Hedgewall Castle

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Hedgewall Castle
The ruins of Hedgewall today.
Key details
Type Fortified Township
Level -50
Location Culldrome Isles
Inhabitants Penguins

Hedgewall Castle, usually called Hedgewall, was a former castle located on the mainland Culldrome Isles. The castle is located north of Collwall Mountain range, on the foot of the very tall and snowy mountains to the south. Despite only existing for only a few years, it is considered to be the precursor of Bluetower Castle. Hedgewall Castle was destroyed in 1856, after the Culldrome Isles were placed under ninja occupation.


Hedgewall Castle was constructed in 1857, just three years after the Culldrome Isles were settled upon. The castle was primarily built to act as a place of peace and quiet, away from the busy colonial life of Culldrome City. Founded by a small group of penguins, Hedgewall was located on the flat lands of the base of the Collwall Mountain range, near a small river. Although the cold snowy climate of the area would normally not allow crops to grow, the nearby river allowed enough crops to grow to sustain the castle.

The castle remained very peaceful for the few years of its existence. Its isolation from the rest of the world assured the castle of its peace. However this peace wouldn't last forever. In 1860, the ninjas living in the nearby Skulldrome Isles invaded the colony of Culldrome. Within the span of a few years, the ninjas had taken over Culldrome and its capital. The penguins of Hedgewall, isolated from everything, did not learn of any of the attacks. Eventually, they were ambushed by the ninjas in a surprise attack in 1866. The ninjas spread out, like a plague, and destroyed and looted. The inhabitants fled for their lives into the wilderness. They were eventually captured by the ninjas and the castle completely destroyed.

Today, the ruins of Hedgewall Castle still exist, untouched for over a hundred years. The snow and occasional avalanches have covered up most of the ruins, however, some parts are still visible. The ruins have now become a popular tourist attraction and is visited by many.

A painting of Hedgewall Castle, created in 1858.


The castle was home to a few dozen inhabitants, mostly penguins. They were lead by Abbottess Gerome, who founded and lead the castle during its short lifetime. During the castle's lifetime, though, the castle was known to few and was isolated. This meant that not many stumbled upon it, and Hedgewall remained a quiet and peaceful place.


Main Castle[edit]

  • Basement Floor 2
    • Storage
    • Cellars
  • Basement Floor 1
    • Storage
    • Cellars
  • Ground Floor
    • Great Hall - Used for dining and meeting purposes
    • Kitchens
    • Food Storage
  • First Floor
    • Infirmary
    • Storage
  • Second Floor
    • Dormitories
  • Third Floor
    • Library
    • Abbottess' Living Quarters
    • Guest Rooms
  • Fourth Floor
    • Attic
    • Storage

Castle Grounds[edit]

  • Main Water Well
  • Farms


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