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This article is about a character, Green Ninja. If you meant the user, please go here. Sorry for any confusion.

It is not the strength and power of a ninja that counts, but the wisdom and courage in a battle.
— Green Ninja
Green Ninja
Born July 27, 1990 (Age 23)
Club Penguin, USA
Gender Male
Nationality Penguin
Other names Dylan
Occupation Ninja
Employer Sensei
Home town Club Penguin
Known for Commander and Leader of Ninja Army
Partner None
Children none
Parents unknown
Relatives Rookie

Green Ninja, also known as the Almighty and Powerful Ninja is Rookie's uncle, head commander and good friend of Sensei. He was born September 1990, under the name Dylan. Green Ninja did not like his name, that he legally changed it to Green Ninja, because he was a fan of Pengjago: Masters of Pufflejitsu. Green Ninja leads his team into battle to face any evil thing the United States of Antarctica faces... Not that he succeeds, or anything.

He has a Chitter and blogs in his spare time.


Raised to fight as a chick, Dylan always knew he would be good in an army. When he was 12, he received proper training from Sensei. For some reason, though, Dylan did not like his name, probably because he wanted a more cool-sounding one. He legally changed it to Green Ninja, upon him becoming a fan of the series Pengjago. He became one of Sensei's top students.


Green Ninja is an awesome citizen and uncle of village idiot Rookie. He has successfully completed many ninja missions and is deeply respected by the community. Green Ninja wanted Rookie to follow in his footsteps as a ninja, but Rookie instead became an agent instead and GAVE HIM THE PHONE. This made Green Ninja very upset, and he has been disappointed in his nephew ever since then.

Green Ninja has an unhealthy crush on Cadence, and is trying to break up her relationships. He's also trying to date Cadenzo, if he can't have Cadence.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

In his youth, Dylan usually took part in hand-to-hand combat, but he was not so good. However, once he realized his potential as the Green Ninja, he learned to wield many weapons, and mastered all three elements. Once he unlocked his full potential while battling Darktan II, he acquired a Golden Dragon and the ability to fly and strike light at enemies.


  • "Tell them to meet me in a dark alley."
  • "Put down that code before I taze you!"
  • "This is an OUTRAGE!"


  • In Ninja language, the word green means Almighty and Powerful, making him the Almighty and Powerful Ninja. He is also a literal Green Ninja.
  • He has a HUGE crush on Cadence. He stares at pictures of her wearing bikinis in the Penguin Style all day. He knows the lyrics to all of her songs. He hoped that Dancing Penguin could break up with Cadence so that he could date her. Shortly after they broke up, he asked her out and was rejected. Cadence later started dating Stompin' Bob, and he's hoping for them to break up as well.
    • This isn't creepy at all whatsoever.
      • Not in the slightest.
        • Nope.
  • After he found out Cadence's R63-Antibody, Cadenzo, he started to pursue romantic interest in him as well. He has described Cadenzo as a "younger, hotter, Cadence"
    • IT'S NOT CREEPY!!!!

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