Hannah Montana

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Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana Insane.png
Hannah as she is today. Plus, Director Benny disapproves!
Title Rock Star
Gender Female
Race Bean Human
Faction Bad. VEEEERY Bad.
Health Insane.
Level Just Like You (not really)
Status One In A Million
Location The Best Of Both Worlds
Friends Str00del Force
Enemies TurtleShroom, Conservatives, anyone who has a Moral Compass
Archetype Villain

Hannah Montana (also known as Miley Cyrus to humans), now known as the Miley the Twerking Maniac, is the first discovered female Bean Human. She is also a famous singer around Antarctica. Hannah used to be the inspirational idol of many tweenage girl penguins and puffles, but she eventually suffered a dangerous decline after her popularity dropped in 2011. Today she is a revengeful and completely insane maniac who is a hard core member of the Str00del Force.


It is unknown how she got to Antarctica. She was first sighted in the Gift Shop continually trying on outfits and donning a blond wig. She was kicked out. She then commandeered an empty microphone at the Stage and belted out the following lyrics, of which the chorus is shown:

You get the best of both worlds

Chill it out, take it slow

Then you rock out the show

You get the best of both worlds

Mix it all together

And you know that it's the best of both worlds

A group of young female penguins were in the audience, and loved the performance. One of them videotaped a video of Hannah singing and uploaded it toPengTube. A producer saw this, and instantly offered Hannah a record deal with his company. Hannah now performs at concerts, prisons, and The Stage. She is as widely accepted as Billy Mays.

Hannah joined the Str00del Force after being persuaded by Billy Mays, though her role was very minimal in the beginning.


Hannah Montana's fame began to decline in 2011 due to the rise of new boy bands that seemed to be more appealing to preteens. She felt like nobody liked her, and therefore she became very depressed, despite having tons of money. Hannah lent her talent to heavily assist Savannah City, but she never got any credit for anything. Hannah soon was persuaded by Mister Bean to become more involved in the Str00del Force, where she was introduced to connections with the UPM and became friends with Bugzy. Their relationship was private, though rumors circulated over her friendship with him. Bugzy, being the mastermind he is, introduced Hannah to Doom Weed. Hannah, who then loved the taste of gum, gladly accepted the weed and ate it. She became extremely addicted to it, though after eating it a lot, its effects on her began to wear off, and she returned into a depression. Hannah became a travelling nomad, desperate to sing her music to anyone who would pay her. She somehow stumbled across the ruins of Pingko during her travels, where she sadly discovered Ditto B. Hannah ate the substance and immediately became addicted to it. She payed for trucks of it to be shipped to her home, where she put the stuff in everything she ate and drank. Sadly, the overexposure of the ditto chemical began to damage her brain, permanently injuring her brain, causing her to be paranoid, insane, and quite evil. The Ditto had removed all the feelings of remorse, embarrassment, and morality from her brain, causing her to make very, very poor choices. She began to go on Chitter frequently to post 1,000 cheets of pure nonsense every day, mostly sent to Director Benny and sometimes the entire Bureau of Fiction, and Director Benny has a big hate for her.

Acts of Atrocities[edit]

Hannah, though once considered an annoying tween sensation by some, eventually became a dangerous threat to moral society. Hannah began to cheet herself pictures of herself eating Doom Weed and Ditto, and she began to gain national attention in Antarctica. Anyone with a sane mindset and a moral compass began to question Hannah's actions, but she seemed to ignore their criticism. She only got worse.


Hannah doesn't seem to think there's a problem with a human being in Antarctica. She also doesn't seem to think at all. She always speaks as if she's singing, and there always is some kind of music playing in the background. She also loves to Make Some Noise.

Hannah as a HUMAN[edit]

A record on PengTube was found, showing her on a Human concert, singing the same song, she sang once at The Stage.302px|right|Hannah Concert. She used to have lots of fans in the Human countries. After her transformation, she briefly returned to her world, who had by this time completely forgotten about her. She was asked to perform at an awards show, only to make a fool of herself.



  • Hannah is currently an insane psychopath that is becoming a danger to society.
  • Hannah's favorite foods are Doom Weed, Ditto B, and OxyPies. Now she only eats OxyPies, which is weird.
  • Hannah loves Billy Mays' products and always buys the latest one.
  • Speeddasher dispises her. He claims that she hurts his ears (or whatever Penguins have).
  • She's a member of the Str00del Force. UNCONFIRMED but likely. Her agent disapproves of this, saying, "She's Got Nerve".
  • Fans of Hannah Montana are 2i2i and Nn66.
  • Mech Rider says she is okay, but overrated
  • Most of the phrases used on this page are actually titles of her songs.
  • It is rumored that Mabel loves her music.
  • Ellisabeta once sung with her in a duo.
  • Mr Lovesfish cant stand her and has kicked her butt before.
  • Rocket Slug believes that she lives a double life as a typical teen named "My-Lee Stoo-Wert." She then got whacked by Sye's cane for saying something stupid.
    • RS also used to love her music as a young chick, but now hates her.
  • She has been in the music business for seven years.
  • TurtleShroom has labelled her a "Moral Threat to Society" and hopes she will be arrested and deported. Let's hope she will be.

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