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Happyface circa 2007
Born Happyface Timothy Smiley II
April 28, 1983 (1983-04-28) (age 37)
Inland, Eastshield, USA
Residence South Pole City
Gender Male
Nationality USA flag.PNG USA
Other names Happyface, HF
Education University of South Pole City, B.A. Political Science, B.A. International Affairs
  • Vice President, USA
  • South Pole Council Delegate
  • Philanthropist
Years active 2000-present
Home town Inland, Eastshield
Known for Founding The Kingdom of Happyface141, now The Happyface State
Title The Happy One

Happyface Timothy Smiley the Second, more commonly known as Happyface141 and Happyface, is a Antarctican politician and former film director. HF is famous for being the founder of The Kingdom of Happyface141, as well as being the first and last monarch in their history. After receiving offers from the government of the United States of Antarctica, he eventually sold the land to them, while still retaining authority as governor. HF is known for his liberal stances on health care, immigration and poverty. After his term ended in 2012, HF decided to get into the film making industry. His films were generally well-received, with the occasional bomb. After a series of under-preforming movies, he decided to get back into politics and run for president of the USA. He eventually dropped out to become Megg's Vice President. He currently resides in South Pole City.

HF has become one of Antarctica's most prominent figures in the public eye. After the USA was formed, HF and fellow politician Explorer 767 were spotted with famous drummer Barkjon. These three became known as The Troublesome Trio. The trio involved themselves in pranking other famous figures around Antarctica and fought in The Great Darktonian Pie War and The Power4U Affair, among other conflicts. During this time, HF became well acquainted with Antarctica's Protectors. While he was never an official member, he is frequently called into their ranks for assistance. After leaving the post of governor, HF retired from fighting, stating he will only return should another Darktan crisis arise. When elected Vice President, HF stood by his word and said he is focusing on uniting Antarctica so his friends can focus on fighting the real bad guys, not other countries.


Happyface was born in Inland, Eastshield, to Peter Smiley, an actor, and Mary Smiley, a camerawoman, on April 28, 1983. His father, Peter Smiley, used his films as a political tool to expose the corruption and wrongdoings of the political and justice systems. In 1996, when HF was 13, he travelled to South Pole City to intern for the South Pole Council Eastshield representative, Judge Javier. HF was tasked with fudging spreadsheets in order to embezzle money for the representative. After three months for interning, he reported the representative to Judge Xavier, who was District Attorney at the time. Judge Javier was imprisoned and Judge Xavier assumed the role of Eastshield representative. He left South Pole City for Club Penguin Island shortly thereafter, with a bad taste for politics in his mouth.

Politician Career[edit]

Already an adult in penguin years, HF founded the Kingdom of Happyface141, in 1997, with 35 residents he met from Club Penguin Island. HF took the land from Archet, a once strong and powerful country. His aim was to build a government that preaches good and strong moral values from their leaders. As monarch, he fought with his armies and traveled the country meeting his subjects and learning how to improve his rule. In 2002, HF sold the land to the USA, which was renamed to The Happyface State. HF was elected governor of the newly founded state and also served on the South Pole Council as the new state's representative. While he took his job seriously, he was not above pranking others with Barkjon and Explorer. HF worked to improve health care and poverty rates in the USA, proving to be a tough enemy to his conservative colleagues.

During his first term, HF took on Fluffy 21 as an intern. When Fluffy proved to be utterly incompetent at his job, he was fired. The dishonored intern devised a plan to impersonate HF in order to get back at his former boss. The day after he was fired, Fluffy used his clearance pass, which hadn't be confiscated, to enter HF's office and knock him unconscious. He stuffed the governor into a box and threw him into the back of his mother's car.

During the impersonation, Fluffy came to HF's work everyday after applying makeup and wearing heels to compensate for his poor height. Many of HF's colleagues and advisors noticed that the governor wasn't making public appearances and was spending most of his time at work locked in his office. Fluffy made fake online messages that supposedly came from HF, but was not. HF's allies, Triskelle3, Explorer 767, and TurtleShroom helped expose Fluffy for his crimes, and find HF. HF was found in Fluffy's apartment(really a large cardboard box), and Fluffy was imprisoned. The impersonation lasted for over 3 months. HF returned to his post three hours after he was found and appointed superhero and supergenius Doctor Logic as his Chief Advisor.

