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The Happyface State
Location of the state.
National name The Kingdom of Happyface141
Country USA
Capital city Iceland
Largest city Hashville
Formation 2000s
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles
Other info
Population 40,000,000
Leader Doctor Logic
Location Northern USA
Alliances Other USA states, Ice Warriors
Neighbours Eastshield, Trans-Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula, Freezeland, Southern Ocean City, New North Etana, Polaris

The Flag.

The Happyface State (or The Kingdom of Happyface/Happyface141) is a state of the USA led by Governor Doctor Logic, formerly Happyface141. There are many penguins and other animals. The largest city is Hashville which contains 13 million of its 40 million residents. The state has a centrist legislature and a fairly decentralized government.


The Kingdom of Happyface141[edit]

Happyface seized land that was originally Archet's land. Him and 35 residents from Club Penguin Island travelled to this land to create a new kingdom, free from political corruption that the USA was victim of. The conflict between the colonists and the Archetians was brief. HF was given a small parcel of land, which continued to grow as more and more Freezelandians and Antarctic towns seceded to join HF's kingdom. By 2000, the border grew to about the size it is today and the population reached almost 1,000,000. HF became the monarch of the lands and the seceded towns, while the original 35 resident served as his chief advisors.

War of 2002 and becoming a state[edit]

In an attempt to win more land, the government of the United States of Antarctica proposed an alliance with the Kingdom to attack Freezeland. This conflict became the War of 2002. Freezeland, despite being the weaker landmass, managed to win the war and burn down South Pole City. The kingdom ended up gaining land from the peace treaty, and was absorbed into the USA as a state. HF was elected the first governor in the state's history.


Today, the Happyface State is one of the most polarizing states in the USA. HF's original goal of having a state without political corruption has failed, with many cities having corrupt governments. The local economy crashed in 2010, but has slowly been rising. In 2012, Doctor Logic was elected governor of the state and has steadily reformed the government to prevent corruption and rebuild the economy.

The state has become renown for being a technological hot spot in the USA. Many have compared Hashville to early Dorkugal. Doctor Logic has made significant investments in the tech industry and is hoping low costs within the state will tempt companies to set up offices within the state.

In 2017, the government began discussing the independence of Archet, after Vice President HF requested them to look into their situation. As governor, HF neglected the people of Archet, which he states is one of his largest regrets in office.


The Happyface State is a relatively flat and dry area of Antarctica. While South HF State is stormy, the North is a popular vacation spot for tourists, due to clear weather and nice temperatures. On the west border, the mountain range, Olwich Pass lies between two states.

There are three main rivers, the Explorer River, the Happyface River and the Barkjon River, named after the famous trio. All start in South HF State and merge in the Triple River Delta. The port city, New Centro lies on the delta.

The state capital, Iceland, does not lie on the mainland. Instead, it is on an island a few miles off the coast. Construction on a bridge connecting the mainland to the island started in 2013 and finished in late 2016.


Like most governments, the state is comprised of a executive branch, a judicial branch and a legislative branch. The government usually leans very liberally. After the election of Doctor Logic, he began to reach across party lines and appoint members of different parties to his cabinet, in order to get advice from every political spectrum.

The government has received much criticism from the people of Archet. After the inclusion of the HF State into the USA, Archet was somehow denied certain privileges and perks of being part of USA. Archet has no representative within the government, leading to many lawsuits and conflict between Archet and the HF State. In 2017, Doctor Logic proposed a bill that will culminate in either the inclusion of Archet in the state government, or their total independence.

The judicial branch came under scrutiny in 2011 for denying Archet certain rights.

Major Political Parties[edit]

  • Health Party
  • Happy Greens
  • Happyface Nationalists
  • Conservative Party


The HF State economy is one of the lowest in the USA. With a thriving population, greedy citizens, and robberies taking place, the money keeps going down. Happyface hired Richards Taffy to watch over the economy in HF's cabinet. Another reason why the economy is so bad is because corrupt politicians in Emogon Town steals money from their own government, and uses it for his own use. However, the major cities are doing well due to policies that the local government has taken place, and Doctor Logic is thinking of implementing these policies state-wide.


The HF State is a home to many nerds, and has high-tech technology. The technological capital of the HF State is Hashville, home to the HQ of many large businesses, such as Peach Inc.. The main technology there is transportation. Bern is home to car companies that produce fuel efficient cars. The HF State was recognized as creating the first hover-car.

In January of 2012, the HF State lost the Innologoy Award to Trans-Antarctic.


The HF State is unique in that it upholds its own military force. After the War of 2002, HF refused to let his army merge with the USA's army, believing that his system is more efficient than the country's. The military of the state is rather small, barely hitting 40,000 soldiers. HF reasoned that the only need for a large army is if they wanted to wage war to gain land. However, HF's personal morals made him against declaring war, so he built the army on the basis of them only needing to defend the mainland. As a result, the army focuses on defensive tactics and overcoming and ending sieges. Should the USA go to war, the HF State army is distributed across the country to major cities and commands Antarctic armies on defending the city.

Upon becoming a state, the Navy, Air Force and Marines merged with the USA.


The state is known for its laid back and relaxed attitude among the population. The state has became an entertainment and technological hub for the country, thanks to cities Hashville and Euphoria Hills. Due to these two cities, the state is split into two regions, the north and the south. The south is renowned for entertainment companies. Former governor HF set up his movie studio in Euphoria Hills. The north, particularly Hashville, became known for its technology hub, being called the "Hip Dorkugal".

Notable Places[edit]


  • The Happyface State is one of the 2 only landlocked penguin-run countries/states, the first being Archet.

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