The Great Yowien War

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The Great Yowien War
A collage of the events that happened.
Top Left: A Snoss solider repelling down from a helicopter onto Feey1's Castle.
Top Right: Golden City burning as The Allies occupy the city.
Center Left: A Shopper tank clearing a path through Yow's Hilnit region.
Center Right: A slave laborer working at an East Pengolian plant that mass-produced tanks during the war.
Bottom Left: A nuclear missile launched from a Shopper space station.
Bottom Right: The last East Pengolian commander raises the white flag, officially ending of the war.
Date May 2, 2013 - May 27, 2013
(3 weeks and 4 days)
Location Yowien Sea, Shops Sea
Result Yow's sovereignty ends, Feey1 is dethroned and given punishment, The Yowien Sea and Glaw are split among the Allies.
Casus belli The Yowiens successfully develop a nuclear weapon and launch an offensive against Shops Island. The Allies declare war on Yow and its satellite nations.
Yow is seized into control of Puffle'and, Snowzerland, Culldrome, Shops Island, and Castilla.
Yowien Empire flag.png Yow Kingdom
East Pengolia image flag.png East Pengolia
Flag of Magic.png Glaw

Flag of North Joseon.png North Joseon
MelodeevesFlag.png Melodeeves

Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Flag of Castilla.png Castilla
UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Rusca
Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles

FrancterreFlag.png Francterre
Bandera de Lisboagal.png Lisboagal
Pengvaria Flag.png Batavia
FlagROSn.png Snowiny

Barbearer flag.png Barbearer Islands
June Islands flag.png June Islands
Yowien Empire flag.png Feey1 Pie (POW)
Yowien Empire flag.png Heimlich Zimmer (POW)
East Pengolia image flag.png Bolsheevic Penguinsky
Flag of Magic.png Fum Pie
Snowzerland Flag.png Swiss Ninja Hochstadt
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Lavender
Flag of Castilla.png King Carlos Goberna
Culldromeislesflag.png Steven Snowen
Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Dmitri Smirnoff
Barbearer flag.png Emperor Coldless

The Great Yowien War was a major conflict that was a reaction to the Yow Kingdom violation of the April 2013 UAN Resolutions and a follow up to the Yowien Sea blockade. Mainly, the war began when proof developed that the Yowiens had secretly created Nuclear weapons and had launched a ballistic missile at Western Shops in Shops Island. Yowien aggression, at a time when the Allies had created a blockade around them, was immediately condemned and the Allies commenced a large scale invasion that plunged the Yowien Sea and the Axis of Tyranny into a war.


See April 2013 UAN Resolutions for more information on the causes of the war.

In early 2013, Yow expressed it's interest in pursuing Nuclear Weapons, much to the international community's concern because six countries had already obtained nuclear weapons, and many peace activists and politicians were against the spread of nuclear proliferation. Concerns grew among mainly the anti-Yow Kingdom countries of the AU and Shops Island. Worries increased when the Yowiens declared that they were studying Liquid Nuclear, something that many scientists deemed as impossible since nuclear radiation, made of electromagnetic rays, can not be liquefied. Hence, the UAN nations resolved to pass the April 2013 UAN Resolutions in order to completely stop Yowien nuclear development, and eventually create an effective blockade outside Yow's waters after their staunch protests against the resolutions. Nevertheless, Yow still wanted nuclear development to continue in secret to strike back at the nations that opposed them.

Nuclear Development[edit]

It was a particularly normal day in Yow. King Feey1 was relaxing in his castle on F Island while looking out his window at the vast, blue sea in his eyesight.

Feey: "I run a truly great nation, if I do say so myself."

His peace was suddenly interrupted by a royal servant who eagerly ran into the room. He saluted Feey.

Servant: "They've finally done it!"

Feey: "Done what?"

Servant: "Follow me."

The servant walked Feey outside his castle and into an awaiting helicopter. The helicopter took off, and Feey was led to a military development site near Sall. The helicopter landed, and Feey stepped out. An army officer greeted him.

Feey: "Now, what do you want me here for? I was enjoying my relaxation!"

Army Officer: "This is worth seeing, your majesty."

Feey: "Fine."

Feey was given a lab coat, with protective goggles and they walked into the giant building. In front of Feey, was a massive nuclear warhead. He was speechless.

Feey: "They actually did it! YES!"

Officer: "We will run them off the production line like sausages!"

Feey: "Excellent. I suggest launching one at Shops Island first. They're particularly annoying, and it will get rid of that Plutonium Bay which pollutes Yow at the same time."

Officer: "Will do."

Feey: "But, how? This is just a bomb in itself."

Officer: "It's beautifully simple. We'll use one of our existing rockets. But instead of an astronaut capsule, we'll replace it with a warhead."

Feey: "I like it. Let's fire away, then!"

The Shops Offensive[edit]

At the same time that Feey had ordered the nuking of Shops Island, president Lavender himself was having leisure time. Despite the Puffalian protests and the Yowien Sea Blockade problem, he still found time for himself. He was taking a nice stroll in Vonkouver, greeting eager citizens while walking down the street.

Lavender: "It's so nice to have the citizens love you without needing a cult of personality."

Back in the Yowien Sea, the Snoss SSS had began wire tapping Yowien government projects and facilities. They tapped a conversation between some generals about the mass production of the nuclear weapons, and the plan to attack Shops Island.

SSS Officer: "Oi! The Yowiens are planning on nuking Shops!"

The SSS officer forwarded the tapped call to a Shops ship. There, an SIA officer got the message.

SIA Officer: "This is bad. We should get it sent to the Shops government building?"

Other SIA Officer: "No. That'll take too long. Send it straight to LMGT, he'll pick it up faster, and he can think of a better way to alert Lavender."

The SIA officer did as he was told. He faxed the message to the SIA's headquarters, where an agent picked up the transcript and looked at it.

Agent: "Son of a biscuit."

The agent ripped the transcript from the fax machine and ran down the hall and into LMGT's office. There, he was eating his daily customary twenty-dozen donuts.

LMGT: "What's this, now?"

LMGT took the transcript and looked at it bleakly. He ripped it up, and left the room without saying a word. He headed to a small base outside where an SIA officer saluted him. LMGT stepped into an army helicopter, and it took off. It headed a couple hundred miles east, into Vonkouver. The helicopter flew over the streets looking for him. Suddenly, they did, and the helicopter began to hover. LMGT hooked himself up to a harness which he then rappelled down into the streets from. The citizens were terrified, but LMGT showed them his badge. He walked over to Lavender.

Lavender: "Oh hi LMGT! What brings you here today?"

LMGT: "Get into the helicopter and I'll tell you."

The 2 penguins grabbed onto the rope LMGT had repelled down from, and were hoisted up into the helicopter, which then took off.

Lavender: "So, what were you wanting?"

LMGT: "The Snoss wire-tapped Yowien communications and found out that they had successfully developed a nuclear weapon, and they're going into mass-production."

Lavender: "Oh dear."

LMGT: "That's not the bad part. The bad part is that they plan to launch a nuclear attack against us ASAP."

Lavender: "Get the astronauts who are currently in space ready. Those space capsules carry 4 nuclear warheads, correct?"

LMGT: "Yep. And the Spatium Station carries another 5."

Lavender: "Great. Have them all on standby."

LMGT: "Are we gonna launch an offensive?"

Lavender: "Let's get the Yowiens to dig their own grave. They launch the attack, and we shoot it down."

LMGT: "Fine by me. Let's just wait and see what happens."

The next day, the Yowiens had hastily attached a nuclear warhead to a Discovery rocket. It was hoisted into place, and Feey was inside the command room, ready for launch.

Feey: "Let's get this done, fast."

Feey, however, didn't know that astronauts in the Spatium Station were watching. They were looking through a telescope at just the right time, and were witnessing the whole thing unfold.

Feey: "Let's go! What're we waiting for?!?"

Suddenly, Gill started counting down.






Five Ignition.






The rocket cleared the pad with a roar and a tail of smoke. Feey grabbed his binoculars and watched the rocket climb into the sky.

Feey: "Yes."

The astronauts aboard the Spatium Station saw the rocket launch perfectly. An astronaut radioed to SIA command back on Shops Island.

