fight for our culture. WE WILL FIGHT FOR THE GLORY OF LA REPUBBLICA LIGURIANA!"

Everyone started clapping loudly and were cheering. Flywish's speech was received with much gusto, and some of the meeting's participants were crying...

Clovis, Leonardo, and Piper were preparing themselves inside one of the many metal rooms of a Castillan destroyer ship. Leonardo and Piper strapped on their helmets and placed several deletion grenades into hyperspace. Clovis was taking the time to load his AK-47 Deletion rifle, carefully locking in each deletion bullet into the magazine with his flippers. He loaded several other magazines and put it under his hat in case more were needed. He looked in the mirror and strapped the rifle behind his back. Clovis saluted himself in the mirror as he tried to look tough with the rifle behind his back and the leather strap across his torso. Piper snickered at him, since Clovis was still wearing his jester suit.

Clovis:"What are you laughing about? My suit?"

Piper:"Yes. I don't think it goes well with a soldier."

Clovis:"I'm taking Jock's place. I'm a general. I can do what I want."

Piper:"Yes. A 'General'. Only in name but not in practice."

Leonardo:"Come on, Piper. Don't mock him. He'll do fine."

Clovis:"Yes. Please, Piper. I need to focus."

Clovis looked at the mirror again and made a serious war face. Piper looked away to avoid bursting out in laughter. A knock was on the door.

Leonardo:"Come in!"

A Castillan soldier entered.

Castillan Soldier:"Don Clovis, Don Piper, and Don Leonardo, we are reaching sight of the Trans-Antarctic Coast. General Hermos said to get prepared immediately in order to aid in the bombing of the Snoss fleet and to partake in the landings..."

Clovis:"Very well. Sound the signal, and we will get to our stations."

Castillan Soldier:"Si, Don Clovis."

The Castillan Soldier saluted and left briskly. About ten minutes later, the alarm rang loudly.


Piper and Leonardo:"Aye!"

Piper and Leonardo ran to the port of the ship to one of the gun turrets. Clovis ran up to the center of the ship where one of the major cannons were. The alarm was sounding, and all the Castillan soldiers and sailors on board were rushing about. As Clovis sat behind the controls of the cannon, he quickly looked into the distance. He could see Pengu Town in the distance, a large Snoss blockade of ships, and what seemed like a swarm of bees approaching them.

Clovis:"The Snoss Luftwaffe!"

Clovis reached for his radio and contacted Piper.

Clovis:"Piper! Leonardo! Prepare for a Luftwaffe attack! They'll be striking any moment."

Piper:"You got it. Just focus on your own thing. I've been in a war before."

Clovis turned off the radio in annoyance. He turned on the cannon and fired it immediately. The blast was deafening and smoke briefly filled the air, but the shell was soon visible and it blasted into a Snoss warship, which immediately began to sink.

Clovis:"Score one for the boys back home!"

Several of the Castillan soldiers cheered at the sight of the destroyed Snoss ship. But their victory was short lived. Almost immediately, the swarm of Snoss aircraft had arrived, and ice bullets and shooting sounds drowned the air.

Piper started firing the machine gun at the fast approaching aircraft. He was able to knock one down in the first round and damaged a few others. As they came around again, Piper and Leonardo rained fire on them and were able to knock several down. Then, the third wave hit. They again fired at the fast moving planes, but a sudden bomb dropped by Snoss jet exploded nearby, and Piper and Leonardo had to jump out of the way to safety. They ran down the ship to the large ship cannon where Clovis still was.

Clovis:"There you are! We've bombed enough ships to make a landing! Let's get to the transport barges and launch immediately!"

Leonardo:"What about the ship?"

Clovis:"Other sailors will take our place! Now let's move!"

Clovis grabbed Piper and Leonardo and placed them on his shoulders. He ran to the transport barges with a bunch of other Castillan soldiers, and they were launched into the sea. Several Castillan aircraft flew into battle to help combat the Snoss aircraft and to protect the land invasion. Everyone on the barge was quiet and everyone was solemn. Only the sounds of the barge's engine, gunfire, and explosions could be heard.

Then, as the barges landed on the beaches of Pengu Town, the Castillan and Frankterran Soldiers yelled a war cry and started firing at the Snoss as they charged up the beach. However, the Snoss were firing back, and there were Castillan and Frankterran soldiers falling back from being hit by ditto or ice bullets. Among all the commotion was Clovis, with Piper and Leonardo still on his shoulders. At one point gunpowder and explosions had blanketed the atmosphere with smoke. Since he couldn't see anymore, Clovis hid behind a building away from the Snoss line of fire.

Clovis:"AH! This is..."


Piper:"Ah, suck it up you two! This isn't called war for nothing! We have to be brave! Persevere! We're fighting for the greater cause of freedom. If we lose, freedom will be lost."


Piper:"Even if we die- we contributed. We did what was right."

Clovis:"Very true. Let's get back in there then!"

Clovis reloaded his gun and turned the corner of the wall to fire at the Snoss. He could see that he had hit several of them, since he could hear them scream as they were being deleted. Suddenly, one of the Snoss soldiers jumped out of his hiding spots and started to retreat.


Clovis started chasing him with the help of Piper and Leonardo, who also had their guns out.

Clovis:"He's heading for the Ping-Peng Tower!"

Piper:"Don't worry about that! We have you covered!"

As Clovis ran across an open street, Piper and Leonardo were firing at other Snoss soldiers. The city, whose buildings still stayed intact, was still a mess. Broken glass, wood, trash, and other debris lay in the road. Some parts of the road had large holes in them from major shellings on both sides. Clovis pursued the Snoss Soldier into the Ping-Peng Tower, where thry found themselves in the lobby. It was there when he blasted the Snoss soldier with his deletion pistol. The soldier was sucked into the Cybervoid immediately.

Clovis decided to catch his breath, but he felt uncomfortable as soon as he started to look at his surroundings. Inside the lobby, the war was muffled down to a few distant explosions that would shake the room and the occational ratatatatat of a machine gun. The lobby was untouched by the war and appeared to be evacuated and abandoned, as suggested by the mess of papers on the secretary's desk and all over the floor.

Clovis:"Do you think anyone is in here?"

Piper:"I don't know."

Leonardo:"Looks like a good place for Snoss snipers since the building is high."

Clovis was looking at the fancy gilded chandelier in the middle of the lobby. His uncomfortableness was not waning despite the attractive ambiance of rose colored walls, gold crown moldings, and luxury leather couches and chairs.

Leonardo:"Hey look, a coffee machine!"

Clovis:"Cool! Let's have a drink! I'm parched!"

Clovis went over to the coffee machine to see that there was a water cooler and a basket full of stir rods, cream, and sugar next to it. Clovis put some water into the machine and made coffee for three.

They drank their coffee quickly since they knew they couldn't stay for long. They sat down in the chairs and read the magasines on the floor.

"Enjoying your drink, Clovis?"

Clovis suddenly turned around and saw Swiss Ninja standing right behind him. He seemed like he came out of nowhere.


Piper:"Clovis get back!"

Clovis stumbled away from Swiss Ninja, who was still standing where he was.

Swiss Ninja:"Finally! We meet again. This time, Clovis, I will destroy you worse than I did with Jock!"

Clovis:"We'll see about that."

Swiss Ninja unleashed his red lightsaber, and Clovis unleashed his green lightsaber reluctantly afterwards. Leonardo and Piper ran under the secretary's desk to avoid the conflict. They knew the significance behind this one on one fight.

Swiss Ninja:"Jock fought poorly that day. I'm sure you'll do worse."

Clovis:"I'm not afraid of you, brother. I have lived to see and do many things and go many places. Your taunts are useless on me."

Swiss Ninja:"Very well."

Swiss Ninja suddenly blasted Clovis with a force push, but he was ready and he avoided it. Clovis and Swiss Ninja clashed with their lightsabers and were engaged in a duel. A second could not go by without the sound of their lightsabers buzzing loudly from strikes. At one point, they were at close quarters until Swiss Ninja pushed Clovis back.

Using the force, Swiss threw one of the couches at Clovis, who instinctively sliced it in half. Clovis paused for a brief moment in awe for the surreal situation he was just in.

However, he had no more time to revel in his save because he had to impulsively slice up other flying items that were being launched at him- more chairs, wall lamps, paintings, and even the secretary's computer!

Then, decisively, Clovis saw that Swiss Ninja was right under the chandelier. He quickly threw his lightsaber at the chord holding up the chandelier, which immediately broke. However, Swiss Ninja noticed and force pushed it at Clovis, who ducked it to avoid the impact but the chandelier fell on top of him.

Swiss Ninja:"Hahaha!"

Swiss Ninja started to approach Clovis in order to zap him with lightning, but Swiss Ninja stopped when bullets started firing at the air. Piper and Leonardo tried their best to fend Swiss Ninja off from Clovis for that moment, and Swiss Ninja became angry and used the force to throw the desk into the air so that he could zap them with lighting.

However, by then, Clovis threw the chandelier off, and Swiss Ninja jumped out of the way as it almost hit him. Clovis used the force to bring back his lightsaber, which had fallen to the other side of the room. Swiss Ninja got up and immediately used the force push to break a hole in the ceiling where the chandelier had been, and he jumped through the hole into the second story.

Clovis:"Quickly! After him!"

Clovis jumped through the hole as well, and he found himself in a large office room with several cubicles. Swiss Ninja was using the force again to throw random office computers and roller chairs at Clovis, who often sliced them in half or dodged them.

Piper and Leonardo heard the commotion from above and wondered about what to do.

Piper:"I can't jump that high."

Leonardo:"Let's use the elevator!"

Piper and Leonardo ran to the elevator to get to the second floor. However, Swiss Ninja knew their plans, and ran to the elevator doors, where he sliced them open and jumped on top of the elevator. Clovis pursued him afterwards, and the two of them were closed in the elevator shaft on top of the elevator, engaged in an intense lightsaber duel.

Leonardo:"Oh no! I hear them dueling on top of the elevator!"

Piper:"Then I have a plan. Take this elevator down to the first floor for a minute."

Leonardo jumped up to the elevator buttons and pressed the button to go back to the lobby.

Piper:"Good. Now let's go to the top floor."

Leonardo:"The top floor???

Piper:"The top floor. That way..."

Leonardo:"But it's a risk! What if Clovis gets squished?"

Piper:"I doubt it. One would think that jester would have died a long time ago. I have faith that he'll make it again."

Leonardo:"You're right."

Leonardo jumped up to press the button to the top floor, and the elevator began to rise quickly towards the top floor.

Clovis:"Oh snap!"

Swiss Ninja:"Muahahaha! Scared, brother?"

Clovis:"No more than you are."

Swiss Ninja:"Hahaha! I'll see about that!"

Just as they were about to approach the top floor, Swiss Ninja slashed the metal chords with his red lightsaber and jumped off immediately, sending Clovis, Piper, and Leonardo falling. Swiss used his lightsaber to cut open the elevator doors to the top floor and went inside, where he took the stairs to reach the observation deck.

Meanwhile, Clovis had to act fast, because he knew he had two obligations: saving himself and the puffles. While falling, Clovis quickly sawed a hole into the elevator with his green lightsaber, grabbed Piper and Leonardo, and quickly jumped out. Clovis stabbed his lightsaber into the concrete wall of the elevator shaft, significantly slowing his descent. All three of them reached the bottom of the building without incident.

Piper:"Drats! He got away!"

Clovis:"Not on my watch. Leonardo, please give me my jetpack. You had it stored in hyperspace, remember?"

Leonardo:"Oh yeah! How could I forget?"

Leonardo took out the jetpack and gave it to Clovis, who immediately strapped it on. Clovis put the two puffles on his shoulders and blasted up the elevator shaft. Clovis landed on the top floor of the building and also took the stairs up to the observation deck. Swiss Ninja was waiting for him with his lightsaber out. Piper and Leonardo jumped off of Clovis's shoulders and went off to the side.

Swiss Ninja:"Impressive! You've made it this far. Too bad I was only going easy on you the whole time."

Clovis:"Pfft. Yeah right. Don't bluff, brother. I know when you do."

Swiss Ninja became mad and charged at Clovis. They clashed with their lightsabers again, with Swiss Ninja attempting several times at some overhead attacks. At one point, Swiss Ninja slashed Clovis's jetpack. Clovis immediately threw it off and on him, who stumbled back near the edge of the building. Suddenly, Clovis had caught Swiss Ninja off guard and knocked his red lightsaber out of his flipper. Clovis gave Swiss Ninja a good kick in the diaphragm and Swiss Ninja stumbled off the building, giving a loud grunt.

Piper and Leonardo gasped. Everyone ran to the edge of the building to see Swiss Ninja fall, but he was too far to be seen what happened to him.

What they did not know was that Swiss Ninja was lucky, for he bounced on a large awning that stuck out of the entrance of the building, hence saving his life. Swiss Ninja bounced off of it and landed safely onto the street. He found his damaged lightsaber nearby and took it with him. He was not going to go back to fight. It was over.

Clovis, Leonardo, and Piper, who were still on the observation deck, looked into the sky and saw a ton of airplanes fly towards them. They were flying rather low, for they were warplanes ready to bomb the enemy.

Leonardo:"Oh no."

Clovis:"The Zhouese."

Piper:"What now?"

Clovis looked down the skyscraper to see a multitude of Snoss and Zhouese soldiers moving towards the coast. Clovis could see the Castillan and Frankerran ships retreating.

Clovis:"We're retreating!"

Piper:"DRATS! And we're behind!"

Leonardo:"This is bad...what now?"

Piper:"We have to board one of those planes."

Clovis:"Wait, what?"

Suddenly, as one of the aircraft began to pass, Piper jumped off the building to go on it.


Clovis and Leonardo immediately jumped off right after Piper to stop him, and the adrenaline intense sensation of free falling once again was felt. Piper landed in the middle of the Zhouese jet, right behind the cockpit. Clovis was lucky to grasp the tail of the aircraft, while Leonardo was extremely lucky to grab Clovis's foot.


The high speed of the aircraft did not allow Piper to hear Clovis's yelling. He was too occupied with prying open the cockpit door of the Zhouese pilot, who was now trying to spin the plane to throw everyone off. Leonardo climbed onto Clovis's shoulder, and Clovis was able to put his feet onto the aircraft. Piper was able to pry open the aircraft's cockpit door and he took out his deletion pistol and got rid of the Zhouese pilot quickly.



Piper jumped inside and slowed down the aircraft significantly so that Clovis and Leonardo could also jump into the cockpit.

Leonardo:"Let Clovis take the controls!"

Piper:"Aww man? Why?"

Leonardo:"He's the penguin here. This isn't the time for stunts."

Clovis:"Though we may have to."

Piper closed the cockpit for Clovis and the two puffles sat on Clovis's shoulders. Clovis increased the speed of the aircraft in the direction towards the sea.

Clovis:"We have to escape, now."

Leonardo:"But we're in an enemy aircraft!"

Piper:"No worries! Give me the radio!"

Clovis handed Piper the radio. Piper tuned it to the station of the Castillan soldiers.

Piper:"¡No nos disparen! ¡Somos la Pandilla Hochstadt!" (Do not shoot us! We are the Hochstadt Gang!)

Castillan radio controller:"Vale. Les ayudaremos inmediatamente con aviones extras." (Ok. We're going to help you immediately with extra planes.)

Piper:"Vale." (Ok.)

Clovis:"Good. Now all we need to do is evade the enemy!"

Leonardo:"Looks like we don't have to! The other Castillan aircraft have come back for us and they're pushing the Zhouese aircraft away!"

Clovis:"Good. So it's smooth sailing from here then."

Chapter 6:Grim Looks Grimmer

Kaiser Swiss Ninja stood behind two Snoss Soldiers guarding him as he was looking at a group of Castillan and Frankterran soldiers that had become prisoners of war. The prisoners of war had their flippers up in the air, and they looked tattered, dirty, and utterly defeated, internally and externally. They stood behind a long cordon of Snoss soldiers with their cold metal icebullet rifles and the sharp bayonets pointing at their backs.

Swiss Ninja:"Du hast verloren." (You have lost.)

Swiss Ninja didn't expect anyone to understand what he just said since he had spoken in German. Nevertheless, one of the Frankterran soldiers got the jist of his message.

Frankterran Soldier 1:"Fou! Nous sommes prets a mourir pour nos pays!" (Fool! We're ready to die for our countries!)

Swiss Ninja walked up to him and the two were face to face. Swiss Ninja's beak was only two centimeters from his and they were looking each other in the eyes. Swiss Ninja's eyes looked cold, unforgiving, and unnatural. The Frankterran soldier's eyes looked genuinely afraid. They quivered in both fear and from the cold.

