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Gregory "Greg" Jericho
Well, It's Gregory and his lightning staff
Title The lightning ninja
Gender Male
Race Penguins
Faction Flywish's Army
Health Perfect
Level 45
Status Deceased
Location Flywish's Base

Gregory was a penguin who is a Ninja that could strike you with lightning but it can't kill you.


He was hatched on a warm sunny day. He then started training as a Chick. As he grew, He met Flywish and he join his army. They fought many creatures that were evil. They even stopped Xorai a couple times. He then met Willie Watt and started fighting her. He won and escaped in the process. Then he tried to defeat Ever but she made him disappear and sent him all the way back to Flywish's Base. He then met WishFlyX and his army and he fought them and defeated them a number of times.

He also met an orange puffle when he joined Flywish's Army. He quickly adopted her and often expected her to act goofy which never happened. Jenni X then got a better relationship with him when he stopped making her act goofy. They became very good friends and often pranked each other. Gregory also loved to take Jenni X on villain hunts. There are usually never any villains but some usually never walk within ten feet of Gregory without being zapped with lightning.

Later, he met a girl named Storm. They last saw each other in the lightning dojo where they trained. Storm was also a master at her position and they had always loved each other. Shocked to learn about their feelings for each other, they instantly fell in love. Jenni X was happy for Gregory. They always had zapped villains with lightning. This includes some of the Mwa Mwa Penguins that Flywish had tortured to eat Nummy Cakes Flywish was angered to learn about this because that meant Gregory wouldn't cooperate on his job. Flywish then decided to let Storm join his army. Storm had reached the same rank as Gregory. Gregory was happy that Storm had joined. They both also were eliminated at the same time with Psyche in the Great Wishing Hun Conflict. She also always had hated Raven.


He is good friends with Sonic Xtreme and Mandy von Injoface since they are all Ninjas.


  • He does have an X-Antibody thanks to You know who.
  • He decided to adopt Jenni X
  • Radal tries to attack him but she always misses him.
  • Jenni once tried to destroy him but that failed.
  • He sewed his name on his ninja suit

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