Astronaut: "Rocket launched. Permission to fire warhead."

Command: "Rog'."

Astronaut: "Ok. Fire!"

In a split second, a nuclear missile blasted out of a hidden bomb bay inside the Spatium Station. Its onboard rockets ignited, and it was set on a collision course with the Discovery rocket.

Feey didn't take his eyes off the rocket. Suddenly, he saw a flash.

Feey: "What's that?"


The rocket exploded, and the ground shook hard. Feey and Gill escaped from the control center just as it collapsed. All the scientists and officers inside were killed. The nuclear blast soon after created a shockwave. Feey and Gill jumped into a bunker where they called for help. The entire area was completely annihilated.

LMGT walked into Lavender's office.

Lavender: "Did it work?"

LMGT: "Yes, and better than I expected. The rocket was shot down only 45 seconds after takeoff."

Lavender: "Great. I'll get some friends here as soon as I can."

LMGT: "Ok then..."

LMGT left Lavender's office, confused about what he exactly meant. However, Lavender and "his friends" were about to spark one of the greatest Antarctic conflicts of the 21st century.

Declaration of War[edit]

An emergency meeting was held in Shops City. President Lavender had invited the heads of state of Castilla, Snowzerland, Rusca, Puffle'and, and Culldrome Isles for an emergency meeting.

Lavender:"Hello everyone, and thank you all for being here. We have just received intel that the Yowiens have attempted to launch a nuclear warhead."

Kaiser Swiss Ninja:"We know. So now what, do we strike?"

Lavender:"Precisely. We must declare war and invade Yow. We must take it into our possession."

King Carlos Goberna:"And what about Yow's satellite areas like F Island, Hontana, and Sanders Island?"

Lavender:"It is our priority first to take F Island, since that is Feey's place of residence. Once we capture him, we will launch a major and massive full scale invasion of Yow Island. From there, we will fight the remaining Yowien insurgents for Hontana and Sanders. Such a war is highly costly, but nonetheless rewarding."

Swiss Ninja:"Well, what's the risk besides just attacking them?"

Lavender:"Possible internal rebellions."

Swiss Ninja:"That's it? My troops can totally disperse the citizens. I will evacuate everyone our of our occupational quarter."

Lavender:"Very well. There is also the risk of Glaw, Barbearer, and June Island attacks."

King Carlos:"We can take them on. Combined as one force, we will be hard to stop."

Steven Snowen:"Do we really need to unite? I's just-"

Swiss Ninja:"Just forget about anything that happened. We need to unite for this to work."

Lavander:"He has a point.

Swiss Ninja:"All right already, let's just sign the paper and get this over with!"

Lavender beckoned a soldier to come to him. The soldier gave Lavender a large piece of paper.

Lavender:"Here it is. Sign this piece of paper if you agree to participate in this war declaration."

Lavender passed the document around and everyone signed it.

Lavender:"Later, I will print another document for the countries of Lisboagal, Batavia, and Frankterre to sign so they can fight Glaw if necessary. For now, the meeting is over. Tomorrow, we attack."

The War[edit]

F Island Attack[edit]

It was midnight. 2 crews on 2 different ships that were part of the Sea Blockade were planning the same offensive on F Island. Thanks to Snoss wiretapping, they knew that Feey was in his castle, and sleeping. It was the perfect time to strike. On 1 ship was a platoon of elite Snoss Army soldiers, and their commander Java Ghent.

Java: "So men, we take the roof. Be sure to only capture the royal family and assistants. No killing anyone of status."

Soldier: "What about the guards?"

Java: "Kill the guards for all I care. But don't kill any government officials or the royal family."

Soldier: "Why?"

Java: "The Kaiser has other plans for them. Let's do this, for Snowzerland. Long live Kaiser Swiss Ninja!"

Platoon: "Long live Kaiser Swiss Ninja!"

On a Shops ship, Penquino, an SIA agent, was put in control of his elite platoon.

Penquino: "Ok men. We're gonna take the ground up while the Snoss come in through the roof. We have permission to kill any guards, but make sure the royal family and friends of the royal family are arrested. No more, no less."

Agent: "Where are they going?"

Penquino: "Pen Chi Island probably. Now, let's do this!"

Penquino radioed the Snoss ship where Java's platoon was. Java gave them the go-ahead signal, and both the military helicopters took off and flew side-by-side all the way from the sea blockade to F Island.

When they got there, the SIA helicopter started experiencing engine troubles. It fell into the ocean, but nobody was hurt. Luckily, the Shops helicopter fell into shallow water, so Penquino and his platoon waded to shore and raced to the castle.

Java's platoon's helicopter hovered above the castle. It repelled the Snoss soldiers, and waited. The platoon broke a hole through the roof. They rappelled down it, and found themselves in the main hallway of the upstairs. The soldiers started breaking down doors, most of which were empty. Then, they smashed open the door to Feey's room, where he was holding a shotgun. One of the soldiers knocked him with the butt end of a bayonet, and Feey fell unconcious.

Snoss Soldier: "You're under arrest, Feey1!"

The soldiers subdued Feey, as they also handcuffed Kaylin. The Shops soldiers broke through the front door and shot all the guards there. They quickly found Heimlich Zimmer and Gill sleeping in the library. They were immeiately put under arrest, and were taken upstairs, where they killed another 3 guards on the way. They met up with the Snoss, who all took the Snoss helicopter back to the Snoss ship. Their mission was complete, and Yow was doomed.

At 6 in the morning, Feey and the others put under arrest woke up and found that they were sitting on the deck of a Snoss ship. In front of them were president Lavender and Kaiser Swiss Ninja.

Lavender: "This is for trying to nuke us!"

Lavender promptly slapped Feey in the face.

Swiss: "And this is because I want to!"

Swiss slapped Feey in the face twice as hard as Lavender did.

Lavender: "Pleasure doing business with you, Swiss. They're yours now."

Lavender shook Swiss' flipper and walked away. Now that Swiss was alone, it was ok for him to do whatever he needed to do with Feey's party.

Swiss: "Guards! Send these filthbags to Pen Chi Island! We'll let them rot there for the rest of time."

Swiss too walked away, while Feey's party was loaded on a helicopter bound for Pen Chi Island.

Meanwhile in Glaw, Fum Pie was sitting in his castle when a Yowien General came in.

Fum: "Hello. What are you doing here?"

General: "Feey. They got him."

Fum: "Excuse me?"

General: "Shops and Snoss forces invaded F Island last night and arrested Feey, Kaylin, Heimlich, Gill, and some others. That means you're now in charge of Yow."

Fum: "I see. I'd like to be alone for a while, please."

General: "As you wish, King Fum."

The general left the room, and Fum began to cry. He could only imagine what torture his brother was going to endure, and what he'd have to do as the new leader of Yow.

Invasion of Yow[edit]

A few days later, the Yowien Sea Blockade's effects began to weaken. Ships headed back to their home ports to pick up tanks, and fighter aircraft. A couple days later, the blockade was ready to invade Yow. All the government leaders met on a Ruscan ship. The leaders exchanged looks with each other while walking on deck together.

Swiss: "So, this is what commie engineering is like up close, hmm?"

Smirnoff: "Vat did you say?"

Swiss: "Oh, nothing."

Once they got to the situation room, they all took a seat. There was a map of Yow, and with it wee model ships and tanks. They were all Ruscan models, unsurprisingly.

Snowen: "How selfish."

King Carlos: "Calm down, boys. Let President Smirnoff speak."

Smirnoff: "So, ve will invade southeast of ze Yellow Zone, so we can destroy Yow's main highvay. Zhen, ve push a path to ze Yellow Zone and liberate it. Puffish soldiers vill stay zere. Zhen, ve will attack and conquer Golden City."

Lavender: "I like it. But what do you mean when we push a path?"

Smirnoff: "Shops and Ruscan tanks vill push a path through ze interior. Snoss, Castillan, and Culldrome's armies can support it, and zhen expand outvards."

Snowen: "I like it."

Smirnoff: "Ve vill send extra troops to Golden City to help vith ze invasion too."

King Carlos: "Fine by me. We can get this underway ASAP."

