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Image caption
Title The Happiest Walrus Alive
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Faction Walrus Crime Ring
Health 100%
Level Level 10 Freak
Status Phreak...WITH A SMILE!
Location Unknown

HappyWalrus is a Walrus that is always happy. He has a trademark permanent grin.


It is unknown how HappyWalrus got his scars. Some say he did it himself. Some say its a tattoo. But what everybody knows, is how scary it is. The permanent grin has put victims frozen, afraid of what the grinning walrus would do. Most of his victims go insane, screaming about the evil smile.

HappyWalrus never blinks, which makes it even more scary.

Currently, HappyWalrus is the torture expert in the Walrus Crime Ring, by staring with his blood-red eyes, and with his never-ending grin.



HappyWalrus has tortured almost 500 penguins. Another way he tortures people is hacking into their computers, and replacing the screen with a picture with a picture of him. It can only stop if the penguin throws the computer away. It is also proven that it can be fixed if the penguin pecks the space bar.


  • HappyWalrus lives away from the Walrus Warehouse, and if he is too come over there, he must wear a mask, since all the other walri are afraid of him.