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Executive Director Han Yang of the Western Union

A picture of Han Yang.

Executive Director of the Western Union
In office
July 1st, 2014 – Incumbent

Snowinian Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
2011 – Incumbent

Prime Minister of Snowiny
In office
Preceded by Ivan Stephan
Succeeded by Adam Ralph

Han Yang is the current executive director of the Western Union since July 1st, 2014. He is also the Snowinian minister of foreign affairs, incumbent from 2011. He is known to be a strict and courageous person, but a terrible army leader, as he does not know how to war or command over soldiers. He was born on October 14, 1979 in Margate City, Margate. In 2011 he was granted the position of minister of foreign affairs in a foreign country, Snowiny, and he played a big role in inviting Margate into the Western Union, and he also played a great role in creating the Union itself.

Ever since becoming the executive director of the Union, he was advocating for lowering Snowinian and Margatian hegemony in the Union, making all member states the "leaders in the Union" and also creating a new capital city for the Union by taking a part of Snowinian territory and making it administrated by the Union.


Han Yang hatched to his parents Olivia Yang and Alexander Yang in Margate City, Margate on October 14, 1979. He loved adventure and he was famous for going out in the wild and "talking" with animals. He attended the West Margatian Academy in 1988 where he learned a lot about politics, geography, history and science. He suffered an incident in 1990, when he almost broke his beak after he tripped over a rock, but luckily he only suffered a major injury instead of getting his beak broken. He suffered pain while he was eating and chewing food, until he pretty much recovered by 1995.

During the 90s, for the very first time he started getting himself involved in foreign politics. He was a staunch supporter of the Republican Snowinian forces and he constantly talked on phone with Martin Max, the leader of the revolutionary Snowinian forces. After the success of the Republicans in 2003, he was invited to Snowiny, where he met with many Snowinian politicians and also played a role in writing the Snowinian constitution. In 2011, he became the minister of foreign affairs of Snowiny, and sought to improve relations with the recently united Margatian nation.

In 2013, he was one of the diplomats who signed the Circular Defense Pact with Rusca and UnitedTerra, eventually formally establishing the Circular Powers, now known as the Western Union. As the minister of foreign affairs of Snowiny, he also played a major pact in the Western Union as he was in the government of the leading country of the Union. Throughout most of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, he negotiated with Margate for their entry into the Union. They finally entered in April 2014 along with Amataria, which Yang recognised as his best accomplishment of his life.

On July 1st, 2014 he was promoted to Executive Director of the Circular Powers due to his great work in improving the Union and Snowiny itself. Throughout the rest of 2014 and 2015 he worked on putting down Snowinian hegemony in the Circular Powers and giving all the member states equal rights in the Union. By September 2014 Margate and Snowiny became the Big Two in the Union (the leading nations), while it was already noticed that the Terra Federation and Amataria basically were the "second class", having the least influence of all in the Union.

On April 26th, 2015, Han Yang signed the Winsburg Conference, admitting Acadia and Caseusopolis into the Union. Within a short matter of tame, Acadia quickly became an influential state in the Union. Margate and Snowiny were considered first class, Acadia was second class, while Caseusopolis, Amataria and Terra Federation were third.

The third class member states were quickly getting tired of being the least influential. On the Day of Prosper on May 10th, Han Yang made yet another decision affecting the entire Union: Margate and Snowiny continued being the leading states, while everyone else was the second class, but were given more rights than ever before; the rights to make decisions that would affect the entire Union, and so on. The member states became largely pleased, and Han Yang was thanked by everyone in the member states of the Union. Han Yang, however, has more plans for bringing down Margatian and Snowinian hegemony to the same level as the other member states have, so all the member states are equal in the Union.

Ever since becoming Executive Director in July 2014, he has advocated taking a small area of Snowinian territory, constructing a city there, putting it under Western Union administration and make it the Circular Powers capital, while at the same time also controlled by Snowiny and considered de-facto Snowinian territory. He expects construction to start in middle to late 2015, however many people in the government of both Snowiny and the Western Union deny it will ever happen, while most people from the governments of the other member states support its construction. This has caused heavy debate that lasts to this day.


He has been known for his strict and courageous personality, and he also loves outdoors adventuring. He is also often described as one of the few politicians in Antarctica who like to have fun and play with others. He is a proud supporter of peace, equality and freedom all around the world. However, he also is not a good commander when it comes to armies. He does not know how to use guns and how to war, nor how to discipline soldiers. However, never mind that, he found a career in the government(s) of the Circular Powers.


  • Robert Smith - Very Good - Yang has built relations with Smith for years before he became king. Yang and Smith usually talk with each other and mostly agree with each other on everything.
  • Swiss Ninja - Terrible - Yang and Swiss despise each other. Swiss also described Yang as a person who is not worth trusting, and also described how abnormal the Snowinians and Margatians are for letting him become executive director (of the Western Union).
  • Lavender - Good - Lavender and Yang have built good relations, and Yang also used to seek advice from Lavender during the times of the Antarctic War on Terrorism on what decisions to make.
  • Miranda Chaikov - Good - Yang knows Chaikov for a pretty long time and the two have good relations with each other.
  • Forrest Burton - Okay - Yang and Burton know each other and have built okay relations. Yang doesn't like how he brags about his intelligence and the power of his armies all the time, though.
  • Spike Hike - Okay - Yang has been in South Pole City on a diplomatic visit to Spike Hike. Yang and Spike Hike have had okay talks with a few disagreements, and have okay relations. But, Yang, after the conference, stated he doesn't like the reforms Spike Hike introduced in his country, such as when he fired a tens of government ministers without stating his reason.



  • His aspiration ever since he got into office as WU Executive Director was to create a new capital city for the Union and lower Margatian and Snowinian influence in the Union.

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