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A good wiki needs good admins. Here is a list of the current admins of the wiki. Inactive admins will be demoted.

Our Administrators

  • Fully Active - These are the best users to contact when you need an administrator. They log on and edit on a regular basis.
  • Partially Active - These users log on from time to time, usually once every few days. These users are good to contact, but not for emergencies. These users may be active on IRC, but not fully active here. You may wish to visit our IRC channel to see them and the rest of the Active Admins.
  • Inactive - Do not contact these users. They do not log on at all. They will be demoted soon. Whether or not they will keep their rights is currently being discussed (usually on our IRC channel).
  • Away - These users are currently away. (e.g. on vacation), and their temporary inactivity has been excused.

Note: Some admins use different names on IRC, which are not their wiki usernames.

Administrator name Signature prototype Promotion date IRC nick(s) Time zone Bureaucrat? Status
USFlag.png CK (talk | contribs | deleted contribs | blocks | email) Spooky Scary CK 8 October 2014 CK, Penquino GMT -5 (Eastern/EST) Yes Fully Active
United States EDFan12345 (talk | contribs | deleted contribs | blocks | email) --User:EDFan12345💀🎺♪♪ 16 August 2016 EDFan, EDFan12345, ^^, Bepis GMT -5 (Eastern) No Fully Active
Bandera de Britain.png Ninjinian (talk | contribs | deleted contribs | blocks | email) Ninj Xmas Sig.PNG ¤ (User page!) (Talk page.) 17 July 2015 NJN GMT +0 (UTC) No Partially Active
United States Wonderweez (talk | contribs | deleted contribs | blocks | email) Wonderweez (Talk · Contribs) 13 November 2013 Wonderweez, can_u_not, Dr_Doge GMT -5 (Eastern) No Partially Active


CK is an active admin on the CPFW. He lives in the US, under Eastern Standard Time (three hours later than PST). Although not extremely skilled in one subject, such as making images or writing stories, CK has an even amount of skill for every subject, most notably article restoration and expansion. He's a good person to go to if you have any questions about the CPFW or its rules, or if you just need advice. He's also pretty good with general Wikicode (such as making templates or signatures), so be sure to ask him if you need any help in that department.

CK's Signature:

Spooky Scary CK


EDFan12345 is one of the oldest active members of the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, having joined in Fall 2009. He is an avid country and firearms enthusiast, and is a good user to ask any questions about those subjects. While not as artistically inclined as some other users, he often takes requests for flags and military-related pixel art. If not actively editing the wiki, he can usually be reached most of the day EST on the IRC channel.

EDFan12345's signature:


Ninjinian (Ninj)

Ninjinian is a veteran, active user and administrator. Known for his constant nostalgia, he is one of the oldest remaining users still editing, joining in late 2008. He typically edits during the afternoon to evening (GMT) and prefers to be contacted via his talk page rather than through IRC. He resides in the UK and is highly experienced in country and musical-related articles and template/Infobox work. If you need any help relating to these fields, he's your guy, but is very flexible towards any sort of help. Ninjinian sways away from arguments and war stories yet knows all about the Fanon Wiki and its history, but never seems to be able to finish an article.

Ninjinian's Signature:

Ninj Xmas Sig.PNG ¤ (User page!) (Talk page.)


Wonderweez is the tech guru of the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. He usually is more active on IRC than wiki editing wise, but he checks the RC everyday in the watch for vandals or people in need. He's usually one of the more fair of the admins and can help a case be resolved quickly and easily when needed. If you're in need of a download, but unsure if it's safe, he has a customized security system to see if an application is safe for regular OS use. He edits around the morning EST and the evening to midnight EST. He can be accessed however, on Skype if you choose to add him.

Wonderweez's Signature:

-Wonderweez (Talk · Contribs)