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Terrain grime
Stylistic origins Hip-hop, garage
Cultural origins 2000s, UnitedTerra
Typical instruments Vocals; rapping.
Mainstream popularity Moderate success through the 2000s, then populated as more Grime artists came 2007 and later.
Grime beat, grime style
Fusion genres

Terrain grime, also simply known as Grime is a genre of urban/hip-hop music that emerged in UnitedTerra in the early 2000s, mostly in Satellite City - known as a development of garage and hip-hop, using rapping vocals. Other penguins were influenced by the first major grime artists, such as Nebulent, who is known as the King of Grime. From 2007 onwards, many grime artists were signed and started performing and now Grime is currently one of the most popular type of underestimated music.

Musical style[edit]

Grime's style is known to of developed from Nebulent's music. From there, grime instrumentals are known to mainly have two-step beats in the music - sometimes even three. Terrain grime is often compared to hip-hop, which stirred a lot of questions near the first development of grime. Now grime is known to differ from hip-hop after MCs were asked to publish their thoughts on the two music genres. Grime is known to be quite fierce in both lyrics and the beat. The tempo is always over 100 beats per minute (the average being 140) and almost any grime instrumental can link with a grime verse. MCs (abbreviation for Master of Ceremonies) are always linked with Terrain grime, never hip-hop. To be an MC the rapper must be able to produce grime-oriented instrumentals and lyrics.

Origins and development[edit]

Terrain grime is known to off started off in 2001 by grime collective G Hood Crew - six grime MCs who kicked off their career with the first ever known grime single "Trouble" - which charted at number 7 in UnitedTerra and number 3 in Club Penguin, becoming the most successful independent grime single to date.

Grime was further expanded by Nebulent just after the single charted. Nebulent didn't know about the single then - he found out about it only after he started developing his own genre. So Nebulent is officially known to be the creator of grime as he claimed the name and had started grime production in early 2001, while G Hood Crew developed grime in mid-2001 - but Nebulent likes to credit him and the grime group equally. In late 2001 he heard CC's song "Trouble" and contacted them. They then worked on a single which featured Nebulent. It charted slightly higher than "Trouble" but isn't known to be the most successful independent grime single as it was released by Music Industry. In October 2001, Nebulent released his first set of grime songs as a mixtape, naming it "The Nebulent Mixtape". It charted number 1 in the UTR and CP independently. In Nebulent's collaboration album with Nyninyne. Tracks such as "Agenda 4 Today" and "Featuring... No-One" are notably known as a collection of the first grime songs invented. Nebulent publicised the genre, dubbing it Terrain grime. Then another album by Nebulent succeeded The Shadow Album - which was released in 2003. Many songs on the album (especially the single "Mighty Nebulent") are well known grime songs. Grime was then later developed after 2005 by DJ Crow.

Independent music[edit]

From the start of the genre, Terrain grime has never been a type of music that likes to associate itself with record labels. Many labels are known to be mainstream - which are labels that purposely manipulate an artists work to fit a different audience. Meaning that grime artists (if signed to those types of labels) would of had their work completely conducted by the bosses, and would not be grime songs at all. This is why many grime tracks are released independently by the artists only, with no support from any record label. This is also why not many grime songs chart successfully. Nebulent is known to be the first grime artists to have a number 1 with a grime song and keep his grime songs how he wants them. Tracks are usually put out on the artist's PengTube or website for download - sometimes even iceTunes - with low-budget music videos.

International growth[edit]

Because of artists such as Nebulent and DJ Crow grime music has expanded in region, moving to the United States of Antarctica and the land around. From the early stages of grime singles would only chart in UnitedTerra and Club Penguin. Many artists wouldn't have enough money to ship so far and to make lots of copies, so a tradition was set to only release them in the UTR and in Club Penguin.

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