Swiss Ninja:"Qu'est ce que vous avez dit?" (What did you say?)

Frankterran Soldier 1:"Vous savez ce que nous disions! Tuez-nous comme ce que vous avez fait avec les autres!" (You know what we said! Kill us like what you have done with the others!)

Swiss Ninja spit in his face. He wasn't going to tolerate the taunts anymore.

Swiss Ninja:"C'est la guerre. Vous et votre bien-être n'etes pas importants. Maintenant vous tous allez mourir par le fusil." (This is war. You and your well being is not important. Now you all are going to die by the rifle!)

Suddenly, several Snoss rifles fired in the distance. Austin8310 ran over.

Swiss Ninja:"What is it?"

Austin:"There's a Penguin Super suit approaching us! It's Feey!"

Swiss Ninja:"WHAT? I thought he was defeated for good!"

Austin:"I guess not..."

Suddenly, Feey's penguin super suit arrived at the scene via jetpack. His arrival gained the attention of the Snoss soldiers, who started shooting at him. Their distraction gave the Castillan and Frankterran prisoners of war enough time to react by jumping on their enemies and disarming them. They immediately took their rifles and ran away for their lives, escaping into oblivion.

Swiss Ninja:"YOU FOOLS! They're getting away!"

Swiss Ninja took out his pistol and tried to shoot them, but he missed, barely missing some of them. He didn't want to shoot anymore because he wanted to save his ammo. Those peasants aren't worth killing, he thought.

Swiss Ninja turned around to see Feey's super suit standing still fifteen meters away from them. The top hatch opened up and Feey stepped out of his Penguin Super Suit.

Swiss Ninja:"You've come to the wrong neighborhood, Feey1. What are you doing?"

Feey1:"Only seeking my revenge! Swiss Ninja you are a terrible penguin. I knew you would help to dethrone me."

Swiss Ninja;"Of course I would. And yes. I am a terrible penguin. That is what makes me evil."

Feey1:"Yes! And I am the hero who will defeat you! For I have come to slay you and your other evil relatives, Hochstadt Gang, haha! AhaHAhahahaha!"

Swiss Ninja:"You think you're the hero? You're pathetic. You never were. I can feel you. You have turned to the dark side. You ARE one of us!"

Swiss Ninja grinned menacingly, for he knew he was right.

Feey1:"No! That's not true! I am the liberator! I am the hero of Yow! I will rise again, and I will destroy you both...with Nukes!"

Swiss Ninja:"LOL. Like that will happen!"

Austin8310:"Since when did you say LOL in your vocabulary?"

Swiss Ninja:"Stay out of this Austin, you're ruining the moment!"

Austin8310:"Well, in reality it was what you just..."

Swiss Ninja:"Silence! Let me finish this first!"


Swiss Ninja:"Where were we? Oh, yeah! Like that would happen! You're a failure and you know it."

Feey:"No, you're a failure and you know it."

Swiss Ninja:"I am not! You're the one who lost his own country!"

Feey:"You're the one who lost five wars."

Swiss Ninja:"Oh, shut up, won't you? I will destroy you, here and now!"

Feey:"No, I will destroy YOU, here and now."

Swiss Ninja:"Enough of your babbling, let's dance!"

Feey:"No, I think I would rather fight you."

Swiss Ninja and Austin facepalmed.

Swiss Ninja took out his red lightsaber and ignited it. Feey did the same with his blue keysaber. Feey started charging at Swiss Ninja by running towards him and holding his keysaber out in front him. At the last minute, before it seemed as if Swiss Ninja would get stabbed, Swiss Ninja stepped out of the way casually and let Feey stumble onto the ground since he had attempted to at him. Feey, who was now embarrassed, got up after dusting himself off. He had fallen down before any blows were made. Feey charged at Swiss Ninja again, but he once again fell as Swiss Ninja stepped out of the way last minute. Feey was mad and embarrassed. His face as red now.

Swiss Ninja:"Ole!"

Feey:"Don't taunt me, Clovis!"

Swiss Ninja:"I'm Swiss Ninja!"

Feey:"Whatever, same thing!"

Swiss Ninja and Austin exchanged confused looks. Austin was a distance away, watching the fight.

Feey now came at Swiss Ninja by slashing his keysaber left and right like a timid girl trying to swat a spider. Swiss Ninja came in and finally engaged a lightsaber fight with him. Swiss Ninja was going fast, and Feey was clumsily keeping up. Swiss Ninja was too advanced for him. Feey was sweating. Sweating bad. Swiss could see it. Meanwhile, Swiss was not breathing hard at all.

Swiss Ninja:"This is what you get when you drink too much soda!"

Feey1:"This is what you get when you drink too much Cream Soda!"

Swiss Ninja knew Feey was teasing him with obvious lies purposely to get him on his nerve. He thought it would make him good. He thought that it would catch him off guard. But he didn't think that he was a Sith.

Swiss Ninja was sick of his quips, so he force pushed him across the street into the concrete wall of a building.


Swiss Ninja:"Nonsense boy. Can't you see that you have become evil? Come! Join me! For now, I shall be your master!"

Feey1:"NOOOO!!! NEVER!!!"

Swiss Ninja laughed.

Swiss Ninja:"In fact I own you. You are my servant forever."

Feey1:"NO. NO. NO. NO. NO."

Swiss Ninja:"BOW DOWN TO ME!"


Swiss Ninja:"Then Arrivederci, Feey!"

Feey1:"I don't speak French, Swiss!"

Swiss Ninja rolled his eyes.

Swiss Ninja put away his keysaber.

Feey1:"HA! I won! Looks like you forfeited!"

Swiss Ninja:"No, not even close."

Feey1:"Don't play it off. You know it is true."

Swiss Ninja stook out his flippers and pointed them at Feey.

Feey1:"Aww! Now you want a hug? You're probably butthurt that you lost! Boo hoo, for you, ego noob!"

Swiss Ninja:"DIE!'"

Swiss Ninja blasted Feey with lightning furiously. Feey screamed for his life like a madman since the pain was immense and unbearable. He was on the ground shaking and tossing uncontrollably while he was being electrocuted.


Swiss Ninja was gritting his teeth and he was staring at his victim with intensity. His eyes were now very evil, cold, and unforgiving.



Swiss Ninja:"I AM YOUR MASTER!"


Swiss Ninja:"I AM YOUR MASTER!"


Swiss Ninja:"I AM YOUR MASTER!"


Swiss Ninja intensified his lightning.

Swiss Ninja:"I AM YOUR MASTER!"


Swiss Ninja:"I AM YOUR MASTER!"


Feey's eyes began to roll up.

Swiss Ninja:"I AM YOUR MASTER!"


Swiss Ninja:"YOU SUCK...."

Feey1:"Yes, I suck I suck I suck! I'm bad and you're the greatest O Kaiser! JUST SAVE ME! AAAAAAAAUGH!"

Swiss Ninja:"Fine. Just for you."

Swiss Ninja stopped the lightning. Feey was still. Steam was coming from his body. He smelled like burnt hair. Feey stirred and groaned while briefly unconcious.

Swiss Ninja:"RISE, my minion!"

Feey got up, with difficulty.

Swiss Ninja:"Kneel, slave!"

Feey kneeled down.

Swiss Ninja:"You are now mine."

Feey1:"I am now yours."

Swiss Ninja:"You will do as I say."

Feey1:"NO I WON'T!"

Feey jumped up at Swiss Ninja with a knicicle in his flipper, but Swiss Ninja stopped him again in time by once again blasting him with lightning. Feey was again sprawled on the floor again, in pain. Feey1 was again in deep pain, and the unbearable sensation filled his body again with even more intensity. Feey's eyes rolled up again, and he was becoming stiffer.

Swiss Ninja suddenly used the lightning to catapult him a mile away. Feey could be seen flying into the air like a canonball with the remnants of the lightning still zapping his body. Feey crashed in a tree, and he became unconscious from impact. Swiss Ninja knew he wasn't dead. But he didn't care. He was defeated.

Austin:"Well, that was interesting."

Swiss Ninja:"You know me. Just taking care of business."

Austin:"You showed who was boss."

Java arrived at the scene.

Java:"Feey is nearby the area, my Kaiser!"

Swiss Ninja:"I know. I just had a confrontation with him. He's in a tree nearby. Stalk him and follow him where he goes. He knows that I have defeated him, so his next target will be the Hochstadt Gang."

Java:"Yes, sir."

Emilio Rinaldi, the puppet Governor of Liguria for the Snoss, picked up the phone to talk to Swiss Ninja, who had an urgent message for me.

Swiss Ninja:"Rinaldi! How is Liguria?"

Rinaldi:"Not bad. It's been very quiet...."

Swiss Ninja:"Somehow I feel as if you're hiding something from me. Is Flywish still in custody?"

Rinaldi:"Um, yes! Yes he is! Still under control and all!"

Swiss Ninja:"LIAR! Liar, Liar, LIAR! The force tells me you have let him escape and that he's out to plan your downfall! You have failed me for the last time, Rinaldi! I swear I'll be in Liguria in three days! If you don't fix this at once, you're DEAD!"

Rinaldi:"Yes, my Kaiser! So sorry! I'll find him and execute him immediately!"

Swiss Ninja:"YOU BETTER!"

Rinaldi:"Yes, yes! Bye-bye now!"

Rinaldi put down the phone.

"You don't have to."

Rinaldi:"WHO WAS THAT?"

Rinaldi turned around to see Flywish standing behind him a few meters away, holding a machine gun. Papa Tremezzo and several other allies were behind him.

Flywish:"Revenge is a dish best served cold."

Flywish fired the machine gun. Puppet Governor Emilio was already on the floor, for he didn't feel a thing.

Papa Tremezzo:"Well said!"

Flywish:"Of course I had to hark back to the glories of the War of Vengeance. Now, my friends, Liguria is free!"


Swiss Ninja had returned back to Snowzerland for more planning. He was back at the Keukenhof Castle, in his planning room. The room, unlike the rest of the castle, was plastered with grey drywall and appeared as if it was in an office building, not a stone castle. The room was relatively large with only one chair, a large table, and a map on top. A lamp hung above the table. Swiss Ninja was sitting down at the center of the table, looking at the map. All his top generals were surrounding him. Austin8310 stood in front of him, and Johnathan Wolfhunter on the left side of the table. Java and Django Ghent were standing quietly in the corner of the room. Several other military officials, Zurich, Griante, Swiss Ninja's wife Maddieworld, and his daughter Bellina were in the room outside.

Johnathan Wolfhunter:"The Snoss and Zhouese forces have been repelled here at the end of Hackzon Valley by USA forces."

Johnathan Wolfhunter pointed his flipper at the the location on the map on the table.

Swiss Ninja:"We'll do what we can to make sure we do NOT retreat. It would be advisable that we push them to the mountains and go no further, since it's difficult to fight in the wilderness. We'll build trenches and barriers to make sure we create a stalemate to tire our enemy while we focus on the more important things."

Johnathan Wolfhunter:"I agree. Then, when they're not looking, we'll strike!"

Swiss Ninja:"Fine! Then we'll go with that plan."

Austin8310:"But that's a STUPID plan! Trench warfare will tire our troops too!"


Austin8310:"But it's a bad investment!"

Swiss Ninja:"I don't give a flying fish about your opinion! I KNOW what I'm doing! I know I'll win this war this time. War means SACRIFICE, and SACRIFICE is what we need to have!"

Austin was quiet.

Swiss Ninja:"As I was saying, I think we should send more Ligurian troops to the front lines for extra reinforcements. I'll ignore the fact that Emilio Rinaldi was an idiot who let Flywish escape."

Johnathan:"Um...mein Kaiser...Liguria..."

Austin:"...Liguria has been couped. Flywish murdered Rinaldi the minute he got off the phone with you. Liguria is free again."

Swiss Ninja were shaking. The anger was brewing violently inside him. Everyone could see it coming.

Swiss Ninja:"Everyone stay in the room except for Django, Austin, Johnathan, and Java."

Everyone rushed out the room and closed the metal door. They stood outside to hear what was about to happen.

Swiss Ninja stared at everyone left in the room.


Austin:"Mein Kaiser, this is YOUR fault too for being too kind in Flywish's capture!"


Swiss Ninja threw his pencil on the map, and it snapped in half.


Swiss Ninja:"Now the Castillans are going to come to OUR country and invade! AND THEN I'LL BE THE LAUGHING STALK OF CARLOS!"

Outside the room, Bellina started to cry. Everyone was still in shock as they were hearing their Kaiser scream violently. Maddieworld's mischievous brother, who also moved to Snowzerland, was listening at the door.

Maddieworld:"Please, Bellina! Don't cry!"

Swiss Ninja was still ranting in the planning room.


Swiss Ninja sat back in his chair. He was no longer ranting.

Swiss Ninja:"That's it then. I think the war is over."

Austin gulped.

Java:"No, my Kaiser! There's still hope!"

Swiss Ninja looked up.

Java:"You still have Polaris as a potential ally. It's the perfect place to start a new invasion plan..."

Swiss Ninja:"You're right! YOU'RE RIGHT! WE'RE NOT RUINED! WE HAVE HOPE! THIS IS IT! Java my boy, you're not bad!"

Java:"Thank you, my Kaiser!"

Swiss Ninja:"Those liberals will HAVE to side with me after I allied for their independence. Now I will negotiate with them to make a final assault. A final assault at the heart of Antarctica!"

Austin8310:"Gasp! You don't mean?"

Swiss Ninja:"Yes, Austin. I mean it. A final all out assault on South Pole City."

On the 116th Floor of the Polaris Harborfront Center , President Nathaniel B. Kratz was sitting at his desk, reviewing a piece of education legislation, as his Chief of Staff was entering the room, a clipboard in hand,

Kratz:"Lara, don't you know when to knock?"

Secretary:"Mr. President, this is urgent."

Kratz sat up in his chair and tightened his tie.

Kratz: Is Representative Grensworth present for his appointment? I do have certain manners I need to discuss with him about the legislation. I've many qualms about some of the amendments he's put forward,"

Secretary: "No, we have moved his meeting to four o'clock."

Kratz: Well, what is in need of my attention at this hour?

Secretary:"It was quite sudden--the Office wasn't too happy about it either--Kaiser Swiss Ninja of Snowzerland wants to have a conference with you right now."

Kratz looked at his watch.

Kratz:"Inform the Snoss consul that I am not intending to meet with him. They are required to inform the Office. "

Secretary:"He's in the sitting room presently."

Kratz:"What? This was not presented in the daily report."

The secretary left the room. Swiss Ninja, Austin, and Java entered.

Kratz:"Hello, Mr. Hochstadt. "

Swiss Ninja:"Hello Nate."

Kratz:"What brings you to Polaris City today? Why so urgently need you conference with me?"

Swiss Ninja:"What do you think of this war?"

Kratz:"Pardon me?"

Swiss Ninja:"What do you think of this war?"

Kratz: "The Federal Republic shall maintain a firm neutral stance with regards to your skirmish. Our military assets shall not be deployed under any circumstances,"

Swiss Ninja:"I don't need you too. All I want is that you allow us to station troops in Polaris so that we can make a quick, massive, and unexpected invasion of South Pole City. It will be swift."

Kratz:"Were you not aware of the Multilateral Defense Treaty to which your nation, along with your adversary, Castilla are signatories to?"

Swiss Ninja: "No? What treaty? I don't remember cooperating with the Castillans."

Kratz: "Now, I do happen to reserve three copies of the Defense Treaty, so as to resolve any conflicts arising with issues pertaining to defense relations with Snowzerland and Castilla respectively,"

President Kratz laid the Multilateral Defense Treaty upon the ornately decorated resolute desk, a wax seal and striped ribbon affixed to the top. President Kratz pulled out his reading glasses, and scoured through the fifty-two pages of the Treaty for a specific provision.

Kratz: "Let's see here--Ah. Section V: Movement of Military Assets, Article III: The Federal Republic of Polaris shall not interfere the movement of military assets from designated bases, under any circumstances, including, but not limited to soldiers, weaponry or vehicular mechanisms of the undersigned States herein. Article IV: The Federal Republic of Polaris shall solely intervene wherein the undersigned States shall intend to engage in armed conflict against the Federal Republic of Polaris, its Governance, Defense Forces, Territories or Civilians. The Executive Administrative Council shall solely be provided with the authority to intervene through appropriate legislation. "

Swiss Ninja: Just give me the gist of it. I don't need all this legal gibberish.

