Hackzon Valley Air Force Base

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Hackzon Valley Air Force Base
Key details
Name Hackzon Valley Air Force Base
ACAO code N/A
AATA code N/A
Type of airport Military
Hub for N/A
Owned/Operated by Antarctic Air Force
Location Fort Skua's Claw, Hackzon Valley, Trans-Antarctica
Runway Runway 7/19 (38,806 ft.) (Asphalt/Concrete)
Runway Runway 11/23 (18,883 ft.) (Asphalt/Concrete)
Runway Runway 2/15 (33,000 ft.) (Asphalt/Concrete)

Hackzon Valley Air Force Base is a military airport located in Hackzon Valley and operated by the Antarctic Air Force. It is located directly inside Hackzon Valley and operates as the main base of command of all air units in Trans-Antarctica. National Guard, Air National Guard and Trans-Antarctica State Defense Force detachments are also present. PASA also operates here and is currently running all Blue Ray Energy tests here. By 2014 they plan to send a spaceplane powered by Blue-Ray to perform suborbital flight. The airport has 12 hangars and 3 aircraft maintenance facilities. It also houses temporary residents; around 6,100 are family members of military personal and 500 are PASA scientists.


The airport was found in 2001 by orders of the Trans-Antarctica government as part of Fort Skua's Claw, a Trans-Antarctica State Defense Force base. It only had one runway present, one hanger at the time and only one wing and a company, the 19th Trans-Antarctica State Air Corps Wing and the 4th Trans-Antarctica Minutemen. However due to Hackzon Valley's location, the TASDF realised how useful it could be and teamed up with the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard to expand it.

In 2007, it was reopened as the airport we know today and operating status was handed to the Trans-Antarctica Air National Guard. Within a month though, the operator was changed to Antarctic Air Force since they needed an airfield to station a special operations wing. The Antarctic Army also sent the 72nd Air Cavalry Battalion to garrision it. More and more units were stationed here and this was becoming a core part of Fort Skua's Claw.

When Blue-Ray Energy was discovered, PASA requested a small fraction of the base for experiments on the new energy. This allowed was the first government sponsored civilian agency to be allowed into the airport. An hanger was constructed for them and a fifth runway was built and opened on the 5th of January 2010.


AAF Hackzon Valley[edit]

AANG Hazkzon Valley[edit]

Hackzon Valley Ground Defense[edit]

PASA Hazkzon Valley[edit]


Units stationed at Hackzon Valley Airport[edit]

  • Antarctic Air Force
  • 45th Air Force Wing
  • 3rd Air Special Operations Wing
  • Air National Guard
  • Trans-Antarctica Air National Guard
  • 56th Air Force Wing
  • 32nd Air Force Wing
  • Trans-Antarctica State Air Corps
  • 19th Trans-Antarctica State Air Corps Wing
  • 24th Trans-Antarctica State Air Corps Wing
  • National Guard
  • Trans-Antarctica Army National Guard
  • 14th Infantry
  • Trans-Antarctica State Army
  • 101st Trans-Antarctica Airbourne
  • 59th Trans-Antarctica First Cavalry
  • Antarctic Army
  • 72nd Air Cavalry Battalion
  • PASA
  • PASA Blue-Ray Studies and Research Branch