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Hat Pop
Hat Pop when she is Sensei (2029-2039)
Title Lady Hat Pop, or Hat for short
Gender Female
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction CPW and Ninjas
Health Excellent
Status Playing with her puffle, Lemon
Location Club Penguin Island
Birth date March 20, 1995 (1995-03-20) (age 24)

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Hat Pop (Ninja 兔子与粉红色的耳朵) is an Emperor Penguin living on Club Penguin Island. So far, it is thought that she has a relative, but she is definitely well known for her signature pink bunny ears, and for being an all around good sport. She gained fame with the band Awesomesauce. She is one of Antarctica's greatest artists, being hired by many penguins and governments for her artistic skill. One example of this is her long standing history of making official portraits for her friends on Shops Island.

Hat Pop (CPW Statistics)
Webmaster of the Club Penguin Wiki
Reign July 3rd, 2009 - October 2009
Coronation Friday, July 3, 2009
Full name Hat Pop; last name unknown
Titles The Pink-eared, ninja masked, rabbit.
Born March 20th, 1995.
Birthplace United States of Antarctica
Predecessor TurtleShroom
Successor Lord Tigernose
Consort None
Offspring None
Dynasty The Robbsi Elite
Royal anthem Puffle Ragtime
Royal motto Bunny Ears Rule!
Hat Pop and Gknee19.


Hat Pop's normal outfit.

Hatched to unknown parents in the 1990's, Hat Pop (and her twin sister Gknee19) lived in a peaceful city on the Antartic continent, until about the human equivalent of one, and at that point, moved to her current residence in South Pole City.

Ever since young chickhood and the hatching of her brother in 1997, HP led a semi-secluded life, often being unexposed to the evils of the world around (such as swear words or bad television programming). It was around the human equivalent age of three that she developed a love of bunny ears, an item she wears to this current day. Her youngest brother, Chillie102, was hatched in 1999, and the family was completed.

HP became unusually shy during this time (supposedly because of the secluded childhood), and though passed at grade school with flying colors, lacked friends and was sometimes picked on by peers for being odd. This pretty much continued throughout grade school, and somehow she gained "friends" along the way. Fifth grade was HP's favorite time, as she was actually well-respected and made a lifelong friend, Yorkay Porkay. 6th grade, on the other hand, was a year (though HP was respected by most and, once again, passed academically) that she recieved a horrifying hate-mail message from an unknown source; this scarred HP, causing her to look down on that year; and wish to never return.

Ever since joining the Weekee at the age of thirteen, Hat Pop's buddy list has been filled to the limits; people treated her fairly, handed her snowflakes, and finally she gained their respects and they gained hers. The shyness trait, however, still lingers, and it is often a weakness in decision-making or friend-making. After advice from an old friend, Hat Pop's confidence boosted and she began showing her loyalty to the retired dictator, pledging to do what he wished; and although people have tried to turn against her, she remains firm with TSP's words, to quote: "Do not let the hate-mail get to you, do not fear attackers." (She still tends to worry about the consequences, though.)

Weekee Life and Background[edit]

Originally, Hat Pop read about the Weekee in late October of 2008, on a flyer posted throughout her subtle neighborhood. Thrilled, HP set off, hoping to add some new friends to her buddy list. It was in early November that she set up her "Usapajer", and thus, this started a brand new world for HP.

With a discovered love of Club Penguin's new game, Card-Jitsu, Hat Pop noobishly begged many of the Weekee's veterans to play a round or two, claiming she could PWN anyone with her ninja status. Ironically, for a newbie, she DID. It was then that she knew she had finally found a place of belonging.

A month or so later, Snowman 1001 signed up for the Weekee, and HP greeted him with a warming welcome. The two agreed to meet up in the neighborhood after daily Weekee businesses, and Hat Pop and Snowman marveled in a pristine and lifelong friendship. A few days afterwards, HP attained rollback status from an older user named Sk8rbluscat, and for once, she felt loved, and took interest in the CPW even more.

The New Year![edit]

The new year brought in flocks of penguins from all over the continent, and productivity and editing soared swiftly. Hat Pop, by then, attended several parties and made friends "out the wazoo". However, Walri began to raid the place, and mini-earthquakes cracked and rumbled everywhere. Snowman, meanwhile, had risen to high ranks in the Weekee, growing to bureaucracy by March 2009.