Right before HF ran for a third term, the USA was in political disarray. Pearface, who was President of the USA and founder of the Bureau of Fiction, had single digit approval ratings. His rank with the BoF allowed him to stay in power. HF organized the impeachment of Pearface, causing him to lose power and Billybob to be take over the presidency. This event caused HF to win the governorship for the third time in a row, in an outstanding landslide.

Film-making career[edit]

HF's term expired in 2012, and he decided to not run again, even though he was allowed one more term. He felt as though being governor deteriorated his health and made him unhappy, so he pursued the career his parents perused. HF opened Euphoric Studios, a movie company that produces and directs movies, based in Hashville. They focus mainly on action movies, like The Fearsome Focci, and Penguin Spy Academy. HF has so far directed two movie, Rise of the Fearsome Focci, and Blue Crew, and has produced and written one, Legends of Sensei.

Since his resignation, the HF State has since erected a statue of him in the capitol building. HF also keeps his seat in the South Pole Council, as his resignation was not accepted there. However, in 2016, he was succeeded by Doctor Logic.

The current governor of the HF State is Doctor Logic.

Return to politics and USA Presidential Elections 2016[edit]

4 years after his term expired and after his film career, HF received an offer to run for President of the USA. Seeking a new challenge, HF sold his studio and joined the race.

HF's motto was "A New Era of Happiness". His experience in military and politics made his an early contender. HF ran under the Liberal Party, with opposition from Megg and Polo Field. During the campaign, HF was very vocal and his disapproval of Donal Tenorio, citing his controversial rhetoric.

Eventually, HF and Megg were the last two candidates from the liberal party. With Megg holding a large lead over him, HF accepted her offer to join her ticket as VP, citing his desire to unite the party. Many political commentators cited Megg's choice to bring on HF as her VP decided the election, as 73% of people within the HF State voted for her. Many voters have expressed concern with Megg, as her time as mayor of Club Penguin is viewed negatively. Many have cited HF's involvement in her race as the deciding factor, as they are hopeful he could be a better leader.

Vice President of the USA[edit]

In the early months of the Megg Administration, HF took on a heavy foreign relations role in the government. He visited countries such as East Pengolia, Dorkugal, Ruscan Federation and Polaris to improve foreign relations with them. In a meeting with a representative from Polaris, HF stated, "This administration aims to promote an accepting, united South Pole." HF came under criticism for defending East Pengolia and Zhou's political system.

HF's foreign relations quest was tested when he visited Acadia. During his meeting with Ryan Crosby, Crosby rejected HF's "United South Pole" movement, and openly criticized the governments of multiple countries. HF was filmed flipping his chair when Crosby called East Pengolian citizens "disgusting and illiterate". HF refused to apologize to the media, while Crosby wrote a half-genuine apology and published it. Later, HF declared that any movements to topple communist governments by the Western Union would be met with military action from the USA.

In April of 2017, HF criticized North Joseon for treating their citizens poorly and threatened military intervention should they attack South Joseon. Media began to report that HF's "United South Pole" initiative was merely preparation for a potential war with the Western Union and North Joseon. Due to Megg's inexperience with the commanding of military power, HF became the de facto Commander-in-chief.

In the same month, HF announced he would temporarily put his travels to other countries on hold in order to help his former state, The Happyface State fix their economy, at the request of current governor Doctor Logic.

During his vice presidency, HF was subject to countless rumors in the media, ranging from having communist roots to having multiple children. During his term, HF left The Troublesome Trio, stating, "We're all too busy now. It's time we grew up." Before his term, HF was infamous for attending parties every night, with a different date every night. However, HF took his role as vice president extremely seriously and was no longer seen at lavish parties.

