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Henry Gadget
Henry himself
Full Name Henry Gadget
Status Alive
Born Henry Gadget
June 22, 2000 (2000-06-22) (age 19)
Club Penguin
Species Penguin
Race Blue penguin
Gender Male
Height 33cm
Weight 1.5 Kg
Residence Henryville
Citizenship Antarctican
Ethnicity Antarctic
Nationality Antarctic
Occupation CEO of Henry Incorporated, EPF agent
Employer Henry Incorporated, EPF
Salary However much EPF agents are paid+the income he gets from Henry Inc.
Education TBD
Alma Mater Beacon University

Henry (AKA H) is a smart penguin who lives in Club Penguin, he is very rich. He invents things for the USA and other countries. He runs a company called Henry Inc. and is part of the EPF and a snow ninja. He is also G's nephew.


Henry hatched in Club Penguin in the year 2000. He lived a happy childhood even though he did hack into his school's mainframe computer. In 2004 Henry started a good company. Henry attended Beacon University and studied science and business. While he was at university Henry started writing computer software. He hired Rory to build a factory to mass produce cereal cheaply so all the good citizens of Club Penguin don't need to spend a fortune on their breakfast. Not too long after that he discovered that he liked programming and branched out his company to create software. His first entry was a game called "Henry's Adventure". Henry Inc. began to start rivalling Snowtendo and Micro Hard and Soft. After graduating and several business expansions, Henry bought a mansion in the mountains of Club Penguin. More penguins began to move into the area so a suburb called "Henryville" was born. Afterwards, Henry decided to help Antarctica, so he joined the EPF and was placed in the Weaponry Development Division. He later trained to become a ninja and got up to snow.


Sometime in the future Henry will be made to lead an anti EBUL revolution in Henryville. Henry will fund the revolution and start the slow decline of EBUL. After EBUL collapses Henry will resume his old job at Henry Inc.. About a year later, a controversy will start over whether Henry Inc. is too big and should be broken up. No conflict will arise however there will be many arguments in the EPF where Henry works. In 2050 Henry Incorporated will be broken into several different companies however Henry will still gain money from them as he will have shares in the companies.


(Main article:Henry Inc.)

Henry Inc. is a large company in Club Penguin. They make a large amount of products. They are becoming a threat to EBUL. All non-members hope that Henry Inc. will someday lead to the collapse of EBUL. Henryville says that it is independent from EBUL and that they don't exist there, this annoys them. Henry is also a member of the EPF as an intelligence agent and a snow ninja. He is one of Club Penguin's most notable residents and funds many non-EBUL things in Club Penguin. His suburb at the top of the tallest mountain is one of the Club Penguin's richest suburbs and has an igloo income higher than most EBUL occupied areas. Henry has also struck a deal with the South Pole Council allowing them to borrow money from him in case they go bankrupt, in return, the South Pole Council promotes his company.


Henry, with his enormous wealth, believes that he should give something back to the world. His company is one of the original sponsors of Club Penguin University and his charity, The Gadget Foundation, has been doing work all around Antarctica, mostly in poor or unequal countries. They are currently focused on advocating for Dorkugese Penguin rights in Poshia, with minimal success at the moment. Henry has also built many public spaces in Club Penguin for all to enjoy, such as the Gadget Park and the Henry Gadget Theatre. Henry is also a big donor of Coins for Change as well as other charitable organisations in Antarctica, as long as over fifty per cent of what he gives goes towards their mission statement. More controversially, Henry openly supports USECP, presumably because of their shared dislike of EBUL.


  • Light Source 2000 (first invention)
  • Puffle Breeder 2000
  • Bullet 2000
  • Teleporter 2000
  • Statueiser 2000

And many more!


Henry has a lot of puffles. His favourite is probably Piffle but he as many more including Paint, Shoot and Smallish. There was a theory that when Henry got his first puffle, Piffle, he was possessed by him and he was forced to get more puffles. This however, was disproven and Henry has said that after he got Piffle, he really liked having a puffle so he got more. Henry also has an entire animal collection inside his igloo.

List of Henry's Puffles[edit]

  • Piffle (brown)
  • Paint (yellow)
  • Shoot (red)
  • Smallish (white)
  • Eater (orange)
  • Fooly (green)(not to be confused with Fooly8)
  • Foldy (black)(not be confused with this Foldy)
  • Bounce (blue)
  • Rare (gold)
  • Bubbles (purple)
  • Jumpy (pink)
  • Colourful (rainbow)


Henry's igloo was built into the tallest mountain in Club Penguin after Henry got rich. The mountain, being a former volcano, has lava in it that heats it up. Every room has a television with satellite and cable. There is also a giant puffle playroom, an observatory, and a gaming room. Henry also has his own private part of his igloo away from all his puffles. This is where he sleeps and works.


Henryville is a suburb of Club Penguin on the tallest mountain, created by Henry when more penguins decided to move close to him. Henry Inc. built mansions in the suburb that put the member igloos to shame. Originally it was just Henry's igloo but as more penguins realised that Henryville is a nice place to live in the mountains away from Ski Village which can get very busy on the business servers. Many penguins have moved here so it now boasts its own plaza, a ski resort that rivals the ski resort in Ski Village and The Henryville Observatory.

Things Owned By Henry[edit]


  • Henry is a very loose semi parody of John D Rockefeller.
  • Heny's favourite colour is orange.
  • Henry shares a "friendly" fire with Edward.
  • Henry's glasses have a computer and wipers that come out when they detect water built into them.
  • Henry finds Rookie annoying.
  • Henry adds 2000 on the end of all his inventions.
  • Despite having power over Henryville, Henry is neutral in their fight for independence.
    • He is also not with the UPR.
      • He thinks they should stop since they ceased to exist anyway.

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