Gung Hao

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Gung Hao
Gung Hao.png
The Only drawing of the master...
Title Gung Hao "The Father"
Gender Male
Race Viking Penguin
Location buried in the Hochstadt Sanctuary

Gung Hao is the Second Sensei after The Three Masters.


Gung Hao was the son of Jong Ming, who was the younger brother of the Three Masters, Firesei, Watersei, and Snowsei. Gung Hao, or just "GH" was very interested in his uncles' business and began to train under them, unlike his father, who was a handyman. After many years of training, Gung Hao became the first single sensei after the death of the Three Masters. It was believed that he trained 1,000,000 penguins to become ninjas. As a legendary feat, he trained Ninjas well; he taught them all he had learned from the Three Masters. He expiramented with Card Jitsu, and discovered many things the Three Masters didn't know.

Sometime in 1020, GH met a beautiful penguin who was the daughter of a Frankterran seafarer who visited Penguin Island to trade. who was also fond of him. He had taught her Card Jitsu, and they married on October 12, 1020. They had two chicks, the older one was named Dako, and the younger one was named Jacques. Because of a grave dispute that created the Hochstadt Canyon, Dako gave himself the last name of "Unki", while Jacques gave himself the last name of "Hochstadt". Thus, Gung Hao is the Father of the Family of Corai, and the Family of Swiss Ninja and Flywish.

Gung Hao lived a peaceful life with his two sons until he died of old age. He gave the throne to Jacques, who was a rather lazy Sensei. Then, the two sons moved away, and their families became seperated from each other, until Swiss and Corai Meet each other 1,000 years later.


  • He was the Three Master's Nephew.
  • Despite being a Viking Penguin, his son's familes are Emperor penguins, as the blood line got messed up when a Unki married a Adelie, and that Adelie married a Emepror. And a Hochstadt married a Emperor, and that Emperor married a Emperor.

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Preceded by
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The Position of
Sensei of Ninjas,

as held by Gung Hao The Father

990 - 1080

Succeeded by
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