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Not your average teddy bear.
Type Stuffed Animal?
Effects Psionic abilities to the wielder
Source Unknown
Location In the flippers of a deranged, Kim Karkrashian-worshiping Mwa Mwa hypnotist.

Havoc, as named by the owner of the bear, Eloise, is a mysterious stuffed animal with unknown origins. The bear was given to her by Kaitlin and Kolette Karkrashian around the time of her adoption by the ever-famous Kim Karkrashian. It's origins are unknown as it hasn't been studied, but it is known that the bear poses psionic abilities that are also applied to the wielder.

Maybe that's how she gets everything she wants.


Eloise, who probably isn't the greatest owner for such a powerful item, mostly exploits the toy for her own personal uses. She uses it to make Pal do silly and embarrassing stuff he normally wouldn't do. She also uses it on missions from Kim to mind-control TV stars into promoting her on live TV, and to tranquilize foes in battle. Sometimes if she focuses hard enough, she can dig into the minds of certain penguins who's minds aren't sharp enough to block her out.

Common Side Effects[edit]

The toy occasionally drains energy from the user after so many uses at one time, specifically since the most probable theory of the toy's origin is that it is possessed by a life draining spirit or wraith, but that could just be due to it using so much mental energy. The wielder may often to rarely experience mood swings, abuse of power, beserker mood swings, schizophrenia, fluctuation of voice, hissing, resorting to Mwa Mwaism, a craving for fruity-almond fig bars, pyromania, and a fear of Puffles.


A few theories have been made of how this unimaginably ingenious item came to be.

  • The most believed theory is that a normal stuffed bear was possessed by a life draining, psionic spirit.
  • Others believe the toy has been in contact with a strong substance that gave it these powers.
  • Some think the Karkrashians made it.
  • Another theory is that the toy itself is alive.

Nevertheless, the origins of the stuffed bear are still being disputed.


Havoc is a very powerful item. Of course, great power comes with great responsibility. Certain penguins harness certain abilities when using the stuffed toy. Sometimes, penguins don't even get abilities when. It all depends on who the wielder is.

Common Abilities[edit]

  • Psychokinesis or telekinesis- The ability to move and manipulate items with your mind.
  • Telepathy- The ability to communicate with others through your mind.

Uncommon Abilities[edit]

  • Psychometry or psychoscopy- The ability to find out information on a penguin by simply touching them or concentrating on them.
  • Precognition- The ability to see into the future of a situation or penguin.

Rare Abilities[edit]

  • Levitation- The ability to cause someone or yourself to float or to fly.
  • Pyrokinesis- The ability to control fire with your mind.
  • Hydrokinesis- The ability to control water with your mind.
  • Retrocognition- The ability to see into the past of a situation or penguin.

Legendary Abilities[edit]

  • Bilocation- The ability to be in multiple places at the same time.
  • Apportation- The ability to make an item or person materialize, disappear or teleport with your mind.
  • Healing- The ability to heal wounds with your mind.
Exclusive Abilities[edit]
  • Mental Tranquilization- Eloise is the only penguin with this power, as she can make penguins or herself fall asleep with her mind.

Things to be Wary of[edit]

As you all probably know, certain powers are allocated to certain penguins and sometimes even none at all. There are some penguins we both know would be far too dangerous equipped with Havoc than others, such as the evil Kim Karkrashian and even Eloise herself. Even though this toy is already in the wrong flippers, it would be foolish to let it get in the wrong flippers again. Before you use Havoc, think about who you are and what may happen to you.


  • Havoc has been thought to have been used by Kait and Kole, as they were the previous owner's of the bear.

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