It was in April 2009 that HP decided to apply for administratorship, after working for days straight at nothing but "Mainspase Editz". She passed the qualification test with flying colors, and it was Snowman who handed her the official uniform. This made many users feel secret jealousy, unfortunately, and this saddened the Ninja Rabbit. After tinkering around with the functions, Hat Pop mastered the power quite quickly. This would come in to play later, in May 2009, when Walri attacks worsened.

Bureaucracy, anyone?[edit]

On May 18, the nefarious Walrus McManager staged a horrible attack on the Weekee, leaving users in panic and dismay. When the pinniped, under MM's name, mocked and threatened Snowman 1001, HP took defense action immediately, countering the Walri's every move; and with assistance from the mighty Uberfuzzy, took down the Walrus and his cronies. TSP, out of courage, thankfully awarded HP with bureaucracy of her own. Users of all kinds roared with excitement, and gave Hat Pop more respect than ever imaginable.

Icing on the cake[edit]

The Weekee, after the damage, suffered throughout the month of June. Vandals attacked freely, Ben annoyingly campaigned, and productivity on "Usapajers" and "SubbPajers" increased dramatically. The creation of new bureaucracy outfits were closed down by the Uberfuzzies, and this seemed to make matters worse. Many attempted reforms on things like "form of government" and "Main Page redesign" blew through, failing.

Just as if things couldn't get worse, "Dictator" TSP gave up his power because of the gloomy and corrupt behavior by Ben. On behalf of his choice, he split his power among HP and Wompus78, but as users petitioned, he bestowed the power on Snowman 1001 instead. This gave Hat Pop both a shock and a thrill; it had actually been a faded dream of hers to lead the Weekee somehow, but not in a way so emotional. She envisioned the thought of ruling with her best friend, and thought things would be okay after all.

Later career[edit]

Hat Pop helped to lead the weekee for many years after her rise to power. In 2014, she and Snowman founded Hat Pop n' Snowman Productions (Also known as HP n' Snow Productions), a filming company for movies, skits, etc. They also post videos and cartoons to their PengTube channel.

In her later years, she took a less active role on the Weekee, becoming more of a mentor and adviser to the newer generation. She began to vacation more, and could often be found with Snowman, Lemon and Icey on Club Penguin. However, it could also be said that her time on CP was just research for the weekee. After many years of faithful service, she retired from her position in late 2017. Though the news saddened many on the weekee, they made sure to throw her celebrations the size of which the weekee had never seen before- parties, parades, loads of gifts and goodbye wishes. Despite her retirement from the weekee bureaucracy, she still visits her UsaPajer and the weekee's Eye Are See channel often to talk to and help the current generation.


In 2029, Hat Pop became the first ever (known) female Sensei in Ninja history after the unfortunate death of Ninjahopper. She will be known as one of the wisest and kindest Senseis of all time. She will choose to "retire" after 10 years as the Sensei so another skilled ninja can have a chance to be the Sensei of Ninjas. Instead of choosing a successor like Senseis before her, she instead left the choice to her Ninjas by setting up a vote. The friendly Spider880 was chosen by the community, and became the new Sensei.

After Spider was killed by Emperor Pengvintine, she fled into hiding, knowing not only that she couldn't stop him, but also that he wouldn't "reign" for long. She was a major figure in the rebellion against Pengvintine to overthrow him and reclaim the position of Sensei during the Great Ninja Schism. She helped to unify the resistance behind a leader, Fuut-Ga Hochstadt, who she supported to be the next Sensei.

Normal Appearance[edit]

Hat Pop's color is always Yellow, and she is always seen in her trademark pink or green bunny ears (always pink after 2011), and usually in her purple sweatjacket. It actually scares many people when Hat Pop takes the rabbit ears off. Some folks think they are permanent. Over time, she's actually began given a warning before truly removing the headgear. Though against CP doctrine, Hat Pop wears other hats and such on top of the rabbit ears to avoid scaring others. Penguins can not recognize her without her ears, and she refuses to take them off, even per request.


Hat Pop and Snowman 1001.


