Gudd Lapooh

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Gudd Lapooh Header.png
Oh yeah!
Title Scourge of the Jerks
Gender Male
Race Brown Puffle
Faction Himself
Health Healthy
Level 44 (a bit above his brother)
Status Beating up another Jerk that tried bullying a Nerd
Location Dorkugal
Occupation Programmer
Employer Just another ordinary penguin
Fur color Brown
Catchphrase Stop pushing this little guy around, or I'll flatten yer face!
Interests Brawling
Allergies Potato Chips
Friends Nerds
Enemies Jerks
Archetype Brawler
Weapon of choice His telekinetic fist

Gudd Lapooh is a rather un-nerdy brown puffle who works for a small company in Dorkugal as a programmer. While during day he's your average programmer, at night he's the scourge of the Jerks. One of Dorkugal's most effective bodyguards, Gudd never backs down from a fight and will take up any challenge that fate throws his way, no matter how impossible or dangerous it may be. Gudd also happens to be the first brown Puffle ever to be adopted and was adopted far before they were officially discovered.


Gudd Lapooh was born on Novemer 30th, 1991. His parents were shocked to see that he was a brown puffle, as they had never seen one before (remember, brown puffles live almost exlusively on a remote island) and were at first a little afraid. But once they got over the surprise, he turned out to be a decent young pufle. He grew more and more intellegent each day, and soon he was amazingly intellegent for a puffle, but average for a brown puffle. Gudd did have his share of friends though, the other nerds who admired his intellegence and brute strength. He often acted as bodyguard to the nerds to protect them from bullies, and this worked surprisingly well. But one day, something happened that would change his life forever.

At class an imported penguin computer was brought in and the puffles were given the chance to try it out. The other puffles loved the gizmo, but Gudd thought he could make a better one, one that was more suited to puffles. The class laughed at him for thinking this, and even the nerd's were giggling amoungst themselves. Gudd was offended by this and when he got home, he gathered together a bunch of materials (and sabotauged a couple of broken computers at the nearby junkyard) and after modifying them, he put them together and went to sleep. The next morning at school Gudd was seen carrying inside a makeshift wooden computer with a cracked glass screen. The puffles laughed even more, but once Gudd started it up their laughter stopped. It was even better then their old computer, and in fact it's custom UNICE-like OS inspired Linus to make his own UNICE kernel for GNU FLOCK, an operating system project, that now makes is Penguin OS.

The class's aditude towards him changed instantly, and from that day on Gudd was quite popular in the school. When he graduated from school in 2010 with an almost perfect score for 99.99% of his tests, his parents told him that he should work in the computer industry which was quite advanced by now. Gudd had heard about a land called Dorkugal filled with creatures called penguins who were similar to him, and he set off to Dorkugal. His journey was long and hard, and he managed to arrive there just before brown puffles were officially discovered. His arrival caused quite a splash in Dorkugal, but when he tried to find a job, he found that he had to catch up to the immense leaps in technology that had been made since the computers in his school were made. Gudd learned quickly and soon found a job in a small company as a programmer. There, he met what would soon become his greatest enemies. The Jerks.

He met one during his first day on the job, and the Jerk broke into the building, beating up penguins and trashing their desks, and many of the nerds fled the building. But not Gudd. He flew at the Jerk and punched him right in the face, cracking his skull and sending him flying out the window, where he landed on the hard road. That Jerk spent ten weeks in a hospital. After this Gudd dedicated his time when he was not at work to protecting Nerds everywhere and battling Jerks wherever they could be found.


Gudd is rude and mean, and his unstable temper often gets him into trouble. Even though Gudd may be unpolite, he still cares about the various geeks around him and will do anything to protect them, no matter how extreme. When he gets into a fight with a Jerk though, what little kindness and politeness he has vanishes. He will use any trick in the book, no matter how dirty or dishonorable to bring down his opponent, and usually this tactic suceeds, unless if his opponent is craftier then him.


Gudd Lapooh works for a small company in Dorkugal, and is semi-famous among other programmers for his intellegence and great fighting skills. He is not the greatest programmer or inventor, but he is great at fighting. His skill is unrivaled amoung nerds everywhere, and even though sometimes he has returned from a fight throughly beaten, he still can act as a sufficent bodyguard for nerds in danger.


Not the greatest of inventors, Gudd still invents various gadgets as a hobby, most of which are not succesful.

  • Blubber Seal-O-Matic Mk.1: A makeshift cloning machine that spews out Walrus clones. It was trashed after the EPF got wind of it.
  • Chickenator: An evil gigantic chicken who is best known for eating more cheeseburgers then Ben Hun's LOLCATS and sponsoring MooNation Racing.
  • Burger-O-Matic Mk.1 & 2: Was supposed to be a lightweight machine that created burgers from air, but Mark 1 only made loud coughing noises and Mark 2 exploded upon being tested.
  • Port-O-Potty 9000: Marketed as "the ultimate in portable bathrooms", the Port-O-Potty was a major flop, as the surrounding walls would often colappse once a penguin or puffle entered and sat down on the toilet, making them extremely embarased. Not to mention that each Port-O-Potty contained a "security camera" which unnerved most who used it. Gudd's still dealing with lawsuits against him for his defective toilets.
  • Brassaphone: A bronze doorknob that also doubles as a telephone. Not the best seller, as the Brassaphone was rather hard to detach from doors when it was ringing, and when the user was able to get the Brassaphone off of the door, the built-in speaker had a tendency to play annoying music loudly over the conversation.


  • Even though Gudd is very intellegent for a puffle, he is acctually below average for a brown puffle.
  • Gudd is said to have entered Floor 13 and soundly whipped Jerky II during his visit, an impressive feat.

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