Kratz: I presume you did not read the treaty before signing it. Alright. These provisions allow you to move military assets--your troops, aircraft and vehicles from Snowzerland to designated bases within the Polarian Republic, and of course, from those bases. Any damage done within the Polarian Republic to infrastructure shall be your Force's prerogative to repair. I am not assuming any position here--I am only informing you of your predisposed liberties. I can't question, neither can our Defense Forces question the reasons as to why there there would be an influx of Snoss troops in the region. "

Swiss Ninja: Excellent.

Kratz: Now, before you leave--if your operation happens to succeed, I expect some form of reparation through land.

Swiss Ninja: No problem. Thank you for your time.

The two leaders shook hands. Swiss Ninja and his posse left for the lobby afterwards. Nathaniel, exasperated, retreated to his leather swivel chair, sipping a cup of coffee.

Chapter 7:Battle of South Pole City

Clovis, Piper, and Leonardo were now in South Pole City walking down a residential area since they had come back from a Pub. They were staying in a hotel that had been converted into a housing facility for Castillan Soldiers. President Spike Hike had called several Castillan and Frankterran regiments to help protect the Polar District in case of a direct Snoss or Zhouese attack. In fact, President Spike Hike was so desperate that he even invited several Snowinian Regiments to be stationed in the city as well.

Piper:"Any news from the front?"

Clovis:"The Snoss and Zhouese have pushed USA forces back deep into the Trans-Antarctic Mountains, much to our surprise. The Zhouese are falling back to help crush rebellion in Trans-Antarctica while the Snoss continue onward. They're only a hundred miles away from here."

Leonardo:"I suppose that's why we're here now."

Clovis:"Yes. The same is true for the Regiao Lisboaguesa front. They're also getting close. Both the Regiao Lisboaguesa and Trans-Antarctic Fronts have prevented our allied forces on the Antarctic Peninsula to give aid to the center of the country."

Piper:"And the East Eastshield Front with the Darktonian, Imperial, and Nightmare forces?"

Clovis:"We're beating them back since we've concentrated a lot of energy there. But now many of the USA forces are fighting their enemies in the deep wilderness. If anything happened to SPC right now they wouldn't be able to mobilize to aid us in time."

Piper:"And Batavia?"

Clovis:"I told you a long time ago. They retreated already."

Leonardo:"And Zhou?"

Clovis:"They're still fighting Shops in the Asiapelago. I really wish we could help them right now, though. I hear the sea battles are brutal."

The three could hear the sound of an accordion being played. The tune of the accordion was odd and very foreign, for to them the keys sounded like they were off.

Leonardo:"What is that sound?"

Clovis:"It's Snowinian folk music, of course."

Clovis, Leonardo, and Piper turned the corner to see a troop of Snowinian Soldiers sitting outside at a Cafe. They were enjoying themselves, playing their traditional folk music, dancing with each other, and drinking large mugs of Cream Soda. Piper saw the Snowinian soldiers as a raggedy bunch; they were a bunch of laid back and jovial commoners that were enjoying themselves the best they could while their strict superior officers were away.

A Snowinian Soldier who was dancing noticed them.

Snowinian Soldier:"Zdravo Comrades Clovis, Leonardo, and Piper! Come dance with us and have fun! Forget the war and have a dance and a drink! All on us!"


Leonardo:"I'm in!"

Piper:"Sure, why not. In fact, I'm getting used to the music. I think I'm liking it now."

Snowinian Soldier:"Come dance, comrades!"

The Snowinian Soldier grabbed Clovis's flipper and pulled him into the crowd of Snowinian soldiers to dance. Clovis did his best to dance the Snowinian way, and he was impressing the others. Piper and Leonardo met up with some other Snowinian soldiers sitting on a table and had some mugs of Cream Soda with them. The Antarctican waitor who served their drinks seemed to enjoy the Snowinian soldiers' presence at his restaurant quite a bit.

Clovis danced with them for a long time. He took several swigs of Cream Soda as well, more than he should have. It was already dark by the time the trio left the restaurant, and both Clovis and Piper were intoxicated. Leonardo tried his best to lead them back to the hotel safely. When they arrived, they saw General Hermosa waiting for them outside at the entrance.

General Hermosa:"¡Muchachos! Where have you been?"

Leonardo:"We joined a party with some Snowinian soldiers. These two danced and drank too much."

Hermosa:"I'm not amused. You should have arrived hours ago. We were worried about you and we even sent groups to search for you."

Leonardo:"We're sorry."

Hermosa:"It's ok. Just don't do it again. There could be enemies crawling around in the dark parts of town."

Leonardo:"All right. And how is the front?"

Hermosa:"The Snoss are closing in on us. They're fifty miles in. They're gaining closer. Tomorrow we are going to have to send more troops to the front lines."

Leonardo:"And what if they come here?"

Hermosa:"Then we fight."

Leonardo:"And if..."

Hermosa:"If we lose, we will have to retreat. The USA would be done. and Spike Hike would have to flee with us as we attempt to escape alive."

Leonardo:"Thank you General."

Hermosa:"You're welcome. Now go get some sleep, boys. Clovis and Piper can sleep in longer tomorrow, since I know they won't feel well. Just please, stay with your fellow Castillans. That way we know where you are and so we can get you guys going on new assignments."

Leonardo:"All right then. Good night!"

Hermosa:"Buenas noches."

That next morning, Leonardo woke up, got himself ready, and went into the hotel lobby to meet with General Hermosa. He left Piper and Clovis in the room since they were still sleeping.

Leonardo:"Buenas Dias!"

Hermosa:"Buenas Dias, Leonardo. Come join the rest of the troop in the hotel restaurant. They're serving us for free this morning."

Leonardo:"Sounds good."

Leonardo went into the restaurant, and a waiter brought them to a booth.

Hermosa:"It's a buffet, as you can see. So help yourself."

Leonardo went over with a plate to get some food. The food was delicious; there were plenty of crusty fresh croissants, toast, muffins, pastries, bagels, and cereals being served, along with other pleasantries such as succulent assorted fruits, jams, butter, cheeses, cream cheese, scrambled eggs, o-berries, and fish sausage. Leonardo was highly attracted to the wonderful roast smell of brewing coffee- he couldn't resist- so he had to have a cup for himself. He went back to the booth with General Hermosa, who also had his plate filled with food.

Hermosa:"I see Clovis and Piper coming."

Clovis and Piper walked into the restaurant looking very groggy. General Hermosa and Leonardo could see they weren't in top shape.

Hermosa:"See why you don't drink too much Cream Soda?"

Clovis:"Sir, I'm so sorry, I got carried away, I promise I won't...."

Hermosa:"Now now, boy. I understand. Just have some Alka Seltzer."

Clovis:"Excuse me?"

Hermosa:"Oh, that's right. I just got it this morning."

Hermosa took out a box titled "Alka Seltzer" and set it on the table. The design looked fairly old fashioned- something from the sixties.

Clovis:"Where did you get THAT?"

Hermosa:"Mayor McFlapp did. He said it would help you later. It even comes with a song."

Piper:"Oh boy."

Hermosa:"Don't be silly. I'm not going to sing. Billy will."

Clovis:"Who's Billy?"

Billy:"I am!"

The squeaky voice came from a small blue puffle.

Piper:"General Hermosa, is singing REALLY necessary?"

Hermosa:"Yes it is. Or so Mayor McFlapp says."


Hermosa took two tablets out of the bottle and put them each in two glasses of water.

Billy (in a singsong voice):"Alka Seltzer! Relief is just....a swallow away!"

Clovis:"Don't mind if I do!"

Piper:"Same here!"

Clovis and Piper start drinking while Billy starts singing.


(The Tune):

"Down Down Down, the stomach through!

Round round round, the system too!

With Alka Seltzer they always say:

Relief is just....a swallow away!"

Clovis and Piper smiled when they finished drinking the seltzer. Their eyes grew wide when they realized that their Cream Soda hangovers were over.

Clovis:"Bless that Alka Seltzer!"

Piper:"Yes, indeed! Thank goodness for Fourth Wall breaking!"

Clovis:"Thanks....uh....where did Billy go?"

The blue puffle was gone.

Hermosa:"The BoF works in strange ways."

An hour later, Clovis and Piper were playing billiards with the Castillan soldiers in the hotel's leisure room. Leonardo and the rest of the Castillan soldiers sat on the couches, watching the game intently. Despite the action, Leonardo was not paying attention to what was going on. He was looking out the window, marveling at the atmosphere of South Pole City. The sky outside looked cloudy and almost stormy. The winds were blowing a little harsher than usual. Cars, busses, trucks, and taxis were all bustling along the paved asphalt streets as usual, and there were still pedestrians still walking on the sidewalks since there wasn't any rain yet.

Suddenly, a Star Destroyer blasted into the sky. It appeared as if it came out of nowhere!

Leonardo turned to look back at Clovis, who was about to hit the ball.

Leonardo:"Clovis! Look outside!"

Clovis:"Not now, Leonardo! It's my turn to hit..."

Leonardo:"It's serious! Look outside!"

Clovis:"Fine! What?"

Clovis looked outside to see the Star Destroyer. Suddenly, a few more had arrived.


Piper:"Quickly! Somebody sound the alarm! We're under attack!"

The Castillan soldiers, who were jovial moments ago, were now frantic, serious, and running about.

Leonardo:"Look! They're sending paratroopers!"

Clovis:"Quickly, let's get to the roof. Take your guns."

Clovis, Leonardo, and Piper got their weapons and reached the top floor, where several Castillan soldiers already were.

Piper:"Those aren't regular Snoss soldiers parachuting down."

Clovis:"They're Stormtroopers! FIRE AT WILL!"

Clovis, Piper, and Leonardo started shooting their deletion rifles at the Stormtroopers, who also started firing at them. Meanwhile, the loud sound of an alarm began to penetrate the city. Everyone started to panic as they ran for cover. General Hermosa arrived at the scene.

General Hermosa:"Boys! We need you at the gun turret! The Snoss ground forces are making their way here fast. We're also getting signal of a large amount of Snoss jets and bombers also making their way here!"

General Hermosa walked to the large object on top of the roof that was covered by a white cloth. He unveiled it to reveal a cannon.

General Hermosa:"Blast those Star Destroyers and any other enemy aircraft out of the sky!"

Clovis:"Yes, sir!"

Clovis sat at the controls while Piper and Leonardo prepared the ammunition. Clovis attempted to fire at one of the star destroyers, but it did not appear like it was doing anything. Clovis attempted to fire at it several times unsuccessfully- each hit did no significant damage to the spaceship.

Piper:"Don't waste ammunition!"

Clovis:"The ships aren't affected by these shells!"

Piper:"Then don't worry about it! It's useless here then!"

Clovis beckoned two of the Castillan soldiers to come over.

Clovis:"¡Haz control del cañón!" (Take control of the Cannon!)

Castillan Soldiers:"¡Si señor!" (Yes sir!)

Piper:"What now?"

Clovis:"Let's get onto the streets and engage in the ground battle! They'll need us there the most!"

Leonardo:"True! It looks like the Stormtroopers and some Snoss soldiers have already made it down!"

Suddenly, an explosion was heard.

Clovis:"What was that?"

Piper and Leonardo ran to the edge of the building. They saw smoke rise.

Leonardo:"The bottom of the building exploded!"

Clovis:"Oh, no."

Suddenly, the building began to collapse. Thinking fast, Clovis grabbed Piper and Leonardo, put them on his shoulders, took out his grappling hook gun, and shot it at an open windowsill in the distance. They jumped off and swung down to safety on the ground as the hotel collapsed onto the street. The sound of rapid machine gun firing was getting louder and more numerous.

Leonardo:"Where now?"

Clovis:"The South Pole Capitol! We have to protect the president at all costs!"

Clovis, Leonardo, and Piper ran down the streets while simultaneously firing at any Snoss soldier and Stormtrooper they saw. At many points, they came across several Castillan, Frankterran, and Snowinian troops. They eventually found themselves in front of a group of Antarctican soldiers surrounding Capital Hill.

Antarctican Soldier:"Identify yourselves!"

Clovis:"Clovis Hochstadt, Piper J. Cub, and Leonardo di Tremezzo, of the Castillan military."

Antarctican Soldier:"What's your business here?"

Clovis:"We're here to protect the president, sir."

Antarctican Soldier:"Please show me your identifications."

The three took their identifications out and showed it to the soldier. He inspected them thoroughly and nodded in agreement.

Antarctican Soldier:"Very well. General Hermosa is already with the president. Let me take you to him now."

The Antarctican Soldier led them to the South Pole Capitol building. The Snoss bombers and jets had already arrived, and they were clashing with Antarctican, Castillan, and Frankterran aircraft. The allied soldiers had established gun turrets on top of other buildings' roofs and began to fire at the Snoss aircraft as well. The sounds of gunfire and explosions all around filled the atmosphere. It could even be heard as they entered the building. The soldier quickly brought them into President Spike Hike's office. Spike Hike was there with General Hermosa, General Rochambeau from Frankterre, and General Puff. Clovis, Piper, and Leonardo saluted everyone as they entered the room.

Spike Hike:"Take a seat, boys."

As the three took their seats, they could see that Spike Hike was nervous.

Spike Hike:"General Hermosa, what are the stats? Where did all these Snoss Star Destroyers come from?"

Hermosa:"Radar reports that they came from a base near the border with Polaris."

General Puff:"Those traitors. The Polarians would stab us in the back in our darkest hour. Don't worry Mr. President, I'll assure you we have this situation under control. No need for an evacuation."

Spike Hike:"I would be afraid I might, General. These enemy ships and planes flying over me don't sound very safe to be around."

General Puff:"I assure you again that you'll be safe."

Spike Hike:"Good. Any other news?"

General Rochambeau:"The Snoss ground troops that have come from Trans-Antarctica have reached the city and have entered city limits."

Suddenly, an explosion occurred. Several Antarctican solders were seen flying into the air. Snoss soldiers were charging towards them.


Clovis jumped on Spike Hike as the front window of the presidential office was shattered by gunfire.


Everyone started running out of the room, with Clovis leading the way. A convoy of Antarctican bodyguards and soldiers surrounded Spike Hike. Just as they were about evacuate the building, the Snoss soldiers had arrived.

Snoss Soldier:"HALT!"

Everyone raised their flippers up and dropped their weapons.

The Snoss soldiers moved out of the way to let Swiss Ninja, Austin8310, and Java arrive. Swiss Ninja was clapping sarcastically and smiling cruelly at his captives.

Swiss Ninja:"Nice work, boys. Nice work. Looks like we've won the war."

Clovis:"It's not over yet! The battle is still raging outside!"

Swiss Ninja:"Face it, brother. You're done. My army is superior to all of your combined. Thanks to the Polarians, the Snoss have finally captured the greatest city in the Antarctic."

Spike Hike:"Those traitors!"

Swiss Ninja:"No, you all are. Send them away back to Snowzerland for execution."

A couple of RDA Clone Troopers walked out of the crowd of Snoss soldiers and Stormtroopers to handcuff the prisoners of war. They were led outside, where a LATTU was waiting for them to be taken up to one of the Star Destroyers.

Spike Hike:"Today may be a dark day in the history of Democracy, but we must remember that a beacon of hope will always rest within every law-abiding citizen and in every freedom loving soldier."

Clovis:"Well said, president."

Swiss Ninja:"Shut up!"

The RDA Clone Troopers kicked both Clovis and Spike Hike as they led them into the LATTU. Clovis, Leonardo, and Piper took a good look at the Battle of South Pole City before the LATTU doors closed. They looked at each other as soon as they felt that they were taking off. Swiss Ninja stood outside the whole time, watching them leave.

Clovis:"I wonder how long this war will go on for, at the rate we're at."

Hermosa:"Who knows. Probably not long."

RDA Clone Trooper:"SHUT UP!"

The RDA Clone Trooper smacked both of them with the back of his rifle.

Suddenly, about a minute later, the LATTU suddenly jerked to the right violently, sending everyone off their feet. Clovis immediately took the surprise to his advantage by falling on one of the RDA Troopers, stunning him. The LATTU regained position again.

Clovis:"Leonardo! Get my lightsaber out!"

Leonardo jumped from where he was and took out Clovis's green lightsaber. Clovis turned around so that Leonardo could slice the handcuffs off. Clovis took the Lightsaber just in time to deflect the laser blasts from some of the RDA Troopers that had already recovered. Clovis struck down all the RDA Clone Troopers in the cargo area and attempted to reach the cockpit, but...


The cockpit had exploded and was in flames!

Leonardo:"AAAAAH!!! We're going down!"

Piper:"Tell us something we don't know!"


General Hermosa:"THERE AREN'T ANY!"

General Rochambeau:"Mon Dieu! Nous allons a mourir! C'est le fin!" (We're gonna die! It's the end!)


