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Harrington "Harry" Antics is the father of Explorer and Fred, widower to Fanny Antics, and current husband to Cherry. He is not quite prankster, not quite nerd, but a little combination of both and neither.

Harry Antics
Title Harry
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Anglers
Health Good
Level Good
Status Alive
Location Weddell
Birth date 1965, Sub-Antarctic
Occupation Angler
Interests Math, telling jokes, fishing, nature
Friends Dick, Tom, his family
Enemies None
Archetype Good


Harry was born to Explorer's grandparents in 1965 in the Sub-Antarctic Islands, and was the first non-Explorer for quite a while. His parents loved him very much, and treated him well. He had no siblings, and would make a friend of himself sometimes. He enjoyed doing math, although it would sometimes frustrate him, and he liked telling jokes, and pranks, even though he rarely pranked people. Harrington was popular at school but wasn't very social. He had one close friend named Cherry who was happy that he didn't actually prank people (most of the time). Cherry inspired him to take more math classes to challenge himself, and they often went on walks in nature. Cherry was very sympathetic towards animals and lived on a vegetarian diet, which was damaging her health. She soon had to go to the hospital, and Harry gave her lots of support. A doctor told him that if Cherry didn't eat fish soon, she would die. Harry went to a local fishing port and bought some fish to give to Cherry. Cherry decided that her life was more important than eating one less animal, so she went back to an omnivore diet, to Harry's relief.

The owner of the fishing port liked Harry and sent him a letter asking him if he'd be interested in a job. Harry decided that the money he would make would be useful for college, accepted the offer. He was good at math and helped the account with their earnings. Later, he would fix machines and catch fish. He met a slightly older boy working there named Dick Larking who he became close with, and they often worked together. But Cherry found this out and felt heartbroken that Harry would be working at an "inhumane place" and she broke up their friendship, to his chagrin. Harry went to a depression, and his grades at school dropped and he took a break from the fishing business. He missed Cherry and wondered how she could have just left him after he practically saved her life. However, Dick decided to cheer him up and told him that "Everything happens for a reason, even bad things. Any misfortune in your life could be a blessing in disguise. All you need to do is go on through life with faith in yourself, hope for the future and be determined to make things better." Harry listened to his advice and soon recovered and everything was normal for him again. The fishing crew welcomed him back, and he graduated High School with straight As.

When he went to college, Harry majored in engineering and minored in ichthyology. He met a cute Dork named Francine "Fanny" who also liked math very much. Like Cherry, she was encouraging Harry to excel in math, but she also didn't try to restrict his behaviour. Cherry was similar to Harry but was much more outgoing than him. She introduced him to many different people and they went to many different places, which Harry at first thought he wouldn't like, but usually did when he tried them. He thought that it would be a good idea to start dating Fanny, and she accepted when he asked her out. They got married after graduating from college, and moved into a house. Harry kept working at the port, and Fanny became a student teacher. However, the fishing company that Harry worked at went bankrupt, and Harry was laid off. Harry still had hope and told his wife the advice Dick told him. He met up with Dick, who told Harry that the fishing port has been overshadowed by one run by a fishing company by Von Injoface Enterprises. Dick also said that Abel von Injoface had bought the area where they used to work, and it had job offerings, which he knew since a friend of his named Tom worked there. Harry thanked Dick and went off to apply for a job, with the help of Dick's friend, Tom. The workers said that they didn't need any more fishermen, but would like someone to help design artificial mobile islands that they could use to travel the ocean to catch more fish. Harry agreed to help them, and was given a high pay. Meanwhile, Fanny started to teach math at a High School.