Meanwhile, Fum himself was meeting with some international leaders. Kim Il-Sunguin, Bolsheevic Penguinsky, and Ahammed Mello met in Ile du Pufoe to discuss this newly-born war.

Bolsheevic: "Ve need to make more veapons. I vill start producing many tanks and aircraft. I vill start drafting soldiers aswell."

Fum: "I'll draft Glowus soldiers too."

Kim Il-Sunguin: "I would help too, but economy at home is too bad. I can threaten them with my nukes though."

Fum: "Ok."

Ahammed: "I'll draft soldiers too. It's about time I take out Shops."

Fum: "Then it's agreed. We'll be ready to fend off these "Allies" and protect our land. For Yow!"

The next morning, the sun was just breaking over the horizon. The Yowien Sea Blockade pattern collapsed, as all the ships began to sail toward a certain point on Yow's shoreline. They could see the highway through a thin layer of forest. The Ruscan and Shops ships stopped in shallow water, and their tanks were deployed in the hundreds. The first couple hundred tanks made quick work of the busy highway and blasted right through it. They continued into the Yowien frontier as Snoss, Castillan, and Culldroms reinforced the line through. LMGT was in charge of the Shops tank fleet, and quickly radioed the Shoppers and Ruscans.

LMGT: "Head Northwest. That's the direction of the Yellow Zone."

They did as were told. Soon, they reached the Yellow Zone, and drove out any Yowien Soldiers in the region. USA president Spike Hike soon came there, as reinforcements arrived to patrol the area.

Spike Hike: "I claim this land a neutral territory in the name of the UAN. In the name of peace, in the name of prosperity, liberty, and freedom!"

The festivities didn't last long, though. Soon, the tanks were pushing West toward Golden City, and it wouldn't take long to get there. Tens of thousands of tanks, tens of thousands of aircraft, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers began the trek to Golden City. The Shoppers were also watching out for Yowien activity, and they didn't have the best of luck.

SIA Soldier: "Copy Head Command. There are Yowiens over the area. What do we do?"

Head command: "Hold your current ground. There will be excavation equipment coming to dig trenches big enough to fit tanks in, and other smaller trenches for soldier combat."

SIA Soldier: "Roger."

The tanks held their current ground. Soon later, excavation came and dug long trenches for soldiers, and tanks. The tank-designed trenches guarded almost all the way around Golden City, while the soldier trenches did the same thing, but in a tighter perimeter. The tanks were covered in grass and mud to camouflage them.

Ruscan Soldier: "Everyzhing seems to be going vell. No problems so var."

He spoke too soon. Suddenly, many Yowien fighter craft began bombing the many trench systems, but barely hurting the soldiers inside the tanks. The exposed soldiers were not so lucky. Then, a whole fleet of Yowien and East Pengolian tanks approached the front, and crushed the tank defensive line. By now, the soldier line of defense was extremely strong. However, they were suffering many casualties.

Suddenly, Castillan and Snoss fighters flew above and engaged in dogfights with the Yowien and Pengolian craft, while bombing Golden City. The scene was total chaos.

Invasion battle.png

The Pengolian and Yowien tanks were winning the battle, hard. The soldiers were desperate, but were not willing to kill so many people by using nuclear weapons. An SIA soldier contacted LMGT via radio, and looked for reinforcements."

SIA Soldier: "Can we get the SIA Drones over here?"

LMGT: "Roger. We'll send them there right now. It's about time they get a legit test run."

In no time at all, an entire fleet of well over 5000 SIA drones arrived and stood in front of the trenches. Their torsos started to glow, so the enemy tanks shot at them. The drones fell, but they rebuilt their broken limbs and stood again. This scared the enemy. Their torsos started to glow even brighter, and then all of them fired laser bolts at the tanks simultaneously. A single laser bolt destroyed 5 tanks at once, and the drones kept doing it time, and time again. Eventually, the Yowien forces retreated and the Allies invaded the city. They got off their tanks and marched in a large parade. Golden City had fallen to The Allies, and the rest of Yow would soon follow suit.

Nilo Offensive[edit]

The takeover of Golden City had scared the citizens of Nilo, but many of them still had confidence in their liberation. Citizens of Nilo soon decided to take arms themselves as a rag-tag force of liberation army fighters, though they still heavily relied on the help from the remnants of the broken Yowien Army and Navy.

About two days after the takeover of Golden City, a huge cordon of Castilla's ships, commanded by Jock Hochstadt, approached the area, and they immediately open fired on Nilo with shells. Caught off guard with the unexpected advancement, many citizens resorted to panic by taking cover in their basements, subway stations, and even sewers as the Castillans continued to heavily shell the city and the Yowien military base nearby. Though the Castillans started off with a crushing advance from their shelling attacks, the Yowien military and the braver liberation army fighters fiercely struck back with their own shells and ammunition from gun turrets. The Castillans then deployed crowds of soldiers into the city, where they began to outnumber the Yowien forces.

The Castillans also deployed aircraft to deter the Yowiens from dropping bombs on the Castillan ground forces and their ships. Within 24 hours from the beginning of the attacks, the Castillans eventually crushed the last Yowien military stronghold and several soldiers had surrendered, while many ran off into the wilderness. Then, the Castillan military was responsible for rescuing Nilon civilians from the basements, fallen debris, the subways, and the sewers. The Nilon citizens were grouped into small camps, and several ships from Frankterre arrived to provide food, medical, and shelter aid to the citizens.

Then, the next day, several of the refugees attempted to rise against the Castillan military, causing a large scale riot and a military crackdown, making the citizens even more upset. Arrangements were soon made to send the homeless citizens to the USA and Polaris, both of whom had agreed to accept them as refugees. Ships from the USA and Polaris quickly arrived, and everyone was checked to make sure they did not smuggle any firearms or bombs onto the ships.

Afterwards, the Castillans were able to celebrate their victory by looting the remains of Nilo city, parts of which were still on fire.

Fall of Yow[edit]

The day after Nilo's defeat, the Allies' leaders met in Culldrome City for a meeting. They were there to discuss how they would destroy Yow.

King Carlos: "So, here's a highly detailed map of Yow."

King Carlos unraveled a large, and very highly detailed map of Yow and laid it on the table. It showed the 4 main regions of Yow: Golden City, Sall, Linox, and Hilnit Town.

King Carlos: "First come, first serve. You pick where you wanna invade. I already have Nilo for myself."

Lavender eyed the Hilnit Town region. The land was very flat; perfect for farming. Shops Island didn't have rich soil, so this could be a major economic boost for Shops.

Lavender: "I call Hilnit."

Snowen: "I call Golden City."

Swiss: "I call Sall."

King Carlos: "Any more takers?"

Dmitri Smirnoff obviously wasn't paying attention.

Swiss: "As long as the commie isn't paying attention, I might as well take Linox for Puffle'and."

King Carlos snorted in distaste, but he agreed to the new plans.

King Carlos: "So it's settled. Shops will invade Hilnit, Snowzerland will invade Sall, Puffle'and will invade Linox, and Culldrome will conquer the rest of Golden City. Let's go now."

Everyone got out of their boardroom-style chairs, and left. Swiss slept the sleeping Dmitri Smirnoff on the way out.

Meanwhile, deep in the mountains of East Pengolia, a giant tank manufacturing plant had been set up to compete with the Allies' force. The tanks were being built using slave labor, and the slaves were penguins who refused to conform to the system, and were imprisoned in gulags. Bolsheevic Penguinsky was overlooking the entire project. He was talking to a project manager.

Bolsheevic: "How many tanks are currvently completed?"

Manager: "Avround 70000, comrade."

Bolsheevic: "I vant at least 200,000."

Manager: "Vhat!? Zhat's abzhurd!"

Bolsheevic: "Vrooska and Shops alone have over 150,000. Ve need to crush zhem!

Manager: "But 200,000 iz impossible!"

Bolsheevic snorted.

Bolsheevic: "GET IT! I vant 200,000. And I vill use all ze slave labor we've got."

Bolsheevic left, leaving the manager speechless. He thought they could never pump out 200,000 tanks in such a short period of time.