The LATTU was hurtling back down towards Earth at a fast speed. Clovis sliced open a hole to see how far they were from the ground. They were not gonna make it. They were coming down too fast. They were going to crash into a fiery inferno that would obliterate everything.

Suddenly, just as they thought they had hit the ground, the LATTU stopped moving.

General Rochambeau:"Nous sommes morts maintenant!" (We are dead now!)

General Hermosa:"I...don't think we're dead..."

Clovis looked outside the hole he made to see that the LATTU was slightly hovering above the ground. It was only inches away from crashing. Suddenly, the hovering stopped and the LATTU landed on the ground with a thump, throwing everyone off their feet again.

Clovis sliced open the rest of the LATTU doors so that everyone could get out. He sliced off everyone's handcuffs while they exited the LATTU. As they looked around, they saw Fisch Hochstadt standing in front of them on top of a pile of rubble.

Clovis:"Fisch! It's good to see you! Thanks so much!"

Fisch:"No problem, brother. I saw it was you when I saw your green lightsaber cut through one of the doors."

Leonardo:Cool! How did you get here? Were you here the whole time?"

Fisch:"Nope. I just came."

Fisch pointed to the sky. Several Ruscan aircraft blasted through the air above.

Piper:"Reinforcements have arrived!"

Then, Jock, Gottfried, and Gerwin walked walked on top of the rubble next to Fisch.

Jock:"Well, looks like you guys are all right."

Piper:"Yeah! We're getting the group together!"

Gottfried:"You're lucky we came now to save you, otherwise you'd be in Snowzerland. We were the ones who shot at your LATTU...twice, actually."

Piper:"That explains a lot. Thanks anyways."

Jock:"Nevermind that now. Listen- Clovis, you need to get to the airport immediately and take to the skies! We have to destroy those Star Destroyers if we're going to make any progress. Their ion cannons are too destructive and are hampering allied advancements. The Snoss are using them as bases, so you'll have to board them if you want to destroy them."

Clovis:"Can't I just bomb them with the plane?"

Jock:"Yes, but at the expense of having it CRASH into the city?"


Jock:"See that one over there? That one is their Capital ship. Destroy that one, and you have crippled their main command center."

Clovis:"All right."

Jock:"Get going, now! Take Leonardo with you! Piper can stay with us."

Clovis:"You got it!"

Clovis and Leonardo started running in the direction of the airport.

Leoanrdo:"But Clovis, the airport is far away! We won't make it in due time!"

Clovis:"You're right."

Clovis started looking around the premises. Suddenly, he saw a mechanic's garage. The garage door was closed, but Clovis sliced off the lock to see what was there. After opening it, he was pleased to see a brand new sportscar sitting inside with brand new red paint, an eight cylinder engine, and a full tank.

Clovis:"This baby is good to ride. Let's RACE!"

Clovis jumped into the driver's seat while Leonardo sat next to him. They buckled their seat belts while Clovis turned on the car (the key was on the mechanic's desk) and adjusted his mirrors. Clovis slammed on the accelerator and the car jumped out of the garage and onto the street. Clovis began to speed up quickly down the deserted streets, going up to 100 miles per hour while evading debris and allied soldiers. The immense speed of the car made Clovis and Leonardo feel exhilarated and extremely energized.

Leonardo:"Dude, you should consider racing."

Clovis chuckled, but not for long. He suddenly saw a bunch of high speed motorcycles in his rear view mirror.

Clovis:"Uh oh. Snoss soldiers."

Leonardo looked back.

Leonardo:"And they've got guns!"

Clovis swerved the car left and right to avoid the bullets flying towards them. Each turn was sharp and it kept jerking them back and forth in their seats.

Leonardo:"Take the Freeway!"

Clovis:"I'm on it!"


Clovis:"I don't have time for this! It's our lives or theirs!"

Clovis honked at them. They stood where they were and took out their rifles. Clovis slammed harder on the accelerator. Leonardo closed his eyes. At the last minute, the Snoss soldiers jumped out of the way as the red sports car zoomed up the onramp and onto the empty freeway. Clovis was now at 150 miles per hour.

Leonardo:"The airport is still a while away."

There were some crashed airplanes and open holes on the freeway, and Clovis tried his best to avoid them. Clovis looked back at his rear view mirror again and saw a large cordon of Snoss motorcycles and stolen Police Cars with their sirens on. They were steadily approaching them.


Several other Snoss vehicles jumped onto the nearby onramps, getting closer to them. Clovis kept moving out of the way to make sure they didn't shoot at him or his tires.

Clovis saw ahead that the overpass needed to get onto the freeway to the airport had been destroyed.

Leonardo:"Oh no! It looks like we're gonna have to take a detour..."

Clovis:"No. We're not."

Leonardo:"Please don't tell me we're gonna jump that ramp..."

Clovis:"We're gonna jump that ramp."

Leonardo sat back tensely in his seat. Clovis sped up to a whopping 200 miles per hour down the freeway. The Snoss kept getting closer. Leonardo was gritting his teeth. The onramp overpass was getting closer, and so were the Snoss. Leonardo was shaking. Clovis was focusing on the road, periodically checking his mirrors like every responsible driver normally does.

Then, with an intense amount of focus, Clovis raced up the overpass with immense speed, sending the car up into the air over the place where the overpass had been destroyed. Leonardo was screaming now. Clovis kept focusing ahead of himself. Leonardo closed his eyes. The car's tires landed with a thump back on the rest of the overpass. Leonardo opened his eyes and sighed with relief and looked back. One of the stolen police cars attempted the jump but instead smashed head fist into the remainder of the overpass, causing a chain reaction of crashes in the back.

Leonardo:"Epic win."

More Snoss vehicles were approaching them again after coming on from the onramps. The exit for the airport could now be seen.

Leonardo:"Oh no! A Snoss tank is blocking the exit!"

The tank started firing at them. Clovis swerved as the shells started raining down near them, exploding holes into the freeway.

Clovis:"I see a plan of action."

Clovis made a quick left turn, smashing the car through the concrete divider and driving into the opposite side of the freeway. By chance, there was a at the side of the road, next to an overturned truck.

Leonardo:"Not again!"

Clovis sped up the ramp, sending the car flying into the sky and off the freeway, going against the wind. The car made two barrel rolls while in midair and was being pursued quickly by Snoss motorcyclists, who were also in the air the same time Clovis and Leonardo were.

The sportscar landed onto the street with a large thud, though the car's exceptional suspension helped to take in a lot of the impact. Clovis sped to the airport and blasted through the barbed wire fence. He drove right in front of a hangar where several Castillan and Antarctican soldiers were waiting for him.

Clovis and Leonardo stepped out of the car. All of the soldiers saluted.

Antarctican Soldier:"Mr. Hochstadt, your aircraft is inside the hangar."

One of the Castillan soldiers pressed a button, opening the hangar to reveal a Culldrome A-Wing inside. It was a loan from the Culldrome military for the Antarctican army.

Antarctican Soldier:"Good luck, Agents."

Clovis and Leonardo hopped inside the A-Wing.

Clovis:"Good luck to you too."

Clovis closed the cockpit door and pulled out of the hangar. In a matter of seconds, Clovis turned all the engines on at full throttle and blasted into the air.

Chapter 8:The War Goes On

Clovis and Leonardo flew towards the giant Star Destroyer flagship, dodging Snoss TIE Fighters and military jets blasting green lasers and speeding rockets at them left and right. As they neared the giant grey Star Destroyer, they could see the spaceship docking bay attached under the ship. As quick as they could, avoiding the laser blasts from the giant ship's gun turrets, they docked their A-Wing inside the large spaceship hangar. They immediately jumped out to see several Stormtroopers and Snoss soldiers onboard, who immediately noticed them.

Snoss Commander:"CASTILLANS!"

Clovis took out his keysaber and started deflecting the Stormtroopers' blasts as they started running towards one of the entrances inside the giant starship. Leonardo took out a deletion pistol and tried his best to knock down a couple Stormtroopers. However, there were several Stormtroopers blocking the exits. Quickly, Clovis decided to turn a corner where the Stormtroopers couldn't see him and had to run to get to him.

Leonardo:"Look! A ventilator shaft!"


Clovis dashed to the ventilator shaft grate and slashed it open with his keysaber. The two went inside and placed the grate back just in time before the Stormtroopers could spot them.

Stormtrooper 1:"Where did they go?"

Stormtrooper 2:"Search the perimeter. They could be anywhere."

The Stormtroopers started looking around the area, though not going to where Clovis and Leonardo were. Clovis took out a grappling hook and shot it up the shaft. Once it hooked onto something, Clovis and Leonardo quietly climbed up. They soon found themselves climbing around a maze of metal shafts, with no other ventilator grates in sight.

Leonardo:"We're lost, aren't we?"

Clovis:"No. Well...maybe. Ok, yes we are. I have no idea where we're going."

Leonardo:"Do you think there's something below us? This shaft is really creaky now."

Clovis:"Probably because they didn't build this part very well. Though I'm sure if I punch down on this shaft, it will stay intact."

In order to demonstrate, Clovis punched the shaft, only to break it, sending both Clovis and Leonardo down into a large metal room. It was filled with garbage.

Leonardo:"We're in a garbage compactor!"

Clovis:"And there's the exit. Thankfully this thing isn't on."

Leonardo:"I know, right?"

Clovis sliced open the exit door and the two walked out to find themselves in a quiet hallway. They slowly walked down the hall, tiptoeing quietly so they would not be caught. They couldn't hear anyone approaching. All of a sudden, they were about to turn a corner when they saw a couple Stormtroopers standing in front of an elevator. Clovis and Leonardo hid behind the corner, their eyes wide and breathing heavily.

Clovis took out a stolen Stormtrooper blaster he had stolen from the battle of Pengu Town, and Leonardo likewise; they quickly jumped out of their hiding spot and fired at the Stormtroopers, knocking them both down before they could attack back. The two stormtroopers were lying on the floor, their armor shining from the overhead light of the room.

Clovis:"Quickly! Put on that guy's helmet!"

Clovis quickly put on one of the Stormtrooper's uniforms while Leonardo wore one of their helmets. They hid the penguins behind the hall.

Leonardo:"I think this elevator should be the one to the command room at the top of the starship!"

Clovis:"Let's see."

Clovis approached the elevator and pressed the button to go up. Suddenly, the camera looked down upon him, and a voice from a microphone could be heard.

"What is your identification number, trooper?"

Clovis:"Oh. Um. I....don't remember."

Clovis cringed, though his emotion was hidden by the helmet he was wearing. He feared he had blown his cover.

"Typical dumb Stormtroopers. We're going to have to penalize you for it later by rationing your food. That way you guys learn. State your business, soldier! Why aren't you down on the ground fighting!"

Clovis:"Oh well, I have important news to deliver the captain from the Kaiser."


Clovis:"I couldn't be more serious, sir."

"Very well. Make this brief, trooper."

Clovis:"Oh, it will."

The elevator opened up and Clovis and Leonardo stepped inside. They were taken up and waited patiently for a few moments before arriving. Suddenly, the doors opened and they found themselves in a room that was right behind the control room. A Snoss Commander clad in a crisp black uniform met them. He looked sternly at them.

Commander:"Well Trooper? Don't just stand there, give me the news!"


Commander:"You pathetic imbecile! Quit wasting my time!"

Clovis:"Umm...the that...we're losing the war?"

The Commander looked at him annoyingly. It almost seemed like he wanted to spit on his helmet.


The Commander slapped Clovis's helmet, knocking it off. Clovis's jester hat, which had been sitting on top of his head the whole time, popped up back to its original shape since the helmet had crushed it. The rest of the Stormtrooper uniform fell off automatically to reveal Clovis's jester outfit.

The Commander shrieked like a girl and stepped back in utter fear.

Commander:"EEEEIIICK! It's Clovis Hochstadt! GUAAAARDS!"

Suddenly, several RDA Clone Troopers popped up and pointed their guns at Clovis. Clovis and Leonardo thought quickly when they immediately shot at the Commander with their laser blasters, knocking him down, and taking cover behind one of the walls.

Leonardo:"Our cover is blown!"

Clovis:"You don't say!"

Leonardo:"I mean, what do we do now?"

Clovis:"Shoot 'em down!"

Clovis and Leonardo were able to shoot down two of the RDA Clone Troopers, and the other two's blasters. They suddenly took out lightsabers and charged at them. Clovis took out his green lightsaber and clashed with them, principally against both of them. Leonardo then shot his blaster at one of them, knocking them down. Clovis was now battling one of the RDA Troopers in an intense lightsaber fight, for their lightsabers danced around the room danced quickly and swiftly, attempting to hit the opponent.

Suddenly, while in a lock, the RDA Clone Trooper pushed Clovis away, sending him against one of the metal walls. Clovis appeared to be hurt and seemed to cringe away, covering himself. Suddenly, the RDA Trooper was about to jab his lighsaber into him until Clovis uncoiled form his position and shot him unexpectedly with the stormtrooper laser blaster. The fall of the last RDA Clone Trooper silenced the room.

Leonardo:"Woah! Sorry I didn't intervene there, I..."

Clovis:"I know. He would have deflected your blasts because he knew you were coming. He didn't see me."

Clovis walked across the room and picked up his lightsaber and re-activated it.

Clovis:"Let's finish this."

Leonardo:"With a lightsaber?"

Clovis:"Yeah, you're right. Let's use our deletion machine guns."

Leonardo:"Now we're talking!"

Leonardo took out two deletion machine guns from hammerspace and gave one to Clovis. They made their way to the main doors and blasted their way through into the main control room.

As soon as they entered, they immediately began to open fire on the Snoss Commanders, technicians, and the Captain who were all inside. In a matter of seconds, all of them had been sucked into deletion. In the beginning, they had all screamed as they were being sucked into the Cybervoid, but now the room was quiet, just like the one they were now in.

Clovis:"I'm taking the main controls. We're ending this war right here. Right now."

Leonardo hopped on Clovis's shoulder. Clovis found the main controls and grabbed the yoke. He looked out the large, long window and could see the Battle of South Pole City still raging. He could see further several other Star Destroyers nearby, and a large group of Snoss soldiers approaching the city.

Leonardo:"What are you going to do?"

Clovis:"Land this piece of junk."

Clovis began land the ship closer towards the ground, for he was aiming for the Snoss soldiers approaching the outskirts of South Pole City.


Clovis:"Don't worry, I'm supposed to hit them."

Suddenly, the bottom side of their star destroyer smashed the top of another star destroyer, sending it down into the ground, where it crashed in the Hutt River. Now the Snoss aircraft and TIE Fighters were beginning to shoot at the Star Destroyer, but to no avail. It was already falling, landing like a large airplane at an airport, and at a speed too fast to stop. Suddenly the Star destroyer crushed the top of another Star destroyer, sending them crashing into a large open field only feet away from the old city walls.

Leonardo:"Shouldn't we evacuate???"

Clovis:"We don't need to."

Leonardo:"But we're heading for two Star destroyers!"

Clovis:"There's still enough space between them for us to go through!"

Leonardo:"No there isn't! We need to abort!"


Suddenly, both sides of the star destroyer grazed the sides of the other two Star destroyers that it was approaching, damaging them.

Clovis:"What did I tell you?"

Suddenly, Clovis pulled up the yoke as the Star Destroyer was finally nearing the ground. The Snoss soldiers who had come for reinforcements had already seen the Star Destroyer, and they began to run for their lives as they saw it approaching. They dropped their weapons and abandoned their trucks and tanks as they ran back towards the woods. Then, suddenly, the Star Destroyer smashed onto the barren snowy ground, and it was beginning to drag across the ground. Snoss soldiers picked up their pace as they saw their tanks and trucks being swallowed under by the large Star Destroyer approaching them. Clovis had already cut off the engines completely, though the Star Destroyer was still moving. The very few snoss soldiers that were too slow to outrun the Star Destroyer had no choice but to jump out of the way, barely missing death. Then, right before the Star Destroyer was about to ram into the forest, the giant spaceship had stopped.


Clovis:"Quickly, let's go before the troopers below get to the command room! Take out all those grenades from hyperspace and attach them all to the equipment in the room."

Leonardo did what he was told and put grenades everywhere in the room. Clovis smashed the large viewing window with his lightsaber, shattering the whole thing. Clovis took out his parachute and put Leonardo on his shoulder. Leonardo took out his last grenade, pulled off the pin, and threw it inside, while Clovis immediately jumped off.

The Star Destroyer's command room exploded violently. Clovis released his parachute and landed safely on the snowy ground nearby. Several pieces of debris were seen around them. Clovis looked behind himself at the forest and saw several Snoss soldiers approach him with their rifles. Clovis put his flippers up.

