Greg Cleanington

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Greg Cleanington
Gender Male
Status Alive
Location Acadia
Birth date February 22, 1970 (1970-02-22) (age 49)
Place of birth Acadia
Occupation None (retired)
Friends Dominic Smith, Travis Howe, Brant11
Archetype Good

Greg Cleanington was the first president and the most famous president of Acadia. He was the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionist army during the Colonial Antarctica War, and after the war helped write the Constitution of Acadia. He was then elected President and served two terms before retiring to his large mansion.


Greg Cleanington was born on February 22, 1970 in Acadia. His parents were rich and owned a large farm. Before Acadia was densely populated, there was land for many farms. Greg lived a happy life during his childhood, he later said in his later years, going to some of the best schools.

Sadly, when Greg was 18, his father died, preventing him from going to college. He would study in his family's library, which would give him enough an education to know how to read and write. That same year, his brother Lawrence invited to go on a surveying trip in present-day Trans-Antarctica. This gave him a better perspective of the frontier that Antarctica would settle in in the later years.

However, his brother soon got sick, and he accompanied him to Rockhopper Island, where he would recover. Sadly, this didn't help, and his brother died soon after. Greg was sad, but returned to Acadia and was able to inherit his brother's mansion, Mount Bernon. Greg decided to join the colonial militia, formally known as the King's Soldiers. He saw action in the STINC War, which helped him learn military strategies. He then returned to Acadia afterwards.

When he returned, he started dating a penguin named Martha Dustis, and they married soon after. She had her own children, a boy named James and a girl also named Martha. He lived at Mount Bernon for the next few years. In 1999, the Colonial Antarctica War started, and the Second 1337 Congress convened in Penguin Town, present day Club Penguin. The congress decided to make him the commander, and he immediately took command, leading the revolutionists to victory a few weeks later.

For the next few months, he would try to keep his army together, and lead the Revolutionists to victory many times. Finally, when the war ended, he decided to give up his position and return to his farm, now just a mansion. However, he was called again to help write the Constitution of Acadia and was elected President a few weeks later.

During his presidency, Greg helped Acadia recover from the war, and also expanded its highway system. He also made a plan to bring the Loyalists that had left Acadia during the war to return. About 1,000,000 Acadians were living worldwide, and he brought home about 65% of them promising government funds and the ability to keep the job they had before. His successor would bring home nearly all of them.

In 2010, after two terms, or ten years as President, he retired and returned to his mansion, where he has been staying ever since. He and the mansion have had a lot of visitors. On some days, there are tours to some parts of the mansion.


Greg Cleanington was a colonel in the STINC War, which was his first position that gave him fame. He was then a general in the Colonial Antarctica War, where he led the Revolutionists to victory and gained much more fame. He also helped write Acadia's Constitution and became the first president of the country, which made him the most famous.