Guinny the Yeti

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Guinny the Yeti
Guinny, the Yeti
Title Guinny
Gender Female
Race Hybrid
Faction Herbert's sidekicks
Health Excellent
Status Either reading books or helping Herbert
Location Somewhere in Club Penguin Island
Birth date Unknown
Occupation Reading
Interests Learning stuff
Friends Klutzy, Herbert, Klutzette.
Enemies None
Archetype Neutral

Guinny the Yeti is a penguin-like creature that lives in the deepest part of Club Penguin. Her real species is currently unknown, as she is a hybrid of mammal and bird. She likes to wander around Club Penguin, and sometimes steals newspapers and books to study about the Island.


Years ago, a mysterious egg hatched far away in the forest. The strange creature that hatched was raised by the puffles that lived there, thus she grew understanding their language. They named her Guinny. She has a very gentle and curious nature, wanting to know how things happen and what is everything, which made her travel by the Island. She found many animals in her travels, and can understand many of their languages. Then one day, she arrived at Club Penguin. She was amazed to find creatures that were almost like her, but the penguins spoke a different language. She wanted to understand, and began to steal newspapers and books to study them. By hearing penguins talk, slowly she learned how to speak english. But knowing she wasn't exactly a penguin, Guinny always visited Club Penguin camouflaged. This did not prevent her to be sometimes seen, which made the penguins think there was an Yeti in Club Penguin. One day she saw a picture of her footprints in a newspaper, with the word "Yeti?" under it. Thus, she acquired "the Yeti" as a surname.


Guinny and Klutzy playing
One day, at the coldest day of the year, in a snowstorm, Herbert reached the hibernation period and fell asleep in the snow. He would have frozen if she had not saved him. She took him and Klutzy to her home, an unknown crystal cave. She made friends with Klutzy quickly, as she could understand his clicks, but to befriend Herbert took a little more time. She is currently following him around, and occasionally she helps him with his plans.
"I don't like dark..!"

She never met other penguins (besides G and some agents) because she fears they believe that she is an aberration. However, Guinny has a curiosity about the penguins, watching them sometimes.


Guinny has the shape of a penguin, but with many peculiarities. She is a little larger than a normal penguin, and has no feathers, except for the black feathers on the tummy patch. She is covered by white fur, and has fingers on the hands, toes on the feet, and a tail. Her hair is actually made out of grass - and it really does photosynthesis, so that she can spend a few days without food. She also has bright blue eyes, and two flower buds in her hair. In the spring, they bloom in two beautiful flowers, which have a very flavorful honey.


  • "Where are you going?"
  • "Come, follow me."
  • "My name is Guinny, Guinny the Yeti."
  • "A simple thank you would do."
  • "I can help you with your plans if you want to."
  • "C'mon, I can help you."
  • "Yay!"
  • "Excuse me?!"
  • "How may I help you?"
  • "Hey Herbert, how ya doing?"
  • "Patience Herbert, let Klutzy come to you."
  • "Wow, I never seen anything like this."
  • "Its ok, you can come out now."


  • Guinny is an omnivore. But since she started hanging out with Klutzy and Herbert, she has given preference to vegetables.
  • Her tail helps her to swim faster.
  • She has an unique accent, a result of her fluency in the puffle language.
  • She is afraid of the dark and butterflies
  • It is possible that she had parents before she was hatched the next day.
  • Guinny might be a monotreme because she has fur and she was hatched where the puffles lived.
  • She kind of understands english.
  • She has a small crush on Herbert.
  • She wants to tell Herbert that she loves him but she's too shy to say it and Herbert will most likely disapprove.
  • Unless Herbert loves her too...
  • She enjoys playing and cuddling Klutzy and Klutzette.
  • She became friends with Klutzette in early 2010.
  • Like Klutzy, she is considered as "adorable".
  • Her favourite food are berries and o-berries.
  • She stars in her first fanfiction called Guiny and Herbert.
  • Her hair has grown longer ever since she met Herbert and Klutzy, it might be possible that the rain and sun caused it.
  • It is unknown what her species is.
  • She had an adoptive sister who was a white puffle when Guinny was an infant.
  • She left her her puffle pack when she was 19.
  • She can camouflage almost everywhere when she needs to.
  • She often plays hide and seek with Klutzy and Klutzette.
  • She thinks bunnies are adorable.
  • When her voice whispers, it almost sounds like Fluttershy's voice from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
  • She might be a princess due to her adoptive parents are the rulers of her puffle pack.
  • She has an excellent singing voice.
  • Her personality is very similar to Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic because of her special ability to communicate with different animals and her personality.
  • It is unknown why she's scared of butterflies.
  • Her favourite game to play with Klutzy and Klutzette is a piggy back ride.


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