Suddenly, they turned around and started running away again.

Leonardo:"What's going on?"

Clovis turned around and saw another Star Destroyer crashing nearby, but this one was crashing head on, causing a huge explosion.


Clovis:"WE RUN!"

The dark grey clouds of smoke suddenly were rushing towards them, and Clovis started running for his life into the woods where the Snoss soldiers were. However, they were too slow, and they soon saw themselves flying in the air as the blast of dirt, dust, and debris flew across the ground in a large quantity.

Clovis and Leonardo found themselves land in a large pile of snow. They were coughing loudly from the smoke and debris and the air. There there pieces of metal everywhere, and some of the shards had cut them. Leonardo took out some bandages and applied some to Clovis's flipper.

Clovis:"Come on! Let's get back the SPC. We have to finish this battle."

Clovis put Leonardo back on his shoulder and started to run towards South Pole City, doing his best not to step on any of the metal debris. They took out their deletion rifles in defense as they started running cross the open plain of snow towards South Pole City.

Leonardo:"Look! A Frankterran military truck!"

Clovis started waving at them, and they came to his aid. The driver came up to them and rolled down his window.

Frankterran driver:"Monsieur Clovis de Castille et son puffle, Leonardo?" (Mr. Clovis of Castilla and his puffle, Leonardo?)


Frankterran driver:"Montez dans la voiture! De la derrière!" (Get in the car! From the back!)

Clovis:"Merci." (Thanks.)

Clovis and Leonardo climbed into the back of the military truck, where several other Frankterran soldiers, were loading their rifles and waiting for deployment.

The Driver put the car into drive and started heading back for South Pole City. Clovis and Leonardo looked back as they saw the two demolished Star Destroyers burn and smolder. The driver drove into town as they saw several of the Snoss soldiers retreating from the city. Blown up tanks, abandoned guns, broken glass, and debris was everywhere as they drove down the streets. Several streets had potholes, making the ride into town rather bumpy. At last the Driver stopped the car, and Clovis and Leonardo got out. They found themselves back at the hotel where their Castillan troop had been stationed.

General Hermosa came to greet them.

Hermosa:"Good work, you two! The Snoss are now retreating."

Clovis looked up at the sky to see the Snoss Star Destroyers leaving the area. The deafening sounds of gunshots was now very distant, and the artillery was now silent.

Clovis, now bandaged, was now standing in a line with Leonardo, Jock, Piper, Gottfried, Fisch, and a group of other soldiers from the international coalition that had helped to defend South Pole City. They were all standing in front of the South Pole Council, at attention. General Hermosa, Spike Hike, General Rochambeau, and a Ruscan General were all present with their troops and several local spectators.

Spike Hike walked up to every soldier and shook their flipper. His aid then gave them a medal of honor for their heroism in battle. At last Spike Hike approached the Hochstadt Gang.

Spike Hike:"Thank you all, Hochstadt Gang, for your noble courage and contributions in making this defense a critical success. The citizenry of the United States of Antarctica and I give you all our greatest thanks. You have saved Antarctica from her fall. You are the voice of hope against the Snoss tyranny, and we applaud your efforts."

Everyone started clapping as Spike Hike shook Fisch's, Clovis's, Jock's, and Gottfried's flippers while saluting Piper and Leonardo. The aide also gave them medals of honor.

Spike Hike:"You are all relieved."

Everyone relaxed from their tense military stances.

Spike Hike:"Would someone like to organize a speech from the Hochstadt Gang?"

Fisch stepped forward.

Fisch:"I shall."

Fisch walked up to a podium and cleared his throat.

Fisch:"On behalf of the Hochstadt Gang members who participated, we would like the thank the President for these awards. The Battle of South Pole City has been a crucial point in this Great Snowzerland War. I still remember when the first Great Snowzerland War broke. The Kaiser stormed into South Pole City, then in the early stages of his evil, and had the city under his control. It was the power of the citizenry, the power to protest, which deterred this lustful lunatic from the land. One of the basic freedoms of a democracy had paved the pathway for the principal defeat of a tyrant. Obviously history would not repeat itself the same way. The third Great Snowzerland War was a surprise Snoss invasion of South Pole City with the usage of bombers. South Pole City tasted its first look at a new and dangerous threat. That fateful day, we kicked the Snoss out of South Pole City, avoiding as much damage as we could. The blessed AMOEBA zeppelin super fortress had been our refuge, for it had been a crucial factor in the Snoss retreat. But then we had this current Great Snowzerland War- the sixth. The Snoss came in long before their forces were near the Polar District, though we were semi-prepared. We didn't know they would come so soon. Instead, their Star Destroyers blasted to the scene, landing troops, and this peaceful metropolis saw the worst it ever had. There is debris everywhere. Many unfortunate soldiers, and even civilians, had gotten caught in the fray. But yet, together, and with persistence and great faith, we persisted. We pushed them out. The Snoss threat is a real threat. The Snoss are no longer that weak group of soldiers whose debt was the laugh of the world. Today Snowzerland is the great threat to Democracy, the great threat to personal freedoms and Antarctic-wide peace. We may have pushed them out in a decisive victory, but we must keep fighting. We shall fight them out of Eastshield. We shall fight them out of Trans-Antarctica. We shall fight them out of the Regiao Lisboaguesa. We shall fight them on the plains! We shall fight them in the forests! We shall fight them in the mountains! We shall fight on the beaches! We will fight on the land! We shall fight on the sea! AND WE SHALL FIGHT THEM OUT OF THIS CONTINENT AND OUT OF ALL THE LANDS IT OPPRESSES! This is a moral fight we must not lose, for the fate of our natural rights depend on it! With our combined forces, we shall work together to oust the Snoss! We shall work together to quell the Darktonian and Imperial Armies! We shall work together to end the Zhouese occupation of the Asiapelago islands! FOR LIBERTY! FOR DEMOCRACY! LONG LIVE THE PEACEABLE NATIONS OF THE ANTARCTIC WORLD!"

Everyone clapped with great enthusiasm and support; the immense amount of applause could be heard from miles away.

Three days later, the Snoss had retreated to the fringes of the continent, and all seemed going well. Clovis and Leonardo were strolling around South Pole City casually, passing shops and pubs and watching the quick reconstruction occur. More of the allied troops were leaving to fight the Snoss and the other Black Octopus aligned armies out of Antarctica. Clovis and Leonardo were savoring the quietness and the complete absence of spine rattling gunshots in the air.

Suddenly, a very familiar voice behind them called their name.


Clovis and Leonardo, who were in a plaza, turned around to see Feey1 standing there, looking at them with an evil smirk on his face, his head slightly bent down as he looked up with his bloodshot eyes at them.

Clovis:"Feey! I thought..."

Leonardo:"....we thought this was all over?"


Clovis:"Go back to Maverick where you belong. You've lost the war. Face it, Feey. We don't want any more trouble."

Feey1:"Trouble? Ha! Ha ha! TROUBLE??? Ha ha ha! YOU'RE the fools that caused the TROUBLE. I was doing fine! I was going to become the GREATEST ruler the Antarctic had ever seen! But NO! Your Hochstadt Gang and King Carlos BETRAYED ME! YOU SIDED WITH THE SNOSS AND DESTROYED EVERYTHING I LOVED AND HELD DEAR!!!"



Clovis:"At what? The expense of hundreds of thousands of lives trying to defend their own countries?"


Leonardo:"Then a cold heart you possess."

Feey1:"Shut up, puffle! Clovis, you and your puffle now must seek my wrath. I must kill you in revenge."

Leonardo and Clovis looked at each other.

Clovis:"No duh."

Feey took out his blue keysaber and ignited it.

Feey1:"Now I have come to seek justice. Surrender Clovis and Leonardo! The Hero always wins!"

Clovis rolled his eyes.

Clovis:"Feey, put that away. I don't want to fight you."

Feey1:"Fine then. I WILL HAVE YOU EXECUTED! The world will cheer at my heroic feat!"

Feey charged at Clovis, who immediately took out his green lightsaber and jumped over him as Feey slammed into the wall of a building.

Feey1:"Come back here!"

Feey and Clovis clashed with their weapons as the two lightsabers struck each other furiously. Passerby strangers watched in awe and fear as they saw the duel occur. Leonardo took cover behind a trash can as the dual unfolded.

Feey1:"Die scum!"

Clovis:"Feey! What has happened to you? Stop this madness! You're..."


Clovis ducked as Feey swang his keysaber across at his head.

Clovis:"NO! Look at what you've become! You're no hero! You're a villain! Feey, look within you! Learn to forgive!"

Feey1:"I will NEVER forgive any of you for what you have done! YOU RUINED MY LIFE!"

Clovis:"Then you are nothing but a Sith now."

Feey stepped back and paused. Clovis stood in a stance with his lightsaber in front of him, ready to fight.

Feey1:"You're right. I am no Jedi. Ever since I've been on the hunt on you, I have felt so alive. So great. If you say that I am now a Sith, then so be it. I must LET IT GO!!! I LOVE the dark side! I AM A SITH!!!! SWISS NINJA WAS RIGHT!!!!!"

Feey charged back at Clovis, and he suddenly pushed Clovis back. Feey came up to strike Clovis to death, but he was suddenly stopped when a blue keysaber stopped him. Feey looked up and saw Fisch Hochstadt in front of him. Fisch redirected Feey's keysaber so that it flew out of his flippers and out of his reach. Feey tried to jump for it, but Fisch immediately force pushed him with great intensity into another building.

Fisch:"Clovis, take out your handcuffs."

Clovis did as he was told and followed Fisch to Feey, who had been stunned. Clovis and Leonardo quickly tackled and handcuffed him.


Several police officers arrived at the scene. Fisch pointed to Feey, and they took him away. Feey was resisting them and squirming around violently as they pulled him to the police car.


Feey was now sitting at a courtroom in South Pole City. He was still in handcuffs and was looking up at Judge Xavier on the large podium. He was standing at the defendant bench and could see Clovis, Leonardo, and Fisch standing at the plaintiff bench. Feey was frustrated with losing to the Hochstadt Gang. The whole court trial had bored him to death and he didn't pay attention to what anyone was saying. He couldn't even remember what he had even said when he went up to the bench to talk to the plaintiff's lawyer. Feey didn't even hear the jury declare him guilty.

Judge Xavier:"ORDAH! The Court has decided that Feey1 Pie is GUILTY for attempted murder and resistance to arrest. He has now been deemed legally as mentally insane, and he shall henceforth sent to the criminal mental health rehabilitation center for the rest of his days! COURT ADJOURNED!"

The Judge smacked the gavel loudly. Feey screamed in protest. Two penguins wearing lab coats approached him and applied a straitjacket to him. Feey was dragged outside of the courthouse and to a medical transportation van.


The two penguins in lab coats slammed the back doors of the vehicle, cutting off the sentence Feey was saying. They drove away as Clovis, Leonardo, and Fisch looked on. Clovis shook his head in disappointment.

General Hermosa was holding a large military meeting for all the allied generals in the South Pole Council Building. The Hochstadt Gang that participated in the recent battle was present, as well as President Spike Hike and an assortment of generals from Castilla, Frankterre, Lisboagal, Snowiny, and Rusca. The large room was full with soldiers, politicians, and generals.

Hermosa:"Good evening gentleman. As you know we've made good progress. The war is going splendidly for the allies, and it's time to make our next move."

Spike Hike:"The USA will regain all its territories lost. We will not go further, but will provide assistance through weapons and machinery if necessary. We need to focus on reconstruction."

Hermosa:"Very well, Mr. President. His royal majesty King Carlos wishes you luck. Meanwhile, the rest of us must focus on the situation going on in the Asiapelago. Zhou has invaded several islands and Shops Island needs our help in restoring order. It is apparent that groups of Snoss and North Joseonean ships have also been spotted in aiding the Zhouese taking over lands such as Malesia, parts of the Melodeeves, and even in the Finipines. We must stop them at all costs by driving the Zhouese out of the islands that aren't theirs."

Frankterran General:"Monsieur Hermosa, I believe as well that the Zhouese invaded the north of Shops Island, but were expelled?"

Hermosa:"Correct, though Zhou is still a problem, especially with fighting still raging in the Asiapelago. Much of these invasions and attacks are being enforced by North Joseonean and increasing Snoss troops. The only groups fighting them are currently Shops Island and Margate, both of whom are important powers in the region."

Clovis stepped forward.

Clovis:"What is your plan of action, General Hermosa?"

Hermosa:"A coalition of Allied navies will need to be committed to ending this war in the Asiapelagoan theater. Castilla will be participating to aid the Shopper Armed Forces and Margate's Forces."

Frankterran General:"So will Frankterre."

Lisboaguese General:"Likewise Lisboagal."

Snowinian General:"Count Snowiny too, comrades!"

Everyone looked at the Snowinian General. He put down his flipper and smiled awkwardly.

Hermosa:"As I was saying...Clovis, you will go with Jock, Piper, Leonardo, and Gottfried on a ship to the fighting in the Asiapelago. We'll assign you all on a major aircraft carrier to command."

Clovis:"Sounds excellent, General."

Fisch stepped up, where the dim light of the window lightly shined on him.

Fisch:"And me, General Hermosa?"

Before Hermosa could respond, Fisch notice a large crashing noise and an icebullet flying past the side of his head by only a centimeter. Everyone screamed and panicked as Fisch turned around. The window from which the dim light had adorned him had been shattered by an icebullet from Java Ghent's rifle. Java Ghent flew into the room with his jetpack, beginning to fire at everyone who was inside. Luckily, nobody was hurt, though everyone impulsively began to evacuate the room.


Fisch took out his blue keysaber and began to deflect the ice bullets that Java started blasting at him.

Java:"I BARELY missed you that time! Don't think you can get away this time!"

Suddenly, Java lunged to the right with his jetpack when he saw that Clovis and Jock had hidden behind an overturned desk and began shooting at him. Java evaded their shots and attempted to counter, forcing Clovis and Jock to take cover as the shots flew by them. Then, Fisch quickly acted by throwing his keysaber at Java. The keysaber struck his jetpack, causing it to spark and malfunction.


The jetpack, now uncontrollable, veered to the right even more, where Java blasted through another window of the building and flew out of sight. Fisch undid his keysaber.

Clovis:"That was unexpected."

General Hermosa and several other Castillan and Antarctican Soldiers ran into the building. The large meeting room was a mess as there were overturned desks, broken glass, and bullet holes everywhere.

Hermosa (aside):"Darn it, this is going to cost us money."

He looked back at the Hochstadt Gang, who stood there looking at him.

Hermosa:"Oh, are you guys all right?"

Fisch:"Yes, we are."

Hermosa:"Well Fisch, I think I came up with something for you to do. We need you to stay in South Pole City to help prevent any future Snoss related attacks and to prevent Feey from escaping the mental asylum."

Fisch:"Can do."

Chapter 9:The Asiapelagoan Theater

The large Castillan aircraft carrier that the Hochstadt Gang was on was gliding through the glittery ocean waters like the other Castillan destroyers and submarines around them. It was near noon, and the weather was nice, as there were only a few large fluffs of clouds in the distance. Jock stood in the back of the large command room that was operating the ship, overseeing everyone's activities. Clovis, Leonardo, Piper, and Gottfried were with him.

Jock:"We're not far from the Malesian coast in sight."

Clovis:"What is our goal?"

Jock:"Liberate the northwest coast of Malesia's main western island. There are a large amount of Zhouese and Snoss ships stationed there in the small port towns, though we will have to send ground forces to infiltrate their hidden military bases."


Jock:"Hidden in the thick jungle. This part of the island is still very wild and laden with tropical mysteries that could easily harbor a Zhouese soldier hiding in the bushes or the treetops. I will have you get involved in the fighting to lead the ground attacks. Be cautious, all of you, and don't let the pretty scenery distract you."

Piper:"We won't."

Jock:"Gottfried, stay on the ship with me. You will be in charge of the radio and the communications with Clovis and the others."

Gottfried:"At your service, Jock."

Jock:"Clovis, Piper, and Leoanardo, you will be transported by aircraft to the Malesian Coast where you will parachute down to the ground, which by then the Castillan ground forces should have landed."

Clovis:"Nobody else?"

Jock:"The Shoppers and the Frankterrans will Rendez-vous soon after for support. Once you all land on the grounds, reach the various Snoss and Zhouese jungle encampments and have them destroyed. Other soldiers will have the task of bombing the remaining Snoss and Zhouese ships that are docked in the small harbors of the villages, and you may participate if necessary."

Clovis:"All is understood."

Jock:"Good. Don't board the plane until I give instructions."