Back in Yow, the Snoss were ready for their invasion. Snoss ships landed on the beaches east of Sall, and thousands of soldiers ran onto the island, massacring any Axis soldiers they saw. Swiss (for a change) kept in contact with the soldiers via radios.

Swiss: "Show no mercy. Tanks and fighter craft will be coming to assist you in no time."


After that, it was smooth sailing for a little while on. However, when they reached Sall, they encountered problems. Yowien forces had ganged up to protect the city. The Snoss fought with them, but then the fighter aircraft came and completely bombed out the city, leaving the Snoss tanks to finish up. It was a swift victory, and the Snoss were the first to reach the center of the island, where everyone else would soon meet.

The Puffish had an even easier time than the Snoss. They pushed through Linox without trouble, and met up not soon after. Shops would be the next to take action.

As predicted, the Shoppers were next to launch. They deployed 1000 of their tanks to clear a path through their district to the center of the island, just as they'd done with the route through the Yellow Zone and into Golden City. Lavender was on the radio with them.

Lavender: "Tank drivers, remember that there's soldiers behind you, lining up and protecting the path you're clearing. Also, try to do as little damage as possible. I have plans for Hilnit afterwards."

Soldier: "Roger that. Over and out."

The Shoppers swiftly moved through Hilnit with ease. They met up with the Snoss and Puffish not long after. It was now up to Culldrome to advance through Golden City and meet up.

Back in Golden City, However, the Culldroms were in deep trouble. There were a good 25,000 East Pengolian tanks there, compared to all of Culldrome's collective 2000 tanks. The soldiers were in panic. They radioed Steven Snowen.

Soldier: "Supreme Leader Snowen! It's too much!"

Snowen: "You'll persevere. Help will probably arrive soon."

The Culldroms didn't want to use an airforce strike due to the severe loss of civilian soldiers it may have.

Soldier: "Permission to use air strike!?!"

Snowen: "Negative. I don't want to risk your lives on this."

Lavender: "Copy that. There are a good 45000 tanks on the Shops ships out at sea. I can release them all at once if you please."

Snowen: "Please do!"

Lavender was quick to send the ships to the Golden City ports and offload all 45000 of the on board tanks. They all moved to the East end of the city where the floundering battle was taking place. The Shops tanks made quick work of the Axis tanks, and the East Pengolians began to retreat.

After they retreated, the Culldroms and Shoppers advanced together to the center, where the Allies would begin the final offensive on Yow. King Carlos spoke over the radio.

King Carlos: "You know your orders, men. Spread out and conquer every square inch of Yow. The Ruscan and Frankterran soldiers located along the path (that was carved the the Shoppers and Ruscans) will also help. Go."

In a swift action, all the militaries went their separate ways. It took no time at all before all Yowien and East Pengolian soldiers had either surrendered, had been taken prisoner, or were pushed off of Yow.

The next day, Steven Snowen, along with some other bodyguards, went to the war-torn Golden City. He stood atop the Yowien government building and took down the Yowien flag.

Snowen: "I hereby pronounce this island in the name of freedom, in the name of peace, and in the name of prosperity. I claim this island in the name of all of Antarctica's good, and in the name of a fight against evil. Yow has fallen!"

There was a loud applause from the bodyguards. That was it. Yow was finished. But, the rest of the Axis was pumping out equipment like nothing, and the war was going to heat up very soon. Things were going to get much tougher.

Battle of Hontana[edit]

It was raining on Pen Chi Island. Feey was sleeping in his prison cell with Kaylin. Suddenly, a guard showed up and woke them up.

Guard: "Phone call for Feey1 Pie."

Feey was curious. Usually there were no phone calls allowed, but this was probably an exception. Feey got up, kissed Kaylin, and left the cell with the guard. When he got to the telephone, he picked it up.

Feey: "Hello?"

Fum: "They did it."

Feey: "Fum? They did what?"

Fum: "Yow fell to the Allies. And yes, it's me, Fum."

Feey: "No..."

Feey dropped the phone and started crying. His home, his possesions, and almost his whole life were conquered by the people who he had sworn to be his enemies.

Back in the mountains of East Pengolia, there were 200,000 tanks built, just as Bolsheevic Penguinsky expected. However, Pengolia's resources were being stretched to the limit.

Bolsheevic: "Vhat did I tell you? It vas possible!"

Manager: "Maybe I vas wrong..."

Bolsheevic: "You vere. Anyvay, now I vant 1000 varships and 500,000 fighters."

Manager: "But..."

Bolsheevic raised his brow. There was no more discussion after that.

At a military base on the south of Menap Island; Culldrom, Shopper, Ruscan, and Castillan forces were ready to commence the largest air raid in Antarctica's history. There were well over 50,000 cargo planes ready to drop soldiers and drones into Hontana and take it over. General Hermossa was in charge of the entire operation. He sat inside the control tower overlooking the 20,000 aircraft ready on over 25 runways (half of which were makeshift), all of which were ready to take off.

Hermossa: "Pilots alert. Start your engines. Operation: Hontana is go. You may proceed to takeoff."

In no time, 25 aircraft took off at once, time after time. There was almost no gap between takeoffs.

Meanwhile in Snowzerland, the Snoss and Puffish aircraft took off, also heading for Yow. The allies were about to commence the largest air raid in Antarctica's history.

Not soon after, all the Allied forces met up. They descended to a lower altitude where approximately 500,000 soldiers along with another 500,000 SIA Drones and War Bots were ready to jump out.

General Hermossa: "Alright men, You may jump."

All the soldiers and drones jumped out of the aircraft in sync. Their parachutes deployed, but they soon realized that they were in for a bad fight.

Castillan Soldier: "Holy Benny! Look at all those Penguin Super Suits!

There were a whole platoon of Penguin Super Suits, backed by thousands of the newly-built Pengolian tanks.

Shops Soldier: "Shops' motto is Never never never give up! for a reason. Let's do this!"

Once they reached the ground, the soldiers pulled out the guns and started shooting at the Super Suits, but to no avail.

LMGT: "Activate SIA Drone lasers. This will be easy."

The torso lasers on the SIA drones lit up. They soon started firing laser bolts. The Super Suits were no match for them. The Super Suits started getting destroyed in exponential numbers. Soon, the super suits retreated.

The SIA drones did the same thing to the tanks. The tanks soon retreated.

King Carlos: "Great job, men! You may advance."

The Allies didn't want to worry about any more battles, so Snoss fighters went ahead and bombed the life out of the Hontanan cities. The soldiers had an easy time occupying the rest of Hontana. Hontanan forces soon surrendered, and Hontana had fell to the Allies.

Snowen: "Great job, everyone! We're gaining ground!"

Glaw Offensive[edit]

The Frankterran destroyer ship, the P19 Moulin, was among the other Frankterran, Lisboaguese, and Batavian ships surrounding Glaw. A sailor was looking at his binoculars, looking at the island of Glaw in the distance.

He turned to his comrade, and joked in French:"Mon ami, I suppose it won't be... much time before we conquer the land?"

Sailor 2:"Oh, sure. Once the other allies give the orders. We are officially at war with Glaw anyways. Hopefully if we do invade them, we can clean up the place."

Suddenly, a huge explosion occurred, and the two sailors turned their heads to see the back end of their own ships in flames.

Sailor 1:"We've been hit!"


Several other Frankterran ships came to the P19 Moulin's aid, and the Lisboaguese and Batavians had already begun firing at the small group of Glowus submarines that were approaching them.

Swiss was playing poker in his library on board his ship with Lavender.

Lavender: "I fold!"

Lavender slammed his cards on the table, and was about to get up and leave, but then a servant came in with a cell phone. Lavender sat back down.

Servant: "Telephone call for Kaiser Swiss Ninja."

Swiss: "Hey, that's me!"

Swiss grabbed the phone, and the servant bowed before walking out of the room.

Swiss: "Hello? What do you want, peasant!?"

Coldless: "Excuse me? It's me, Coldless M. Gutter!"

Swiss: "Oh, sorry. Why are you calling?"

Coldless: "I heard about the Glowus attack on that Frankterran ship. Maybe the Barbearer Islands can be of assistance."

Swiss: "Sorry, not sorry. There are already enough armies in the allies, and they're all better than yours."

