Grim Reapuff

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Grim Reapuff
Grim Reapuff.png
The Death of Puffles
Title Grim Reapuff
Gender Male
Race Puffles/anthropomorphic personifications
Faction Puffles
Health Good.... sort of.
Level High
Status (Un)dead
Location Random locations within the universe. He gets around.
Birth date A long time ago
Occupation Puffle memory collector, Anthromorphic personification
Interests Nothing much
Friends None
Enemies Old puffles that want to stay alive
Archetype Neutral

The Grim Reapuff is a hairless, fleshless puffle who wears a black hood and carries a scythe. He is responsible for the death of all puffles, for if they didn't die they would become zombies.


Unknown to most, puffles can live forever, but their bodies weaken throughout the years. Eventually, entropy will get 'em and the puffle will get so old and weak, they find painful to even breathe. If the Puffle endures this for some time, it will lose its sanity and become Zombie Puffles. Unsurprisingly the Bureau of Entropy created them.

The Masters of the Universe didn't like this, and since they couldn't edit the puffle biology because their servers were glitching like mad (BoE did this. They were not in the mood of losing this), they decided to make a way for puffles to die. However, the Wannabe Masters Of the Universe beat them to it. With certain technology, they found out that when certain forms of ions and electricity were emitted directally into the puffle's brain, it would shut down the brain, causing the toxins in the puffle to halt, as well as the termination of organ function, killing the puffle. However, none of them had the heart, or time, to do such thing. They went to the crater and saw an abandoned black puffle. They decided to raise him to do the job. The Scythe they gave him could teleport him to anywhere and could freeze time, so he could kill puffles at the second they die.

About Him[edit]

Grim Reapuff is very stern and takes his job seriously. He shows no mercy, discrimination, or laziness. Puffles usually see him before they die, and are sometimes scared, even if they are in pain. The Grim Reapuff chooses who wants to see him, although talking puffles, like the Von Injoface Family or Administrator Kai can see him regardless.

He currently works by the side of Mandy Mortis, who overseas the deaths he causes. She can veto his deaths if she chooses to.

Notable Victims[edit]


  • He is a parody of The Grim Reaper

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