Hans Traugott

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The Exalted Hans Traugott, Chairman of Puffalia

Hans during the Frosian War

Chairman of Puffalia
In office
June 23, 2013 – June 22, 2014
Preceded by The Three Presidents
Succeeded by The Axle Powers

Hans Traugott was the evil Superiorist chairman or Vorsitzende of Puffalia. He was an extremely sleazy, manipulative, and scary penguin who would go to any length to achieve his goals. He stalked his prey before dealing with them, often in a violent manner. He was one of the leaders of The Puffalia Conflict, and is credited with achieving Puffalian independence. He also declared Shops Island "The sworn enemy of the Puffalian people". Hans saw Puffalia's ultimate height in power during the Frosian War. However, he also lost his life in war at the hands of none other than Lavender.


Hans was born to a poor family on April 12, 1979, in Munchen Alemania. He wasn't given any formal education, and was always picked on as a chick due to being poor. This gave him a cold heart. As a teenager, however, he once found love. He found a nice girl who he was in love with, and the feeling seemed mutual. However, it wasn't. The girl stopped talking with him, and he became heartbroken. Hans went into a state of extreme sadness, followed by a state of anger and vengeance which stays with him until this day. In 2009, he was jailed under the oppressive Snoss regime. However, he and two other inmates were able to escape from the guards while being transported from one facility to another. The three escapees stole a motorboat and made off with it, and set off for better land. They arrived in what is now Puffalia, and established a settlement. They soon sent for some of their friends who came and populated the island. They were put in a formal position of power when the Shoppers occupied Puffalia in April 2013. Ever since then, Hans had been the leader of many rebellions against Shops, and was a main commander in The Puffalia Conflict. He is now the sole leader of Puffalia and rules it with an iron flipper.

Frosian War[edit]



  • Even though he runs a superiorist government, he still wears the Fish and Sickle proudly.
  • Some people have accused him of being a Neo-Naughtzee.
  • His best friend is General Olaf.

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