Coldless: "I see then..."

Coldless swiftly hung up.

Swiss: "Hello? Did you just hang up on me!? NOBODY HANGS UP ON KAISER SWISS NINJA!!!!"

Swiss threw his phone across the library where it slammed into a bookshelf.

Lavender: "What was that all about?"

Swiss: "Oh, you're still here? Well, he said he wanted Barbearer to join the war, and I told him no."

Lavender: "And you told him his army sucks? I thought you guys were allies."

Swiss: "It's the truth. They lost to YOW, for Benny's sake!"

Lavender: "Whatever."

Swiss: "He also told me about some attack on a Frankterran ship."

Lavender: "That was probably by the Glowus. I think it's time we invade."

Swiss: "Fine by me. It's time to get rid of Yow's puppet anyway."

Within a matter of hours, the Frankterrans, Lisboaguese, and Batavians had organized enough troops for a land and air invasion. The city of Ville de Soleil was the first to be invaded, and the weak Glowus military succumbed to the enemy's attacks. Soon, more fronts attacked Touron, Ketappe, and Ile de Pufoe.

The only major resistance against the invaders were the organized crime members who had large stockpiles of ammunition. The gangsters were in plainclothes, and in many cases, confused many of the invading soldiers. Hence, the gangster insurgency led to the Frankterran deployment of aircraft and a series of devastating bombing runs. The cities of Sunset Valley, LightMuffin, and Appaloosa became majorly damaged by the bombings, many penguins and puffles were either killed and deleted by the bombings.

Three days later, after tense fighting and a brutal standoff between the team of the weak Glowus military, the gangster insurgents, and vigilante resistance fighters against the Frankterrans, Batavians, and Lisboaguese, the three invading nations began to close in on the capital city of Glacau.

Fum could see the fighting from his castle. At last, tears were shed from his face as he saw billows of smoke rising all around the capital city.

Fum:"Servant, get me our top general."

Servant:"Yes sir."

The General ran in quickly and briskly. He saluted Fum.

General:"King Fum, how can I assist you?"

Fum:"It's over, General. We're done. I can't stand to see my people suffer anymore. It was a mistake to side with Yow. Tell your men to surrender and wage for peace."

The General, in disbelief, replied:"But Sir! Don't give up yet, we...."

Fum:"Do as I say. If we even do miraculously defeat Frankterre, Lisboagal, and Batavia, then we will have to face Snowzerland and Castilla: two nations that will wipe us off the map. Now GO! Tell everyone to surrender so that all this suffering and death can end!"

The fighting had stopped. For once, even the gangsters and the civilian vigilantes had listened to Fum's command and ceased to fight. The Frankterrans, Lisboaguese, and Batavians rolled into the capital city without resistance. Fum stood outside of his castle with his flippers up. The Frankterrans, being kind and forgiving, ordered him to be under house arrest.

"I will always be grateful to the Frankterrans for sparing my life and not abusing me...." Fum thought. His heart sank with sadness because he knew that Feey was in a worse situation.

Star and Richperson's Mission[edit]

Meanwhile at the EPF's base on Club Penguin Island, The Director had called Star Kirby12 and Richperson to come to the EPF Command. The TV turned on and the Director popped up on it.

Director: "Hello, Star. Hello Person."

Star: "Hi. Good to see you."

Director: "As to you."

Person: "Why did you want us here, sir?"

Director: "I have two objectives for you. First, I want you to recover and rescue Richeddi from a bunker under the now-collapsed headquarters of the Hontanan Elite Penguin Force. I'm not sure if he survived; Henry Hair and Darling Jean2 were killed when the Snoss went a little too trigger-happy when it came to bombing Helena."

Star: "I hope he's alive. On it."

Director: "Once you come back, I'll give you another assignment. Tobot W is waiting behind the building. Make good time."

Person: "On it."

Director: "Good. You may start your mission."

Star and Person: "Yes, sir!"

The TV turned off, and the two agents went behind the EPF building to find W already waiting for them. They hopped on board, and headed towards Hontana.

A couple hours later, Star and Person were walking the gutted streets of Hontana. Almost every single building was bombed out, especially the HEPF Headquarters. It looked like the Snoss got an attack on the USA in with the war.

Star: "Wow, just look at this."

Star and Person entered the pile of rubble, complete with a provided GPS locater, which outlined everywhere in the building. Suddenly, they heard a familiar yell.


Person: "That sounds like Richeddi!"

Star: "On it."

Star pulled out his keysaber, and started slashing downwards through the rubble. He accidentally cut into the steel plating of the bunker Richeddi was in, though, and the roof gave way. Star and Person fell into the bunker along with some twisted steel and bricks.

Person: "Ow..."

Richeddi: "Star? Person? You made it!"

Star: "You know it. Good to see you."

Richeddi: "Good to see you, too."

Star: "Let's get outta here!"

Star opened the exit hatch of the bunker, but it was blocked by debris. He pulled out his keysaber, and began slicing a path through the rubble and back to safety. Soon after, they emerged on top of the building, where W picked them up and took them back to EPF HQ.

Back at EPF Command, The Director was very pleased to see that Richeddi was safe.

Director: "Good to see you back, Agent Rich."

Richeddi: "Good to be back."

Director: "We'll install you in another establishment elsewhere. Until then, you'll be laid off with pay."

Richeddi: "Ok."

Richeddi left the room. The Director was ready to give Star and Person their next assignment.

Director: "Are you ready for your next assignment, men?"

Person: "Yep."

Star: "Ready as we'll ever be."

Director: "Great. Your assignment is to sneak into East Pengolia and infiltrate the production plant where they're pumping out all these tanks. We need to get rid of these plants at any cost."

Star: "Sounds simple enough."

Person: "But how? I heard the borders are on extreme lockdown ever since the war started."

Director: "You'll pose as tourists with special visas in West Pengolia. From there, your tour guide will take you though the Steel Drapes into East Pengolia. Make sure not to cause any commotion- we don't want any more trouble than we already have. It's up to you from there."

Star: "Roger that. We'll get right on it!"

Director: "Good. Remember; Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready."

The TV turned off once more. Star and Person went outside and got on W, who took them to West Pengolia.

Once they arrived in West Pengolia, they got their visas, and went to their designated hotel. The service was crappy at best, but they survived the night.

When Star and Person woke up the next morning, they were escorted to a tour bus which took a tour around Ulaansnowtar. The tour guide had a thick Pengolian accent.

Guide: "Vhand over here iz zhe Ilkanhante Stadium of PWNage. It iz Vest Pengolia's only stadium."

Person was looking though his brochure that was issued with the trip, and was flipping through the history section. Surprisingly, he couldn't find something from a rather important time period.

Person: "Ummm... Excuse me? Why is this manual missing info on the years of 1913 to 1918?"

Guide: "Everybody vas on vacation!"

Person: "You can't just ignore that! It was a turning part of Antarctica's history!"

Guide: "Заткнись! Вы не знаете, что вы говорите! Да здравствует Khanz, да здравствует Whoot, глупая высокой Noob-лица!"

That was creepy. The rest of the day went uneventfully until they arrived at the steel drapes. The guide took them through Stopover Sheen, a series of security areas which allowed access from the west to the east. Once they got through, Star and Rich activated jet packs they had on them, and flew off into the mountains.

Star and Person were flying through thick clouds, but suddenly the frozen Pengolian terrain started to get warmer. Much warmer. They descended down below the clouds, where they saw a horrific site.


Person: "What are they doing?"

Star swapped into Blackout Mode and checked through his goggles.

Star: "I think they're melting rocks..."

Person: "It must be where they get their steel for the tanks."

Star: "We need to get a closer look."

The two agents descended down to the ground, where they found two East Pengolians in army uniform. Star quickly froze them with his gloves, with their outfits somehow falling off. The two hid the frozen soldiers under a trapdoor and they put the soldiers' outfits on.

Star: "Good. Now, let's go into the production plant and find out what's happening."

They walked though the mountains before they found a cave entrance. There were tons of tanks coming out of it.

Person: "This must be it."

Star and Person walked through the tunnels, which a non-ending line of tanks passing them. Eventually, they arrived in a large, open area. It was filled with thousands of malnourished and dead penguins.

