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Har har har...
Title None
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Faction Nautical Trolling Society,Walrus Crime Ring.
Health Poor
Level Low
Status Unknown
Location Walrus Warehouse,NTS HQ.
Occupation Sinking Ships
Employer None
Catchphrase Har har har
Interests Lulz
Weaknesses Unknown
Allergies Unknown
Friends None
Enemies You
Member of Walrus Crime Ring

Nautical-Terrorism redirects here for obvious reasons

Ha123456789, Ha,Har, or Har har har is a diabolical crazed Walrus, and president of the infamous Nautical Trolling Society, a group whose focus is on Nautical-Terrorism. Ha, is ultimately bent on the perpetual destruction, and sabotage of Vessels throughout the entirety of Antarctica. He finds the sinking and sabotage of boats to be a most Lulz-generating, and hilarious art, and bends all his will to the to the ultimate destruction of seamanship in Antarctica.

His calling card is his infamous maniacal laugh, and his tendency to wear a nautical hat when sabotaging vessels.

He is widely considered a notorious nuisance and bane of the CNIC, and the common Antarctican Sailor, and is thought to be one of the greater liabilities of sailing.


The existence of Ha123456789 first came to Antarctica's attention, after the infamous 2009 hijacking and sabotage of a large Mullet Fishing vessel off the coast of Club Penguin Island dearing the 2009 Christmas Party. The CNIC immediately began investigations as to whom the mastermind behind the sabotage was, and shortly uncovered it was none other than the new Walrus nautical antagonist, Ha123456789. Sense then, the CNIC has been fiercely pursuing the elusive Ha123456789, in their perpetual attempt to capture the Walrus who planned and carried out the infamous 2009 hijacking.

Nautical Trolling Society[edit]

Their symbol, the Trollface and crossbones (Trolly Rogers) strikes terror across the high seas.

In the spring of 2010, still under hot pursuit by the CNIC, Ha founded the notorious Nautical Trolling Society, an elusive band of Nautical-Terrorists controlled by walruses whose ultimate goal was to destroy all Sailing Vessels in the Antartic.

Since then, CNIC has made stopping Ha123456789 one of their top priorities, and are in perpetual pursuit of the ever elusive Walrus and his band of Nautical-Terrorists. Their headquarters is an iceberg near Skua Strait.




Dan and the CNIC have been in pursuit of the elusive Walrus and his band of Nautical-Terrorists and Pirates since the infamous 2009 hijacking off the coast of Club Penguin Island, and has made Ha one of the CNIC's top priorities. However, thus far Ha and his band have proved ever elusive.

Dan however still hopes that he will one day catch Ha123456789 in the act.


  • He likes pancake mix.