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Republic of Hailvale
Flag of Hailvale
Motto"Like extreme weather? Then Hailvale is the place to be!"
Anthem"1,000 Snow Days"
Royal anthem"Ye shall be Hailed"
Location of Hailvale
The Official Map of Hailvale
(and largest city)
Official languages English
Species  Puffles, Leopard seals
Demonym Hails
Membership Free Republic Union Free Republic Union
Government Free Republic
 -  High President Iamred777
 -  High Prime Minister Iamred777
 -  State Ruler Iamred777
Legislature Senate
Independence from the Start
 -  Leader Day 19 August 
 -  Independence Day 2 July 
 -  Hailvale Carnival 3rd Week in July 
 -  2018 estimate 73,946 
 -  2015 census 56,247 
 -  Density 27/km2 
52/sq mi
Currency Acadian franc (ACF)
Drives on the Left
Calling code 575

Hailvale, officially the Republic of Hailvale, is a sovereign island Free Republic northeast of Antarctica. It was discovered by Karazachi, but now Iamred777 rules Hailvale as president. Hailvale is a small, peaceful, and prosperous nation that mostly remains out of Antarctican events. The country has a stable economy, primarily trading with the USA and other Free Republic countries, but in recent years has opened itself up to the world, allowing for international companies to come and do business in the country, which has boosted the economy.

The island of Hailvale was originally uninhabited until it was discovered by Karazachi, who became the country's first president. After ruling for many years, he went on a voyage and never returned, leaving the country in disarray as there was no government to run the country. However, Iamred777, who assumed control of the country, became the next president, and began introducing reforms that led to the golden age of Hailvale. Today, the country is prosperous and stable partially due to Iamred777's actions, and is one of the happiest countries in Antarctica.


Hailvale was largely barren until Karazachi founded it. Now it is a cosmopolitan place with plenty of things to do. Karazachi ruled Hailvale for many years until he went on a boat voyage, and never came back. But on another day, Iamred777 looked up high to the sky and noticed a bobble. He set off in his ship to go and explore this unknown island. When he landed at Mouseport he noticed a sign saying "Welcome to Mouseport, capital of Hailvale.", he immediately knew this place had penguins, whilst walking the street he asked many penguins "Who is your leader?", they replied "Karazachi, but he is gone forever".

Iamred777 immediately took control, and set up a ferry line between Red Island and Hailvale for "penguins to explore more lands". He also began appointing government officials to help him run the country and introduced elections as well. The penguins all loved their new leader. Finally, they had a permanent new leader and government. With this new leadership, came a fresh, new era. Penguins wanted to start again. Under the new government's orders, roads were built in rural areas and crime dropped, and the golden age of Hailvale had come, with much prosperity for the next few years.

After Iamred777's successful reign in Hailvale, things calmed down a bit. Although no general elections were held, lots of state elections were held, with different politicians winning. In order to protect the country, and seeing opportunities for more growth and prosperity, Hailvale signed the Treaty of Dorkugal in 2009, joining the Free Republic Union alongside Warmslates and the Finipines, which joined that same day. As part of the Free Republic Union, Hailvale was able to trade with Free Republic countries and was guaranteed protection by the USA.


The government type of Hailvale is considered a republic, but the country considers itself a "free republic" due to its membership in the Free Republic Union. Hailvale is led by a President, who is both the head of state and the head of government, currently Iamred777, who controlled most of the power in the country until the creation of the position of Vice President, along with the Senate and Supreme Court, the two other government branches, which were inspired by similar branches in the governments of the other Free Republic countries.

Like in many countries, elections for the Senate's ten seats are up for election every four years, while Supreme Court justices and Vice President are appointed by the President himself with approval from the Senate. As of right now, there is no law for how long the President can hold his office, and nearly all citizens have favorable opinions about the current president, so there is no campaign to make such a law. The same thing applies to the Vice President as well, while the Supreme Court justices serve for life or until retirement, at which the President will appoint another justice.


Hailvale's economy is primarily based on imports and exports from the USA and other Free Republics, which makes up most of the economy. The Port of Mouseport is a large port for its small population, since it's the country's only port, and products are constantly shipped in and out. Tourism also makes up a small part in the country, in comparison to imports and exports, but is nevertheless a sizable part of the economy. Another small part of the economy is mining, based on the silver deposits found in the center of the island. Some of the silver is made into jewelry or other items on the island, while most are shipped out to be made into products.