Star: "Oh my goodness..."

Person: "Looks like a slave labor camp. Let's move further into the caves."

And so they did. They moved further into the caves, and into an open area 10 times as big as the last one. It was a massive assembly line of tanks. It showed the molten rock being poured into casing moulds, which were cooled and turned into steel. The tanks were being produced at a tremendous rate, and there was a tank coming out every 5 seconds.

East Pengolian Soldier: "Amazing zhat zhis iz only one of zhe two plants."

Star and Person: "Wow."

Person swapped into Blackout Mode and took covert photos, and the two went outside the factory. They ran into the barren tundra, and called the EPF HQ. W came to pick them up.

The director was on the TV, once again, waiting for Star and Person's arrival. The 2 agents walked into the command room.

Director: "What did you find?"

Person: "They're melting the mountains."

Director: "I beg pardon?"

Star: "Let me explain, sir. We arrived there to find that they've began melting the rock that makes up the mountains to produce steel. We walked into the cave, and found this wide open area full of starving and dead slaves, who worked on constructing the tanks. We walked further through where we saw one of the two production plants, and they were pumping out a tank every 5 seconds!"

Director: "Oh my. If they have 2 plants, that must mean there's 1 tank being produced every 2.5 seconds. Do you have any photos?"

Star: "Actually, yeah. We took quite a couple."

Star and Person held the photos they took up to the screen. The Director was shocked.

Director: "Oh dear! I'll have the Allies contacted immediately! You've done your duty, you may be dismissed."

Person: "Thank you sir."

The two agents took off their badges and went to their igloos to rest. They had a field day.

Battle for Sanders Island[edit]

Bolsheevic Penguinsky was rattled, and angry that Fum had surrendered to the Frankterrans, Lisboaguese and Batavians. He was pacing in his private lounge, with Fum sitting there, anxiously and nervously.

Bolsheevic: "Vhy did you surrender to zem? Ve are doomed now!"

Fum: "We still have Sanders' Islands. We could also ally with Barbearer and the June Islands."

Bolsheevic: "Maybe. But for now, ve should invade Sanders' Islands and take it from Polaris."

Fum: "Ok. Alexander should've never given it to Polaris anyways."

Bolsheevic: "Ve have 200,000 tanks, 100,000 planes, and over 5000 ships. Ve cannot lose!"

Fum: "Let's do this!"

On Sanders Islands, Polarian Army officers were watching the horizon for any impending attacks. They were concerned, since Sanders Islands was right in a perfect place for the Pengolians to set up base and take Yow or Hontana back. Suddenly, an officer noticed an armada of Pengolian ships over the horizon.

Officer: "Axis armada at twelve-o' clock! I repeat; Axis armada at twelve-o' clock!"

Commander: "Copy that."

Officer: "Permission to fire anti-aircraft missiles."

Commander: "Permission granted."

Officer: "Roger. Missiles activated."

The anti-aircraft missiles fired flawlessly. Seconds later, major explosions were shown above the horizon, and shards of steel rained down on the Pengolian ships. However, this didn't deter them.

The Pengolians eventually reached land, and took Sanders Islands with ease. The Polarians had no chance to contact the mainland, or any other country.

The Allied leaders were having a meeting in the now UAN-owned Yellow Zone. They were interrupted, however, when a Snoss communications officer barged in. He saluted, and handed the leaders a hastily-written memo from the occupied Sanders Islands. The message read:

Red alert! The Sanders Islands have been occupied the the East Pengolians. Locals are currently being put under arrest, and military officials are being exiled from the island, and to Pengolia. I request for a counteractive invasion.

~Mj. Gen. Adam Cornell

Smirnoff: "I think zhis goes vithout question. I think ve should counterinvade as soon as possible."

Lavender: "Fine by me. But Shops can't assist on this one; I got some domestic issues to run over back home."

Snowen: "Same."

Swiss: "Fine by me. Let the glorious Snowzerland do it. Nobody else is better for the job!"

King Carlos and Smirnoff gave Swiss a serious, and angry look.

Swiss: "Aaaaaaaand you guys can help too. I was just about to say that."

Smirnoff: "How do you suggest ve do zhis?"

King Carlos: "I suggest a low-altitude bombing raid. We'll lose the least lives that way."

Swiss: "It's a deal. We'll invade tonight."

The 3 leaders shook on it, before calling it a day. They were to invade the next night.

That night, as Swiss had stated, a couple hundred Snoss, Castillan and Ruscan fighters swooped low over Sanders Islands to intimidate the Pengolians.

Pengolian Soldier: "Vhat vas zhat!?!"

The jets came back around again, and fired missiles and bombs at the Pengolian tanks and Ships. The Pengolians were off guard, and weren't ready to fight. They were in full retreat in no time.

Castillan fighter: "That was easy... Too easy."

Ruscan fighter: "Yes, but zhey are in retreat. Vell done men."

The fighters quickly occupied the island, before the Polarians came and retook it. This was a swift victory, but there were people watching from the sidelines. People who wanted the Allies to fall.

Barbearer Offensive[edit]

It was a cloudy day in the Barbearer Islands. Coldless had arranged for a diplomatic meeting with Bolsheevic Penguinsky in the capital, Topia. Surrounded by bodyguards and an eager crowd, the two leaders met outside a government building. They shook flippers.

Coldless: "Glad to see you made it in one piece."

Bolsheevic: "Da."

The two penguins and their followers walked into the building, and were met by a giant conference room. All the civilians were kicked out, and the reporters took seats in the back, as bodyguards and diplomats took a further up front seat to the stage. Bolsheevic and Coldless walked on to the stage.

Coldless: "So you guys can understand the jist of this, I'll do the talking for Mr. Penguinsky."

Bolsheevic: "Da."

Coldless: "Anyway, we arranged this conference so East Pengolia and the Barbearer Islands will develop legitimate diplomatic relations. We have agreed to assist each other in the fight against the evil forces looming upon us. This is the dawn of a prosperous time for both Pengolia and the Barbearer Islands. May our great nations reign strong, forever!"

A huge roar of claps and cheers from the diplomats and bodyguards were heard. The outside reporters, however, weren't as enthusiastic. Bolsheevic and Coldless stood for a photo that would go into newspapers all across Antarctica.


After that, the 2 leaders excused themselves so they could go discuss their evil plans at Coldless' palace. Once they arrived there, they went into Coldless' private lounge and started talking.

Bolsheevic: "So... I vas thinking zhat ve go on ze offensive. Ve will arrange a giant armada, and take out our main targets."

Coldless: "Which of those would be...?"

Bolsheevic: "Shops Island and Snowzerland."

Coldless: "Ok. I'll get Barbearer's navy to back you up. You're in good hands."

Bolsheevic: "Da."

The 2 tyrannical leaders spent the rest of the night going into detail, and conversing about the giant armada. They planned to take out and conquer both Shops and Snowzerland in a swift action; a bad move.

Next morning, there were few navy officers guarding Shops Island. There was a few ships east of Freezestonia making sure a Pengolian attack wasn't coming. Suddenly, a military officer saw something over the horizon. He pulled up his binoculars.

Officer: "Those are Pengolian ships!"

He tuned his binoculars in even closer, and saw even more.

Officer: "They have all the materials for an invasion. There are Barbaric ships there!"

The officer dropped his binoculars into the water, and ran into the communications room of the ship.

Comm officer: "What are you doing here?"

Officer: "There's an armada of Barbaric and Pengolian ships heading this way! We must conduct a counteroffensive!"

Comm officer: "On it."

The Comm officer called president Lavender's office. Lavender himself picked up the phone. He was having a break from all the diplomatic meetings and conferences.

Lavender: "Hello?"

Officer: "There are Barbaric and Pengolian ships on the horizon!"

Lavender: "Thank you very much. I'll deal with this."

Lavender hung up, and pushed a button under his desk. A nuclear missile control panel popped up, complete with a satellite map of Antarctica. He locked on to the armada's coordinates, and then pressed the LAUNCH button.

At the Spatium Station, a missile emerged from the bomb bay and its rocket engines fired. It locked on to the armada's position and it rocketed towards the armada in no time. It didn't take long before...


