Harold Aye-Que's Journal

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Harold Aye-Que's Journal
Cover coming soon
Type Journal
Effects Most of the story is pretty tragic
Source It was written by Harold Aye-Que
Location SnellBook
Cost to buy The only copy is at the Snellbook Library
Cost to sell No one except SnellBook owns a copy

Harold Aye-Que's Journal is a book that was written by the famous Puffle Scientist Harold Aye-Que. Most of it focuses around how much he despised Khanzem, and his creations.


The jounral was discovered very recently, and was placed in SnellBook. More copies are currently being produced.

Chapter I: The Colonization of the Aircraft[edit]

February 25, 1875[edit]

It is on this day that my pride and joy the Space Colony Aircraft has been completed. I hope to benefit all species that reside in Antarctica and hopefully one day my family will be able to call this place home. Several families of penguins and puffles have allready settled in. I'm currently working on some artificial lifeforms based off of some ancient writings I found. They tell of a strange, water-like creature that destroyed an entire civilization and supposedly lifted a whole Island out of the ocean. These will mostly be used to protect the Aircraft from intruders, and they'll be programmed to not attack any inhabitants so no one will have to worry.

June 6, 1875[edit]

It's been around three months and I haven't had much success with creating these artificial lifeforms. However I think there my still be some hope. Some of my fellow scientists have found some strange stones that date back to the same time of the writings that I found. They also give of some sort of energy, but I don't exactly know what it is yet. I'll continue to study them though as I believe they have some connection to this creature the writings spoke of. In other news the Aircraft is now home to nearly 100 citizens. I'm proud of this place that I now call home and I have a feeling it will last for years

March 7, 1878[edit]

It's been nearly 2 years since my last entry. I've been very busy lately and haven't had much time to write. Anyways, I'd like to say that my project is a success. Using some of the energy from the gems I've finally created the lifeforms. I call them Arificial Destruction as I've finally decoded the writings that I found years ago. They call the creature Destruction, and these stones seem to be called Destruction Gems. I still haven't figured out the conection between the creature and these gems yet, but I'm working on it. There's also even more people living on the Aircraft now. I only hope that the penguins down below don't start thinking that I'm creating a weapon of mass destruction as I'm not.

To be continued


  • Whoot despises this book because he says it glorifies the High Penguins to much.

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