The navigator turned around from what he was and looked at Jock.

Navigator:"The land is in sight, sir."


Jock picked up a radio and turned a knob.

Jock:"All jet pilots: take to the skies and bomb up the Snoss and Zhouese ships docked in the harbors. NOW!"

Several Castillan air pilots ran outside and jumped into their jets. The jets' engines begin to flare as one by one they took off into the sky.

Clovis:"I thought you said the soldiers would be doing that?"

Jock:"I changed the strategy. You will still bomb up everything that is left. Well, that is, Snoss and Zhouese. UNDER NO CONDITIONS are you to attack Malesian citizens and their property. Understood?"

Clovis:"Of course."


Jock picked up the radio again and turned a knob.


Pilot 1:"Señor, we have bombed a couple Snoss and Zhouese ships. They're beginning to shoot at us now."

Jock:"Any sign of enemy aircraft?"

Pilot 1:"Yes, there are some coming from the southeast. There's got to be some base they have deep in there. It appears the Snoss and Zhouese have deeply occupied the area, but in separate zones."

Jock:"So the enemy aircraft are not there yet?"

Pilot 1:"No. The artillery is what we are more worried about."

Jock:"Bomb the artillery as well. Then confront the enemy aircraft."

Pilot 1:"Yes, Señor."

Jock turned another knob and yelled an order in the speaker.


Suddenly, large crowds of soldiers ran onto the decks of all the ships and began to fill up grey transport barges that were being lowered into the water.

Clovis:"Do we go yet?"

Jock:"Not yet. You're going with the paratrooper divisions."

Gottfried, who was already on the controls, waved to Jock.

Jock:"What is it, Gottfried?"

Gottfried:"We're picking up signals from the Shopper fleet."

Jock:"Tune in and contact them."

Gottfried:"Got it, Jock."

Gottfried put his headphones back on. The static cleared as a voice was now heard.

"Hello? Is this the Castillan fleet?"

Gottfried:"Affirmative. This is Hochstadt Gang member Gottfried."

Broseph:"This is General Broseph, here with Captain Swaggins commanding the Shopper Fleet."

Gottfried:"Excellent. We've already commenced a ground and air attack, and now you may proceed to bring up backup."

Broseph:"Are you going to do anything else?"

Gottfried:"We're about to send in a paramilitary force. We're dispatching some aircraft to take the troopers to the ground. Once they've all landed, we will begin the naval attacks with the remainder of the Snoss and Zhouese ships here."

Broseph:"Very well. I'll rendezvous with them with our paratroopers as well."

Gottfried:"Understood. Standby."

Gottfried turned back to Jock, Clovis, Piper, and Leonardo.

Gottfried:"General Broseph has agreed to rendezvous with you on the ground."

Jock:"Excellent. The ground troops have already landed. Clovis, get to the aircraft, and don't forget your rifle."

Clovis:"Yes, Jock."

Piper:"Aw, come on Jock! Come with us!"

Jock:"I can't. I have to command the fleet since Hermosa is currently commanding the fleet that is protecting Castilla from any sudden Snoss invasion. Go. I'll be fine."

Piper:"As you wish."

Clovis saluted Jock and Piper before he left.

Clovis, Leonardo, and Piper ran down the stairs quickly as they made their way towards the deck to board the plane. They passed into the armory room and grabbed themselves some AK-47 deletion guns and clusters of grenades. Clovis stuffed as many grenades into his pockets and in his hat as he could, meanwhile Leonardo and Piper did the same, though they put their grenades in hyperspace. The three left swiftly just as fast as they came as they sped down the hall and shoved open the door to the deck of the ship. The plane, already filled with the Castillan paratroopers, were waiting for him. The three ran inside as the aircraft's cargo bay door closed. The three were given parachutes, which they quickly put on.

The aircraft then ignited its engines and took off the aircraft carrier's long runway. Clovis knew that the plane had already taken off, but he couldn't see anything outside since there weren't any windows.

Clovis:"Where are we being dropped off exactly?"

Piper:"Somewhere inland, but not too far from the coast."

Clovis:"All right..."

The sounds of loud artillery fire and aircraft explosion could now be heard. The aircraft carrying the paratroopers occasionally veered to evade enemy aircraft bullets and missiles.

About ten minutes later, the bay door began to open again, signaling that it was time to jump. Clovis looked down and could see the beach and the expanse of jungle after it. He gulped.

One of the Castillan soldiers, impatient with Clovis's hesitancy, pushed him off the airplane. Leonardo and Piper immediately followed him. While Leonardo was screaming in fear, Clovis was doing backflips in the air.


Sadly, Clovis couldn't hear him.

Clovis did a second back flip gracefully like a nimble circus acrobat, immediately releasing his parachute with precision as his high speed drop slowed to a gentle glide down. Piper and Leonardo immediately undid their parachutes as well.

Leonardo:"They're shooting at us!"

Clovis:"Don't worry, we're almost there. What are the odds of them hitting us?"

Several icebullets flew through Leonardo's parachute, creating a ton of holes.


Clovis grabbed Leonardo's destroyed parachute and yanked him up to his shoulder. He took out his deletion machine gun and started shooting back at the enemies that were hidden behind the leafy canopies of rainforest. He hoped that he could at least hit one enemy. They were gliding closer and closer to the ground as they noticed the rainforest getting bigger, clearer, and darker. The distant sounds of rainforest wildlife could be heard along with the sounds of gunfire and the occational explosion.

The occational icebullet would fly into Clovis's and Piper's parachutes, though they didn't panic. As they reached the ground, Clovis spread out his feet and closed his eyes to avoid getting leaves in his eyes as Piper and him permeated the blanket of tree foliage. Suddenly Clovis and Leonardo and Piper stopped moving. They couldn't feel the ground. Clovis opened his eyes to see that Piper and him were hanging from the trees.

Piper:"Drats! I'm stuck!"

Clovis:"Shh! Keep quiet, the enemy could be near. See if you can come towards me; we'll see if we can get onto that branch over there and climb down."

Piper got off the parachute and jumped on Clovis's back. Clovis took off his parachute and climbed the small branches to a large branch sticking out of the colossal tree. He positioned his machine gun and aimed it down at the ground, searching like a panther for prey to pounce upon.

Clovis:"I don't see anyone."

Leonardo:"I see a bunch of thick bushes on the rainforest floor!"

Clovis:"That's peculiar. I know there are ferns and brush at the bottom of a jungle, but never have I seen it so thick....and all in one large bundle under us..."

Piper took out a grenade, activated it, and dropped it right below him. It dropped into the thick bushes and exploded immediately into large orange flames, deleting a ton of unexpected Zhouese soldiers that had been hiding in the bushes. In the midst of the explosion, several Zhouese soldiers screamed in terror at the unexpected attack and those on the outskirts of the brush jumped out of the way as their fellow comrades were being deleted into the Cybervoid.

Piper:"Yes. Peculiar."

Clovis:"Nice going. You just deleted the base of the tree, too."

Suddenly, the tree slammed onto the floor and began to capsize. Leonardo clutched onto Clovis's collar.


Clovis put Piper back on his shoulder and jumped off, grabbing a thick, mossy green vine that protruded off of a nearby tree. Clovis swung across the vine to another mossy vine, gradually making his way down to the ground.


Piper:"Enough playing Tarzan! Get down there and fight!"

Clovis swung down to the ground and Piper and Leonardo jumped off of his shoulders. They immediately started shooting at nearby Zhouese soldiers hiding behind some more brush and trees less than 100 meters away from them. Nobody talked as the wails of ratatatatata of the deletion machine guns from both sides flooded the rainforest.

Leonardo:"Reinforcements are coming!"


Several Castillan soldiers had arrived and came to Clovis, Leonardo, and Piper's aid. The Zhouese began to retreat and disperse. Clovis took out his compass.

Clovis:"¡RAPIDAMENTE, SIGANME!" (Quickly, follow me!)

The Castillan soldiers did as they were told as they followed him towards a makeshift Zhouese camp in the middle of the rainforest. They open fired on the camp immediately with their machine guns as tons of Zhouese were being deleted, but at the same time exchanging fire. One Zhouese soldier had deleted Piper's deletion machine gun.

Piper:"Nuts! Whatever!"

Piper took out a flamethrower and began to torch the camp on fire as the large quantity of tents began to catch flame. A Zhouese soldier, who was fleeing for his life, was shot square in the head by Clovis's deletion gun, sucking the general into the Cybervoid.

Clovis walked into the middle of the camp and observed everything in flames around him as he held the barrel of his gun up towards the sky. Clovis nodded.

Clovis:"One camp down, several more to go."

It was the crack of night in South Pole City and there was a full moon in the sky. Feey1 was sitting in a large windowless room made of foam in the Sole Pole City Mental Asylum. His beak had been muzzled and was still wearing a stray jacket. He had already been asleep when he suddenly heard a strange tearing sound. He woke up, startled, his hair scraggly and wild, and looked at the wall to his right. A blue keysaber had penetrated his cell and was making a large window. Suddenly, the window was kicked open, and Feey's pet brown puffle Gill appeared. Gill had retrieved Feey's keysaber and used it to break into the mental asylum.


Gill:"Feey! It's finally good to see you too!"

Feey1:"Mmmph, mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmph."

Gill:"Shhh! I'm busting you out!"

Gill slashed at Feey's stray jacket, releasing him and allowing him to rip off his muzzle.

Feey1:"Finally! Let's get out of here!"

The main entrance to the cell burst open as the asylum wardens jumped out.


Gill tossed Feey the Keysaber and Feey ignited it. The glow of the blue keysaber made his face look eerie as he had an evil smirk on his face.

Feey1:"Make me."

Feey1 put Gill on his shoulder and slid down a rope tied to a harpoon that Gill had shot in order to get up to Feey's cell. Feey barely missed getting hit by several icebullets as he jumped out. The emergency siren of the asylum rang loudly as Feey ran across the asylum. Gill gave him a jetpack, allowing him to blast out of the area.

Fisch, who had been stationed at the Asylum to watch Feey, was asleep on a chair in a hallway when one of the wardens arose him.

Warden:"Fisch! Fisch! Feey is escaping!"

Fisch jumped up, startled.

Fisch:"Rats! I'm after him!"

Fisch quickly ran to another room, grabbed a pistol, loaded it with icebullets, put a few cartridges in his pockets, and stormed out of the facility.

Fisch ran out outside and jumped onto a gray motorcycle. Several police officers jumped into their cars and turned on their sirens. The facility gates opened as Fisch sped out first with the police units following him nearby.

Fisch:"This is going to be an interesting chase."

Fisch saw Feey with his jetpack in the distance and blazed down the rural street towards him, ignoring the regular speed limit. Fisch turned on the motorcycle's headlight and tried his best to speed faster. Fisch took out his pistol and fired a few rounds of icebullets, one of which smashed into Feey's jetpack. Feey began to lower down to the ground.

Fisch:"We got him, we got him!"

Fisch and the police units rushed to the scene as fast as they could, only to be surprised when Feey and Gill blasted out of a tree in Feey's Penguin Super Suit.

Feey1:"Sayonara, suckers!"

Fisch shook his flipper as Feey flew off, but he immediately went back to pursuing him.

Fisch, now passing around cars blocking his way, began to shoot at Feey's penguin super suit. The icebullets didn't do much damage except make a few scratches.

Fisch:"I've got one last shot at this!"

Fisch took out his grappling hook gun, aimed it at the Penguin Super Suit's leg, and fired. The hook latched onto the Super Suit nicely, pulling Fisch into the air. Fisch pulled himself closer towards the Super Suit, despite the blazing wind. He then clutched the Penguin Super Suit's foot. Feey had noticed and began to shake the legs of the suit violently. Then, suddenly, the foot of the Penguin Super Suit fell off, sending Fisch falling from the sky. He tumbled down into a deep pond, where he splashed loudly, but without receiving any injuries. He jumped up to the surface of the water and looked into the sky.

Feey's Penguin Super Suit was now dimly visible in the sky, nearly appearing as a star among the other stars in the night sky.

Fisch waded to the edge of the pond and climbed back onto shore. He took out his walke-talkie radio and shook it in order to get some of the water off. He phoned in Jock.

Fisch:"Jock. Feey escaped. It appears that he is coming your way."

Jock:"I'll make sure of it. Meanwhile, the war is doing well. Our troops are advancing and we're driving out the Snoss and the Zhouese in Malesia. We'll be able to take Feey down in a flash."

Fisch:"You may have confidence, Jock, but Feey is not as clumsy as he appears. I will now make an effort to join you in the Asiapelago as soon as I can."

Jock:"Good. See you soon."


Somewhere deep in the Trans-Antarctic Mountains, Feey landed his Penguin Super Suit in a dark cavern. It was hard to see around the area except for the light provided by the glittery stars in the sky. The moon was also out, and it was full.

Gill:"What are we doing here?"

Feey1:"I need to do something."


Feey1:"You will see."

Feey1 pointed to a large, dark cave in front of them. Gill gulped. Feey didn't pay attention to him and walked towards the cave without any fear. They soon disappeared into the darkness, not seeing anything. They could not even see each other, for their figured had faded into black.

Gill:"Feey...I'm scared...please turn on a light..."

Feey1:"Hush, Gill!"

Suddenly there was a glittering in the distance. Gill couldn't make out what it was, but he allowed his imagination to take the better of him, assuming it to be the unfriendly eye of a monster ready to eat the two of them. But before Gill could say anything, Feey struck a match, giving light to the whole cave. Now, Gill could clearly see that they were at the fork of the cave as it divided into two directions. Now, Gill could see that the glittering were coming from an abundance of colorful crystals in both of the caves that had branched off.

The cave on the right was abundant with colorful crystals of blue, green, yellow, and purple. The left....only red. The cave on the right was bright and quite appealing, while the cave on the left became dark again after some distance, and it seemed rather hostile.

Feey then turned and walked to the left.

Gill:"Why are..."

Feey1:"Not now!"

Out of the shadows of the left cave or red diamonds came a dark figure, a penguin in a dark robe. As he drew closer to them, Gill noticed that he was a dark blue penguin wearing a cloak and a black belt. His face was covered but his beak was slightly revealed. Gill's heart raced as he could feel the great power and intimidation of the figure.

"Greetings, my apprentice."

Feey1:"Master, I have made it out alive."

Gill:"Who is that?"

Feey1:"My Sith Master..."

Gill:"You never trained with a Sith!"

Feey1:"I did. He came to teach me through visions while I was in prison. He is here to help me achieve my vengeance against Swiss Ninja and the Hochstadt Gang, so that I will one day bring forth the return of Yow."

Gill was silent. He couldn't believe what he had heard. So this is what it came to, he thought. Gill's eyes scanned the premises to the great Sith figure, whose presence emitted a great sense of evil and strength. His eerie command of all attention sent a pang of fear in Gill's heart as it was pumping fast. He tried to look closer to see the face behind the shadows....and he was Swiss Ninja! Swiss Ninja was there, the commanding Sith master, the fear evoking monster that Feey had fallen to. Swiss Ninja was not wearing his mask, and it made him appear even more scary, as the full definition of his soul piercing eyes could be seen in such a bare way. What could Gill do? Feey was now Swiss Ninja's slave, and any attempt to attack Swiss Ninja was bound to fail. Gill didn't want to ask Feey why he was doing this. Gill didn't want to be there. He wished everything was just a dream.

But it wasn't.

Swiss:"I, Darth Swissius, Lord of the Sith, do ordain you, Feey, to become one of us."

Feey1:"I will do what it takes to vanquish my enemies."

Swiss:"Good. Good. Let the hate flow through you. Your transformation is soon complete. Now, let us finish the deal."

Swiss Ninja picked up one of the red crystals from the cave and gave it to Feey. Feey held it in his flipper and examined it. Swiss Ninja walked close to him and placed his flipper on his forehead. Swiss Ninja's eyes were now closed and was now chanting something in a language that nobody present could understand. Feey wanted to guess, as he usually does, but he did not say anything, in fear of being wrong or appearing ignorant. Nevertheless, Feey didn't have time for questions, for soon his eyes quickly flashed a bright red, and he collapsed to the ground.


Darth Swissius ignored his presence. He kept looking at Feey.

Swiss:"Rise, my apprentice."

Feey now got up and dusted himself up.

Swiss:"Now do my- I mean- YOUR bidding."

Feey:"Yes, Master."

Feey saluted Darth Swissius and walked out of the cave. Gill followed. They had left the cave, and now Feey was climbing up a mountain. Darth Swissius was following them from a distance. When Feey got to the summit, he looked around. The wind was fast and cold, and storm clouds were gathering in the distance. The full moon was directly above him, and the stars were now less visible in the sky.