The nuclear warhead exploded, seemingly evaporating the entire armada. Before the explosion, there was a huge fleet of naval vessels. Now, there were just a few shards of metal floating alone in the ocean.

Shops soon warned all other allied forces of the incoming attacks. The armada heading for Snowzerland soon met the same fate as the one headed for Shops.

Without even consulting the rest of the Allies, Shops and Snowzerland launched a large-scale military invasion of the Barbearer Islands. Coldless had invested the help of both the Pengolians and the Junies to fight off the Allies. The Snoss and Shoppers were going to give absolutely no mercy in this battle.

Swiss: "Alright men, fire the missiles at will!"

Snoss ships quickly surrounded the island. The Snoss quickly loaded ship-bound missiles and shot them at the enemy forces. There was a huge fleet of Penguin Super Suits. There were a good 250,000 Pengolian tanks there, along with over 50,000 aircraft. All of the Axis' manpower was being put behind this battle. There were also Junie soldiers, and Barbaric robots warriors.

Swiss: "Well? What are you waiting for? FIRE THE MISSILES I SAID!!"

The missiles fired from the ships all at once, and took out giant chunks of the Axis forces. However, it wasn't nearly over.

LMGT was in a Shops ship. He wasn't as ravenous as Swiss was, but he wasn't feeling merciful either.

LMGT: "Deploy the SIA Drones at will!"

In no time, Shops deployed all 1,000,000 of their SIA drones onto the island. They started slicing away at the axis soldiers and robots, and blasted away Pengolian tanks and Penguin Super Suits with their torso lasers.

In the sky, the Snoss were using their full air force to fend off the Axis. The Snoss were firing missiles at the axis planes. The Barbaric and Pengolian planes actively dropped bombs on the Shopper and Snoss forces below. Swiss was getting fed up, and ordered the ultimate command.

Swiss: "I've had enough of this fighting. Men, fire the nuclear warhead at Topia!"

Soldiers: "Yes sir! Heil!"

A rocket was quickly deployed from a Snoss ship holding a nuclear warhead. It flew to Topia in a matter of minutes, and completely annihilated the city. Coldless was killed instantly by the blast.

Soon after, Shops deployed their whole 50,000 tanks onto the Barbarics. They completely destroyed the Pengolian tanks with ease, but the Shoppers got massacred by the Penguin Super Suits. The SIA Drones obliterated the Penguin Super Suits, but there were much more forces than the Shoppers and Snoss had.

On the other side of the island, Frankterran forces were easily making their way through the Barbearer Islands and to the major battle. They were going to pinch the Axis forces in.

In Castilla, King Carlos saw what was happening over the news. He was alarmed. He called General Hermossa.

King Carlos: "General Hermossa, put all our manpower behind the Frankterrans ASAP! This is our golden moment to destroy the axis powers!"

Hermossa: "As you wish, your highness."

In a matter of hours, Castillan forces were assisting the Frankterrans in their conquest through the island. It wasn't long until they reached the war-torn battle scence. The Axis was surrounded, and soldiers and robots everywhere were massacred. The generals were in distress. Bolsheevic was watching the whole thing via TV. He called in to the leading commander.

Bolsheevic: "Ve can't vin now. Pull ze plug."

Commander: "Sir, are you sure?"

Bolsheevic: "Yes. Very sure. It's for ze good of Pengolia."

Commander: "Alvright."

The commander hung up, and went inside his tank. He came outside, and stood atop it. He waved a large white flag, signaling surrender. Many Barbaric and Junie forces soon followed.

Swiss: "YES!"

King Carlos: "HURRAH!"


The Snoss quickly took all the axis soldiers prisoner. The Shoppers took all their equipment. Castilla left, and it was left to Frankterre to claim the land to itself. That was it. The axis was finished. It was up to Frankterre to conquer the June Islands, and completely rid the Yowien Sea of any Yowien influence.

Fall of the June Islands[edit]

It wasn't long before Frankterran forces rolled into the June Islands and subdued the small military. It was put under Frankterran control in no time. Loud parades were celebrated in Frankterre, as with many other places in the Ninja Archipelago, as happiness that the Yowien legacy had finally fallen.


The Executions[edit]

It was a cloudy day in Zurich, Snowzerland. Nevertheless, huge crowds of Snoss citizens flooded the city's main plaza as the gallows and the Royal Podium were being set up. Two guards from Frankterre had escorted Fum to the very front of the event so he could clearly see the death of his relative. As everyone gathered into the square, television cameras were turned on as soon as Swiss Ninja walked up onto the podium.

Swiss Ninja:"Citizens of Snowzerland. I, Swiss Ninja, the Glorious Kaiser and Dear Leader of the greatest nation on planet Earth, have shown great victory with the fall of Yow. Today, we signal the end of the Yowien terror, and the beginning of a new prosperous era under your Dear Leader, ME!"

Everyone then chanted while thrusting their flippers into the air, "Heil Swiss Ninja! Heil! Heil!"

Then, everyone cheered, all except for Fum.

Swiss Ninja:"Settle down, crazy fans. GUARDS! BRING OUT THE PRISONERS!"

Several Snoss guards brought Feey1 Pie, Kaylin Pie, and Heimlich Zimmer out to the gallows. They were all wearing blindfolds and handcuffs.

Swiss Ninja:"Take off their blindfolds!"

Feey, Kaylin, and Heimlich were shocked to see themselves in front of a large crowd of hating Snoss citizens. Feey then saw Fum in the very front.

Fum mouthed over the loud jeers:"I'm sorry, I failed you!"

Feey:"I know..."

Swiss Ninja:"Let's get on with the execution!"

Feey:"Let me do a speech! Citizens of Snowzerland, Swiss Ninja is an EVIL dictator who has oppressed my beloved citizens and it..."

Feey's speech was drowned immediately by the Booing of the Snoss Citizens.

Feey:"CONFOUND YOU ALL! Curse you Swiss Ninja, curse you Lavender, and curse you King Carlos Goberna!"

The Executioner grabbed Feey by his hair and pulled him under the gallow. They quicly began to tie the noose around the neck.


The Snoss citizens began to cheer wildly as if they were at a Gladiator fight.

Feey:"Kaylin, I love you!"

Kaylin:"I know! Feey! I have something to tell you!"


Kaylin:"I think I'm going to lay an egg soon!"

Feey:"I'm going to be a Father! But no! I am about to die!"

Kaylin:"And so am I!"

Swiss Ninja:"ANY LAST WORDS, Feey1 Pie?"

Feey:"My heart is going to cry! Curse you, Swiss Ninja, and your dastardly family and all of your descendants!"

Swiss Ninja:"Shut up. ALL RIGHT, YANK THE ROPE!"


Feey flew into the air kicking as he was hung. Kaylin screamed. In a matter of minutes, Feey was dead.

The Snoss cheered wildly, screaming, "HEIL SWISS NINJA! HEIL! HEIL! HEIL!"

Fum bitterly wept, and so did Kaylin.

Swiss Ninja:"Heimlich Zimmer's turn!"

Heimlich Zimmer:"No! Please! I have fought for your cause! I am against the Yow Kingdom! I have secretly planned to betray Feey1! Please, spare me! HEIL SWISS NINJA!"

The executioner pushed him towards the gallow next to Feey's.

Swiss Ninja:"You liar! You were the true brains of Yow's rise. You are labeled as a traitor to the state and an enemy of the glorious Empire! You deserve the punishment of a traitor- DEATH!"

The executioner wrapped the noose around Heimlich Zimmer. The crowd began to cheer again. This time, Fum joined in, disappointed that Heimlich had secretly hated Feey1.

Swiss Ninja:"Any last words?"

Heimlich:"Heil Swiss Ninja! Heil!"

Swiss Ninja:"Indeed. PULL THE ROPE!"

The executioner pulled the rope, and Heimlich was also pulled into the air and died in a matter of minutes. Everyone, including Fum, were cheering. Even in the distance, Heimlich's elderly parents, who were invited to Zurich to see the executions, cheered wildly.


Heimlich Zimmer was dead, and was hanging next to Feey.

Swiss Ninja:"'re next."

Kaylin screamed and struggled as the executioner and a soldier took her to the last gallow.


