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Henry Inc logo.png
Type Public
Industry Various products
Founded 2004
Headquarters Club Penguin, USA
Key people Henry Gadget (founder and CEO)
Revenue USP; 10 billion (bi-monthly to date)
Net income USP; 12 billion (bi-monthly to date)
Employees 100,000
Website https://www.Henry.cp
References: One of the largest companies in Antarctica.

Henry Incorporated, commonly abbreviated as Henry Inc. or Henry, is a large shareholding company based in Henryville. It sells a large amount of products, in almost every country, and is located in Antarctica. As with most companies, it has faced a lot controversy over the years, and the subject of splitting it into lots of mini-companies is always brought up. It is mainly known in the tech industry, as their more famous products are in this category.


Henry Inc. was founded by Henry Gadget in 2004 as a cereal company in Club Penguin, in Henry's parents' igloo. By late 2004, the company had established itself as a small local food company. At the start of 2005, Henry announced that the company was going to start making beverages, and opened up their first store (before that, they were selling their goods to other stores). But Henry did not want to stop there. While Henry was at Beacon University, studying business, he took advantage of the mid-2005 boom in Club Penguin's computer industry, which led Henry Inc. to start developing software. They started off with a video game called Henry's Adventure, which involved Henry's friends getting kidnapped by an evil king and Henry having go out and rescue them. Of course, the idea of having the head of the company as the hero of its video game was very controversial due to it being shameless self-promoting, and it was banned in many communist countries as it was considered to be supporting capitalism. In 2006 Henry Inc. brought a factory on the business servers, and started to manufacture furniture and expanded its computer department by creating a games console, and an operating system. Henry Inc.'s rapid success made Henry a millionaire. By 2007, Henry Inc. got so big that it changed to a shareholding company, in order for it to be easier to control. In 2017 the company brought Icespice Tours for 700 million fish and renamed it to Henry Tours. In 2018, Henry took advantage of Kermit being a controversial figure, and sold internet services to Kermit haters. This got the company in trouble with both the Governance and the Bureau of Fiction, causing them to slow down their internet speeds to keep them happy but at the same time not let their customers find out.

Bureau of Fiction Intervention[edit]

In February 2019 some penguins working at the Bureau of Fiction became concerned about Henry Incorporated's growth and how much money they were gaining. They had them pull out of several industries and lay off a large amount of employees overnight. Of course the only shareholder who knew that it happened was Radioactivechicken because to everyone else it was suddenly always like that. Radioactivechicken is now trying to persuade Henry to be more careful with expansion so events like these don't happen again. Henry has no idea why of course.


In 2029 Henry Inc. will be at its most controversial point, penguins will constantly claim that it is corrupt and that it is scamming penguins. Henry will deny all of these. One year afterwords, The communist countries of Antarctica will be fed up with the company being so big as it has become the definition of capitalism to the point where they fund strikes. Owners of small businesses will also want to try and stop Henry as he will buy out their businesses. Because of this, the South Pole Council will pass a bill limiting the expansion of Henry Incorporated and eventually splitting it up.


After being split up the companies that used to be Henry Incorporated will continue to thrive with Henry having shares and still making suggestions about what they should do. Redstone will move their headquarters to Dorkugal in 2045 to be nearer to other tech companies. In 2050, Redstone will finally be forced to sell their internet services to the Governance, which they will do very reluctantly. This will begin a campaign for more free market policies in Antarctica which will be very controversial and will mostly ignored by many governments. This will bring the companies that were a part of Henry Inc. together again, even though they will never merge back into the company that they once were. By 2100, however, they will be even more distant than ever before and, by 2150, they will be very separate and different companies. Around this time, they will begin to start going out of business, first the smaller companies, in the 2160s, and then the larger ones by the 2200s. Some of them will be brought out by larger companies however, and will live on as subsidiaries of the companies that brought them out. Henry Incorporated and the smaller companies that will follow it will be remembered as the face of capitalism and free markets. They will have impacted almost every living creature in Antarctica and after they all go out of business or get brought out a power vacuum will be left that will be quickly filled by new rising companies aspiring to be like Henry only not get broken up. In a way, for some companies, the breakup of Henry Incorporated will create a sense of fear about crazy business expansion and will almost serve as a warning, a warning most companies will end up not following as corporate expansion gets out of control to the point where not even the Bureau of Fiction will be able to stop it like they did with Henry Incorporated. So instead of a warning, Henry Inc. is more of a dream for other companies to look up to. Some penguins liked this and others did not but that's just how it is.


Being a large company, Henry Inc. has faced a lot of controversy. The first one was over Henry Gadget being the hero of Henry's Adventure. This was the start of the Henry Inc. controversies. After the rise of Henryville, penguins questioned Henry's power as he ruled a district and a company. Many left wing penguins are also upset over Henry Inc. being a monopoly and threatening small businesses. This has started the controversy over Henry Incorporated being broken up. In 2019 the Bureau of Fiction stepped in to help prevent the company's crazy growth.

The Rotting Fish Rumor[edit]

In 2017, a rumor started that stated that Henry Foods was using cheap rotting fish in their fish fillets. This caused the stock price to drop dramatically overnight and sparked an investigation. The investigation was inconclusive however and Henry said that it was probably started by "some whiny anti-corporation guy". Henry's statement about this started even more controversy and lead to Henry having to apologise but that was not enough to please everyone. Even now some penguins find that Henry was rude and should have never said it regardless of whether he was sorry afterwards or not.

Corporate Identity[edit]

Henry Incorporated has always used its simple logo with white text on a blue background, and a red border. When interviewed, the designer of the logo said that the layout of the logo was designed in a way that makes it clear to the viewer that the company is not fooling around, while the blue was chosen because it is the colour of the sky and the ocean that can be seen out of the window of Henry Inc's headquarters. The company used this logo in all of their locations and on all of their products, and very rarely uses a variation of it. Blue is a very common colour with Henry Inc., and the majority of their locations use it on their exterior and their interior. Henry Incorporated's television adverts always use the same format, with the logo being shown for two seconds, the product being shown, and then a brief explanation promoting the product. The adverts are run this way to be short, to save money on advertising costs.



CEO-Henry Gadget






  • Redstone (electronics division)
    • Henry's Hardware
    • The Henry Software Team
    • Redstone Internet
      • Redstone Copper Wires
  • Henry Puffles
  • Henry Transport
    • HenryRail
    • HenryBus
  • Igloos R Us
    • The Furniture Store
    • Henry Developments
  • Henry Foods
    • The O-berry Cereal Group
    • Fantastic Fish
    • The Henry Restaurant Group
      • Pizza 4 Penguins
      • Henry Fast Food
      • The Grand Fishigloo
    • Seaweed Supplies
  • Henry Manufacturing
  • Henry Inc. Sports Teams
    • Henry Esports Team
    • Henry Football Team
    • Henry Ice Hockey Team
    • Henry PASCAR Racing
  • Henry Tours


  • Henry Incorporated is a semi parody of Standard Oil, as well as having references to big companies buying out video games that get really popular.

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