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On April 30, 2017, Vice President of the USA, Happyface141, addressed the South Pole Council in order to denounce the actions of Acadia. He cited his deep loyalty to his friends in Dorkugal and Zhou as inspiring him to stand up to Acadia's bullying and war mongering.

The address caused quite a bit of controversy among countries allied with Acadia, believing that soon, the USA would declare war on the Western Union.


Vice President HF.

"Esteemed diplomats of the South Pole Council, I have called you here to expose an unnecessary evil threatening our time of peace, of which we worked so hard for. The nation I represent today has a long history with Acadia. While we fought in the Antarctic Revolution together, it seems that our shared conflict means nothing to them anymore. Acadia once stood for equality and justice, but now I see that they have become a nation hungry to crush people that have opposing viewpoints.

Acadia began their descent into chaos and war when Brant Esser was elected president. Almost as soon as his term began, he waged the Bow Tie War, where they attacked and terrorized nearly defenseless lands wrongfully. Then, following the democratic election of myself and President Megg, they left the Free Republics. It is not a secret that Brant made this decision because he was spiteful of the fact that I was elected instead of Crosby.

Days after they left, Acadia once again threatened military action against the USA, despite no threats from our great country. These actions against us were not the decisions of the people of Acadia. While they voted against leaving the FRU, their government spit in their own people's face, overruling their vote and further insulting our country.

When I took office, I went around Antarctica in a foreign relations quest to unite all penguins to cement the Megg administration as an era of peace. I succeeded in countries where people told me I would fail. Zhou and East Pengolia are in the process of shrinking their military and destroying their weapons of mass destruction. I have started repairing our relationship with the Ruscan Federation by welcoming back Ruscan ambassadors to our capital. I have even ended my 5 year silence towards Swiss Ninja so we can begin a new age of prosperity between Snowzerland and the USA.

However, on my travels, it has become apparent to me that Acadia does not wish to live in a world where other countries have differing views on political systems and policies. Despite being one of the most prolific and advanced societies we have ever seen, Dorkugal is constantly being harassed and denounced by Acadia's government. Keep in mind that Dorkugal is relatively harmless. But to Acadia, their communist government must be eradicated.

Furthermore, Acadia has been a constant enemy of Polaris. I will admit, we had shaky relations with them after autonomy, but our relationship has significantly improved and we are now close allies. Brant Esser's only critique of Polaris is their government lies heavily to the left. That is no reason to constantly berate them and threaten war.

I want to unite Antarctica. I really do. But with Acadia in this equation, I'm not sure that will be possible. To Acadian citizens: I know this is not your fault. We need your help in creating a new era of peace. Go onto the streets and rally for Brant Esser to be removed from office. He is the biggest war monger this nation has ever seen and you do not have to tolerate it. To my communist friends: should Brant attack your lands, I will do everything in my power to assist you. Finally, to my colleagues in this room: please consider these words I have said and reflect on how far we've come as a nation. I truly believe that after my term as vice president, we can relax knowing our children and our children's children will live their life in a conflict free, united Antarctica. Thank you."

Reactions from political community[edit]