Swiss Ninja:"Too bad. You didn't even lay the egg yet. I am not going to give you any last words, because no one cares anymore to hear what you have to say."

The noose was tied around Kaylin. She bawled loudly. Everyone cheered again very loudly except for Fum, who had compassion for her. He was crying.


Swiss Ninja:"PULL THE ROPE!"

The rope was pulled and Kaylin, like Feey and Heimlich, was hanged. As she struggled, the laid her egg, which fell to the floor. Seconds later, she was dead.

The crowd had a mixed reaction. They cheered for her death, but they booed as soon as the egg was laid.


Swiss Ninja ran to the gallows and picked up Kaylin's egg. Several Snoss soldiers escorted him to the Zurich Bay, where Swiss Ninja tossed the egg into the sea. Then, everyone cheered wildly, except for Fum, who was bawling as bad as Kaylin by now. The Frankterran guards took him away, back to Glaw.

The Snoss immediately started a huge pro-government demonstration with posters and singing. They paraded Feey and Kaylin in closed wooden coffins through the streets of Zurich, singing. Meanwhile, Swiss Ninja ordered Heimlich Zimmer to be cremated, and his ashes were dumped by his parents into the Zurich Bay.

Feey and Kaylin were then taken in front of the Keukenhof Castle, where they placed their coffins on a mound of hay. A citizen took a torch and threw it into the pile of hay, and it caught on fire. Everyone, including Swiss Ninja, watched as Feey and Kaylin were cremated in their coffins.

After the fire had died down, the soldiers began to collect all the ashes and placed it into a box. The cremation site then became a large monument to Swiss Ninja's Victory in the war, and the box was placed under his statue in a secret compartment.

The television turned off. Everything had worked just as planned. Feey and Kaylin took their mircophones off.

Feey: "Hey gill, those lifelike cyborgs were the best idea you ever had!"

Kaylin: "I agree. But wouldn't you think they'd find out that they were imposters while burning it?"

Gill: "Nah. I made the skin out of semi-flammable polyester. It works well."

Feey: "Oh well. As long as we live to see another day."

Gill: "Hiding here in East Pengolia was a great idea. Now you can reveal yourself and restore Yow!"

Feey: "No I can't! The EPF, SSS or the SIA will find me and kill me for real! At least Hiemlich's dead... That traitor."

Kaylin: "How are we gonna hide?"

Feey: "We'll just build a little compound. Simple."

Gill: "On it."

Soon, the compound was under fast construction. However, Feey was stupid enough to go to the hardware store and get materials. The EPF had been wire-tapping security cameras all around East Pengolia to check for any suspicious evidence of more military equipment being produced.

EPF Agent: "Hey Gary! Come over here! I got something really interesting!"

Gary: "I beg pardon?"

Gary walked up to the monitor the agent was at, and he could clearly see a still photo of Feey purchasing some bricks and lumber. He squinted his eyes, and he looked through a manual on the EPF's most wanted criminals until he found Feey. He had a still photo of Feey walking out of the store, and the measuring rod beside the door said that Feey was 4 feet tall, just as in the manual.

Gary: "I have 2 questions though. If that is Feey, how did he survive the execution? And secondly, how the heck does someone get that much lumber in East Pengolia?"

Agent: "Beats me. But we should track him."

Gary: "Ok. I'll get an EPF spy satellite to track him. Then, when he goes back to his home, we can subdue him!"

Agent: "Sounds good to me."

A penguin wearing a tattered Yowien uniform ran in front of Feey's new igloo in East Pengolia and knocked on the door.


The penguin saluted Feey1 and said:"Sir, I have retrieved this for you..."

He took out an egg from his satchel and gave it to Feey.

Feey:"The egg from the executions? Amazing! It survived!"

Penguin:"It was clever but risky to hide the egg in the Kaylin Cyborg."

Feey:"Yes, I know. She'll be so happy to know our son is still alive..."

Feey and Kaylin were overjoyed to know that their chick survived. However, both Feey and that courier had been tracked by EPF Agents. Not far away from their compound, a helicopter landed and out came some elite agents.

Agent: "Let's make with these criminals fast!"

The agents ran through the barren landscape of Pengolia, before they saw a giant compound under construction. They climbed the walls and jumped through an open hole in the roof, and landed; Almost crushing Kaylin.


Agent: "The REAL Feey1 Pie, you're under arrest! For running a tyrannical dictatorship, and developing nuclear weapons against the wishes of the UAN!"

Feey: "Like heck I am!"

Feey pulled out an icebullet gun and shot 2 of the officers dead. The other agents quickly pulled out tranquilizer guns and shot Feey, Kaylin and a bystanding Gill. They were knocked unconscious.

Feey, Kaylin and Gill woke up in wooden pews. They looked in front of them and saw a judge in a large robe in front of them. They looked on the emblem of his podium and saw the words "South Pole City Court of Justice". The judge banged his gabble and everyone stood. Feey was escorted to the podium.

Judge: "Feey1 Pie, what explanation do you have for your tyrannical acts?"

Feey: "Your honor, what did I do that Swiss didn't? He runs a tyrannical empire, and he produced nuclear weapons far before even I did!"

Judge: "But you sir dishonored a UAN document and agreement. I hereby sentence you to..."

Feey, Kaylin and Gill cringed. They were expecting life in prison, or worse.

Judge: "... Spend the rest of your life in Maverick under constant supervision, and to never be able to leave the island."

The judge banged his gabble.

Judge: "Case dismissed!"

2 police officers came and escorted the 3 criminals to an awaiting helicopter, which soon took them to Maverick, where they would be under constant surveillance for the rest of their lifetime.


The war was over. Feey and his friends/family were sentenced to life in Maverick, and the Yowien Sea was theirs. Frankterre had already occupied the Barbearer Islands and the June Islands. The USA was already agreed to get Hontana, and Polaris kept the Sanders Islands. The leaders of the Allies met once again, this time in the Yellow Zone at the Naval Operations building. Kaiser Swiss Ninja pulled out a map.

Swiss: "We have to draw the borders for this. Unfortunately, we don't allow commies to have any part in this."

Dmitri Smirnoff got up out of his chair and punched Swiss in the face before leaving the room.

King Carlos: "That just made my day."

Snowen: "Guys, settle down."

Swiss: "As I was saying, we need to draw out our partition areas.

They got to work in no time. Lavender took the piece of land that was flat. It took a bit longer for everyone else to agree on the borders, and this was the final result:

Yow Partition Map.png

Lavender: "Well, men, we've made history here today. We can now occupy our territory and change it to our liking. It's been a pleasure serving with you."

King Carlos: "Agreed."

The leaders, sometimes uneasily, shook flippers with each other before going back to their home lands. They were leaving the war-torn Yow for the last time. From now on, it was to be known as the Partition of Yow.

The next day, the Allies' governments got to work securing their land to their liking. Culldrome, Castilla and Puffle'and provided aid to their territories. Snowzerland completely wiped out and massacred their territory, and Shops brought in many citizens from Shops Island to live in what was now known as Northern Shops.


Now that Yow was occupied, it was time to clean up what happened in the war.

Snowzerland quickly laid waste to their landscape, by turning it into an industrial wasteland. The Yowiens that lived there were deported and were used for slave labor, much to the discontent of the UAN.

Culldrome quickly got to work rebuilding Golden City's tattered infrastructure, and tending to the shell-shocked citizens. They were given Culldrom citizenship. The Castillans and Puffish did the same.

Shops Island restored what they had destroyed. They soon imported lots of farming machinery, and created a port south of Hilnit, so their crops could be shipped back to Shops. The Shoppers also infiltrated the East Pengolian tank manufacturing plant and liberated the prisoners, they also sold all the tanks at auction to help pay back the USA for debts they owed.

Yow had been shaped very diversely. The war was completely finished, and Yow and its puppet nations began to rebuild. Glaw, the Barbearer Islands and the June Islands took on a new appearance, and Yow became a beacon of change in Antarctica. The political and financial unrest that the Yowien Sea had caused since 1990 was over. The Yowien Sea now had a much brighter future, and the Allies had paved the way to an era of prosperity and success in the region.

The End!

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