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Gurehasiera is the location of the Rebeldes 'Askapen Mugimendua, a Jings Jongs separatist organisation who wants independence from the USA. It is a mystifying, haunted compound with a building synonymous with the name. Other than the few RAM members who enter the Gurehasierea, few know it's presence and are silenced from sharing it.

Gurehasiera means our home in Basque, the official language of the group.


Main article: History of RAM

Gurehasiera was formerly a town known as Herri, which means town in English. It was the homeplace of the askomajuna, the demonym of the townspeople. The askomajua were originally from eastern Antarctic Peninsula, and settled in the island a decade before Jing Jongs founded it.

The askomajuna constantly quarrelled with the fisherpenguins and the other tribes of the forest. When Jing Jongs founded it, he was unaware of the askomajuna or any of the other tribes.

As Jing Jongs received support from the citizens, he also received criticism from others on the island who wished to take over the Jing Jongs regime. They wanted to control the north of the island and badly. They eventually conquered Herri and claimed it "their territory". The askomajuna were at first unpleased but then sympathised with the RAMs and joined the association. Herri was renamed Gurehasiera, or "Our Home".

Other businesses and individuals also inhabit the building but have no relations to the RAM. No one understands the RAM's intentions.


The facility is divided into three zones: the RAM zone, the Residential zone and the Industrial zone.

RAM Zone[edit]

The RAM Zone is where the RAM is headquartered. It takes up half of the entire building, the half roughly the size of five Ice Rinks. The first and second floors are used for offices and meeting rooms where RAM members work and discuss. The third floor was converted into a warehouse. The RAM Zone is connected to the other zones by a large glass door.

Notable rooms in the RAM Zone include:

  • Bilera Gela - The meeting room for executives. This is where they discuss about their plans.
  • Estrategikoa Operazioa - Where strategies to combat the government of Jing Jongs are discussed.
  • Motibazioa Aretoa - The leisure area of the RAM zone where they motivate RAMs.
  • Auzoak - Sleeping quarters. Takes up half of the RAM zone's second floor, or a quarter of the entire second floor.

Residential Zone[edit]

Apart from the RAM, a motley group have strangely found their way into the Gurehasiera and sleep in the Residential Zone, located on the third floor alongside the RAM's arsenal. The inhabitants are usually:

  • Families - Families strangely live in the Gurehasiera, making up the majority of the residents apart from RAMs. A school on the second floor was built to cater to this group.
  • Couples - Couples are another strange group. They live there due to its distance from the city.
  • Singles - Many singles live here as well.
  • Seniors - Senior citizens find the area a popular retirement area due to the diverse group living there.
  • Engineers - Engineers are somehow fond of living in the Gurehasiera due to its unique structure.
  • Doctors
  • Firemen
  • Businessmen
  • Beggars
  • Other occupations
  • Civil servants - Strangely, civil servants also live alongside their enemies.

The Residential Zone is split into many rooms which are the houses of the inhabitants. There are two variations: a one-room apartment and a three-room apartment.

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