I believe that HF was right in decrying Acadia. Would I have done it? No, I would be too nervous to even get a word out. I chose HF as my VP for a reason. He is one of the strongest penguins I have met and I am behind him 100%.
Dorkugal is afraid of Acadia. We are peaceful and we've never tried to instill our ideology onto their country. I am always against war; I hope the rest of the council understands that.
Interesting speech from the Vice President of the United States. The United Provinces will stay neutral regarding this matter, and both sides should keep restraint for the sake of global peace and stability. ... (Later, he added more) The style of communism followed by East Pengolia, North Joseon and some other nations is not great in my opinion but I disagree with the Western Union being some sort of warmongering power that will intervene in matters across the globe and cut down minor nations that pose no real threat to us nor our national security. I fundamentally disagree with Brant Esser and I hope he reconsiders his actions. We also warn the USA not to get too relaxed and decide to take military action against Acadia. It is absolutely not okay for a superpower to invade small nations out of anger.
Simon McClark (Liberal, President UP)
What Acadia has done is neither an honorable nor a reasonable decision for any party involved. However, it is not right for the USA to favor the interest of communist nations over one of their own. Even though we too are close with Zhou, it's not right to throw any nation under the bus to gain a supposed moral high ground.
There's nothing more lovely than contentious and childish drama between a powerhouse of a country and a wanna-be USA. Communism is bad, but drama is even worse. While Acadia has done things that indeed make me question the sanity of Mr. Esser here, I do not think the USA did right in addressing it in such a provocative tone. Throwing others under the metaphorical bus is not a solution to forge moral high grounds. You forge them through strength, unity, and control, as well as remembering your ideological similarities. That being said, we would like to stay neutral to protect our own interests.
Mr. Happyface's speech presents multiple discrepancies, and proves his inability to lead a nation such as the United States of Antarctica. I have great respect for the United States of Antarctica and its people, and am open to peace talks to restore our relations. It was the USA we fought with to gain independence, something that will bind us together. However, Mr. Happyface and Ms. Megg both refuse to restore relations with us. Talks have always resulted in unreasonable terms set by them. Mr. Happyface also refuses to look at the recent peace talks between Acadia and the Federal Republic of Polaris, which has significantly improved relations between our two countries. Additionally, Mr. Happyface calls Acadia, and I, a warmonger, despite the fact he is blatantly threatening war against Acadia. Communism is an evil ideology, and must be vanquished for the sake of penguinkind. Now, to our Antarctican friends, I say, rally against Mr. Happyface and Ms. Megg, who hold an iron fist over your country. There is hope for democracy to be restored once more, as our founding fathers did nearly two decades ago.
It is wrong for Mr. Happyface to be threatening war with Acadia while accusing Acadia of being a warmonger. Mr. Happyface's obsession with the destruction of the Republic of Acadia is disturbing and brings question to his moral compass and sanity. The United States of Antarctica also should not favor communist countries over their own allies. Also, be reminded that the Republic of Acadia has not issued a threat to Dorkugal in over a year, and that the Republic of Acadia is currently in pursuit of good relations with many countries. And to the citizens of the USA, I ask you rally against this blatant warmongering on Mr. Happyface's part.
Why are these plebs accusing me of war mongering when I didn't threaten any war. I merely said that Acadia would be punished should they attack a communist state. And to those saying I favor communist countries over our own allies: Dorkugal has been our ally for as long as I can remember. We will not turn our back on them, nor any of the new allies we have forged.
United States warmongering is absolutely not acceptable and will result in total and all-out war between many nations. I will be making a personal meeting with President Brant Esser on 1 May to discuss this threat from the United States alone in Acadia. Acadia and UP interests must be protected at all cost and communism eradicated off the face of Earth.
— Patrick Smith (Conservative, Minister of Foreign Affairs UP)
We will seek to create a peaceful dialogue between the United States and Acadia. The United Provinces and dozens of other nations can not afford a war at this time, let us warn all sides of the possible destruction a war could bring.
— Lena Sanders (Liberal, Prime Minister UP)
What the Vice President of the United States of Antarctica did was horrible wrong. For a couple of years, we have been on good (ties) with the Western Union. I hate to see one of allies scoff at that and thrown it under the bus, but most of all, I hate to see our ally ties with the (United States of Antarctica) fall apart.
— Jong-Hung Nam
I must say, that Mister Esser is making quite a fool of himself. Happyface made a tremendous speech that combined his profound sense of diplomacy with his commanding strength and leadership. Then, Mister Esser plays the victim? That is a sign of immaturity and poor leadership. Acadia should be ashamed of their leader.
As my Vice President said, don't attack the little guys. I don't want to go to war, but if Acadia or any country in the world attacks my friends in other nations, The Defenders and I will be there to fight warmongering evil.
We continue to monitor the current developments between Acadia and the United States closely. It is in the interest of all parties concerned to achieve consensus and understanding solely through peaceful means. Our government has continued to pursue open, cooperative dialogue with both the United States and Acadia on political and economic fronts. The threat of conflict curtails trade and cooperation. It threatens the stability and wellbeing of the continent at large. Any provocation to the Polarian state will be met with a swift, unrelenting response.
— Devon Rotemore, Press Secretary to Catherine Howebrucke
I... I am speechless. I can only say just 1 word right now: "unacceptable".


  • The United Antarctica Pact of Justice was signed by six Antarctic countries and supported by many more, ensuring that Happyface's position of non violence would be upheld by them.
  • The Acadia Pact was signed, with the reasoning that HF was threatening Acadia.
  • Many people were therefore enraged by this speech, and people are protesting against HF. One person wrote a letter to Megg wishing that she impeach HF right on the spot.
  • Contrary to Happyface141's wishes, major anti-Happyface protests were held in Delphi, Acadia in the days following the speech, with many demanding that Happyface resign as Vice President.