Feey took out his blue keysaber, and opened up the bottom part. A blue crystal fell out. Gill picked it up and put it away. Feey took the red crystal that Darth Swissius gave him and placed it into his keysaber. Then, Feey stuck his keysaber hilt into the air and ignited it, revealing a glowing red keysaber.

Gill gulped. Darth Swissius could be faintly heard, laughing diabolically as the wind blew harder.

Feey1:"I, Feey1, fellow Sith Lord, DO swear to seek vengeance on Swiss Ninja and on the Hochstadt Gang. I shall lay carnage to Castilla, and scrap Shops into rubble of shame. I WILL SUCCEED! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!"

At that moment, a lightning bolt flashed in the distance, casting a brief silhouette on Feey holding his keysaber up into the air.

The majority of the Zhouese camps had been depleted and many Zhouese forces had retreated from the area. Clovis and his troops moved along the coast some thirty kilometers away from the principal attack landing site towards a large Snoss stronghold. Clovis had already been accompanied by a group of Shopper forces led by General Broseph. The two of them stood side by side as their combined forces marched together as a single unit through the thick jungle.

General Broseph:"I hope these darn jungles don't have mosquitoes. I don't want any of their filthy diseases."

Clovis:"I think we are all in the same camp."

General Broseph:"I'm getting tired of these vines and foliage, too. I feel like I should burn it all."

Clovis:"That won't do. Burning the foliage will give away our advance. The Snoss aren't aware of our positions. If we give our cover away, we will give away the opportunity to establish a pivotal victory on the Malesian front."

General Broseph:"Ok..."

Clovis:"Here, I'll solve the problem. Leonardo, can you give my my machete?"

Leonardo took out Clovis's machete from hyperspace and gave it to him. Clovis went up to the front of the group of travelling soldiers and began to slash at the vines, ferns, and other foliage in the way of their path.

At one point, Clovis stopped and looked around. He stood behind a tree and peeked behind the foliage, which was beginning to thin. In the near distance was a large Snoss encampment around a Malesian village on the sea. Two Snoss ships had been docked in the harbor, though Snoss soldiers were crawling all over the place. They easily outnumbered the villagers, who were barely seen as they quickly travelled fearfully from one house to the other. Female villagers that passed through the village blushed embarrassingly as they could hear the Snoss soldiers whistling and hooting at them.

General Broseph:"What's the situation?"

Clovis:"We've hit a Snoss base."

General Broseph:"Perfect! Time to lay siege to it immediately! All our troops are poised!"

Clovis:"One problem- they've occupied a civilian village filled with women and children...if we go full out, they will all perish."

General Broseph:"Well don't worry about them! We'll only fight the Snoss and they'll only focus on us. We'll leave the villagers out of the question."

Clovis:"Not without any casualties."

Leonardo:"How about we try to evacuate the villagers while we fight?"

Clovis:"Maybe. Maybe. Let's hope that they can hide in their homes before any shots get near them."

Clovis radioed Gottfried:"We're poised for an attack. Send jets to bomb the Snoss ships...All troops, locate our position and commence the attack in five minutes!"

Gottfried:"All clear."

Clovis turned off the radio and stuffed a fresh new cartridge into his AK-47 Deletion machine gun. Everyone else began to arm themselves as well as discreetly as possible, hoping not to be heard by the Snoss menace in the distance.

Moments later, groups of Shopper, Snoss, and Frankterran soldiers immediately attacked the base as the sound of loud gunfire could be heard.

General Broseph:"CHARGE!"

Clovis:"Hey! I was going to say the orders!"

Everyone started running out of the bushes and began shooting at the startled Snoss soldiers. As they advanced, they suddenly saw one of the village buildings explode into flames and large clouds of gas were formed as the Snoss soldiers began to scramble away from the scene.


Clovis:"Quickly, we need to evacuate them!"

Broseph:"I'm off to shoot some more krauts."

Clovis:"Good luck with that. Leonardo, stay with General Broseph."

Piper:"I'll go with you."

Clovis:"Ok. Let's roll!"

Clovis and Piper led a group of Castillan soldiers to the village, where they met several of the villagers running away from the scene, panicking. The Castillan Soldiers came to their aid and began to escort them to safety. However, several of the villagers, wailing in sorrow, pointed to the huts on fire and several of the other villagers trapped inside.

Clovis:"Let's move!"

Clovis and Piper stormed into one of the huts and jumped over flaming wood to a room where there was a mother huddled together with her kids.

Piper:"Can we get them all out in time? We can't make this trip across the flaming debris all at once!"

Suddenly, the ceiling at the front of large bamboo hut collapsed as the fire intensified.

Piper:"Drats, we're trapped!"

Clovis:"Not if I can help it!"

Clovis went to an adjacent room and saw a window.

Clovis:"I found an exit! Quickly, this house isn't going to hold out much longer!"

Clovis, without thinking twice, put several chicks and the mother on his back and his shoulders, as much as he could carry. Piper, with all his strength, carried everyone else.

Piper:"Ummmph... Thank goodness I've been weight training lately."

Suddenly the inside of the house was beginning to shake. Clovis and Piper looked at each other in fear. Piper ran first and jumped out the window. However, since he had been carrying several penguins, he had lost his balance mid-jump, sending them all into the air and they all fell scattered. Nevertheless, none of them were hurt badly. They quickly ran out of the way as Clovis made his way to jump out.

Then, Clovis could be seen hurdling out of the window, just as the house was about to collapse. His feet were flailing and a surge of fire trailed closely behind him as it engulfed the window while the house had completely collapsed and was now completely on fire. Clovis landed securely and set the mother and her chicks down. At this point, Clovis could feel his eyes stinging since the gas had already reached the area he was in. Luckily the gas was not harmful, but quite irritating. Before they could go anywhere, the giant Snoss ship docked not far from him exploded violently as two Castillan jets passed by. The villagers were screaming and Clovis took the initiative to evacuate them out immediately.

Eventually they made out of the gas cloud, and Clovis began to shoot at Snoss soldiers nearby with his machine gun.

Piper:"Where are the others?"

Clovis:"I don't know! My eyes are still too irritated to see clearly!"

Suddenly they stopped in their tracks when they realized that they were surrounded by Snoss soldiers.

Snoss Soldier:"Jetzt haben wir dich, Clovis Hochstadt! Aufgeben Sie!" (We have you now, Clovis Hochstadt! Surrender!)

Clovis and Piper dropped their weapons and Clovis and the villagers put their flippers in the air.

Before the Snoss soldier could say anything, he fell to the ground, stunned. An electric dart was sticking out of his back. General Broseph then jumped into the scene with a flamethrower, taking the Snoss soldiers by surprise. Several of them got their clothes on fire and ran away while the others retreated as they saw enemy ammunition flying by their faces.

Clovis:"Thanks, man."

General Broseph:"No problem. Now get back to your ship. Your eyes look like they need some eye drops. Plus, Jock has requested you to return to the ship."


Leonardo:"Look, our chopper is arriving!"

Clovis, Leonardo, and Piper walked into the Castillan Aircraft Carrier's command room and saluted Jock as they entered.

Jock:"Good work boys, we've managed to secure victory. The Snoss are retreating as we speak."

Clovis:"So smooth sailing from here?"

Jock:"Well, not quite. I've gotten word form Fisch. Feey1 has escaped from the mental asylum, and we're suspecting him to come our way. He should be here very soon, probably to confront us."

Clovis:"Oh, that will be easy. We can handle him."

Jock:"Fisch isn't so sure. He sensed something strange in him. Some sort of great, dark power that he's never felt in him before."

Piper:"I doubt it's anything. Maybe it's just his hate."

One of the operators of the radar waved his flipper and caught Jock's attention.

Operator:"Sir, I'm detecting a strange flying object coming our way!"

Jock took out his pocket telescope and looked into the sky where the object was detected. He briefly tried to focus his telescope as if he was doubting what he was seeing.

Jock:"Just as I suspected. It's Feey in his Penguin Super Suit flying our way. Quickly, get the anti-aircraft missiles ready!"

Chapter 10:The Sea Battles

The cannons of ships nearby began to fire at Feey. Miraculously, the Penguin Super Suit dodged all the shells, and it dived into the sea with great quickness. Then, all was silent. Jock sat up from his chair.

Jock:"He's not resurfacing. I didn't see him get hit!"

Clovis:"I didn't either."

Jock:"Gottfried, command the room. I'll be right back."

Jock, Clovis, Piper, and Leonardo ran out to the deck of the aircraft carrier and looked over the side of the ship where Feey's super suit had plunged into.

Jock took out his lightsaber, but he did not ignite it.

Jock:"I don't see him. I hope he is not drilling into the hull of the ship as we speak."

Clovis:"I have a feeling he isn't."

Out of the blue, Feey jumped from the water with great force and landed in front of them, all wet and in a kneeling position, with one flipper on the ground, looking down. At this point, Jock had ignited his blue lightsaber, Clovis had ignited his green keysaber, and Piper and Leonardo had drawn out machine guns.

Feey:"At long last, I have found you."

Jock:"You have. What business do you want with us?"

Feey:"Only your lives. Only your lives."

Clovis:"Go home, Feey. Let's not start a lame conflict again."

Feey:"Clovis, you are a fool..."


Clovis and Jock looked at each other.

Clovis:"Why is that?"

Feey looked up at them, menacingly:"Never underestimate the Power of the DARK SIDE!"

A new sense of fear developed in everyone present, as Feey's bloodshot eyes could be slightly seen behind his glasses.

Clovis:"Feey, no..."

Feey:"TOO LATE!"

Feey unleashed his red lightsaber, and charged at Clovis. Clovis blocked down eloquently and swiftly like a fencer, blocking Feey's straight lunge. Soon, Feey was battling both Jock and Clovis simultaneously, overwhelming both of them. Piper and Leonardo began to shoot at Feey, but Feey used the force to throw their weapons into the sea. Hence, they just watched.

Leonardo:"Something isn't right. Feey is a lot more powerful than when we dueled him not long ago..."

Piper:"I noticed."

Leonardo:"I think the Dark Side must have possessed him...he is now becoming a full fledged Sith!"

Piper:"You don't say!"

Leonardo:"Sarcasm isn't needed here, at this moment."


Feey, Clovis, and Jock flashed their lightsabers up and down as Feey struck at them with intense force, slashing, thrusting, and hammering down at them. Suddenly, Jock was able to redirect Feey's strike and disarm him from his lightsaber, sending his weapon onto the other side of the ship. Feey, who immediately noticed that he could not reach for his red lightsaber, stepped back, in shock.

Jock came up and was about to strike him, until he did the unexpected- he blasted him with lightning. Clovis got in front of him and blocked the lightning with his lightsaber.

Jock:"AAAAAAH!!!! Sorcery, sorcery I say! Feey has never done his before in his life...this is the work of a Sith master!"

Feey then used the force to pull his lightsaber back into one his flippers, though he continued to use lightning. A Castillan soldier approached Feey and began to shoot at him, but Feey immediately blasted him with lightning and swiftly threw him into the sea. At this point, Jock and Clovis attacked Feey again, this time doubling their efforts and strength as Feey was beginning to falter.

Jock:"Surrender...peacefully, Feey!...You'll regret it... if you don't!"


Feey blasted Jock and Clovis with the force, sending them into the air. Jock was about to fall off the ship and into the sea, but he was able to hold onto a ledge. Clovis smashed into one of the jets, stunning him temporarily. He could see Feey approaching him, ready to slice him in half with his lightsaber. Clovis no longer had his lightsaber on himself anymore, and all he could do was cover his eyes as he saw Feey's lightsaber come down on him.

But it didn't.

Instead, Clovis heard the sound of two lightsabers clash against each other. Clovis opened his eyes and saw a blue lightsaber only a few inches away from him, blocking Feey's strike that was meant to create a fatal blow. However, the blue lightsaber was not Jock's, but Fisch's.


Fisch:"No problem."

Fisch began to duel Feey one on one as Clovis got up, stunned. He found his lightsaber and put it in his pocket. Jock came up to him and stood by his side as the two of them watch Fisch battle Feey. Feey then began to unleash his lightning on Fisch. Instead of blocking the lightning with his lightsaber, Fisch began to block the lightning with his own flipper, holding it as if he was holding a fist. The lightning formed as a ball of electric energy in Fisch's flipper as Feey tried to increase the intensity of his lightning blast.

Fisch:"You are've let hate take over you, and look what you've become."


Fisch:"This is not you. You are being controlled. You have given up your will to forgive and forget."

Feey1:"I will NEVER forgive and forget what you did to me....NEVER! I am to become the greatest Sith who ever lived!"

Fisch:"No, you won't. You have been seduced by a powerful Sith Lord, and now he has manipulated your mind into making our deaths your only goal in life. Revenge. This is not you. This is the monster in which you have allowed to release. And now this Sith Lord has bestowed upon you, the powers necessary to become a Sith and to successfully carry out your task."

Feey1:"Yes. Yes. YES!!!!"

Fisch:"You're wrong. Sadly, I am a Jedi."

Fisch suddenly used the energy he had been gathering from Feey's lightning blasts and used it against him, sending Feey back, nearly throwing him overboard as he landed at the edge of the aircraft carrier. Fisch surged at Feey with great force as Fisch made hard overhead blows towards Feey. Then, Fisch struck Feey's lightsaber out his flipper, sending it hurling into the sea. Feey looked back and gulped as he saw it fall into the water. He looked back at Fisch in fear.

Fisch then punched him in the forehead, forcing him to step back. Fisch kept his flipper on Feey's forehead as Feey's eyes suddenly glowed red. A shriek could be heard as a strange black and red smoke came out of his beak. Fisch stepped back as Feey suddenly became drowsy and put his flipper to his forehead. Feey's Sith powers had been relinquished, and he was no longer under the control of Darth Swissius.

Feey:"Uugh...what happened?"

Fisch:"This did!"

Fisch blasted Feey in the stomach with the force, sending him flying off the ship and far away, into the sea. Feey could be heard screaming as Fisch looked on.

Fisch returned to Clovis, Jock, Piper, and Leonardo, who were all shocked and amazed.

Jock:"How did you get here in such a short amount of time?"

Fisch:"Easy. I had some friends help teleport me here."

Clovis:"What did you do to Feey?"

Fisch:"I removed his powers that the Sith Lord granted him. Now Feey will no longer be controlled."

Leonardo:"Did...did you just kill him, right there?"

Fisch:" I didn't."

Feey's body washed up on the sandy beaches of Malesia behind a large jungle. His clothes were now tattered and he had cuts and bruises everywhere from the fighting and the rough sea. Gill approached him, and poked at him with a stick to see if he was still alive.

Gill:"Feey? Feey? Feey!?!"

Feey stirred. Gill came to his aid and comforted him. Feey opened his eyes and looked around. He sighed and sat up. He looked around.

Feey1:"Where am I?"


Feey1:"I made a bad choice. I shouldn't have listened to that Sith. He seduced me, and I fell for his trickery. Now look at me. I'm in tatters, I'm bruised up. I should have gone home after I escaped from the mental hospital. What I've done I am not proud of. I think I have recovered from insanity as I have found clarity. Come Gill, let's go home and forget this whole ordeal. It isn't worth it."

Feey looked around and saw his lightsaber nearby, which had also washed up on the beach. He picked it up and took out the red crystal. Gill took out the blue crystal and gave it to him. Feey placed the blue crystal back in his blue lightsaber and hid his lightsaber in the pocket of his tattered black jacket. Feey held the red crystal, grasping it firmly. He then looked beyond at the crystal blue sea and tossed the red crystal into the sea.

Gill beckoned him towards their Penguin Super Suit, which stood a few meters away next to a palm tree at the edge of the jungle. Feey and Gill jumped inside and flew away, back to Maverick.

The tide rose and the tide fell. The clear crystal water seemed to beckon Feey and Gill good bye as they flew away. The red crystal washed back to shore, and it's ruby brilliance glittered under the warm sun, sand, and sea. A dark figure in robes emerged from the jungle. It was Darth Swissius, who was watching Feey and Gill flying away in the distance. He walked out onto the beach and saw the red crystal lying in the sand. He picked it up and examined it.

Swissius:"Pitiful fool. Luckily he knows nothing of his son's future. Thankfully I do."

Swissius laughed evilly and put the red crystal away. A crooked, evil smile was the only thing that could be seen on his face, for his cloak had covered his eyes with a dark shadow.

Clovis, Jock, Piper, Leonardo, Fisch, General Hermosa, General Broseph, Captain Swaggins, a Frankterran General, and a Margatian General were sitting in a small conference room inside the Castillan aircraft carrier, which was also the flagship of the fleet. Jock was assigned the task to hold the meeting.

