Green Lumberjacks

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Green Lumberjacks
Full name Green Lumberjacks
Nicknames Greens, Lumberjacks
Founded 2006
Ground kb Arena
Manager Max Goodwin
League Major Hockey League

The Green Lumberjacks, or known informally as the Greens or the Lumberjacks, is a famous, official Major Hockey League hockey team. It is part of the Green Team, and is based in Club Penguin. The team also represents the Green Team of Club Penguin, which is often shadowed by the more famous Blue Team and Red Team.


The Green Lumberjacks were formed in 2006. It was the hockey playing division of the Green Team, a moderately sized multi-sport team, rivaling the Blue Team and the Red Team. At first, the hockey team was small and insignificant. It played local games at the Club Penguin ice rink. However, the team started to play games very well. In 2008, the Green Lumberjacks were invited to become an official professional team and play in Major Hockey League games. The team accepted the invite and partook in official games. However, the team were not very good and soon became the laughing stock of the country and was an epitome of failure.

Then, one day in 2009, as the team were practicing at the Club Penguin Ice Rink, they discovered a young teenager, Buhc 777, the brother of the adventurer and astronaut, Chub 777. Buhc had excellent skills that rivaled even the most skilled hockey players. The Green Lumberjacks issued an invitation for him to join the team, which he accepts. After a lot of time practicing, he eventually played his first professional hockey game in 2010. Buhc played very well and causing the Green Lumberjacks an enormous win over the other team. Buhc became one of the most well known hockey players in the USA and brought the Green Lumberjacks to a new age.

Although Buhc does not play regularly for the Green Lumberjacks, he sometimes plays as a special guest. Today, the Green Lumberjacks are now known as a very good and all round, professional hockey team that have had many victories.



In a usual hockey game, there are about 10 players from the Lumberjacks on the field. Between games, the playing roster is rotated with those who did not play in the previous game. There are 25 players who are rotated around.

# Nationality Player Position Handedness
5 USA flag.PNG Bob Carrols Centre Right
8 USA flag.PNG Paul Michaels Defense Right
11 USA flag.PNG Robert McMaccinsion Defense Left
14 USA flag.PNG Jamison Kaul Center Right
15 Flag of Calada.png Jason Witney Center Right
17 USA flag.PNG Manny Enerth Left Wing Left
20 Flag of Calada.png Xavier Smith Left Wing Right
21 USA flag.PNG Joseph Stiller Right Wing Right
22 USA flag.PNG Leonard Stiller Right Wing Right
25 USA flag.PNG Paul Lawson Right Wing Left
30 USA flag.PNG Christopher Menord Center Left
35 USA flag.PNG Matt Bryant Defenseman Right
39 Flag of Calada.png Daniel Bronson Goaltender Right
41 Flag of Calada.png Martin Meritt Defense Right
42 USA flag.PNG Brian Locks Defense Right
52 USA flag.PNG Benjamin Hall Left Wing Left
59 USA flag.PNG Lincoln Ken Goaltender Right
61 USA flag.PNG Jeff Monarch Center Left
66 Flag of Calada.png Liam Kratter Defense Right
67 USA flag.PNG Nick Walker Defense Right
72 USA flag.PNG Alan Jefferson Center Right
75 USA flag.PNG Bailey Johnson Center Right
76 Flag of Calada.png Timothy Williams Goaltender Right
77 Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Alex Burikovsky Right Wing Right
79 USA flag.PNG Mario Overton Center Left
85 Flag of Calada.png William Winterall Defense Left
92 Flag of Calada.png Mark Oliver Defense Left
96 Flag of Calada.png JIm Boyens Right WInger Left


Team Captains:

Nationality Name Role Term
USA flag.PNG Christopher Menord Captain 2008-
USA flag.PNG Brian Locks Assistant Captain 2010-
USA flag.PNG David Alan Former Captain 2006-2008


Nationality Name Role Term
USA flag.PNG Nathan Stevens Head Coach 2006-
Flag of Calada.png Vincent Victors Assistant Coach 2007-
USA flag.PNG Matthew Anders Assistant Coach 2009-
USA flag.PNG Lewis Hannons Former Coach 2006-2007
USA flag.PNG Micheal "Mike" Brady Goaltending Coach 2007-


Nationality Name Role Term
USA flag.PNG Max Goodwin Team Owner 2006-
Flag of Calada.png Jerry Manson Assistant Owner 2008-


The overall design of the Green Lumberjacks' uniform is based on a single color: green. There are two variants of the Lumberjack uniform: 'home' and 'away'. The 'home' uniform is the most mainly used one and is also the most widely recognized. Although green is the main color of the home uniform, white is also used predominantly. The player's numbers are displayed in large white numbers on the front and back of the uniform. There are also several white stripes on the uniform. The logo of the Green Lumberjacks are shown on both of the sleeves and on the upper right of the player's chest. The guards, pads and helmets are white in color, whereas the skates are green. The 'away' version of the uniform is basically the same thing as the home version. The only difference being that the main colors are inverted; green becomes white and visa versa. This does not apply to the player's accessories, however.

The logo of the Green Lumberjacks is quite simple. It features a white, cartoon-like tree stump with a white axe sticking out of it.


  • Unlike many other hockey teams, the Green Lumberjacks do not have three sets of uniforms.

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