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Happy Holly 77
"I'm so happy!"
Title Former Moderator
Gender Female
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Member of the Bureaucrats of the Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature
Health Excellent
Level Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Her igloo

Happy H. 77 was a former Moderator. She was born on October 20th, 1989. She retired October 23rd, 2012, 3 days after her 24th birthday. She is very happy, and that's her name. She is possibly one of the happiest penguins in Club Penguin Island. Strangely, she was raised by snails instead of penguins.


She was adopted by Snail77 and Happyslug77 in Club Penguin Island, USA, when the two snails found a penguin egg lying in the snow. Happy H. 77 moved to EmotiVille in March of 1998. She lived there for a while and made friends with the happy emoticons. She got bullied by angry emotes though, so in 2003, she moved back to CP Isle and became a Moderator in 2006.

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