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He doesn't look too friendly, does he?
Title Grump the Grumpy
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Himself!
Health Grumpy
Level 25
Status BAM!
Location Smashing someone annoying.
Birth date February 27, 1985 (1985-02-27) (age 34)
Place of birth Club Penguin
Occupation Smashing others
Interests Smashing others
Strengths Smashing others
Weaknesses Unknown
Friends None
Enemies Many
Archetype Neutral

Grump, formerly known as Yoodel009, is a rather bad-tempered penguin who lives in Club Penguin Island. He roams the island carrying a slightly-larger-than-average mallet, which he keeps for anyone who dares to defy him or get on his nerves. Whatever you do, do not tempt, challenge or anger him, for he too can break the Fourth Wall (maybe that's the real reason he carries his mallet?). He is usually seen around the Plaza or Forest. Nobody knows why he's so grumpy. He's quite strong and almost invulnerable to an average punch or kick. Strangely, he likes Nat's puns, which are one of the things that can calm him down.


Grump claims that he hatched in February the 27th, 1985, in Club Penguin. What Grump doesn't know about what happened before this, is that five minutes before hatching, his unknown parents accidently dropped his egg, and it rolled off a cliff, hitting a rock in the process. Judging from the description of this little-known fact, we can deduce that he hatched underneath the opposite side of the Ski Hill. Because his egg bumped on a rock shortly before hatching, this is probably why he has severe anger management problems, and is a bit cave-penguin-like (e.g. a bit slow on the uptake).

Somehow, after he hatched, he managed to climb his way up the Ski Hill. Nobody knows for sure how he did it, given that it's near impossible to climb out single-handed (like the time when five young sledders got trapped and injured there and an agent had to go and rescue them), especially when he was a chick, but there are theories that an amateur, kind, mountain-climber saved him, as he was climbing up and down the Hill. Once out, with no good example, he went on to have a raging diet of illegally imported Cactus Juice and joined all sorts of criminal gangs, where they called him "Yoodel009".

Because of this, ahem, respectable lifestyle, the surroundings signaled to him that he had better be strong if he was going to survive in the harsh world. Following this instinctual advice, he stole the shirt he currently wears to this day, and, bonking a fellow strongpenguin with his bare flippers, "borrowed" the oversized mallet he bashes his enemies with. He also began to call himself "Grump", and quickly forgot the previous name he had. Luckily for the curious, records of the previous name exist, which is how we know that it was "Yoodel009".

Unfortunately for him, this sudden, iconic appearance of a red-feathered penguin with an oversized mallet in rival criminal gangs made the managers increasingly suspicious about him, as if he might be betraying all their secrets. In the end, he got fired from all of them, and the gangs fought each other, leading them to close down themselves, over the lack of money (which was all used on medium-sized mallets to bash each other with), leading Grump jobless.

Resentful, he decided to roam Club Penguin, searching for suitable targets for his mallet as "tough guy" practice. He grew more nervy and edgy, and transformed into the horrible-tempered character one can see waddling the streets now. Sometimes, when he's in Super Smash Mode, the crowds of super-annoyed penguins take his home, leading him to take impermanent refuge in Ghostlia, who are keen to let him in, for reasons of added status.


As described earlier, he just waddles around the island, unintentionally seeking new victims of his oversized mallet. Apart from this, he doesn't really do anything. Some penguins believe that he would make a great addition to the EPF as an angry bodyguard for the Director, but, as always, he always smashes these penguins away with his mallet.

Powers and Weaknesses[edit]


  • Strength - Grump is unbelievably strong. He's definitely stronger than your average penguin, and he has potential to knock out not one, but two wrestling champions at the same time, if he has the occasion of doing so.
  • Semi-Invulnerability - Being strong also contributes to semi-invulnerability. This does not mean Grump cannot die from poison. This only means that sharp or heavy objects will have little to no effect on him.
  • Mallet - His mallet contributes a lot. He can smash any villain a few inches into the ground if he wanted to - a handy alternative to handcuffs, and certainly safer, as this will always end up in the penguin being knocked unconscious.


