Hashville Hashtags FC

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Hashville Hashtags FC
Full name Hashville Hashtags FC
Nicknames Hashtags, Hashers
Founded 2000
Ground Euphoria Stadium
Manager Alex Arias
League Antarctic Premier League

Hashville Hashtags FC, or simply the Hashville Hashtags, is a football club that plays in the Antarctic Premier League. They are regarded as one of the best clubs in the penguin world.

They are home to the legendary football player, Preston Greaves, a player from the USA, who has scored over 200 times in his five years of playing football.


The Hashtags were founded in 2000, one year after the APL was founded. The first manager, Mike Salmon, assembled the team by recruiting the best players from soccer academies in the HF State. In the first year of their professional playing, the Hashtags reached the quarterfinals, and were eliminated by Shiverpool FC in an intense match where 2 red cards were given to each team. Since then, they have remained fierce rivals.

They won their first title in 2002, after battling the South Pole City Politicians. They were down by 3 goals, but during extra-time, they miraculously scored 3 goals and tied it. They eventually scored a goal in the last minute of overtime.

In late-2003, Slidur de Corovou had been signed at age 26 and had scored 35 goals during his first season. He was the top scorer in the league until Preston Greaves had surpassed him. He switched positions from midfielder to foward along with Greaves in 2006. Slidur had then played his last game against the South Pole City Politicians in 2009, then said farewell to the football world during the end. He had returned in late-2013 as the next forward.

In the 2004-2005 season, they signed the young player from the USA, Preston Greaves, who went on to become the league's top scorer. Along with the signing of the Freezelandian star Desmond Kilkenny and the Terrian youngster Ryan Junior, Greaves led the team to win the league.

In 2007, they participated in the annual South Pole Cup, where teams from the APL, Liga de Futbol, and the Archipelago Football League compete to see who is the best team in Antarctica. They went on to the semi-finals, but were eliminated by FC Varcelono.

In 2008, Mike Salmon resigned from his post as manager of Hashville, and went on to help Yow establish their own football league. To this day, Yow's football league has been ridiculed, however, it has started to become more skilled, and a formidable force against the lower teams in the APL. He was replaced by Alex Arias, the former assistant coach to Newton United.

In 2010, Hashville signed USA youngtser Jason Giddens, aged 15, from Shiverpool's youth team. He received a lot of positive feedback, and many fans touted him as the next Preston Greaves.

Hashville won the Antarctic Premier League in 2002, 2005, 2008, and 2009.


In 2005, after Hashville won their second title, their Board decided to open a youth academy to enlist young players to play for them when they are older. The academy's curriculum is built around developing the youth's dribbling skills. The head coach of the academy is Christopher Book, former captain of Hashville.

The senior team has only professionally signed two players from their youth academy, both of whom have made no significant impact on the club. However, East Bank FC signed Freddie Shea, who became an important first team player.

In 2008, the academy was refurbished and bought multiple players from other youth academies.


No. Position Player Nation
1 Goalkeeper Jason West USA
3 Defender Keith Torres Castilla
7 Midfielder Desmond Kilkenny Freezeland
8 Forward Jason Giddens USA
10 Forward Preston Greaves USA
11 Defender Ryan Junior UnitedTerra
12 Goalkeeper Mattia Monaldo Liguria
14 Midfielder Helmer Jonasson Snowzerland
15 Defender James Gil USA
16 Forward Slidur de Corovou Frankterre
17 Defender Agatino Cocci Liguria
20 Midfielder Charles Ward USA
21 Midfielder Lorcan Flanagan Freezeland
23 Defender Luke Cooper USA
26 Forward Charles Edwards Yow
27 Midfielder Pedro Alfonso Diaz Castilla
31 Midfielder Travis Coyle USA
32 Defender Franklin Callas Liguria
33 Midfielder Alucio Cruz Reyna Lisboagal
35 Goalkeeper Thomas Long USA
36 Defender Luis Henrique Beru
38 Midfielder Terry Jared Batavia
76 Midfielder John McDonnell Freezeland

Team Crest and Colors[edit]

When the team started, their crest was just a blue shield. In 2006, after the Great Hashtag was built, they placed a Hashtag inside the shield, and the words Never Say Die, in honor of the legendary APL final where they came back from three goals and went on to win their first title.

Their team colors are sky blue and white.


In 2001, Hashville built their official stadium, Euphoria Stadium, which seats over 100,000 penguins.

In 2008, the stadium was revamped, which added a convertible roof, environment-friendly lights, and added 10,000 more seats. The seats were upgraded to recline and include cup-holders and convertible tables. They also added a luxury area in the stadium, where people can pay additional money to have private rooms with a couch, a kitchen, and a TV with multiple angles of the field. These private rooms also have a viewing room, where you can watch the game from the best seat in the house. This is where the commentators broadcast the games.

Along with the above features, the stadium got heated turf, which kept the turf dry. The stadium also got a "Hall of History", showing the team's history and their best eleven.

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