Harry and Fanny became wealthy after two months, and bought a mansion. The couple was very happy together, but felt like something was missing. Fanny suggested that they have children, but Harry wasn't sure that they were ready for the responsibility. Harry said that they should adopt a puffle to see how much they could handle. Harry went to a non-profit animal shelter to pick up a puffle, but found out that all of them have been adopted. All but one. Harry felt that he should come back when he had more choices to choose from, but when he was leaving he ran into someone familiar. He noticed that Cherry was working at the animal shelter. He didn't know whether to talk to her, but did so anyways. Cherry felt surprised that Harry was there, and told him that she was sorry for breaking up their friendship, and that it was a mistake. She admit to him that the reason was that she had a huge crush on him, but felt like they could never be together, so every moment she spent with him would be painful to stand. However, she told him that she matured since the past 6 years or so, and thought that they could be friends again. Harry accepted the offer, and told her that everyone makes mistakes. He also told her that he was married and was looking for a puffle to adopt, but would come back another time since there was only one to choose from at this instance. Cherry told that the reason nobody would adopt that puffle was because she was annoying, arrogant, and controlling. Cherry told Harry that it would mean a lot to her. As an indication that he accepted her apology, he went by her wishes and adopted the puffle.

The puffle's name was Mabel. Mabel von Injoface XIX.

For the next year, Harry and Fanny had to deal with the screaming monster Mabel is. She had a big ego, bossed them around, was stubborn, angry, and sadistic, and didn't really care about them. Cherry would visit and take care of Mabel so Harry and Fanny could take a break. After the year was over, Harry and Fanny agreed that if they could take on Mabel, they could take on chicks. They succeeded in having two beautiful baby boys in 1990, which they named Freddell Explorer 767 and Explorer Freddell 676. Harry was very proud that he became a father, and took care of his children as much as he could have. Later, he sent the news to Dick, who was also excited that Harry was a father, and visited him to see the kids.

Explorer grew up to be the wacky prankster, and Fred became the mathematician. Harry adopted several more puffles to keep them happy. The Antics were one big happy family… and Mabel. It would stay happy until the boy's final year of high school, where the economy took a plummet. Harry lost his job again, and they had to sell a lot of their stuff. They decided to visit Fanny's family in Dorkugal to relieve stress, but Fanny soon fell ill to the I Love U Flu Virus and without a job, Harry couldn't pay for a hospital for Fanny to go to. Tom and Dick knew of another port in Shiverpool they could work at, and encouraged Harry to go with them. Harry moved to Shiverpool with his family. Cherry who was concerned about his situation, came along also. Harry and Fanny worked as anglers with low pay. By the time they went to the hospital, Fanny's illness had turned fatal and the doctors couldn't do anything. Fanny died on the hospital bed, with her husband and sons.

Harry tried his best to comfort his sons and told them that they would need to go to college to have a future. They scholarships the boys earned wasn't enough to get them through a full year, so Harry borrowed a lot of money for them. He knew that he wouldn't be able to repay it anytime soon with his income, but wanted the best for his sons. Cherry also pitched in a lot of money, which Harry appreciated. Cherry decided to ask Harry for an alula in marriage. Harry felt like he loved Cherry and needed all the support he could get, so he accepted. Tom, Dick, Fred and Explorer came to the wedding, but Explorer wasn't too happy, even though they were in a better financial state since Cherry despised pranks, and supported Mabel. Explorer wanted to drop out of college since he didn't want to feel dependent on Cherry, and take Mabel away from her, so he worked at a coffee shop. Harry initially wanted Explorer to finish college, but realized that Explorer was his own man and was able to make his own decisions. Explorer started a band known as the Furry Flats with his puffles, and became a delegate for the South Pole Council. This raised enough money to end Harry's debt, and pulled him up again.

Harry is happily married to Cherry, even though she tends to be strict. He still misses Fanny but learned to put the past behind him.


Harry is a generally nice penguin. However, he doesn't like making friends, and only has a few, but the ones he has are very close to him. He enjoys telling jokes, but after he married Cherry, this has declined.


Harry has "modes" like his son explorer, although only 3, and far less crazy. They are:

  • Prankster Mode: Harry will become a full out prankster with a snarky attitude and strong will to pull practical jokes on people. Cherry has been trying to surpress this mode, and she has been successful.
  • Nerd Mode: Harry will become nerdy and want to do math equations. He'll be able to remember pi to the 50th digit in this mode.
  • Bland Mode: In this one, Harry will have the personality of soggy toast. He'll lose interest in everything and won't care what he does or others tell him to do.


  • He still writes to Tom and Dick. His relationship with them is a pun on the slang "every Tom, Dick, and Harry"

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