Hammer Knight

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Hammer Knight
Hammer Knight image.png
Beware of their Gold Hammer
Title Piccotios
Gender Male
Race Some type of mammal
Faction Evil
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Showing off their Hammers
Location UPM Hideout

Hammer Knights are a group of short Gangstas that are members of the UPM. As you can tell by their armor they are Communist, and they show this by caring around a large gold hammer made from recycled Bling.


Bugzy imported these creatures to Antarctica along with Waddle Gs, and Waddle Os. When they first arrived they started trying to enforce communism on the USA Government, and at one time attempted to talk about the good things a Communistic Government would bring at the South Pole Council. They were quickly thrown out by Judge Xaiver however, and he soon put up a law that prevented them from entering. They still attempt to break into the Council however, and sometimes they'll even try and smash the doors down with their hammers. They've succeded about five times, but some security guards have recently been stationed outside the building while meetings are taking place to stop these Gangstas from breaking in.


Though they seem to have given up breaking into the Council, they continue to try and enforce Communism. At times they've even tried to convince King Snowkinian to try and start a communist kingdom, but every time he'll simply say "MAH BOI WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?".


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