On April 30, 2017, HF declared his intention to rally the South Pole Council to go to war with Acadia and the Western Union should they attack USA's communist allies. His address to the council was met with praise, but was criticized by allies of Acadia. Nearly a month after the address, Brant Esser announced his intent to stand down and respect HF's United Antarctica movement.


Long into the future, HF found himself living once again in quiet Club Penguin. He spent his life as a politician, movie director, professional boxer, Hashville Hashtags FC head coach, beauty salon owner, hippie and respected military leader. At the ripe age of 100, he passed away. While he slept, he held up his Hashville Hashtags scarf he used as a blanket and screamed out, "LET'S GO YOU HASHTAGS!" before passing.

HF died happily, knowing he never lost a war in his lifetime.


HF possesses a moderate amount of skill for fighting, as he learned how to street fight when he traveled Antarctic. HF is master in jujitsu, and he mainly relies on counterattacks during combat. He rarely uses weapons, but he owns a deletion pistol.

During parley, HF is usually sent out to negotiate with the enemy troops. He is a master negotiator, and uses social engineering to persuade the other person to accept the deal.

Personal life[edit]


HF is notorious for having never married and having no kids, despite being of high fame and fortune. He is known to be a bit of a player, being seen with multiple women in the span of a few months. HF commented his relation status in an exclusive interview with the Club Penguin Times in 2013 saying, "I'm just waiting for Mrs. Right to show up. It doesn't make sense to not date a lot of other penguins. I see it as just an extensive search. So far it hasn't worked out." As of March 2017, it has been reported that HF is seriously dating Alexa Montoya, a Castillan chef, whom he met while meeting with King Carlos Goberna.

Ever since his governorship, numerous penguins have claimed to be the offspring of HF. He has never acknowledged a single one.


Before elected Vice President, HF wore a music jam shirt he acquired at a party in Club Penguin, as well as brown shoes and a tour guide hat. During the presidential election, HF was infamous for wearing unique outfits, like a neon green tuxedo and an orange jumpsuit. Many political scientists believe that this was a strategy to distract his opponents during debates and get more attention from the press.

After becoming Megg's Vice President, HF tidied up his image and began to wear more professional outfits.

Public image[edit]

HF has involved himself with numerous charities and fundraisers to benefits the sick and the poor. Because of this, HF became a well loved icon of left leaning parties. While he served as governor, HF would spend every Wednesday speaking to the homeless in cities around The Happyface State.

Despite his large role in politics, HF has been an outspoken critic of the Western Union, specifically Acadia, for their anti-communist and anti-Dorkugal sentiments. This proved to be a staunch issue during the USA Presidential Elections 2016, as his opponents viewed his stance on Acadia as a potential war. When asked about HF's criticism of the Western Union, Conservative UP Foreign Minister Patrick Smith said "it doesn't surprise me one bit that the largest world power would be opposed to another rising world power, especially considering that world power is rising peacefully and is not coercing people into joining it".

HF's threats against the Western Union were often met with protests in the United Provinces, with people chanting "leave Acadia alone" and "we stand with our Acadian brothers". President McClark attacked HF's comments as "warmongering threats" and stated that "they were redundant and only caused trouble as Western Union had never given any stance against Dorkugal" and that "HF was making things up in order to score political points and provoke other nations in an attempt to project US power and dominance". He is very unpopular with scrubs, many of whom support the Western Union, and the infamous Penstubal Post even wrote a song in which Happyface is mocked, criticized and told to "resign in shame".

In the USA Presidential Elections 2012, HF endorsed Polo Field as President.



  • Characters frequently address HF as "kid", even though he is far beyond chickhood and adolescence.
  • Happyface141 founded the Penguin Academy.
  • Alex12345a recognizes Happyface141 to be a "Mary Sue". In a statement, he said:
    • Happyface is a great guy and all, but I can't seem to find a flaw with him. He's WONDERFUL, I tell you, but I really have to say this. Still, at least he's not a Swiss Ninja.
  • Mcdonalds City former mayor Jonathan James thinks that he is NOT a Mary Sue.

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