Jock:"The Zhouese have officially moved out of most of the Asiapelago and have appeared to have pulled out of the war for the most part. Though it appears we have one last threat."

Frankterran General:"And that is?"

Jock:"The Snoss have quickly withdrawn from the area, but they're sending a massive fleet attack coming our way here in the Asiapelagoan Sea."

Captain Swaggins:"So what should we do?"

Broseph:"Well, the obvious, you guys, we get all of our ships and meet them! We'll teach those krauts a lesson that will send them crying back to their mommies back in Snowzerland."

Jock:"I suppose General Broseph just summarized the strategy I was about to propose, before he interrupted me."

General Hermosa:"Good. Then this meeting is adjourned. More orders will be announced soon. As for now, we will all be convening together as one massive unit and take on the Snoss bluntly. We are to use both ship and air power to crush our enemy."

Clovis, Leonardo, and Piper found themselves sitting on top of their Aircraft Carrier's tower, looking out at the horizon of the sea. At their sides and behind them were a multitude of ships from the Allied coalition sailing alongside them. The day was clear and there was not a cloud in the sky. As the wind blew gently, Clovis took out a pocket telescope and looked in the distance.

He could see the line of Snoss ships approaching straight at them at the edge of the horizon.

Clovis:"I see them."

Piper:"It's now or nothing."

Leonardo:"Should we alert Jock?"

Clovis waved to a sailor at the deck of the ship. He waved back and ran inside the command tower.

Clovis:"No need to."

Clovis put the telescope back into his pocket and stood up.

Clovis:"Let's get back inside. We need to get ready."

Clovis opened the top hatch of the roof and everyone went down inside. Clovis closed the hatch and locked it, leaving the roof bare from anyone's presence. While everyone else went to the main command room, Clovis went to the armory room. However, instead of grabbing a gun and some ammunition, Clovis looked out one of the manholes to watch some of the neighboring ships nearby. The gravity of the situation at hand had finally reached his mind and soul, and he was ready to fight. Clovis went over to the command room, where he saw Jock talking to Piper and Leonardo. Clovis saluted Jock at arrival.

Clovis:"Jock, I'm ready for action."

Jock:"Good. Piper and you are to take to the skies immediately. Your job is to take one of the Mega Cubs and bomb up the Snoss fleet. We'll have some fighter jets escort and protect you on your way."


Leonardo:"Can I go?"

Jock:"Might as well. Clovis and Piper have to fly. So you and Gottfried can manage the bomb dropping."

Gottfried turned around from his command station.

Gottfried:"Count me in!"

Clovis and Piper were now inside the Mega Cub with Leonardo and Gottfried, who were sitting next to the drop zone. The engines were on, and once the order was given, the Mega Cub blasted into the sky, and was followed by several other Mega Cubs, Castillan fighter jets, and eventually miscellaneous Shopper, Margatian, and Frankterran fighter jets and bombers as well.

Clovis:"I see the Snoss ships at twelve O'clock."

Piper:"Yeah. There are the Snoss fighter jets."

Clovis turned his head to the back of the airplane and shouted:"Hey guys, prepare for a bumpy ride! Looks like the Snoss jets are coming, as expected."

Piper:"Get the bombs ready, will ya?"

Gottfried:"Got it."

Gottfried and Leonardo unhitched a large metal container next to them and unloaded several bombs. Just then, the airplane began to jolt violently as Clovis and Piper had to swerve and dive the plane in order to evade attacking Snoss fighter jets. Despite the large presence of allied fighter jets, the Snoss still earnestly tried to knock down the bombers.

Clovis:"All right. Now."

Piper pressed the button that opened the central payload drop shaft of the aircraft. Gottfried and Leonardo now could see the Snoss ships directly below them, and they quickly activated the bombs and threw them down the opened hatch. They could hear the distant explosions of the Snoss ships as they flew on, moments later. Suddenly, the airplane swerved again, and Gottfried and Leonardo were thrown off balance.

Piper:"Don't mind us, we're making a U-turn. Gotta bomb up the rest of the ships."

More Snoss ships were again in sight, and Leonardo and Gottfried went back to dropping the large bombs down onto the Snoss ships, each time causing massive damage. Then, out of the blue, a missile hit the left wing of their aircraft, and they began to fall.

Clovis:"LET'S MOVE!"

Clovis opened the back bay of the aircraft and took out his parachute.

Gottfried:"We're not jumping, are we?"

Clovis:"There's no other option at this point."

Gottfried stood at the edge of the back bay of the aircraft and gulped.

Gottfried:"Ok, where's my para..."

Clovis, who had already put Piper and Leonardo on his shoulders, shoved Gottfried off the plane.


Clovis immediately jumped after him, and grabbed him in midair.

Gottfried:"Clovis, are you crazy!?!"

Clovis:"No. Just clumsy."

Gottfried:"Oh, that was not a mis-"

Clovis released his parachute, jerking Gottfried and him up into the air momentarily. They then safely glided down towards the sea. Their aircraft had crashed into another Snoss ship. As soon as they landed in the water, Clovis quickly shoved his parachute back into its backpack. He spotted a Castillan military transport boat full of soldiers coming to their aid.

The Soldiers pulled them into the boat and gave them towels to dry themselves off. A soldier gave Clovis his radio, and Fisch was on the line.

Fisch:"Clovis, you there?"

Clovis:"Yep. Everyone's safe and sound."

Fisch:"Good. Listen, now that your plane is destroyed, we've got a new task for you guys. You're on a boat of Castillan Marines that are going to make their way to the main Snoss flagship. We need you to take it down."

Clovis:"Let me Swiss on the ship?"


Clovis:"Well, why won't you come with us."

Fisch:"I am. Look behind you."

Clovis looked back and saw Fisch standing in front of a boat full of Castillan Marines right behind them. The soldiers gave him a rifle, and he immediately began to load it. As soon as the boats got closer to the Snoss flag carrier ship, the Castillans began to open fire on the ship with their guns, shooting down several Snoss naval officers. They began to shoot back, this time with their cannons. Fisch, using the force and the techniques taught to him by Water Sensei, created a large wave of water that smacked the side of the ship, stunning the crew. The attack gave enough time for the Castillans to reach the ship and attach to it with grappling hooks.

Fisch:"Clovis! Get your lightsaber out! It's easier to climb with!"

Clovis did as he was told, and the two of them were the first to climb up the Snoss ship by using their lightsabers to stab into the hull. The Castillan Marines, Piper, Leonardo, and Gottfried were quick to follow them.

Clovis and Fisch began to slash at the Snoss soldiers as they charged onto the deck of the ship, until Austin8310 arrived with a deletion machine gun. Clovis and Fisch jumped behind a crate as the deletion bullets flew close by, barely hitting them.

Fisch:"Clovis, we need to split up. I need you and half of the marines to hold off Austin. I have to go inside the ship!"

Clovis:"Got it."

Clovis jumped into the scene again and began to deflect Austin's gunfire with his lightsaber. Just then, as Fisch went inside the ship with several Castillan marines, a helicopter full of RDA Clone Troopers brandishing lightsabers arrived. At that point, Gottfried, Leonardo, and Piper were at Clovis's side.

Clovis:"Looks like we've got a fight to put up with."

Fisch and the Castillan marines had stormed inside the ship, striking down every Snoss soldier in sight. Then, Fisch and the Castillan marines arrived in a large, dark room. Somehow, Fisch felt nervous, fearing the seemingly dark storage room was hiding a very dark secret. Suddenly, the door to the room slammed shut. The marines attempted to open it up again, but to no avail.

Then, a lightsaber was ignited.

Fisch looked up at the red lightsaber and could see the dark silhouette of a Sith.

Fisch:"Darth Swissius. We meet at last."

Swissius:"So we do, Jedi."

Fisch:"And so you're the penguin behind this war. I could sense your power when you possessed Feey."

Swissius:"He's a pathetic weakling. A shell of his former self. His weakness was my advantage. I wanted to use him to humble the Jedi."

Fisch:"How ironic, brother! You preach humility, but it is the one trait that you lack so deeply, which has led to your descent into darkness. Surely, your Force mind tricks don't work on me."

Swiss Ninja:"I should have known. You are my twin, after all. Nevertheless, I am the more powerful of the two."

Fisch:"Dream as you wish."

Swiss Ninja walked around his brother, his face glowing red from the faint light of his lightsaber.

Swiss Ninja:"So you think this is over? You think this is the end of the war? I'll tell you now, it isn't. We will keep fighting. Even if we lose. This is not the end. This is only the beginning."

Fisch:"Enough of this nonsense. Do all of penguin and pufflekind a favor- end this gruesome war and vie for peace."

Swiss Ninja:"No."

Swiss Ninja went to strike at Fisch, but Fisch stopped his attack quickly by unleashing his blue lightsaber.

Fisch:"It is unwise to fight me, brother. I am compatible, and I am willing to work this out."

Swiss Ninja:"Compromise? Please..."

Fisch and Swiss Ninja began to clash with lightsabers, and the Castillan marines began to blast at him, forcing him to deflect their blasts with his lightsaber. His distraction gave Fisch enough time to break the door open by slashing the locks with his lightsaber, and everyone escaped the room.

Fisch:"Plant the bombs!"

The Castillan soldiers began to set up mines in the hallways and quickly ran out to the deck. The mines immediately exploded, tearing a hole into the ship. Swiss Ninja, who had stayed in the room, now jumped into the water and swam out of the ship.

When Fisch reemerged onto the deck, he used the force to blast off the RDA Clone troopers off of the ship, freeing Clovis, Gottfried, Piper, and Leonardo from fighting. Austin was taken away by Java Ghent, who flew away on jetpack.


Fisch:"I fought Swiss down there in the hull."

Leonardo:"You did? Did know...end it?"

Fisch:"No. He survived. I sense he escaped unharmed from the explosions."

The ship was now beginning to tip more dramatically, and the Castillan marines were urging them to evacuate. As they went back onto their transportation boats, they noticed a Snoss ship approaching them. However, instead of pointing weapons at them, a Snoss Soldier was standing at the front of the ship, waiving a large white flag.

Clovis:"Hurrah! Hurrah! The War is over!"


Chapter 11:Peace at Last

Everyone returned to the main Castillan aircraft carrier to see Jock greet them on the deck. He had a big smile on his face and appeared extremely jovial.

Jock:"Good news, boys! The war is over. We received a surrender message from the Snoss commander of the fleet via radio, and several ships are now waving white flags."

Clovis:"As we saw."

Jock:"The main ship...or at least the newly designated main ship, will be coming soon for negotiations. Look sharp, all of you."

Clovis, Leonardo, Piper, and Gottfried:"Yes, sir!"

They ran into the main tower of the ship to clean themselves up. Jock went back to the main control room and took out a wooden chest from under his seat. He opened it to reveal a bunch of gold medals. He began to put several of them on the side of his chest and polished them with a handkerchief. The Snoss ship approached them and came to their left so that they were side to side with each other. The Snoss then placed a gangplank between the two ships so they could cross. Two cordons of Castillan soldiers formed on both sides of the gangplanks so that they created a pathway for the Snoss to walk through to get to Jock and the rest of the Hochstadt Gang, who were not far away.

Several Snoss Generals, Soldiers, and Kaiser Swiss Ninja boarded the Castillan ship and walked towards the Hochstadt Gang, who had set up a table and some chairs outside on the deck. Everyone shook flippers with each other, though with some awkwardness.

Jock:"Generals and Kaiser, please sit down."

Swiss Ninja:"General, take out the paper."

Snoss General:"Mr. Hochstadt, here is our formal declaration of our surrender and temporary armistice. We would like to organize a Peace Treaty conference in Dellaroma in the following days in order to formally end the war."

Jock:"That sounds reasonable. We will sign the document."

The Snoss General took out the paper and placed it on the table. He then took out a pen an signed it. He handed the document to Swiss Ninja, who signed it as well. Swiss then handed it over to Jock, who also signed the document. General Hermosa, who had just arrived by Helicopter, also came and signed the document. Jock gave the document back to the Snoss soldier.

Snoss General:"Thank you. We hope to see you in Dellaroma soon."

General Hermosa:"Likewise."

Once again, Clovis was riding his red motor scooter with Leonardo and Piper sitting behind him. The wind was blowing in his joyful face as he was racing through the streets of Dellaroma. He was weaving his way through traffic carelessly, gliding across the major avenues of the ancient city.

Leonardo:"Where's the meeting taking place?"

Clovis:"Flywish's palace. We're almost there."

Clovis passed a bridge and turned in an alley. He rode quickly and stopped in front of a large plaza where the entrance to the palace was.

Clovis, Piper, and Leonardo were escorted by a butler into the palace, where they were escorted by a butler to a large room filled with world leaders and generals. King Carlos spotted him and waved at him. Clovis approached him and shook his flipper.

King Carlos:"Good to see you, Clovis. Come, your seat is on my right hand side."

Carlos and Clovis sat together at one of the long ends of the table, and Swiss Ninja and Austin were sitting exactly opposite from them. Flywish was sitting at the head of table, with no one facing him at the other end. Other guests included General Hermosa, Jock, Lavender, General Broseph, and the presidents of the USA, Lisboagal and Frankterre.

Flywish took up a glass from the table and began to tap his knife against the glass to gain everyone's attention.

Flywish:"Gentlemen, gentlemen. Let's settle. King Carlos, may you do the honors by starting this meeting?"

Carlos stood up.

King Carlos:"Most certainly. Now that the Snoss have surrendered, it is time to create a peace treaty to end this war, once and for all."

Swiss Ninja stood up.

Swiss Ninja:"As the illustrious Kaiser of Snowzerland, I accept the proposal for a peace treaty. All Snoss armed forces will withdraw from invaded territories prior to the invasion of the Regiao Lisboaguesa and will cease any hostilities with allied forces."

King Carlos:"I, King Carlos of Castilla, accept the Kaiser of Snowzerland's acceptance of the peace treaty. The Castillan armed forces will cease all hostilities with all Snoss and 'Black Octopus' allied forces. In addition, we will release all Prisoners of War to their respective nations."

Swiss Ninja:"And we will do likewise."

Clovis:"And the war debt?"

King Carlos:"Hush, Clovis! Don't butt in. Nevermind that. Further negotiations later will be made on war debt."

Swiss Ninja:"Agreed. Please do stay out of this, brother."

Clovis sat down, looking at his brother crossly.

Flywish:"All right then. As it appears that both sides have agreed to end military operations, let's sign the treaty."

A servant brought Flywish the treaty from the adjacent room. Flywish took out a pen and signed it and passed it around the room. The two largest signature spaces for the treaty was saved for King Carlos and Swiss Ninja, who both signed their names in a large font. Once the last penguin to sign the document, Clovis, was done, the butler took the treaty back to Flywish.

Flywish:"And thus ends the Great Snowzerland War to end all Great Snowzerland Wars."

Clovis:"And thus ends an Era..."


Clovis, Leonardo, Piper, King Carlos, Jock, and General Hermosa returned to Castilla to await a cheering crowd. The war, now officially over, brought in a fresh new batch of Castillan military veterans parading in the streets in Metido in an impromptu celebration festival. That same day, the whole Hochstadt Gang attended a large gala party at King Carlos's party, where there was a lot of dancing and drinking Cream Soda. The party lasted throughout the night until the point that almost everyone passed out from drinking too much Cream Soda and dancing until they could no longer dance more. The cities of the allied countries, like Parie and Lisboa, also partied with great intensity as locals and tourists came together to celebrate the major victory with an innumerable amount of streamers, confetti, and Cream Soda everywhere.

Meanwhile, the Snoss were silent once more. Their soldiers, tired and beaten, returned home without praise and appreciation. Swiss Ninja was in a particularly bad mood, and he ensured that the nation's loss in the war would be censored in local media through a major censorship crackdown by the SSS forces. Swiss Ninja refused to leave his office for days after the peace treaty signing. A week later, he met with Austin8310 at the top of one of the towers of his castle home.

Swiss Ninja:"You were right. I did fail."

Austin:"History can repeat itself."

Swiss Ninja:"I realized."

Austin:"Don't feel bad about it. It was expected. What counts is that you gave them all you got and that it still gave them scars to remember forever."

Swiss Ninja:"You're right. I did make them realize that my might is not to be reckoned with."

Austin:"This was by far the most extensive and more expensive war we ever fought. Thankfully it is all over."

Swiss Ninja:"For now, Austin. For now."

Austin:"Oh no, boss. You're not thinking?"

Swiss Ninja:"Yes, Austin. One day, one day....I WILL RISE AGAIN!"