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Greater West or the Greater Western Union is a Western Powers irredentist concept (also considered by some the goal of the Circular Powers) to unite the portion of Antarctica west of the Trans-Antarctic Mountains under Circular / Western rule. This area includes the homelands of the Western Powers, the Sub-Antarctic Islands, Club Penguin, and to a certain extent the Antarctic Peninsula and Trans-Antarctica. Considered to be uber-nationalistic, many nations have slammed the idea, including some from the Western coalition.

The concept was brought up in the book The Rise of the Western Union by Jake Darone, an Antarctican analyst, who was slammed for unrealistic expectations and capabilities.


The Rise of the Western Union was most influential in the rise and shaping of the nationalistic concept. Key concepts are written below.

With the Western Powers being a strictly neutral coalition based more towards economic issues, there is not enough military co-operation in comparison to the Axle Powers, which means the combined military strength of the four nations is would only gain seventh, at most sixth place, in the Top Militaries of Antarctica list.

Thus, to gain relevance, the Western Powers must firstly, turn their economies into one of capital-based and knowledge-based.

Ideas by pro-Western nationalists[edit]

Seal Islands[edit]

Seal Islands have been a long standing goal for the pro-Western politicians. Many Snowinian nationalists find it a priority to absorb the Seal Islands into it's sphere of influence, also due to it's enormous size and location close to the Shops Islands, and located just below the Pengolias. However, there are some anti-western skeptics in Margate and other Circular nations not counting Snowiny who argue Seal Islands shouldn't join the Circular Powers (mainly due to racism) and many also think Circular Powers would be a horrible choice for them anyway, because they think those circular nations have already been ruined by Snowinian politics and it's rule in the Union.

Seal Islands is a neutral country and refuses to be part of both Axle nor Circular Powers.

Anti-Shopper Sentiment[edit]

There are many Snowinian nationalists who oppose Shops Island and would like to see the country destroyed. Of course this wouldn't be possible, but a concept to bring more nations into the union as fast as possible to compete with Shops and end its existence has been noticed. In a poll which asked "What do you think about Shops and it's people?", only 56% of Snowinians viewed Shops Island favorably while 30% found Shops unfavorable, and 14% were undecided. Anti-Shopper racist sentiment is more prevalent than ever in Snowiny following the Ed-Snowinn War, where the Snowinian government claimed that Shops had backed Ed Island. Anti-Shopper Sentiment, however, calmed down after the Frosian War. Since then, more Snowinians view Shops Island favorably due to their aid to and increased trade with Snowiny.

Ruscoe Federation[edit]

Rusca originally signed the Circular Treaty in early 2014 that formed the Circular Powers, however, Rusca a few days later withdrew, but still committed itself to defending Snowiny from any sort of foreign aggression. Many Snowinian pan-nationalists believe that the Snowinian brother Rusca should enter the union to further corporation and go further to accomplishing their goal of dominating the Western Antarctica. Rusca hasn't shown any interest in joining the alliance, however.

One nation, one leader, one country: Make the Western Union a country[edit]

The most extreme and most favourite of the Greater West proposals is the proposal to unite all the countries in the union under ONE flag, with ONE name and ONE leader. Although Snowiny is interested in uniting the Circular Powers members under the same flag, the other members either disagree or constantly say "they will think about it", but they indeed never do.


  • Circular Powers have been founded in early January 2014.

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