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Country USA
Area HF State
Monuments Great Hashtag
Headquarters City council
Neighbourhoods Hashtag, Status, Enderby, ShamWow
Mayor Mark Fenton
Population Approximately 13,376,900
Inhabited species Penguins, puffles, etc.
General information
Native name Hashville
Demonym Euphorian
Founded 2001
– Founder Colonies of the South
Time zone HST (Happyface Standard Time)
Summer time HCT (Happyface Counter Time)
Area codes 780

Hashville is a metropolis in the Happyface State. It is considered the technological capital of the United States of Antarctica, along with being a major technological hot spot of the continent, with rivals including Dorkugal, Circuit Valley, and Snow Jose.


The major metropolis was founded in 2001, by colonists. They decided they wanted to be isolated from society, so they built the town inland. However, during the period in which the HF State became a USA state, many penguins moved into the town. Hashville became a popular spot for innovators and entrepreneurs to settle, as they thought the city would become a hot spot.

In the winter of 2011, Peach Inc. and Penguin OS established headquarters in Hashville, helping the city become even more of a tech hot spot.



Hashville is known for its unusually rough landscape, as well as its many mountains and hills. For some strange reason, Hashville's snow layer is unusually grey. This gained it the nickname, "The Grey Metro".

To the east of the city, is Lake Topo, named after one of the founding fathers of the city. The denizens rely on the lake for food and water.


Hashville garners about 130 days of sunshine a year.

Hashville's winter is mild, with only a couple of blizzards, and a low amount of snow storms. The average temperature of Hashville is 13 Fahrenheit. The city receives about 50 inches of snowfall each year.

However, in the winter of 2005, the city was at the mercy of a rampaging snow storm, which lasted for 2 months. 3 buildings collapsed, and 2 igloos were buried in snow.


Hashville is a technologically adept city, and is one of the most high-tech cities in Antarctica.


About 75% of the buildings modern skyscrapers. The tallest building in Hashville is the Snowtendo HQ, which is exactly 900 feet. In the Hashtag district, the houses are deluxe igloos, some having an area of 100 ft.

The city hall was built by a Pengolian architect, and it has a Pengolian styled structure.


The metropolis' main landmark is the Great Hashtag. Made of pure gold, the Hashtag is surrounded by a prototype hologram, which allows viewers to produce a history of the city in the sky. In the middle of the statue is the first computer chip built in Hashville.

Along with the Great Hashtag, a memorial to the great Billybob is built in front of city hall. It is created by a indestructible new element created in Hashville, named Josearnium. Billybob is depicted as a friendly penguin, giving a baby penguin a lollipop.


Even though Hashville is a technological hot spot, they are an extremely social city. The city is one of the most patriotic in the HF State, as it has over 800 flags in the city.

Hashville is home to over 70 large businesses, including Peach and Snowtendo, while other companies like Abulb have offices in the city as well. The city is extremely technological, and they literally hand out free computers and phones to tourists and civilians alike.

Hashville is a surprising hot spot for comedy. It is home to 7 comedy clubs, and is the hometown of 3 award winning improvisers.


Hashville is very active in Antarctic Sports, with a team in almost every Tier 1 league. They are absent from the basketball scene.

Hashville's most successful team are the Hashville Hashtags, a team in the association football league Antarctic Premier League. They have won the title 4 times, tied with the South Pole City Politicians.

They also have a team in the Major Hockey League, called the Hashville Greys, which is derived from their unusual grey snow. They have won the championship twice.

They are represented by the Hashville Jesters in the American football league, Premier Football League. They have yet to win a title, and have only reached the final 2 times.

Hashville has a fierce rivalry with the Dorkugese Dorks in the league Intense Hacking League, where teams of 5 compete to finish the coding first. The Hashville team is named Hashville Ubers.

They also have a baseball team called also Hashville Sluggers. They have won 1 title.

Notable Buildings[edit]

  • Hashville University - the prestigious university based in Hashville.
  • Euphoria Stadium - stadium built for association football. Also used for american football, and occasionally for music concerts.
  • Uber Central - The home stadium for the Hashville Ubers. It was built by multiple computer engineers, and is controlled by AI.

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