Heimlich Zimmer

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Heimlich Zimmer
Heimlich Zimmer.JPG
Hemlich at his ID tag photo shoot.
Title The Yow King's Second Royal Advisor Heimlich Zimmer the Great
Gender Male
Race Viking Penguin
Health Dead.
Level High.
Location Golden City, Yow Kindgom
Birth date Munchen, Alemania
Occupation Royal Advisor
Interests Power, Power, Power, and Politics
Friends King Alexander, Feey1,
Enemies He has some but he will not reveal who they are.
Archetype Good Guy?

Heimlich Zimmer was the Royal Advisor of King Alexander, and his successor, King Feey1, of the Yow Kingdom. Of humble beginnings, Heimlich climbed his way to power into his last position.....the true power of Yow Kingdom. Despite what most think, Heimlich was very influential to King Alexander through Heimlich's amazing, thought through ideas. King Alexander, who used to be a fisherman, depended on Heimlich for financial and political decisions. Little did King Alexander, nor his successor Feey1, know that Heimlich wished to betray them one day. They had no suspicion of this, which allowed him to continue his grasp of power until he was deposed and executed during The Great Yowien War.


Heimlich Zimmer was born in Alemania in the city of München. Zimmer loved politics and got involved in it at an early age. Zimmer eventually learned more politics in School and College, and became well learned. In the year 2000, he immigrated to Snowzerland to start a new life, hoping to gain some power. To his disappointment, Heimlich did not gain any power or land, and became penniless in the streets of Zurich. However, in 2001, when Swiss Ninja was not as egotistical and evil yet, Swiss Ninja welcomed into his home, and decided that he should be working elsewhere. Swiss Ninja recommended him to go to Yow Kingdom, knowing that King Alexander could use some help. Prior to Heimlich arriving in Yow, the Advisor of King Alexander was Pies Tontos, a penguin from Castilla who helped King Alexander build his country. However, it appeared that Pies Tontos was mysteriously poisoned and killed, and King Alexander hired Heimlich Zimmer as his advisor. Back then, Yow and Snowzerland did not have bad relations, so Alexander was not worried about his new advisor. In fact, Heimlich was very loyal to the king and helped him with Yow some more. As time went on, Alexander got lazier, and more and more responsibilities went on to the eager Heimlich. Heimlich continued to "advise" Alexander and later Feey1.


Heimlich advised King Alexander a lot. Some speculated he may have been using the king as a puppet.

Peace Assist In Barbearic Crab War[edit]

During the Barbearic Crab War, Heimlich was asked to go to Topia with King Alexander as part of peace meeting. He had trouble keeping his evil side a secret, at such a great opportunity. He kept it secret, but in 2013 lost control of it during Crab War 1.

The Great Yowien War and Death[edit]

Heimlich was captured along with Feey1 during the war. He spent his final weeks at Pen Chi Island's prison in solitude, often begging the Snoss soldiers to let him go. Despite his loyalty to Snowzerland, he was still labeled a traitor and was later taken with the Feey and Kaylin cyborgs to Snowzerland, where he was publicly hanged. His body was cremated and his ashes were dumped into the Zurich Bay.




  • Heimlich was the one to suggest to Alexander that Feey1 should be the successor to the throne.
  • King Alexander thought Heimlich was one of the most hard working penguins he had ever known.
  • During Club Penguin's 2009 Color Vote he stole the maroon color and has been wearing it ever since.
  • Heimlich was fluent in German, French, Italian, and English, however, his English had a moderate German accent.

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