  • She works as a server in both the Pizza Parlor and Coffee Shop, and even fell asleep on the job once or twice.
  • She is the superhero known as The Energizer Bunny.
  • Hat Pop is the leader of a group on Club Penguin called The Bunnies Of Club Penguin.
  • She plays in the band Awesomesauce.
  • She helps the AMMPA spy on Mwa Mwa Penguins in the Pet Shop.
  • Hat Pop works in the Bureau of Fiction, as an administrator.
  • She is also a well known artist, having made many masterpieces.


  • "Aw, Snickerdoodles!"
  • "Hello!"
  • "Hat Pop looks strange without bunny ears." -TurtleShroom
  • "Lol-io!" -Sharkbate
  • "RAWR!" -Yorkay Porkay

Hat Pop: Hello, Lemon.
Lemon: Hi, master Hat.
Hat Pop (confused): Wait...you can talk?
Lemon (smirks): Yeah..of course I can, you birdbrain!
Hat Pop (slightly annoyed): BIRDBRAIN?!?! Well, yes, I am a bird, but I am very intelligent! (smiles proudly)
Lemon (while backing away): Uhhhh...oooooookkkkkkaaaaaayyyyy?

Hat Pop: Hello.
Lemon: Hi, master Hat. (Grins mischeviously)
Hat Pop (slightly frightened): L-L-Lemon...w-w-why are you s-s-starting at m-m-me like t-t-that?!
Lemon (smirks): Do you know what my full name is?
Hat Pop: Sure I do..you're the first Lemon.
Lemon (grinning more evilly): No...
Hat Pop: Uh oh... I have a bad feeling about this.
Lemon (shows piece of paper): Check it out!
Lemon (turning to audience): Whoa...I was so not expecting that.


  • Her best friends list is extremely long and infinite.
  • Refuses to ever take off her bunny ears, even if you beg.
  • Has a mischievous yellow puffle named Lemon, who likes to dig holes and be a prankster.
  • It actually scares many people when Hat Pop takes the rabbit ears off. Some folks think they are permanent. Over time, she's actually began given a warning before truly removing the headgear. Though against CP doctrine, Hat Pop wears other hats and such on top of the rabbit ears to avoid scaring others.
  • Hat Pop has a new nickname known as "HP". What it stands for; it's pretty obvious.
  • Kur Rising stole her bunny ears once. HP then proceeded to chase him all over CP Island.
  • Snowman 1001 and Hat Pop enjoy playing Dance Contest; in what they call a "Dance Contest Showdown". Normally, Hat Pop is the one that wins, although Snowman is known to win at the last minute.
  • Hat Pop was once a victim of the MusicaBrain 3000.
  • She uses Emalfs. Her favourite one being "Aww, Snickerdoodles".
  • Though being "socially awkward" for most of her life, HP's academical talents are like nothing you've ever seen.
  • She is one of the only female Senseis in the history of Card-Jitsu.
  • She was the second-in-command webmaster in the "other dimension", and still serves on the administrative team as of January 2015.
  • She is given the honourary title of Countess in Magonia by Emperor Slender.


  • Editing at the CPW.
  • Dancing like a nut at the Night Club.
  • Playing Card-Jitsu
  • Drawing & making art
  • Wearing Bunny Hats


Hat Pop has occasional modes, each one varied and different. There have only been three discovered so far.

  • Ninja Mode (Ninja Speak) - She speaks identical to Sensei, speaking with terms and words in a peaceful manner. Example: So, Ninja Snowman, are you ready to dance in the battle of the century? (Dance Contest Showdown). She also likes to don her ninja suit.
    • This suit received a sort of "upgrade" in 2029 when Hat became the Sensei of Ninjas. She speaks the same, but her outfit was changed to her Sensei outfit, and the "mode" name was changed to "Sensei Mode" as such.
  • KRAYZIE Mode (KRAYZIE SPEEK) - Similar to Explorer's Phreaker Mode, HP talks all "crazy-like", often with slang, synonyms, and purposely misspelled words. Example: I IZ KRAYZIE, HOWZ ABOUT YEW, KRAYZIE FISHIE?!.
  • If you're wondering why she only does this to Snowman, it's because the two use it frequently as a form of communication (and entertainment!) in a place the Clubb Phengin Weekee calls the EYE ARE SEE.
  • Artist Mode - When she's in this mode she can't stop creating masterpieces of art, whether it's paintings, drawings, watercolors, sketches, etc.


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