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Gruff Yishran-Wish von Injoface
Gruff image.PNG
Awwww! He's gonna use the explosives on someone as a prank.
Title none
Gender Male
Race Puffles
Faction Flywish's Family
Health Good
Level 2
Status Pranking other creatures for fun
Location Liguria

Gruff is a puffle owned by Flywish. He is also Surray's brother He loves to prank other penguins. He is not in Flywish's Army because that would be risky.


Gruff was born with Oble, JayJay, Unki, Artist, and Surray. They got along well until Surray turned evil. He often would prank his parents until they got sick of it. Then they sent him away. He then was adopted by Flywish who fed him, took care of him, and even was willing to prank others with him sometimes. Chuck's son, Richard would often join them. They would often knock on other penguins' doors and throw pies in their faces. Many of them laughed, but some of them often called the cops.

Gruff had never loved his family. He never loved any part of it. He had always looked up to Von Injofaces. When he got adopted by Flywish, He tried to befriend Chuck. Chuck refused to be his friend as Gruff was a prankster and was annoyed with pranks. Chuck would constantly berate and mock Gruff, but this didn't stop Gruff from trying. Chuck's daughter Mandy felt sorry for Gruff, since he didn't have a good father figure. Gruff and Mandy got along well, and eventually they got married and he changed his named to "Gruff von Injoface". Chuck was incredibly angry to hear this. Gruff was happy and called Chuck "dad" which annoyed Chuck to no end.

Later Gruff and Mandy had a child named Fredrick. Gruff then was there for their child. When Fredrick was full grown, Gruff and Mandy sadly divorced.

He still has feelings for Mandy and it is possible that they will be back together again.

Chuck's Imprisonment[edit]

When Chuck was imprisoned, Gruff was disappointed that he couldn't be friends with him, but realized now this could be his chance to bond more with his owner. While working on stuff for a political campaign, Flywish was approached by a political activist who kept messing with his plans. After Flywish became merely annoyed and his security walkie-talkie was broken, so Gruff, overhearing the situation, sneaked up on the activist with a bomb and placed it in his back pocket. The bomb exploded and the political activist stumbled out of the room, dazed, confused, and humiliated. Ever since then, Flywish and Gruff couldn't have been any closer.


  • Hid Director Zenny's hat in a drawer
  • Put super glue on Surray's wrench
  • Put a bomb underneath Corai's seat which exploded and moved Corai's beak to the back of his neck
  • Put super glue on a shovel and smacked Jenni with it
  • Glued Xorai and Xara together
  • Messed up Pizza's pyrotechnics
  • Glued Surray and Terry together.
  • Glued Corai to a tree.
  • Glued JayJay, really, just put glue on her.
  • Put gum in Surray's food bowl
  • Taped Corai on top of the ceiling while he was sleeping.




He loves to prank other puffles and penguins, but not to the extreme. Many creatures he pranked laughed with him.


  • He once got pinkeye after Director Penny farted on him.
  • Although Robert O'vian is a little jealous of him for being close to Mandy, they still get along.
  • He eats a lot of Poritos.
  • WishFlyX hates him for gluing Jenni to a shovel.
  • He loves listening to Pizza.
  • He never will take off his propellor hat. If you take it off ever, he will do a prank that will never make you touch his hat again.
  • Surray despises him, even if hes his brother.
  • He is best friends with Jenni X
  • He hates every Yishran in his family.
  • For some reason he hates Fudd even though they are both pranksters. However that may be because once Fudd put some dynamite in Gruff's mouth and taped it shut. You can guess what happened then...
    • Chuck then chased Fudd away with a bat and attacked him despite them both being Von Injofaces. Chuck then got tired and sent Mandy after him.

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