Hailvale has low unemployment rates and a high standard of living, which has contributed to the country's overall high level of happiness. Taxes and the cost of living are moderately high, but the country has a high average income, meaning citizens can afford most luxuries. The country has a central bank, the Hailvale Central Bank, which was founded after Iamred777 became President, and a small stock exchange in Mouseport, which isn't as big as the other stock exchanges in Antarctica, but has allowed for trading to happen more efficiently in Hailvale, which has boosted the economy.


Due to it being a Free Republic, and founded by penguins from the USA, and also the fact that it has stayed independent during its 16 year lifetime, the culture of Hailvale is primarily based on the USA, with minor influence from the immigrants in the country who number in the hundreds, and some Freezelandian influences, due to the close proximity between the two countries. The states that most influence Hailvale are the Antarctic Peninsula and Happyface State, since they are the closest to Hailvale. Eastshield and Polarian cuisine are common in Hailvale due to the proximity.


Most of Hailvale is covered in ice and snow nearly year round, since the climate is extremely cold, although slightly warmer than in mainland Antarctica. During the few months when it isn't snowing, most of Hailvale is covered in grassy fields. Farming is unsuitable, and most of the food is grown in greenhouses or shipped. There are some small forests, which are protected by the government to preserve them. The island of Hailvale is mostly flat, and doesn't have any areas of high elevation. Rivers and lakes are nonexistent as well, aside from a few small ponds and some streams.


The climate in Hailvale is very cold, with hardly any sunshine, although it is slightly warmer than the rest of Antarctica since it is further north. The record high temperature is 15°C, or 59°F, whilst the lowest is -39°C, or about -38 °F. A lot of penguins get frostbite whilst out sun bathing. Ice is also very abundant, with snow. Lashing winds can also get up to 50 miles per hour, along the coastline, this terrible wind usually makes waves that crash down on the "beaches". It also usually rains in Hailvale when it isn't snowing, which contribute's to the island's greenery.


Since Hailvale is small, having only about 60,000 penguins, most of which live in the capital of Mouseport and the two smaller cities, transportation outside the cities is relatively nonexistent, which the exception of a single two lane road connecting the cities to each other. There are no highways, as there is no major need for it, although the government is planning to expand the road to four lanes as the population of the country has been expanding. More roads have also been built in the countryside as the population in the countryside has expanded as well.

Rail transport is mostly nonexistent as well, aside from a small train line in Mouseport that connects the major landmarks and buildings in the city, although there is a proposed rail line that would connect the three major cities in the country. Water travel occurs outside of the island, since there are no rivers and lakes, while air transport is minimal as well, with the island having one international airport, Mouseport International Airport, in the capital city, which only serves three nearby destinations outside of the country, in Furshire, Polaris, and Bakunyumoria.


Due to its small size, Hailvale didn't have a military force for most of its existence as a sovereign nation, with defense being provided by the country's national police force, consisting of about 50 officers, along with a small coast guard consisting of five boats, five helicopters, one plane, and 100 coast guards, who mostly dealt with coastal defense and rescue missions around the country and the surrounding sea. Additional defense was also provided by around 500 Acadian troops since 2010, who were stationed at a military base outside the capital city, Mouseport.

However, in 2016, the government of Hailvale announced the creation of the Hailvale Defense Force as a military force for the country. Equipment, such as weapons, watercraft, and aircraft were purchased from Acadia and Dragonstone, and around 600 members were recruited by 2018, trained by Acadian officers. An agreement between the governments of Acadia and Hailvale have allowed for joint military exercises between the two countries every few months. The largest and most powerful branch is the Hailvale Navy, which usually engages in dealing with illegal activities in the surrounding sea.

Foreign Relations[edit]

  • United States of Antarctica - Great. As a Free Republic of the USA, the two countries share a very close alliance. The USA protects Hailvale, and the two countries also trade with each other often.
  • Acadia - Good. Since Acadia used to be a Free Republic, the two countries have some previous interaction, mostly through trade. Recently, the two countries signed a military and economic alliance.


  • Karazachi found this island in 2001.
  • In 2009, President Karazachi signed the Treaty of Dorkugal and made Hailvale a Free Republic, to get free protection from the USA. Also due to this, Hailvale's population has steadily increased over the years.

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