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Happy Birds Music Roll and Record Inc., also known as just Happy Birds, is a company that produces rolls for self playing pianos and unique 38" vinyl records, in which the rolls may be the best of the best entertainment in the period of Olde Antarctica. One of its best known recording artists are Jim Larry Raw and he was a popular penguin that everyone liked in music. They have been producing music rolls since 2012 and they are now adapting the skill of famous pianists, including Humans as well. They have a wide variety, from traditional, to Fargramer Sheen, and now Penguin Band.

List of rolls[edit]

($ = Trio Play roll) (£ = Melte Wignon roll)

  • Swan Lake, 7877 by Ted Wiggins
  • As Time Went By, 9779 by Grey Farschlowe
  • The Hammond March, 697 by Spencer Wright (celeb version by Franky no. FAM-792)
  • I Hope You Found My Secrecy, 968 by Spencer Wright
  • The Redlink Abbey Song, 8900 by Ted Wiggins
  • In The Pink, 780 $ by Spencer Wright
  • My Whereabouts of Going Out, 67987 $ by Jim Larry Raw
  • I Am The Sunshine Of My Life, 97696 by Joan Hammer
  • Heinz's Date With Vannesa, 7797 $ by Rinker Divos
  • Red Eye Sallie, 67969 by Korie Schildros
  • A Hit of Reality (Pearly Shells), REA-970 by Daniel Spect
  • Sixteen Rods, 08737 $ by Jim Larry Raw
  • Daniel Specter Medley, 71937 by Divos and Schildros
  • Knowing You Were Outta My Sight, 287304 £ by Spencer Wright
  • The Digital Domain, 789304 $ by Ted Wiggins
  • A Hit of Reality 2 (American Patrol), REA-357 £ by Jim Larry Raw
  • For Saxophony, 140738 by Wiles Mann (celeb. version by Tapestrea no. FAM-146)
  • The Party Starts Now, 8973140 $ by Joan Hammer
  • You're the Guy, 7442 by Jim Larry Raw
  • Monsters University, 217348 £ by Korie Schildros
  • A Hit of Reality 3 (As Time Goes By), REA-724 $ by Spencer Wright
  • A Hit of Reality 4 (Rhapsody in Blue), REA-437 by Jim Larry Raw
  • Some 'Ole Follies, COL-001 by Korie Schildros
    • Clap Yo' Hands from Funny Face (A HIT OF REALITY 5 REA-457)
    • Sixteen Going on Seventeen (A HIT OF REALITY 6 REA-697)
    • Michelle (A HIT OF REALITY 7 REA-695)
  • Claw of the Wild, 186409 by Wiles Mann
  • Super Mario, 2389062 by Rinker Divos
  • Mickey Mouse Series: Steamboat Willie, MMS-632 $ by Ted Wiggins
  • Mickey Mouse Series, Duo-X: The Barn Dance, XP-746-MMS by Spencer Wright
  • Mickey Mouse Series: The Opry House, MMS-564 by Spencer Wright
  • A Hit of Reality 8 (Changing Partners), REA-162 by Rinker Divos
  • Dufflepud Sea, 795483 by Ted Wiggins
  • Sloshin', 1425796 by Spencer Wright
  • Montague Does Not Like Capulet, 7358 by Brando Mars
  • Fantasia Medley (A HIT OF REALITY 9 REA-934) by Landes Kowd
  • Ippoh, 78235 by Rinker Divos
  • Best of the Muppets (COL-002), by John Welsh
    • Mahna Mahna (A HIT OF REALITY 10 REA-439)
    • Feelings (A HIT OF REALITY 11 REA-440)
  • Jaunty Gumption, 23548 by Kevin o' Malley
  • Monkeys Spinning Monkeys, 356735 by Joe Johnson
  • I'm Henery the Eighth, I am (A HIT OF REALITY REA-441) by Spencer Wright


  • Aside from the good old piano rolls they sell, they also sell piano CDs that use MIDI that operates a series of solenoids.
  • It is a parody of QRS Music.
    • QRS is why Buffalo is not just famous for their delicious buffalo wings.