  • Fiery Temper - Grump has an awful temper. If he's triggered even slightly, he might smash the poor penguin a few inches into the ground. This is one of the reasons why this penguin is called Grump.
  • Stubborn - One of the reasons Grump might smash a penguin away is because they contradicted his opinions. A little bit like a certain scrub, he doesn't like facts that contradicts to what he believes. Instead, he smashes the penguin who said that either to the Forest/Plaza, or a few inches into the ground.
  • Mallet Temptation - He's crazy about his mallet, and his mallet can go crazy with him. His mallet is about as strong as himself, which is bad news for his mallet's victims.


Like many other penguins, Grump has quite a few modes, sometimes triggered by consuming Mysterious Pork. These modes are the following -

Normal Mode[edit]

Self-explanatory. His "normal mode" isn't triggered by any external issues, and is seen most of the time, and consists of him in a semi-cave-penguin-like state (e.g. a bit slow on the uptake), angrily wielding his mallet, ready to smash any penguin who he disagrees him - which is, surprisingly, quite a lot of creatures. This isn't the mode when he gets himself into trouble, and he is usually stubborn, with a horrid scowl on his face. His temperament is "grumpy" during this mode - the reason why his name is "Grump".

Super Smash Mode[edit]

The "Super Smash Mode" takes its name from the popular videogame Super Smash Mates, except he has nothing to do with it, and vice-versa. This is the mode where he has a capacity to get into trouble. In this mode, he is, for some reason, quite angry over some subconscious reason, and has a likely potential to smash any penguin at the drop of a hat, because of his increased bad temper. This is the reason why he can get into trouble, and is called "Super Smash Mode". To identify him in this mode, his feather will seem redder than usual, and he has a terribly horrid scowl on his face - not just plain "horrid", but more "horrid". His temperament is "jolly grumpy" in this mode, and two of the recommended ways to calm him down is to tell him one of Nat's bad puns, or to somehow force his mallet to hit himself.

Sometimes, he gets over-excited with his smashing, forcing angry crowds of penguins to take over his home, and banish him from it, causing Grump to take part-time residence in Ghostlia until he finds a new igloo.

Mysterious Pork Mode[edit]

His "Mysterious Pork Mode" is self-explanatory - it gets triggered when Grump eats some hallucinating Mysterious Pork. In this mode, Grump certainly will get into trouble, which is why Grump needs to be kept away from Mysterious Pork at all costs, as he finds the taste appealing. No matter what the pork is set at ("Crazy", "Nerd", "Calm", etc.), he will always go haywire with his mallet, and he will smash anybody in sight, even if they agree with his opinions. To identify him thus, one will almost definitely see him with crazy-looking eyes, running towards you swinging his mallet smashing anybody in his path, with a seriously horrible scowl - not just "more horrid", but "simply horrid"(!). His temperament is classified as "bally grumpy, wot!", and the only way to calm him down in this mode is to tell him one of Nat's bad puns.


He is a red-feathered penguin who always wears a purple shirt with an angry smiley face. At first, he appears to be a bit slow. However, if you anger him enough, he can catch up to you quite fast when he's running. He always carries his mallet. He has a rather deep voice. He's slightly larger than most average Emperor Penguins, and almost twice as heavy.


  • What do you want?
  • Grrr!!
  • Out of my way.
  • Um, hi?
  • Hbicowhehrhofrehfreojjfrhjojhjehjkhejh! (smacks annoying penguin to the Forest)
  • YOU GET ON MY NERVES!!! (smashes the penguin a few inches into the ground)



  • He is rumoured to be part of the Jennings Family. However, when somebody asks if this is true, he just smacks them with his hammer.
  • Because of his fiery temper, it's almost impossible to suggest something to him.
  • Poor, poor old Rockthemic is one of Grump's main targets.
  • He speaks in short sentences.